The Weekend Tally

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  1. Congratulations Tanster on best entertainment blog! The award couldn’t go to anyone better! is the best blog/site out there.

    I want Michael’s Hawaiian shirt! lol

  2. BEST ENTERTAINMENT BLOG!!!! Tanster rules. I’m sad that I could only vote once.

  3. John Krasinski was at the stage show charity version of Saturday Night Live performed in New York on Saturday. Link

  4. Tanster – Congratulations on winning the Blogger’s Choice Award! Very well deserved, of course!

  5. OMG! Ed Helms I love you. What in the world is that movie about? Doesn’t matter, I will see it.

  6. Wow that Rashida Jones video is hilarious! Never heard of that show before but it was really well done.

    And félicitations for the Award tanster. Obviously well deserved.

  7. Wow. NBC must really be hurting for money if they’re auctioning off props. Did Jeff Zucker have to go with the Gulfstream 200 instead of the Gulfstream V this month? When will those greedy, greedy writers realize the privation they’re visiting on struggling executives?

  8. i have!
    you can tell she is a writer, haha.

    all of the stuff they’re striking for is really obvious. it should end soon.

  9. Sorry for the double post but that Rashida vid was funny. I loved it when the teenage girl told her “Pam is better. She can totally eff you up”. Ha. Also loved “Shut it, Shida”.

  10. I absolutely adore the Jeannie Tate Show. If you like this one, you should watch her first episode where Bill Hader was her guest. I know it is on youtube somewhere. Too funny!

  11. Exactly what portion of the proceeds of the auction at will go to the United Way? $.04?

  12. And that Rashida Jones video, that woman is so funny with her faces. How she creeps over to the cameras and starts making jim faces… wonderful.

  13. “Get Smart” looks great. I can see they’re using a lot of the same gags from the show. Steve Carell makes a perfect Maxwell Smart. I love his timing when he can’t get open the phone booth.

  14. YAy! Congrats tanster on the award. Completely deserving.

    And I love that Mindy blog. More reason to love the Office staff.

  15. Congrats, tanster! I knew you had it in the bag, but they sure made you wait long enough- I remember voting about six months ago!!

  16. Congrats, Tanster!! You deserve it!

    Mindy’s blog wears me out. I was laughing so hard the whole time I read it!

  17. Congratulations on the Blogger’s Choice award! That’s so cool and you totally deserved it!

  18. i love mindy. and i TOTALLY did not think she was a conservative. so, that makes, like, one in hollywood now?

  19. What I love about Mindy is her brutal honesty. She’s not only appears to be honest about everything, but she’s honest about herself. I just admire that so much!

  20. The Jeannie Tate show was really funny. Also, Tanster, the name “Jeannie Tate” sounds like something you’d come up with after a desperate, Dwight-like struggle to come up with a fake name, only to fail and just slightly alter your own name in the end (ala “Crentist”). And, that Blogger’s Choice Award is well-earned. Because of this site I know more “Office”-related trivia tidbits than anyone should.

  21. The Jeannie Tate Show rocks!

    “Shut it ‘Shida!”

    Miscreant daughter to Rashida, “Pam’s better. She totally (bleeped) you up.”

    Too funny!

  22. OK, I now love Rashida so much after watching that ’80s video. Just…wow. If you haven’t watched it, do so.

  23. 1st of all YAY OFFICETALLY! Such a well deserved win! Secondly, that movie with Angela looks like it will be good! It’s funny that Kyle Gass’es character’s name is Kevin :)

  24. Dear writers,

    I’m sorry, but I decided this Christmas my friends and family are getting season 2. I bought 5 copies of the dvds. I hope you don’t hate me; I really wish you were getting a bigger percentage of the profits, but I want to spread the Office cheer (I told a stranger in line to buy it, too. She asked me why I was buying so many!)

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