The Office DVR ratings, Season 6

According to Nielsen data compiled by TVByTheNumbers, The Office was the most DVRed show for the week of September 14-20. (So this refers to The Office Season 6 premiere, ‘Gossip.’)

The data shows that The Office amassed 3.7 million total DVR viewers, ranking the show #1 in “Largest DVR Audiences for Broadcast TV Shows.”

I know I contribute personally to that number — I watch it once live, and then at least 3-5 more times on my TiVo sometime during the following week. A few times for seeding OfficeTally’s quote randomizer, and then a few more times just for me. :)

It’s too bad there isn’t a total number that includes live viewing + DVR viewing + online viewing. I bet The Office would go through the roof then!

How about you? How do you watch The Office?

Link: TVByTheNumbers

The Office ad fail

From Tallyhead Elise:

“I was on vacation in Chicago, and there is this red truck roaming around the streets of downtown Chicago, the back of which contains a life-sized diorama of ‘The Office,’ with mannequins of Pam, Jim, Dwight, and Michael. The truck has the show’s logo on it and the times for the show’s syndication run on a local station. The truck also plays a sound loop with a clip of the theme song, Michael talking, and a voice-over promoting the show.

It would all be really cool, if the mannequins they used weren’t the worst-possible likenesses of the actors (which they are — Pam is blonde!!), and the set looked anything like something from the show (which it doesn’t). It’s weird and disturbing but somehow also awesome.”

The Office

The Office

OfficeTally’s “Toast to JAM” Contest

For all wedding-related posts, see The Office Wedding.

Toast to JAM!

Another cool graphic by Matt Collins

Jim and Pam’s wedding is probably the most anticipated episode of The Office ever. We’ve watched their relationship develop for five seasons and now that they’re finally getting married, I thought it was time for all of us to get in on the celebration!

UPDATE: the contest is now closed. You’ll be able to vote for your favorite finalists later today!

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‘The Office’ party ideas

Given there may be a few viewing parties hosted this Thursday, I thought this email that I received tonight came at the perfect time! :)

The Office Party Ideas

From Tallyhead Rebecca:

This past Saturday, I threw an Office-themed party at my house, wherein we watched a few episodes and played The Office drinking game.

Everyone had to come dressed as a character, and a Dwight Schrute bobblehead went out to the person with the best costume (which turned out to by my boyfriend, dressed as Cousin Mose). We also had a “That’s What She Said!” contest, wherein a Schrute Buck was awarded every time somebody was able to successfully say “That’s what she said!” to any suggestive remark made during the night.

As for food, we had “Big Tuna” sandwiches, C-shaped bagels, Jello salad, and Mexican lemonade. At the end of night, everyone got to take home a “Nifty Gifty” bag, which were better than the ones that Michael gave out in The Merger.

I absolutely love the Nifty Gifty bags! So cute!

Link: See all of Rebecca’s party photos here