The Tuesday Tally

A Tally during the week? For shame. (Sorry. I actually left the house this weekend!)

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  1. I’m looking forward to “Year One”. I love both Black and Cera, and to have writers of The Office AND Harold Ramis… It’s gotta be good… i hope.

  2. I love the fact that no matter what star of “The Office” is starring in a movie that several co-stars of “The Office” make appearances in said movie!

  3. “Being told” that Office members are in Knocked up?

    Knocked Up is the comedy of the year, go see it, at least for Craig and BJ’s scene stealing. Also that Asian guy from Michael’s improv class is in it as well and is quite funny.

  4. The agentScarn video is MUST SEE for all JAM lovers. It is wildly excellent!!!

  5. Good job getting out this weekend, Jennie! Thanks for the contest link.

  6. Just like to agree with Kristen (Comment #1) that the Jim/Pam fanvid “The Great Escape” by agentScarn (who also made the excellent “Amazed” fanvid) is absolutely terrific!

    Thanks, tanster, for compiling the Tuesday Tally! It’s the perfect cure for workday blues :)

  7. Nussy: I totally caught the Asian guy from Michael’s impro class, too! It was quite an The Office night. There was a preview of Evan Almighty with, of course, Steve Carell and Ed Harris. Then a preview for John’s new movie with Brian Baumgartner. Then the actual movie Knocked Up with Steve, Craig, B.J. and the Asian guy! Awesomeness!

  8. From IGN’s Season Three review:: “Whether he’s trying to breakup with Jan, fending off Andy’s creepy obsessive advances or being the only member of the office to show up at Pam’s art show – Carell is delivering what is arguably the best performance on network television – comedy or not.”

    I just wanted to stand up and applaud when I read this because it is SO true. I’m a huge Jim fan, but Carell is so freakin’ amazing and delivers 100% of the time. He’s pure comedic genius…

  9. Hey tanster, you’re on seat18b’s video! YAAY! I cant wait to see it :)

  10. I wonder if Apple has ever thought of using John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson in character as Jim and Dwight for a Mac/PC commercial. Those characters remind my husband and I of Jim and Dwight…

    Sorry if that’s a totally unoriginal idea! :-)

  11. IGN’s Season 3 review was right on the money, especially the first paragraph.

    Year One sounds interesting. Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg are my favorite writers on The Office, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what they can come up with on something non-Office related.

    That stinks that there won’t be any more super sized episodes (that’s great they’re having the hourlong episodes, but why not have both?), and it stinks even more that it looks like there’s going to be even more product placement next season. That Mediaweek article seems to dash the claim that they have to do it to make up for lost revenue because of DVR users skipping the ads. I hope they stop this practice and find some other way to generate extra revenue, one that doesn’t diminish the quality of the show.

    That’s great Northern Attack is having another writing contest. Coming up with ideas and reading everyone’s else’s entries for last year’s contest was loads of fun. My favorite entry last year was OfficeAddict’s Prohibition era Meredith, so it’ll be interesting to see if anyone can top that.

  12. Craig Robinson steals the single greatest scene in Knocked Up. Seriously.

  13. BJ and Craig are hilarious in Knocked Up…
    office fans should see it for simply that reason

  14. Re#13: I agree. I’m sad to see the supersized episodes canceled too. I understand the network’s reasons for shelving them, but as a fan, I was so thrilled whenever they announced that there would be a supersized episode of “The Office”. I was wondering whether it would be possible for NBC to make available online, extended versions (i.e. the Producer’s Cut) of a few of the half-hour episodes, like what they did for “Branch Closing” and “The Return” this past season. That would be a good compromise, I think, between not affecting the scheduled start times of “The Office” while serving as the occasional treat for fans following the show.

  15. Also, one of Michael’s improv buddies is the gyno who delivers the baby in Knocked Up. Don’t know his name, but recognized his face!

  16. I really like that idea. Since I’m broke and can’t afford to eat out for lunch everyday, but need to get out of the office, I usually just end up sitting in my car for a hour. BORING. Heheh. So I’d be into this idea…very much. And I LOVE the panic button. Heheh.

  17. Hi everybody! I’m glad you like my new JAM vid. Thank you Tanster for putting it up! You guys are awesome.

  18. i just saw knocked up, and craig, bj and steve were great. katherine heigl turned steve into an a**hole. it was great!

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