1. LOVE IT!!!!! Can’t wait for the next episode. Although – if the show ended forever this week, I could be happy with that ending :-)

  2. I love how Jenna mentions that Pam and Jim might be the first to have a baby (even though they’re not because of Ross and Rachel). I would LOVE to see them bring a baby into this world together. *sigh* I love JAM.

  3. I loved the pranks article- you could tell whoever wrote it was an Office fan. But it reminded me that there were very few season 4 pranks- understandably since Dwight wasn’t in good shape. Even so, I really hope season 5 marks the return of Jim pranks!

  4. The day Jim and Pam become like Ross and Rachel is the day I stop watching The Office.

  5. *sigh*

    We need fun Jim back! It’s been so long since we’ve had any good pranks from him. He’s just plain cranky without Pam around. I must say, I miss the interaction that he and Dwight had in the earlier seasons. It’s as if Jim doesn’t even try to make the office fun anymore. :(

  6. Blue Yogurt Lid I totally agree. I never thought they were like Ross and Rachael. I see them more as Monica and Chandler. Best friends for years, dated and didn’t breakup and get back together a bunch of times. They also got married and had their babies. Something to look forward to.

  7. I definitely agree with you #9. Well, I probably won’t stop watching the show, but my respect for it will go way down. The Ross and Rachel thing was the worst part about Friends for me. And that’s a show I consider to be my 2nd favorite of all time, behind The Office of course. Jim and Pam should have a nice stable relationship like Monica and Chandler, my 2nd favorite TV couple of all time, after Jim and Pam of course. :)

  8. i know what they could do that no other iconic tv couple has done before: have a completely realistic relationship without any forced drama or silly make-up/break-up nonsense.

  9. I believe the “cult following” of Ross and Rachel is what I’d concede is similar. However, I have to admit that Jim and Pam made me upset enough with their angst to nearly reach the status of Friends’ relationship drama.

  10. there were less pranks in season 4 (less episodes and more plot progression so it makes sense) but i feel like this list must not have even taken season 4 into consideration because how could the computer coming alive and the bluetooth headset pranks not be on there!!

  11. I just want to say…I don’t understand WHAT Jenna is talking about in her icon article…Jim/Pam are by FAR the BEST TV couple in HISTORY b/c they are SO REAL!! They’re BETTER than ANY Ross/Rachel, Meredith/Derrick, Sam/Diane…JIM/PAM are #1!!!

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