After the drought, an embarrassment of riches…

After a three-week drought, The Office is coming back gangbusters this Thursday!

  • Jenna Fischer will be appearing on the Today Show, Martha Stewart, and Late Night with Conan. Yep, all on the same day! Get those Tivos programmed.
  • And of course, we get a new episode, “Dwight’s Speech.”

I’m almost vaklempt.

Update, March 2

  • You can see Jenna’s appearance on the Today Show here.


  1. I love the office and i can’t wait for the next episode. I’m going to tape all of Jenna appearances and I love the fact that you guys tell us about them on myspace. I love how all of you actors are real people and are interacting with your fans and don’t feel that you are above us. Thank You for your brillant work because it makes me laugh more than anything.

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