1. Oh man, I cannot wait for new episode! Really looking forward to Michael explaining that Lady Gaga reference.

  2. Yay, new Office! Can’t wait!

    I think that Jam TH is from “The Lover” though, when they’re doing the frank and beans bit.

  3. Finally, The Office is back and even though there isn’t much new footage, at least there’s a new episode soon!

  4. Another promo premiered tonight featuring a “different” Stanley and a “different” (aka Dwight) Toby.

  5. Hm. That may be the first office promo ever with spooky music in the background… looks hilarious though!

  6. Michael probably bought the segway with company money, for some crazy reason we will only find out in tonight’s episode. :P I can’t wait!

  7. I’m guessing it’s because Michael is trying to impress the potential new buyer of Dunder Mifflin.

  8. umm… I love the Office, but really? we wait about six weeks for a new episode, and we get an entire episode of clips? everyone who is a fan of the Office has already seen most, if not all of these clips. very disappointing :(

  9. what was the song played near the end of the show? song and artist…please ;o)

    [from tanster: “Sing” by Travis]

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