The Weekend Tally

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  1. “Her character was a major obstacle to Jim’s romance with office manager Pam.” Oh no… they did NOT just get Pam and Michael confused.

  2. I’m a tipster! Yay!

    Can we add a countdown of the days until new episodes? I can’t wait much longer!

  3. thank you OfficeTally for keeping us in the loop on Rashida Jones info. I love her!

  4. I love Rashida Jones, and I’m sorry but Unhitched sucked, am I alone in thinking that?

  5. In response to Joy’s comment (#1), a lot of offices call Pam’s job description ‘office manager;’ it’s kind of another name for administrative assistant. I don’t think they meant it in the same way as Michael’s management role. However, the show does make it very clear that Pam’s job is the office receptionist.

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