The Weekend Tally

Our first post-strike Weekend Tally is a ginormous one. Thanks, tipstahs! :)

Tipsters: Jackie, Chillis, PB&J, Kenna, Bry, Lindsay, Cher, Mike, sorano916, Jaimee, Megan, Rosa, Amy


  1. I love that article with Jenna and Willie Wisely. “Through Any Window” is on my iPod. Thanks Wisely and Jenna! I’m in love with that song and the video now.

  2. I loved it when Helms was on “The Daily Show.” Last week, during one of the last few eps before the strike ended, they replayed one of Helms’ pieces on the program. He was covering Massachusetts’ decision to legalize gay marriage; it was so cutting-edge, and I was just rolling even though it was a few years old.

  3. Maybe April 3rd?! Maybe 7, not 6?! (Read “Office writers get back to job” if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

    Is this old news, or “new” news? Oh, I would be so happy with April 3rd, AND seven new episodes! Do we need to start a letter-writing campaign?

  4. That John video was pretty wild… “Unless you hate baby jesus…” He looked all teary eyed and such. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I’m a bit late getting to this, but I wanted to say thank you anyway! I loved all the BJ articles. Speaking of which, I hope his San Francisco performances aren’t sold out yet. Will you be at any of them, Tanster?

    [from tanster: yes, i will! saturday’s early show. :) ]

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