1. Hmmm…I’m not sure how I feel about the man-cardigan and Vans, but he’s still quite adorable as always. :)

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about the cardigan. Even when someone inevitably mentions Mindy’s blog, about man cardigans. Still.

    Sacha Baron Cohen is hot!

  3. I don’t care what anyone else thinks — that man cardigan thing he’s pulling off is sexy hot.

  4. Hmmmm… the cardigan returns. Too bad he had that white t-shirt on underneath because I’m pretty curious to see if he’s got a belly button ring on under there.

    Totally agree with you about Sacha, E.  Ever since seeing Talladega Nights, I haven’t been able to kiss my boyfriend without pretending he is Sacha and I’m Will Ferrell. ;)

  5. Was somebody in the front naked?! Cause that’s what it looked like!
    John Krasinski was so awesome though!

  6. I’m just a little confused about why he has his sweater buttoned like that. It looks like he lost a bet.

  7. Like an idiot, I was browsing through channels and actually watched most of the Mtv Movie Awards on tv, instead of waiting for the important part to show up here. Also, what is with the cardigan?

  8. Didn’t watch the telecast, but judging from the pictures, Mandy Moore must be a giant! She looks maybe 1 or 2 inches shorter than John, and how tall is he, 6’3″?

    Then again, she’s probably wearing heels, but how tall can they be, like 3 inches max?

  9. Could he be any more adorable? I must say, I do love how that man cardigan looks on him. I was a little upset they didn’t let him talk more during the red carpet pre-show.

  10. The “fat naked guy” had on a flesh colored sumo wrestler type garment. He was kind of impersonating Azamat (Ken Davitian) from “Borat,” and was used to scare winners off the stage instead of having “your time is up” music.

  11. Was forgetting his line scripted or was he nervous? That was pretty cute.

    I wonder if his visit to Jenna on Friday was prompted by all the heat he took right here for his email. It’s not like Friday was the first time he had been in NY since her accident – he saw Shrek with Rashida 2 weeks ago and was spotted cheese shopping with her last weekend.

    Even though Jenna may simply be a co-worker and not a friend to him, she is still an important co-worker. If this site prompted him to pay him a visit, that’s a good thing.

  12. Sorry but the cardigan ain’t doing it for me….also, either Jenna is truly a twig or John has lost too much weight and Mandy Moore looks like she could kick his ***. John – come to Queens, my Mom needs to feed you!

  13. I love me some John K. but seriously who is dressing him??? I’m not digging the cardigan, that looks like something I might wear…not cool :-)

  14. Ease up. I thought he was hot. Too cute. His look is very “Gap”, but I dig it on him. Very fun.

  15. Well at least he wasn’t wearing a kilt, like some people. I wonder what Robin Williams had on under that thing?

    Seriously though, it’s not his outfit that bothers me as much as that he should have glamed up a bit, so he wouldn’t have look so mismatched with Mandy Moore. He must have known he was appearing with her and that she wouldn’t be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Plus he looks so hot in a suit.

  16. Ok people… 1.) Does Mandy Moore look bigger to you? 2.) Who cares about the cardigan? It comes off, that is all that matters!

  17. Wow…I’m basically wearing the same outfit John is, but only because I woke up late and haven’t done my laundry…

    I think I read somewhere that Mandy Moore is something like 5’10” and then add the extra inches from the heels she’s wearing.

  18. Krasinski brought east coast, laid-back casual to the red carpet. It’s MTV, for crying out loud! Plus, he was presenting for Best Comedic Performance. I think his casual look was appropriate. The sweater doubled nicely as a light jacket. ;)

    Perhaps the look was supposed to tie-in to the sweatered Jim Halpert we all know and love. As a marketing professional, I know it’s never wise to miss a ‘branding’ opportunity. Promoting when you’re not promoting, if that makes sense.

    The bottom is this: Give Krasinski kudos for being himself, which is a pretty rare concept in LA.

  19. Yikes, the cardigan is scary. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that was a skinny girl in picture #2.

    Aww, Mandy Moore has nervous chest/neck rash in picture #3! ;-)

  20. “I feel like it’s a disco floor. I carry my dance floor with me… People are like ‘He’s such a sick dancer,’ and they’re like, ‘What did he do?’ ‘I don’t know but his shoes are ridiculous!!’

    I wanna see some of his famous Halpert moves… :)

    John Krasinski + Disco Vans + Northeast cardigan = Perfection

  21. The guy interviewing them is from MTV UK so that’s probably why he had no clue who John was.

    I’m also going to wade in on the cardiMan debate. I think it looks hot, but I like the emo-ish look. A suit would be too much for MTV I think. It plays here tonight so I’m going to avoid watching the whole thing but give John some UK love!

  22. I like it. It is quirky and very JKras. I like him in pretty much anything, though.

  23. I think the cardigan looks OK and I’m glad that MTV gave JKras the opportunity to explain what it was about. But, seriously, we know it doesn’t take much to make him look a whole lot better. I think the bigger tragedy was the lack of coordination between him and Mandy Moore…yikes…next to each other they both looked kind of inappropriately dressed.

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to visit Jenna as a result of the static he was getting here on OT. A lot of the cast and crew read this website regularly, right?

  24. Did anyone ever see over at Mindy Kaling’s blog the post she wrote about loving cardigans on men? Maybe Mindy said something about that to John? Though I agree it’s not the best look on him, but he looks adorable as always anyway!

  25. I don’t understand the big deal about him sending Jenna an email. That’s how I communicate. I mean, Jenna said is was “lovely” and that’s good enough for me. For all we know, he could’ve said some really sweet things in that email.

    Also, I think he looks cute.

  26. It’s MTV – you can wear whatever the frig you want! I like the shoes! Mandy looks cute too.

  27. That man is a tall drink of water – wrapped up nicely in his summerweight J.Crew cardigan. I love how he’s so adorably casual…*swoon* :)

  28. My only complaint on his look is that he should either go all buttoned (except, perhaps, for the top button), or no buttoned. Otherwise, it just looks a little off.
    He is still adorable!

  29. Man, what a nerd. I seriously don’t see why so many of you think he’s hot.

  30. Alright, so, maybe I’m an emo kid, so I have a different fashion sense, but, I’m just gonna say it, Krasinski looks hot. There we go. Love the sweater and Vans. He just looks sooo cute.

  31. I adore John. And even though I’m not the biggest fan of his cardigan…I still think he’s hot! Love him!

    AND Mikaylee, I agree with you. What’s wrong with his “lovely e-mail” to Jenna? She made a point to mention how “lovely” it was…rather than John sent me “an e-mail”. Heck, John could be visiting/talking to her on regular basis and we might never know, because really it’s none of our busines. However, I do hope Jenna’s feeling better. Poor girl.

  32. I have a similar pair of Vans and I wear those things all the time. It is the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I applaud JK for wearing what he wants to and making it casual.

  33. I was overcome with giggles when I saw his picture! I’m not a big fan of the Man Cardigan. Frankly I’m not even fond of the Lady Cardigan. But who cares? He doesn’t take himself too seriously and he wears what he want. I couldn’t help laughing, though . . .

  34. The cardigan was an interesting choice but John looks great in ANYTHING (: I’m in love with his vans (I have a few pairs myself) and I loved his thing about his dance moves!

  35. This may have been said, but, did he borrow one of Pam’s sweater before the show. Maybe they were putting their clothes back on in the dark and he grabbed the wrong thing. Jim, been there dude! Lights on next time!

  36. can someone youtube the stuff from the mtv site?? being a hardcore office fan takes twice the work when you’re canadian.

  37. Love the sweater! He looks comfortable & confident & soft. The secret so many are missing is that when a man wears a cardigan un/buttoned like that, it’s so you can run your hands inside & around when you give them a nice tight hug. Feel the smooth t-shirt cotton that shapes around the contours of that body.

    Cardigan looking pretty good now, eh? ;o)

  38. Wow, Danna!! Way to put it into perspective. I must go pray now… *walks away with flushed cheeks*

  39. Did anyone else love how John made a “Jim face” when he was presenting with Robin Williams and Mandy Moore! Adorable. It just makes me miss The Office even more… September is sooo far away!

  40. As I recall this is not the first cardigan wearing incident.
    Fact: john wore a cardigan to his appearance at Brown.
    Not sure I love it, but he’s certainly not going for the typical LA guy thing. Maybe he gets chilly easily. He’s kinda skinny

  41. I kinda like his sweater wearing, it is a very New England thing to do. I think he’s so adorable, and I really do believe that he is still very down to earth, Hollywood hasn’t quite got him yet. hehe

  42. I think the cardigan is cute… it makes him look comfortable yet chic. Although I will admit that I kind of miss the “homeless” haircut that he had. Maybe he’ll let it grow out again before they start shooting season 4. That would be a slap in Karen’s face!! Although Pam DID say she liked it… so, you never know. Either way, I like JKras’ style. He looks like a normal guy that you would run into walking down the street.

  43. I LOVE John’s little cardigan. Geeky chic is ADORABLE! My kind of man! And his smile is just 1000-watts gorgeous. OK, I’ll stop gushing now. Is September here yet?

  44. John could wear anything and he’s still beautiful ::sigh::..he was funny in his interview about his dancing shoes..oh I love him.

  45. Oh why must all the good John clips be ones that can’t be viewed from outside the US? I will go away and sob quietly now…

  46. I thought John looked very good last night! The sweater looks very adorable and preppy on him. Even though it looks casual, it looks like he did put some thought into his outfit with the Vans that matched the color of the man cardigan.

  47. john… what can say… he looks good no matter what he wears. loved the interview and the shoes were nice. i have to wonder… how tall is mandy moore? geez.

  48. He is TOTALLY rocking the cardigan.

    I’m reminded of the “Beta male” article that was posted here a few weeks ago – Jim/John are sort of representative of that beta male geek chic that’s so desirable to women…..like me.

  49. First of all, everyone looked very cool! Mandy’s beautiful, Robin’s …well, Robin and John is adorable.

    I just kind of noticed that John looks ever so slightly awkward with his arm around Mandy. I only mention this because, when he and Jenna are together, I always notice how normal and casually he can “hug” her. Know what I mean?

  50. the cardigan he’s wearing looks alot like the one he wore when he talked at Brown…i like the crewneck sweater over buttondown shirt look on him much better…either way he’ still hot!

  51. Mandy Moore is 5’10 but most likely wearing heels here.

    john is my soulmate

  52. Zenah,

    i think that john is probably more comfortable with Jenna because they have been working together for a very long time.

    and he’s probably intimidated by Mandy cuz she’s hot

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