The Weekend Tally

Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending June 29.

A short Tally this week …


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Amanda’s etched glasses

The Office etched glasses


  1. Was it not called “Get Smart” in Mexico? On the wall behind Steve is says “Super Agente 86.” Maybe they changed the name because only Americans would know of Get Smart… interesting.

  2. I need to find out where in New Haven Farlanders is filming… I live only about 40 minutes from there!

    Also, those etched glasses are amazing. Although, I admit that I envisioned eyeglasses when I first read it. (Jim on one lens and Pam on the other, perhaps?)

  3. Those glasses are awesome! I’d buy one.

    And how cool is it that Christine got to meet John Krasinski?! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. John Krasinski came into my Starbucks in New Haven yesterday! He was clean shaven, so I’m assuming they only filmed Friday and then Saturday was just the last day in town before hitting the road. I was so overwhelmed, but I managed to tell him that I’m a huge fan of The Office and he said, “Oh! Thank you so much!” He seems like such a nice, genuine guy, wish I had been able to force more words out of my mouth…

  5. Amanda should sell those glasses on Etsy or someplace. I bet a lot of us would buy them! Nice work!

  6. Hello #1 The office Fanatic, in Mexico we know the series get smart but with the name “Super Agente 86” (superagent 86), when releasing the film in Mexico named just as the series.

  7. megan – you did better than I would have. I probably wouldn’t have been able to take his order.

  8. Oh my. John looks GOOD in a white t shirt. But the beard is killing me. Shave it off! Please?

  9. Early Worm-
    He got a Venti coffee, nice and simple! and he waited very patiently at the condiment bar to fix it up however he wanted it =)

  10. megan-
    thanks! if it is possible for me to love him any more…i do. low maintenance coffee drinkers make the best boyfriends, imho.

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