Steve Carell sings the national anthem

Today’s theme must be guys who sing in ties. :)

Check out Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert singing this impromptu duet at last week’s ‘Get Smart’ promotional visit to the Apple Store in SoHo, NYC.

This will put a smile on your face, if not a tear in your eye.

You can download this clip, as well as others from the same event, at the iTunes Store:

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  1. I LOVE it! Jon Stewart needs to stop hogging Steve so he can visit Colbert once in a while!

  2. I will not lie. I cried/laughed to that.

    Possibly the best thing I’ve seen all summer so far.

  3. considering that was two guys with NO musical training, that was AMAZING harmony! :)

  4. If you crank up the volume at about 26:10 you can hear me asking my question to Steve! I wish they had the whole video up, but the full version of the National Anthem can quench my thirst for more Steve/Stephen.

  5. That was epic! I love Stephen and Steve together. I really can’t think of a better combination.

  6. That definitely made me smile! I even knew the parts and sang harmony with them >.>

  7. I didn’t know either of them could sing! But why did it take so long for everyone to stand up?

  8. *tear* I think the Steve’s should put out a CD together. I would totally buy it.

  9. That was hilarious! What a great harmonizer Stephen Colbert is! I’m impressed.

  10. That just made my day. And I second #4, Andrew – as amazing as Steve always is on The Daily Show, I’ve been dying to see him on The Colbert Report!

  11. Even Steph-ven returns! That was always my favorite segment on The Daily Show back in the day….yes, no, yes, NOOOOO!

  12. Oh. my. gosh. Amazing!

    Now all I need is Colbert to play Gould (or anyone else) on The Office.

  13. *Bragging* I was there! Actually, I was standing right next to the camera guy, so this was basically my view. I’m glad it’s posted for all of you. I’ll never forget this moment. Ever.

  14. I think Carell needs to go on “The Colbert Report” and Colbert needs to guest star on “The Office”. I really want him to play Gould.

  15. Thanks to my three year old, I have the stomach flu, but that made me laugh anyway. Thank you, Stephven.

  16. That was funny, but no way was it impromptu. They had it down to perfectly for it to just be completely off the cuff. Not to mention the convenient American flag that popped up behind them. Still funny, though :-)

  17. That is hilarious, as expected. Love them both. They need to do more stuff together!! The Even Stephens segments were awesome.

  18. I remember when these two, as well as Samantha Bee and Rob Corddry did this during the 2004 Election spectacular for The Daily Show…It’s the same arrangement because Stephen’s doing his same bass part with the rumbumbumbumbums. Still awesome, and they’ve both come a long way in 4 years.

  19. Thanks OfficeTally! I am a huge fan of Stephen Colbert. Steve Carell’s OK too. No really, they are both excellent! I loved Get Smart.
    Anyway, I had been lamenting that I could not see this version of the national anthem in the other coverage of this event that I found. I don’t have iTunes either. Now, you have saved me and I just want to be very appreciative in this comment!

  20. interesting – did you notice what Steve C said
    “Steven Colbert is a great actor and you will be seeing more of that ”
    will he be Gould???

  21. That was…. amazing. Can they record that professionally so I can buy it? No, seriously. I must have that. Properly done and rehearsed, because it would make it 50million times more amazing.

  22. Try to request the full video of this on iTunes. I have already tried and I think they would probably put the entire video for download if enough people requested it.

  23. I haven’t seen them do anything together since The Daily Show. I wonder if Steve will ever appear on The Colbert Report. As impossible as it may seem, I bet that the interview will be funnier than Steve’s interviews on The Daily Show!

    They really should work together more because this was just too good!

  24. stephen and steve sing so well together!!! though it kind of seemed like they rehearsed that.

  25. Gah! I love those two!!! I loved them together on The Daily Show — especially doing the Even Stevphen segments. Too good.

  26. DREAM COME TRUE!! I’ve thought they were both amazing singers for some time now, and to see/hear them together is just…beyond words. :D

  27. This is possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Amen.
    P.S. This blog is going in my favorites. So there.

  28. If you go to this site [], you can see Stephen Colbert and Ed Helms [and Samantha Bee and Rob Corddry] sing the National Anthem before an episode of The Daily Show. It’s pretty awesome, as is this.

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