1. Great deleted scene. Makes me wish the ping pong storyline had had more time in the episode.

    Was that Angela who said “I have next meeting”? Wouldn’t think she would approve of playing a game during work time.

    Wow, Pam is sure starting to boss Jim around.

    Always love seeing Andy. Wish he had had more face time in the episode. Watch out, Jim, he may throw his paddle at you!

  2. Great scene – wish they could have kept it in, especially since Ed was in it! :) This is why I wish the show was 40-45 minutes each week.

  3. Yeah, the ping pong story needed more air time; It seemed a little disjointed to me. Keeping this in would have helped.

  4. That was good! Why was Andy not in this episode? He’s too funny to be left out of an entire ep.

  5. Loved the deleted scene, except for crazy Pam. After her beautiful Season 3 arc, the bossy hyper-competitive Pam seems out of character. I hope they don’t take her too far in that direction… whenever they get to start developing storylines again, that is.

  6. I don’t like Pam acting like this. It was just kind of hinted at in the show that she was super pissed, but I am glad they kept this scene out. I mean, it’s just Kelly making fun of Jim, it’s nothing to flip out Andy style over. Plus, Kelly had so little in her life recently with Ryan and all, so Pam should just give her this one.

  7. “The Deposition” was a really good episode, the only flaw being the lack of secondary characters. This minute-and-a-half deleted scene takes care of that nicely. That settles it… “The Office” works best as a thirty-TWO minute show.

  8. This scene was incredible, but Mean!Pam is not someone I like. I’m glad they showed the more subtle side of her…forcefulness last night. But it was great seeing Phyllis, Creed, and Andy.
    “You’re not gonna punch a wall or me if you don’t get the point, right?” HA!

  9. Thanks for linking to the letter posts. Instead of watching the deleted scenes, I sent a postcard to Jeff Zucker telling him I want my writers back to work with a fair contract. I’ll just watch the deleted scenes when the DVDs come out after this strike is all over.

  10. well, I am glad to see by some other people’s comments that I wasn’t the only one a little disjointed by Bossy!Pam. It did seem a little out of character. I loved seeing that Stanley can smile over something other than Pretzels though! hehe. And Creed = amazing (but we already knew that!)

  11. 40-45 minutes would be perfect. Bossy Pam is weird, out-of-character, and best left out of the episodes. The rest of the ping-pong stuff was hilarious and would have been better left in. At least it showed some more characters, which the actual episode lacked.

  12. Yeah, agreed, bossyPam is not a pretty color on her…

    Oh, Creed. The creepier you get the more I’ll miss you…

  13. I’ve decided that last year was the year of FNB, but this seems to be the year of OOC Beesly. Oh, she’s gonna get what she wants. Come hell or high water. I hope her behavior in the deleted scene (ripping Jim away from an actual customer) got her a stern talking-to from her boyfriend after the episode.

    Remember when she used to be sorta sweet? Yeah, that was cool.

  14. From the look on Jim’s face it seems to be the first time Pam showed her bossy side. I think Kelly just brought it out of her. I’m guessing Pam had to put up with a lot of smack talk from girls like Kelly in school so that’s why she was so obsessed with showing her up.

  15. That second deleted scene was completely off in my opinion…wasn’t very funny and was pretty unrealistic….It felt oddly forced. Glad it was taken out.

  16. Haha, Borat! I loved Toby’s face in that. Oh god that was really a cringe worthy Michael moment!

  17. I have to say, I like that these scenes were taken out. I don’t think they would have added anything to this episode

  18. Is there a kind, bored individual who wouldn’t mind giving a play by play of the deleted scenes for us international fans? Especially the bossy Pam one?

  19. Oh, I missed Andy in this episode. Our little weird, angry, competitve Andy…I will miss you.

  20. Summary of deleted scenes (for international folk):

    Number 1) Jim plays ping pong on the conference table with Creed, who reveals he learned to play in Cambodia. When Jim wins the point, Creed starts to take off his shirt, believing they are playing “strip pong”. When Jim is working out a problem with a client with Oscar, Pam is angry that he isn’t practicing, but when Jim goes back to play, he finds Stanley and Phyllis playing, and Angela calls for the “next meeting”. Jim plays with Andy, who gets increasingly frustrated when he loses the points.

    Number 2) Not even worth a full recap. Michael gives an opening statement that’s similar to a standup routine, but when asked difficult questions he talks like Borat and “can’t stop”.

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