A letter from The Office writing staff

To all fans of “The Office,”

Tonight is our last new episode for a while, so we wanted to write a quick note (with tanster’s help) to thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown us, and other writers, in this weird and difficult time.

Every day we wake up and put on red shirts and drive to a hot, unpleasant location in Los Angeles and walk in circles for four hours. It pretty much stinks, and we would all rather be at work (by a factor of like 10,000), but we continue to do it because the things we are fighting for are fair, reasonable, and incredibly important to the future of our industry. They matter to us, to actors, to directors, and to everyone who works on a TV or movie set.

We certainly hope that this will all be over soon. In the meantime, the best way to help (if you are looking for something to pass the time that does not include watching boring non-union reality shows for three hours a night) is to write letters to the CEOs of these companies, and to tell them that you support the WGA and our attempt to secure a fair deal for our work. There is more information here.

The other thing you can do is to stay informed. The blog www.unitedhollywood.com is the best source for non-Mega-Corp-spun information. WGA.org and WGAeast.org also have updates and information, including breakdowns of exactly what we are asking for, as well as what the companies are offering (which is a fun read, if you like intimidating legalese). Nikki Finke’s site (www.deadlinehollywood.com) has become indispensable as well.

Again, we cannot thank you all enough for your support and interest. Stay tuned to OfficeTally for more updates.


The Writing Staff of The Office


  1. Yes, we are all on the same page.

    Thanks for posting that letter tanster. We care for the writers and hope they get what they rightfully deserve.

  2. I feel so unfaithful for not writing a letter yet, but I am going to tonight!
    Come on office fans, let’s end this strike and keep the office going!

  3. Thanks so much for this! And thanks, tanster, for keeping us all informed. Stay strong, and I hope this is all resolved quickly for everyone’s sake. I’ll be waiting patiently for the triumphant return of my favorite show!

  4. Go writers! I support you all 100% (good thing for proofreading, that almost said 10%), and I hope that all of your wildest dreams come true as a result of the strike. I haven’t written a letter yet since I’m far away and I foolishly thought this would be resolved in less time than the 2-3 weeks it will take my letters to reach the studios involved, but I will write tomorrow. I really respect you all for fighting for what you believe is right and I wish you all the best! If there was anything I could do besides writing letters I would do it, but there’s not really anything or anyone to boycott or picket or anything where I am. I already can’t download or see anything online in a legal manner because of ‘licensing agreements’, so I can’t really do too much.
    Good luck!

  5. Love them!

    we totally support you guys!

    hopefully we can enjoy your amazing work again very soon :o)

  6. Thank you, Writers, for keeping us posted. I know it can’t be easy for you out there. Sad as I am to know that tonight’s airing of The Office will be the last new episode until… until Lord knows when, I find myself chanting the same mantra that I chanted at the end of Season 2 when Jim and Pam finally kissed:

    Trust the Writers. Trust the Writers.

    I trusted the writers then and it paid off with beautiful results (Pam’s Season 3 arc) and I trust you now. I support you now. And with that, I’m off to write that letter to Mr. Zucker.

  7. Please keep in touch through Office Tally, guys. We love to hear from you.

    I’ve already sent a letter, but I’ll start sending one a day.

  8. Stay strong! Thank you for touching base with us through Tanster – isn’t she the best? I love The Office like I’ve never loved a show before, and it’s mostly due to you (the actors are okay, too, of course, but even the best actors can’t pull off crappy dialogue). I hope this gets resolved soon. I really want to see what you guys have in store for our favorite characters! Keep fighting the good fight, and please stay in touch! We support you!

  9. “They matter to us, to actors, to directors, and to everyone who works on a TV or movie set.”

    Everyone? Really? What about all the crew members whose kids won’t be getting any presents this Christmas?

  10. Aw, the writers are amazing! It was so sweet of them to send out some love! We support you guys 100%!! Hang in there!

  11. To the writers,

    I love you guys. If there were a group hug, I would want to stand next to you all. Which I guess would put me in the middle. Let’s just say – I would be fine with that.

    I’ve written letters, and will continue to do so.

    I understand I might have to wait a good long while for the now infamous dinner party episode. But you understand that you still have to do it, no matter how long it takes, right?

    I can’t wait to get to watch my show while knowing that the brilliant people who created it are being fairly compensated, no matter what the method I use to enjoy every single word and every single awkward silence.

  12. Thanks for posting the letter, Tanster.

    I keep telling myself, as quoted by http://www.offow.com, “We’re Pam and this is ‘The Job,’ and if you never come back, that’s okay because we got this amount of time with you.” …but I still hope this isn’t the case much longer.

    We love our writers! Damn the man! Stay strong and fight for what you deserve!

  13. I really want you guys back at work, but only with a fair contract. Know that we love you guys as much as you seem to love us.

  14. Keep on fighting the good fight! I’ll miss The Office, but I’d rather have you guys get what you deserve. :)

  15. I sent a letter last week. I will support you guys until the end. But as soon as this is all over, you better bring on the funny. And I mean fast. lol. Good Luck!

  16. As I sit here with my friend getting ready to watch the last new episode we can not stop thinking about all the wonderful things that has happen because of The Office. At the convention, Andrea and I had an amazing time with talking and meeting the writers. They are the most amazing group of people I’ve meet. Thank you for keep us informed and everyday a new letter goes out in support. :)

  17. First, I do respect the writers for standing up in what they believe in HOWEVER greed will be the end of this planet. Yes, the network execs are being extremely greedy but the writers are being just as self-centered/greedy. Someone already mentioned that already low paid staff were laid off, and their young kids may not get presents this Christmas. I think the WGA is mis-interpreting their support, when shows go into re-runs will see how many still support you all.

    And while you may think that holding signs and marching around will work, it will not, because there’s money to be made in television whether you write or not. I’m not sure what the answer to this situation is, but I know that striking is not it.

  18. I am in support of the writers getting a fair share for the things that they create, but lets not forget about the set crew that never made writer’s money to begin with and are now out of jobs just in time for the holidays. Why is everything always about more money?

  19. So glad that you are staying in touch through Tanster! It is really going to help!

    There has never been more amazing, creative, and intelligent group writing for a television show. Wow, are we lucky!

  20. I really think you should point people to this page

    She’s trying to raise money for the 102 crew members who were laid off and might not be able to get their kids Christmas gifts. It’s very sweet.

  21. Hang in there.

    Funny how some people see “the writers are costing all those crew members their jobs” instead of “the AMPTP won’t pay writers for webisodes; I wonder who else is slated for firing if they won’t work for free.”

    I hope this resolves soon–but I know it’s not up to the writers.

  22. No matter how long it takes, your fans support you and will be there when you can finally get back to work. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

  23. Thank you for posting this letter! I love the writers of The Office! Truly they seem to be such a thoughtful, talented, warm, and intelligent group of people. I fully support what they are standing for and understand how hard it is to walk away from work that they love to ensure a future of fair compensation not just for themselves but for future writers. I’ll send more letters, sign more petitions and spread the word…it seems so insignificant though. I really wish networks allowed even a minute of this unjust situation to be covered on television news!

  24. To the writers:

    Thank you for everything you have given us. You have given us laughter and even tears but we appreciate all the effort you put into this little show that we all love so much. I support you in this strike and I hope that you guys get everything that you are fighting for. You guys are one of the reasons we keep coming back week after week so you deserve to get your fair share. I hope this thing is over soon.

  25. Writers: thanks for everything. I hope this gets resolved soon but it’s more important that it’s resolved right. I love this show so, so much. I never thought I could feel this way about something on TV. Hang in there; we’re on your side, and we’ll be here when you win!

  26. I agree, they are the best writers! What a bunch of top-knotch folks. They really appreciate and admire the writers for caring so much about us fans. Way to guys, and hope all goes well with the strike.

  27. How wonderful of the writers to keep in touch with the fans during this time. They don’t need to have any contact with us, and this letter shows true dedication to the viewers.

    This only strengthens my support for the WGA.

    Strike as long as it takes! We’ll be here waiting for you to return.

  28. We love you writers! We really really do. And we will stand behind you for as long as it takes!

    Hang in there :)

  29. To the writers:

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet a lot of you at the convention. I sincerely hope all of you get everything you ask for. There aren’t any other shows that would make me want to drive halfway across the country to attend a TV show convention. Certainly not any “reality” or game show. Good luck and keep up the good work (when you can get back to it, that is).

  30. I absolutely agree 100% with Tyler. This strike is affecting all the wrong people: the crew members who were fired and us loyal fans who made this show a success in the first place. Of course the writers deserve fair compensation for their work, but they are going about it all wrong.

  31. As someone who has been in a union for several years, I commiserate with you on how much the bargaining process sucks for all involved. Good luck to you, and don’t settle for less than you deserve. The ability to write and entertain others with that writing is a gift, and its value is indescribable.

  32. i love the office and i love target. i liked that when i watched deleted scenes on nbc.com i also got to watch target commercials. maybe i should send target a postcard too and tell them that they won’t be getting any of my money either until this is settled.
    my office obsession will have to be temporarily replaced with a WGA obsession

  33. Greg & Mike & BJ & Mindy & Paul & Jen & Gene & Lee & Lester & Brent & Justin & Ryan:


  34. Question: So what happens once the strike is over…do the episodes resume where they last stoppped…even if there is a “Christmas episode” and it doesn’t air until after that time…

  35. To all writers of “The Office,”

    You all are amazing. I admire you guys for having the balls to stand up against this suckitude. And even though it brings a bit more suckitude (relentless picketing, lost jobs, sad viewers), it’ll all pay off in the end.

  36. Dear writers,

    I am almost sick to my stomach that there is a good chance that there won’t be any more new episodes this season.

    However, I am standing by your decision to strike. The studios are wrong, greedy, and amoral. They were hoping they could take advantage of the benefits that new media provides, without incurring any of the costs. You writers are brave, because you are paving the way for future contract re-negotiations for the actors’ guild and other union-represented members of the entertainment industry.

    If I have to wait 10 months for a new season of The Office, I will wait. It won’t be easy, but I think myself, and everybody else here will be waiting for you in September 2008 if that’s what it takes.

    Good luck and I wish you only the best.

  37. If the writers are going about it all wrong, how would you propose they do go about it?

  38. Right now, the Office is off temporarily. But if the strike is not resolved, the Office could go away for good. And if the Office went away for good, I’d have to throw myself in front of a train.

  39. Finish the season without any hitches, and THEN strike. Say you won’t start writing the next season until you get what you want. You’ll have all summer to work it out. You’re hurting the fans more than the networks.

  40. So they should put out all of their product and then strike when they have no leverage? That’s like teachers on strike during summer vacation, or auto workers striking once the plant has already been shut down. Striking after the season is over gives the networks more time to prepare other programming to replace the shows we all know and love with no consequence to when those shows might come back.

  41. Love the show, but I can’t support anyone who willfully breaches a contract. Beginning negotiations for the new contract before the old one expires is one thing; walking out on the current contract before it is fulfilled is another thing altogether, and totally immoral.

  42. Re #50, Scott: They didn’t really have a choice. This is when their contract was up and was to be re-negotiated. They couldn’t keep writing new episodes without either striking or committing to a new contract that was identical to the old one. Union rules, I think. If they decided to strike while they were in the middle of a current contract, they could all be sued, big time.

    I don’t think they timed it this way on purpose.

  43. I fully totally and completely support the WGA. But… *sob* … It’s only been 3 hours and already the depression has set in. I don’t know what I’ll do without my weekly Office fix. I pray this strike is over, like, tomorrow!

  44. Best of luck, you guys. This week’s episode left a big impression on me, so even if I can’t watch the Office for a while, thanks for making every episode feel like the best one yet. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  45. I’m not a TV watcher (hell, I don’t own a TV), but I am a writer, editor and video content creator, and while at first I thought “Let these guys strike, maybe that’ll mean more work for those of us trying to break in,” I quickly came to realize how necessary these measures are, and I fully support the WGA!! Thanks for the letter, Office writers!

  46. I completely support you and hope for an equitable solution very soon. In the meantime, would you help your fans fill some of our free time by recommending your favorite books to us? We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to watch the reality crap that they hope we will. I’m sure tanster would agree to give you the space here. You can help make us happy, and send a message to the networks. Win – win.

  47. To the Office Writers,

    Looking forward to more great episodes of the Office. We support you! Thank you for writing. We miss you.

    Jam Forever,


  48. I totally support the WGA in their endeavor to obtain fair compensation from the corporations for their original content. I hope you are able to obtain a fair percentage in residuals for new media and an increase in residuals for DVDs. Stay strong. The Office fans support you. I hope to see new episodes soon. XOXO!

  49. I won’t be watching any reality programming until the strike’s over. Good luck and godspeed!

  50. 62 | amalia:

    I absolutely LOVE your idea! Given that The Office has been the only thing I’ve watched on television with any regularity since AD was cancelled, I expect my TV will be off until after the strike is over now.

    Jennie/tanster: Thank you so much for keeping us all updated and being such a wonderful go-between for all of us crazy fans.

  51. I’m calling my cable provider and asking them to suspend my service. I’m not watching any damn reality programming.

  52. The Office is the only show I watch on T.V, so from now on my T.V will be turned off until the strike is resolved and the writers get what they are asking for. Need a good way to pass the time? Write some letters to the studios, get this to end soon!

  53. tanster, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on whether it would be helpful for international viewers to write letters as well. Would it be good because it shows that the writers’ support spans worldwide, or bad because the studios don’t really want us accessing a lot of the content anyway?

  54. I will also support the WGA strike by boycotting ALL advertisers on the internet media episodes and deleted scenes. Target, Blackberry (I was up to upgrade my phone), Allstate, this means you.

  55. I support the WGA, and besides writing letter to CEOs I’d like to write to the corporate sponsors to let them know I will be boycotting their products because of this… However, I’m having a hard time figuring out who they all are; is there a list somewhere that I’ve missed?

    Also, I’m a pretty recent Office fan and I have to say I love the site!

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