Sign the petition to supersize the Office season finale!

In Maureen Ryan’s latest article for the Chicago Tribune, she interviews Greg Daniels, executive producer for The Office.

An excerpt:

For the show’s Season 2 finale, “I’d like to get a supersized episode, because it’s a really long script with a lot of good stuff,” Daniels said in a recent phone interview. “So I would like to now address [NBC Universal Television Group CEO] Jeff Zucker through the Chicago newspapers and say, ‘Please give us extra time.’”

A grass roots movement was then born.

Please sign the petition at and let your voice be heard on this important national issue! An extra 30 minutes is at stake. (That’s what she said.)


  1. I’ve been able to get about 10 more signatures and I posted it on my Facebook page. I so hope this happens!

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