A letter from The Office writing staff

Dear Fans of The Office,

It looks like, after many long months, the writers’ strike will be ending very shortly. The vote to temporarily lift the strike while we vote on the contract passed with an overwhelming majority on Tuesday, and while we still technically have to ratify the contract (in a separate vote that takes place over the next two weeks or so), that vote was a very strong signal that we’re almost back to normal.

It was a difficult struggle, and we don’t take lightly the problems it caused for our crew, our actors, and the viewers of the show. In the end, though, we believe it was worth it, because writers have managed to win a share of the future of the industry.

We just want to thank you for the incredible display of support you have given us over the last four months. We never forget how lucky we are to have a fan base that cares so much about what we do, and we are excited to be going back to work, which is the only way we can try to pay you back.

It seems like we will be making six more episodes this year, the first of which is scheduled to air April 10. Right now, that episode will be “Dinner Party,” written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, which we had just begun to film when the strike hit. Also, although we aren’t 100% sure yet, it looks like we may have an hour-long season finale. All of this is subject to change, but seems likely. (Just stay tuned to OfficeTally — tanster will probably somehow find out all the developments before we do.)

In the meantime, we’re back at work, and would like to thank you, again, for everything.


The Office Writers


  1. It’s so great to hear the news, and we just can’t wait until April!! Totally gives us something great to look forward to for the rest of the deep, dark, winter! :)

    I just wonder how they are going to work in Angela’s cute little baby bump!

  2. You guys are incredibly talented – I’m so glad that things are working out in the WGA’s favor!

    Thank YOU for being so down to earth! It’s great to hear from you guys!

  3. I can’t wait — six episodes or just one, I miss the Office sooo much! Welcome back everyone!!!

  4. It’s no wonder we support them when they are so sweet to us! What other writers would write letters to their fans? We are so lucky to have you back :-)

  5. It’s so good to have our writers back! I’m so glad they got what they rightfully deserve.

    April 10 can NOT come soon enough… I’m already planning my Office return party!!!

  6. So happy to hear you are all back. We missed you all and can not wait to see our fave show back. I think it fantastic that you all stuck together through this. We know it wasn’t easy and you really did have all our support.

    Welcome back you guys!! yay!


  7. I feel so lucky that Office writers (not to mention the rest of the cast and crew) are so considerate of us fans. Thanks to all of them (and to Tanster for connecting them, of course)! Can’t wait for the fruits of their labor!

  8. Very very nice article. Cannot WAIT til 4-10. Thanks writers and congrats. We love all that you do and are soooo glad you are back. Right now I’m actually watching my DVR’ed version of the one where Karen is trying to Woo Stanley. OMG–so glad you writers are back!! We’ve missed you!

  9. I love those guys (and gals!). How thoughtful of them to take the time to acknowledge us fans and touch base with us. Wishing them well as they get back to work and looking forward VERY MUCH to our return to The Office!

  10. We are so happy to have you back doing what you (and we) love! You never let us down, and we wish you the very best as you figure out the best way to handle the remainder of the season.

    Thank you for thinking of your fans through all of this. You truly are the best!

  11. That’s awesome! I’m bummed that they couldn’t get out their Christmas episode, but I can’t wait to see the dinner party one. Yay for the writer-people. I’m glad they were able to get what they deserved. Although I wasn’t really minding the absence as much as everyone else because I’ve been crazy busy w/nursing school anyways! ;)

  12. Eisenberg/Stupinsky have a reputation for consistently writing some of the best episodes in the series. After such a long drought, I’m glad we’re getting one from them.

  13. We’re proud of the solidarity you displayed. We’ve missed you terribly (especially those of us who went to the convention and had our Dunder Mifflin highs deflated too soon) but agree whole heartedly with the principles you were defending. This ripples across all creative genres. Thanks for taking the stand. Let the merriment commence!

  14. You’re quite welcome. And thank you for making my week, every week. Glad to have you guys back to work. Bring on the funny!

  15. To The Office Writers:

    My support of you and your cause has never wavered, and I am so happy you’ve gotten just a small piece of what you deserve.

    Welcome back. We’ve missed you…terribly.

    Thank God for writers!!!

  16. To the writers: We’re all so glad that you’re back to work doing what you love and helping to create the best show on TV. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the season! (I am so happy to be able to say that! :) )

  17. To the writers: We’ve missed you terribly and are so glad you are back. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for our favorite Dunder Mifflinites. It’s been a long wait, but I know everything the strike stood for was worth fighting for. I wish you all the best as you head back to work.

  18. These people associated with this show are incredible. I’m so glad this strike is over and this show will be returning soon! We’ve all missed the writers/everyone else associated with the office and this sincerity towards the fans is what makes this show great from the inside-out.

  19. How lucky are we to have such WONDERFUL writers like these guys? They are amazing to even consider writing a letter to their fans, let alone be thanking us. This is exactly why I love The Office so much. Can’t wait for the new episodes and hopefully the one hour season finale.

  20. I got an overwhelming warm and fuzzy feeling reading this letter. I love these people. Thank you so much writers for making the best show on television. I can’t wait to see what you have for us in April!

  21. That was so very nice of them. It’s what I keep saying, with that kind of writing staff who is not only fantastic in what they do but humble and greatful, and that cast, it’s no wonder they have such an unique show. The success of The Office is totally a result of what wonderful people are involved in it.

    Yay, Tanster, getting all the exclusives. Very well done.

    Did I ever thank you for keeping me informed on the strike news and everything else Office related? I’m a better Office fan because of this website. So, thank you for the nice job. I know you take pleasure on it but it doesn’t hurt to let you know you’re appreciated around this area.

  22. Thanks writers for the awesome letter. I was supporting you guys throughout the strike and am thrilled that you, the actors, and crew will be back to work soon. Starting in April, Thursdays will start to take on that special “new-episode-of-The-Office-tonight” feeling of excitement. Can’t wait!

  23. I am so, so happy that the Office is coming back. Sad that it’s going to be a 2 month wait. But I think it will make it more interesting. I’m happy for all the writers because from day 1, I believed you guys need a fair contract. BUT PLEASE TRY NOT TO DO IT AGAIN!:) Me being completely obsessed with the office left me completely empty inside without the weekly JAM and Michael,Jan, Dwight and Angela’s twisted relationships. I will be watching it on 4-10 and I will be the happiest person in the world. But really glad to have you back! We’ve all missed you.

  24. wooow, we’re so lucky to have such great writers on the office. THANK YOU for being wonderful and churning out hilaaarious episodes :D

  25. The Office has the best cast/crew/writers/etc. in the business, and this is just another proof of it.

  26. That’s such a sweet letter from the writers. We love them and missed them and I’m glad they get to go back to work. Can’t wait to see the new episodes. :)

  27. I almost want to cry right now! It is so amazing that they took the time to tell us this information. We really do support you writers all the way!

  28. Welcome back, writers. I’ve been supporting you since day one. And a possible hour long season finale? I’m so excited I could just fall out of my chair.
    Let’s get this show on the road! =)

  29. That was sweet of the writers to send a letter!
    I am so excited about the hour-long season finale!

  30. To the Office writers – thank you so much for taking the time to write to us. I can’t tell you how much we fans appreciate everything you do. Congratulations on helping win the fight for a more secure future for all writers; you make us proud. We are counting the days until April 10th! It’s good to have you back.

    And thanks, as always, to Tanster for being our liaison. All hail OfficeTally!

  31. Welcome back writers!! Your letter really connects you to your loyal viewers who have missed The Office so much. I look forward to the funtivities and cringeworthy moments that are so special to The Office — and to more sweet moments with Jim & Pam, television’s #1 couple.

  32. Thanks writers, for your passion and devotion, and for the considerate recognition. You’ve given us so much to enjoy it’s hard to put into words how much we appreciate you!

  33. That is really awesome to get a letter from the writers of your favorite show on the ultimate fan site for the show, OfficeTally!!! You see, this is why there is such a hard core fan base because of all the ways the actors and writers reach out to us on the internet, with blogs and messages like this! I used to feel embarrassed that i was soooo into this show. but i have come to realize that there are people even more crazy into it than i am! my own friends even! so, who knew. We love the office!!!!!

  34. Awesome news! I can NOT wait until April! :-D

    If we do get an hour long finale, will that count as two episodes?

  35. Welcome Back!!! It’s great to have new episodes to look forward to as well to know progress has been made on the internet front in terms of revenue recognition and compensation. I know it’s not perfect, but most definitely progress and will set the stage for future progress. I can hardly wait until April!!!! Good times are here again!!!

  36. Seriously? What other show would do this? That is so nice, thank you so much writers!!! Can’t wait til the 10th!! :D

  37. Thank you so much for everything you guys do. You bring a lot of laughter to my Thusrday nights. I am so happy you were able to get a good deal and look forward to seeing what you have in store for us!

  38. What a thoughtful gesture, writers.Can’t wait for the Dinner Party…may invite friends over and have one of my own to celebrate.

  39. We’re also planning a dinner party to celebrate the Dinner Party like ‘counting the days’ suggests. On the menu will be Talking Rain seltzer water!

  40. Writers, you are awesome.

    I can’t wait to see new episodes. I’m so glad you guys got a fair deal.

  41. Thanks so much to the wonderful and enormously talented writers at The Office. I told my husband that I have now divided the near future into events that occur before and after the return of The Office on 4/10. I can’t wait! :-)

  42. The writers are great.

    I’m just bummed that we’re only getting six more episodes this season :(

  43. I love that the writers took the time to write this letter to us fans! I have missed my Office terribly, but I am glad that the writers stood up for themselves and got what was rightfully theirs. It’s been a long, hard wait (TWSS), but that’s okay, my Office is coming back!

    Thank you Office writers for a fabulously written, wonderfully smart, and incredibly funny show! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  44. Thanks for the update; we’re so glad you seem to have reached a satisfactory resolution!

    My fondest desire for the last six episodes is a call back to flonkerton.

  45. Thanks for the wonderful letter! You’ve created such great stories and so many hours of awesome entertainment. Hands down you are the best comedy writers on television right now and anyone with half a brain knows that for a fact. You’ve been so missed and I’m so glad you’re back!

  46. Thanks for the wonderful letter, you guys are totally awesome! I’m glad you guys got a good deal (you deserve every penny of it!) and of course, I can’t wait for the new episodes!!

  47. Thanks for the letter, “Office” writers! Can’t wait for April and to see where the season takes us. Glad this is finally resolved and everyone can get back to work and us die-hard fans can get back to obsessing and loving the show! We have missed you!

  48. I’m so glad you are all back and working and doing what you love to do (and what we love you to do, of course!) April 10th is a long ways off, but it will be well worth the wait. Welcome back and thanks for the nice letter. We know you recognize and appreciate the fans and that is just so darn cool!

  49. so why not extend the season into the summer and recapture some of the lost advertising revenue?

    you’ll have a hard time making any money off the DVD for season three with so few episodes….and even though the strike was problematic and not scheduled time off — it was still time off…surely you had time to write during the strike…produce more than 6 shows….

    most fans have already seen every previous episode so reruns are worthless during the summer…

    without 30 Rock and The Office NBC is “DOA”…

    why don’t you make 10 or 12 episodes…

    keep in mind that a good thing will not last forever…and remember guys, history will most likely show and prove that “The Office” will be the biggest hit for all involved…yes, there are other roles for the actors, etc…but you are locked in now, just like every other famous sitcom star — like it or it….

    why not be the best show ever?

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