1. I was not expecting Ed to show up at all so naturally I squealed when he appeared onscreen. His song for Conan was great!

  2. This is seriously the craziest Tonight Show I’ve ever seen. With Helms’ song, Sandler’s song, and the return of the Bear, it’s too much. I was rolling on the floor throughout.

  3. LOVED Ed’s performance on the Tonight Show. TEAM COCO FOREVER! Also how cool would it be if Ed actually won an Oscar? I hope that happens too :)

  4. Ed Helms, Adam Sandler and Conan? If it weren’t for The Office, I’d completely renounce NBC. TEAM COCO!

  5. Give Ed Helms the Oscar now! I watch Conan everynight and that was the funniest opening to any show I’ve ever watched. As soon as they brought the piano out I knew it was going to be classic and hilarious. Ed you are the man!

  6. Truly hilarious! I honestly couldn’t stop laughing during the entire show. And Ed was his usual hilarious self! Hand him his Oscar now!

    Team Coco, baby!

  7. JC, Conan is 6’4 (not counting the hair) and yes, Ed wrote the song.

    Ed looked so cute, and I’m so glad he came out to support Conan. Half the office interned at Conan..

    Team CoCo forever.

  8. I hate that everyone there is probably cheering for Ed because of The Hangover and not The Office.

  9. Ed looked really good! Also, can we talk about how he hasn’t got his Oscar yet? It’s outrageous!!!

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