A Rainny day on the set of ‘The Office’

As you may know, The Office’s Rainn Wilson celebrates his birthday today!

Kim, ‘The Office’ department head hair, just sent me this email and photo:

“Here’s a little shot I just took on set. We have sung to Rainn twice today already!

Once on set … and just now, in our little ‘touch up’ area while Peter (our craft service guy who loves Rainn) proudly carried in a beautiful birthday cake as cast and crew sang again.

What a nice way to brighten up this very rainy day in LA.”

Awwwww. Happy Birthday, Rainn!


  1. Man, the title of this post just kinda wrote itself, didn’t it? ;)

    Peter is adorable and so is Rainn. That picture is too cute! Wishing Rainn all the best on his special day!

    [from tanster: lol, yes it did, kenna, yes it did. :) ]

  2. That is so sweet! Just one more reason to love all those guys, even the behind the scenes people. Love Kate’s face, wonder if she was singing or just tired.

  3. Aww, that is so sweet! I know I’ve seen Peter (the craft services guy) somewhere before. Probably on Adventures with Angela. Happy birthday Rainn! And yeah, #5, Kate’s face is priceless! I think she’s still in character…

  4. Kate in the background reminds me of Meredith’s ID photo in “Conflict Resolution”. :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Rainn! Hope it was happy!

    Every day on NPR before the 8 am news break they announce someone’s birthday, usually an entertainer or sports figure. Yesterday they annouced Rainn’s! Very cool.

  6. Happy Birthday Rainn! You have brought so many laughs and also touching moments to my life starting with Six Feet Under! I wish you many more years of doing what you love and making us Tallyheads pee our pants with laughter! xoxo

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