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John Krasinski visits Brown University

From Tallyhead veryberry:

I got a great surprise when a friend of mine, a freshman at Brown and fellow Office fan, told me how she had just gotten to meet John Krasinski.

And after the jealousy rush blew over, I decided to send her account and a few of her pictures to you. I bet you he’s staying around to visit his family for Thanksgiving.

“He did talk about the Office and how wonderful it is. Apparently he and Jenna auditioned together, and each of them were like, “No, you are going to get the part! I swear!”

Okay, he came to Brown to do this acting workshop thing, and because I’m in these two theater classes I was definitely in. So I signed up and went, and he came, and listened to him talk about getting into acting and all of that.

He was adorable and kept making jokes about how he really isn’t a very good actor, and then afterward we (as in my class) and I went up on stage and talked to him and we took all these pictures. A whole bunch of people had him sign their school IDs, and he used my Sharpie.

And then he took a picture with me. And touched me. And put his head on my head. It was magical.”

John Krasinski Brown University

John Krasinski Brown University


  1. I love jenna’s blogs. Those behind-the-scenes things are my favorite, too, tanster!
    hahha and the Dwight tattoo is kind of funny. But i’m not too sure I’d want his face on my arm staring at people.

  2. Oh. My. Word. That Dwight tattoo is … just … wow.

    On a less creeped-out note, I loved the meeting of Dwight and Gareth! And of course, Jenna’s blogs are always wonderfully full of backstage tidbits for all us Office geeks. ;) Great Tally!

  3. I am so upset about FJM shutting down. Please come back and post occasionally guys! And please keep the merch site up because I plan on buying some things.

    I saw the new Blackberry commercial last night and thought “I know that voice!” Now if they could just make a Blackberry where John talks to you, THEN I’d get one. ;) I am thrilled he finally got a full-page spread in People’s SMA – you deserve it baby!

  4. Awesome Weekend Tally! Jenna does great blogs, and I am SO jealous of that person who took a picture with John. But still happy for a fellow fan…

  5. I love the fan report of meeting John!! I love that he used their Sharpie and the “it was magical” made me laugh because I would have felt the same way. :)

  6. I loved the clown anecdote- Jim’s “yeah…really can’t move him” line was one of my favorites from the episode so I’m super impressed that it was improvised. I went back and watched the ending and I think you can hear the beginnings of muffled laughter at the very end of the scene!

  7. Looooved the new weekend Tally!! Jenna’s blogs are phenomenal as always, and I love reading about BJ, Mindy, and John coming home to the Boston area :) The Dwight tattoo is hysterical, and the fan sighting of John at Brown was awesome – “it was magical” – I’m sure it was!! Sooo super jealous! Aaaaaand there’s a good chance I’m going to be buying a new Blackberry just because John did the commercials – they roped me into it 100% haha

  8. Awesome weekend tally, tanster! I’ve had computer problems and this was one of the first things I saw once I came back to the internet land and boy was it a sight for sore eyes!

  9. Wow, great Tally this week! Guess who’s running to pick up People Magazine tomorrow??? I had it in my hand in the checkout at Target and didn’t have a chance to thumb through it so I put it back! For shame!

    Also, tanster: I wanted to say this last week but I always write so much that I don’t have enough room! Don’t apologize for the ads! This site is SO awesome it could be pasted with garish ads for weight loss pills and pop-ups and all and I’d still come here! We appreciate you so much- whatever you have to do is A-OK! Honestly, I barely notice the new ads anyway!

  10. I love behind-the-scenes type stuff, too, Tanster!! SO much great stuff! John/Jim picked Jenna/Pam for his Desert Island choice! So cute… That Dwight tattoo was crazy! Also, glad to see Angela getting recognized more for her role. Great stuff!!

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