1. What?!! No Steve Carell nomination? He won last year!

    I understand the Fey, Ferrera, Colbert, and Stewart nominations, but the critics really need to get over Alec Baldwin. He’s hilarious in 30 Rock but it’s not groundbreaking comedic work like Steve is doing.

  2. I cannot believe that Steve Carell did NOT get a nod! That’s a downright SHAME!

  3. It’s a shame that Steve wasn’t nominated. He’s the most talented person on television.

  4. Agreed – Steve definitely should have been nominated again. I do like all the people who were nominated, but Steve gave the best comedic performance this past season. I would have given him a spot over Alec Baldwin or America Ferrera.

  5. I wish Carell had been nominated too but on look on the bright side: considering that 30 Rock is now the lead-in to The Office, we Office fans should be glad for anything that might increase 30 Rock ratings. :)

  6. I was going to write “No Carell nomination?!?” until I saw the other posts below me. Steve is a comedic genius… he sure deserves a nom.

  7. I would be okay with one 30 Rock actor, but both Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin and no Steve Carell?

    Sorry, that is just so wrong.

  8. I echo the surprise that Steve didn’t get a nomination. He is hands down the best in comedy right now and i agree w/ Sam (#2), i think Baldwin is good on 30 Rock, i mean, he’s funny but it’s not astounding acting =/

  9. whaaaaat?

    america ferrara gets nominated but not steve? whaaaat?

    and also, can i lol @ grey’s not being nominated for drama?

  10. I’ll echo sentiments across this comment section that Steve Carrell got the shaft, and two nominations for 30 Rock? I cannot believe that 30 Rock, as great as it is, has 2 of the best 5 comedy actors out there *shakes fist*… On another note, what exactly is the “Heritage Show” category about, and why is The Sopranos in that category? I’m doubting the TCA actually means anything now

  11. This is egregious! How is Steve Carrell not nominated for best performer in a comedy? What is wrong with these people? I hate Alec Baldwin, that scumbag of a father and Ugly Betty isn’t better than Steve, just “popular”. I’m disgusted.

  12. Do I agree with all the other comments about No Steve Carell nomination?

    ..absolutely, I DO. >:[

  13. Hey guys! Charlie McCollum, TV Critic for the San Jose Mercury News, is a member of the TCA, and he revealed his votes for the TCA Awards on his blog (link below). His pick for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy? “The Office”!!! Yay! Thanks to Charlie for supporting our little show! (This is over a week ago, so apologies for the late notice)


  14. Hi everyone! “The Office” has won Outstanding Achievement in Comedy at the TCA Awards for the second consecutive year! Congratulations to the cast, crew, writers and producers for this well-deserved accolade. Yay!


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