The Monday Morning Tally

I don’t usually post Tallies the first of the week, but the next few days are a bit busy for me, and I’m not sure when I’ll be back …

An assortment of Office-related tidbits sent in by OT readers:

Tipsters: Cousin Mose, Dan C, Steve, Ben, Michelle, Dan O, Gretchen


  1. Rashida is such a pretty woman…with such horrible fashion sense. Still, very cool that she got to to go to the Oscars. Thanks for the update!

  2. Good thing they changed the caption, it used to say Quincy Jones and WIFE rashida. great for her that she’s pretty bc that dress is distracting.

  3. Hey… I’m a tipster!! This is the greatest honor I may ever have, short of winning a Dundie!

  4. Rashida’s fashion choices are limited by her body type which is, shall we politely say, not typical of a starlet.

  5. I’ll step in and defend Rashida…funky fashion choices (the pattern more than the dress itself), classy and not boring. Don’t let the JAM goggles your eyes people! haha

  6. I actually like Rashida’s dress… I must have bad taste.

    Creed is awesome, Kevin does it better than anyone, and I want one of those shirts.

  7. At E!Online, they showed a picture of Rashida and her dad, Quincy Jones in their red carpet arrivals section. Unfortunately for them, Rashida was credited as Quincy’s wife. I don’t know if they ended up correcting it.

    Guess being on a critically-acclaimed, award-laden network comedy doesn’t get you a ton of recognition…

  8. Rashida was in NY late Saturday for SNL in in LA Sunday afternoon for the AA. The girl gets around! Hope she got some sleep on the plane.

  9. Make sure you buy those Parade Day shirts, everyone! Show your true Scranton Spirit! Nothing says Electric City like a day long party in celebration of St. Paddy!

    Don’t miss out! :-)

  10. I’m seriously still pissed that Ryan Seacrest totally cut Quincy Jones off when he was trying to speak on American Idol. :o Ryan, you betta watch out. That’s Quincy Jones you’re messin’ with boy.

  11. So, Cous, what was your tip? I’m trying to figure out if I’m a tipster, too! My name is Michelle, and I did email Jennie about the Kevin fanvid (and I signed the email “Michelle (aka m3k1)”, but not sure if I’m the tipster she’s referring to. Not that it really matters. But very cool for you Mose!

  12. Quincy got one of the worst dressed males on E! and they never mentioned Rashida. Her dress looked like something from Little House on the Prairie. She was wayyy underdressed and it was DEFINITELY not something to wear to the biggest shindig in Hollywood. She needed an evening gown. Come on!

  13. I enjoy The Office Pranks. If any of you click through the link on my name for this post, you can see one of my blog posts about some of the pranks from the office.

  14. creed rippin’ on the guitar has to be a 100+ on the unintentional comedy scale… best post ever tanster

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