All-Time Fan Favorite Poll, 2009

Welcome to the All-Time Fan Favorite Poll, 2009, where you pick your favorite single episode of The Office from the past five seasons!

The poll lists, in chronological order, the top 50% of episodes from each Survivor Poll. When a season has an odd number of episodes (Seasons 3 and 4), the top 50% + 1 episodes are listed for that season.

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Thursday, September 3rd, 11pm PT.


  1. After all this time, it’s still “The Injury.” I’ve watched every single episode many, many times, and “The Injury” is the one that STILL makes me laugh to the point of tears. Vietnam sounds, Dwight “Danger” Schrute, huggy-hugs…absolute genius.

  2. This was probably one of the funniest episodes in a long time. The tease of Jim and Pam getting married was great too!

  3. I agree with Christy – The Injury is still my favorite after five seasons. Jim randomly scooping up that squirt bottle from the plant and then using it to keep Dwight and Michael in check is hilarious.

  4. I picked Goodbye Toby because:
    1) It had a surprise ending.
    2) New characters were introduced (Holly!).
    3) Michael Scott’s “Goodbye Toby” song!
    4) “Suck on this.”
    5) Kevin being a “special” person!
    6) It was just absolutely hilarious!!

  5. Email Surveillance

    This episode has the perfect Office Trilogy of Awesome: a real situation in the office, unbelievably awkward humor, and, of course, Jammy Goodness. All in all, an episode I can easily rewatch over and over.

  6. Definitely The Injury! No doubt about it! I could (and have) watch that episode a million times! I almost know it by heart now. There are just so many priceless parts. And they all just act it so well. I LOVE THE INJURY!

  7. 3.13 Traveling Salesmen

    We usually see everyone goofing around in the office but this episode showed why the D-M Scranton sales team is awesome! The Jim/Dwight pairing is hilarious, Stan letting Ryan do the sale is classic, Phyllis’s sales tactic was pure genius, and it is always a pleasure when we get to see Michael do what he actually does best – sales.

  8. Dinner Party is one of my favorite Season 4 Episodes, I loved the idea of everyone getting together at Michael and Jan’s place to have a dinner party. I also loved the part with jim and pam in the candle closet and Jim smelling a candle and making a funny face about it.

  9. I picked The Injury (even though Cafe Disco is WAY up there too) because we see Dwight like we never see him!

    I love when he sits at his desk and types his name over and over, and when he calls Pam “Pan” like its nothing, and the scene in the van makes me laugh every time.

    Dwight: “Where are we going?”
    Jim: “We’re going to Chuck E. Cheese”
    Michael: “Ugh I’m so sick of Chuck E. Cheese”
    Jim: “We’re going to the hospital, Michael”

    I also love when Dwight says “You can’t fire me, I don’t work in this van!”

    Oh and lastly, when the doctor at the hospital says “Does the skin look red or swollen” Dwight says “That’s what she said” and his face when he looks at the camera is hilarious!

  10. Mine would have to be “Diversity Day!”

    This was the episode that made “The Office” what it is today IMO. The writing was awesome, the actors were funny, and it was just overall fantastic, to the point that I can’t describe it in words alone! It has many classic scenes, such as Michael doing Chris Rock, “try my googie-googie”, and Pam resting her head on Jim’s shoulder, resulting in him saying that line that got us JAMmers excited, “Not a bad day”.

  11. I voted for one not listed – “Basketball” This episode has so many hilarious one liners while they’re playing basketball. Every time I watch it I notice a hilarious line that I never heard before.
    Ryan – “Same team Dwight”
    Michael -“What is WRONG with me today?!”
    Michael – “Who’s got Roy?!?!?!” Jim – “You”

  12. Not really a tough choice for me … I’m a sucker for Jim & Pam and “Casino Night” was perfection for those two even though it doesn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. The last 2-3 minutes of that episode are among the best scenes in all of TV.

  13. The Dundies!
    Very hard choice but it’s the episode that made me a permanent Office watcher. Love drunk Pam and Jim/Pam interactions. Plus the whole office is there. Also I still occasionally find myself walking around singing “you have won a tiny dundie” to the tune of Tiny Dancer.

  14. Booze Cruise is a brilliant example of what makes The Office my favorite TV show. The writing was as close to perfect as you can get. If I did a retrospective of every scene in every episode, Michael’s dance solo, “I’m King of the World” and the painful silence between Jim and Pam would be part of my top 10. To film on a boat in the middle of the night really demonstrates the passion the writers, cast and crew have for this show. Finally, did you know everyone in the engine room drowned?

  15. I picked Casino Night because it finally gave some sort of closure to JAM fans everywhere! It was 2 seasons of gripping romantic tension that culminated into one night of flirtatious stares, a profession of love, and a magical kiss. Even though the repercussions after that night were unfavorable, that episode will live in infamy!

  16. 03.01
    This episode is my favorite because it was Michael being *classic Michael* saying things that make us all cringe. It tugged at our heartstrings for Pam and Jim to be reunited and I LOVE the conference room scene at the end with the kissing scene & everyone’s shocked look on their faces–come to find out later that part was all improvised=BRILLANT!!

  17. I picked Fun Run. There are just so many memorable quotes and happenings in that episode.

    Myth: 3 people die each year from Rabies. Fact: 4 people die each year from Rabies!

    I think I’ll pull the season 4 dvd out tonight to pass the time until season 5 comes out!

  18. Diversity Day! Of course I love them all, but I became an instant fan after watching this episode. Plus, Jim’s face at the end, “not a bad day.” Love it.

  19. I chose Booze Cruise because it displayed every bit of why I love The Office so much; laugh out loud humor (so many to pick from but Michael puking cracks meup), romantic scenes (the 27 seconds of silence), and the touching moments such as Jim telling Michael about his crush on Pam.

  20. I love “The Dundies” because I think it encompasses everything that is great about The Office. I like that all the smaller characters are included. Plus, Pam getting drunk is priceless. BEST DUNDIES EVER!!! WOOO!!!

  21. I LOVE Pam in this episode. Walking on the fire and telling everyone off. Jim was great too in the last scene. I LOVE this epi. and could watch it on repeat!

  22. The Injury is by far the greatest episode for me. When Dwight vomited on his car my wife literally peed in her pants on our couch. I could not stop laughing. And anything in the world that has bacon in it is that much better! Vomit and Bacon!!!! Hooray Office!

  23. Beach Games. I LOVE Pam in this episode. Walking on the fire and telling everyone off. Jim was great too in the last scene. I LOVE this epi. and could watch it on repeat!

  24. I definitely voted for Drug Testing. I love both Dwight and Michael in this episode. It really shows how much control Michael has over Dwight, which I find very funny. In addition, how can you not love Jim and Pam in this episode? From Jim integrating Dwight when it should be the other way around, to Pam saying Jim has a story to tell when he cannot talk. To my favorite moment of the episode when Jim finally “buys” Pam, a coke and they go off to talk about the day!

  25. The Client – It’s great all around. We get to see that Michael’s actually good at sales, cute Jim and Pam interaction, Threat Level Midnight. It’s one of the first time the whole office comes together for something [reading Michael’s screenplay]. I just love it.

  26. I chose the Money because there are a lot of elements of that episode that I love. First, the sweetness of Jim and Pam going away together combined with the hilarious situation that it puts them in at Dwight’s farm. In addition I like when Jim talks to Dwight about the way he feels about Pam and then proceeds to go back to reception and kiss her. Also Michael and his speech to Jan at the end when he is on the train is priceless, explaining that he is “a man on a train with no answers.”

  27. The Injury

    It was the first episode of The Office I ever saw. It is an episode very dear to my heart. This episode sucked me into this magical place called Dunder Mifflin with a little bit of drama, romance, and a lot of hilarious quotes. Also The Injury is a comedic golden nugget that makes me laugh no matter if I see it once or watch it five times a day.

  28. I chose “The Dundies” because it basically has everything that is awesome about The Office: Michael’s horrible impressions, his mancrush on Ryan, his need to entertain, and the fact that-in the end- he’s such a nice guy. It’s got Jim and Pam moments, Dwight being a Deputy Sheriff moments, and interaction with the cameraman. It’s got moments with the minor characters, and sing-alongs! (Well, Michael singing-along, anyway)

  29. I went with The Dundies. There are just so many funny moments throughout the episode, and it is probably the one I go back to and rewatch the most.

  30. My favorite episode is “Christmas Party.” To me, it is the perfect blend of cruelty, sentimentality, holiday joy, and YANKEE SWAP! Every cast member gets a perfectly defined moment.

  31. i voted for money because i think that it shows a different side of michael and jan, her speech in the end “you were there for me” was really sweet and we sort of understand what a great person michael can be. i also love the story with jim and pam staying at schrute farms. mose was hilarious. also, jim and dwight in the stairwell was so great and when he kissed pam after, it made me fall in love with jim even more. this was the first episode i ever watched and it really made me love this show

  32. I was THIS close to picking The Dundies, but ended up choosing The Injury instead. Honestly, everything just worked perfectly in The Injury. From Michael asking Pam to put butter on his foot (“I have Country Crock!”), to Jim using the spray bottle on both Dwight and Michael in the car (“You can’t fire me, I don’t work in this van!”), to Dwight answering that his middle name is Danger and Jim correcting him (“Wow, I’m so sad that I know that.”), the episode is just perfection. I could watch it every day and never tire of it.

  33. I chose Diversity Day because it hysterical and it proves that The Office was genious from day 1 (or I guess 2 :P )

  34. Dinner Party is my absolute favorite episode.

    Jan: I just need to put the osso bucco in for about 4-5 hours
    Pam: 4-5 hours from like 3 hours ago or 4-5 hours from now
    Jan: You know Pam, in Spain they don’t even start the meal until midnight
    Michael: When in Rome

  35. “Goodbye Toby” is the best episode of all time because so many awesome things happened in that episode. Jan is pregnant, Jim is supposed to propose, Andy proposes, Michael & Holly saga, Holly thinks Kevin is mentally challenged…and on and on and on!

  36. I was torn between The Dundies and Casino Night but since the first episode I ever watched was Casino Night that’s what got my vote. I’m a romantic at heart so watching that episode got me hook, line and sinker. Because of that episode I decided to try the other episodes and the rest is history!

  37. Dwight, you forgot your bumper! Stop popping my cast. You cooked your foot. Mailboxes, etc. He grew into a man overnight. Let me go ahead and stop you… and leave. Oh no, we love Stevie Wonder. Bye, Pan. I do the same with my dog and his heartworm medication. Magically healing itself! You can’t fire me, I don’t work in this van! Quickly… suspiciously quickly. Is the skin red and swollen?

    The Injury.

  38. I chose season 2 “Casino Night”, in which we learn that Michael doesn’t just hate Toby, but he hates everything that Toby chooses to be. We learn that Jim can sometimes move things with his mind! Woah! We learn that Michael is a beast at juggling women. We learn that Angela likes it when Dwights squeezes her tushy! We learn that Creed steals, and he loves it. And we learn that Pam loves Jim as much as he loves her! What reason is there for this episode to not be my favorite is the real question!

  39. Tough decision but I am going with Casino Night because while the entire episode, like many other episodes, was genius I was totally floored by Jim’s confession and kiss and then obsessed about it for the entire summer. That has never happened to me for any other show.

  40. “Casino Night” is my ALL TIME FAVORITE episode. Jim has telekinetic powers that not even he knew about. Michael is trying to donate money to “Afghanistani’s with AIDS.” And the cherry on top of the cake that is the awesomeness of this episode, the big Jam kiss. I laugh, I cry, it moves me.

  41. The episode I keep coming back to is The Client in season 2.

    People watch The Office for different reasons: Michael Scott idiocy, Jim and Pam, random office antics, plot development, emotional angst, great writing and gags, etc.

    I believe the Client displays all these strengths of The Office to the fullest, with Michael deftly mixing idiocy while displaying the sales competence we’ve come to know, Jim and Pam reading Threat Level midnight with the whole gang and then eating on the roof…I could go on and on, but there’s something very real, romantic, and whimsical about the episode that I love.

  42. The Injury is so over-the-top ridiculous!
    Michael: I enjoy having breakfast in bed. I like waking up to the smell of bacon, sue me. […] Today I got up, I stepped onto the grill and it clamped down on my foot… that’s it. I don’t see what’s so hard to believe about that.

  43. I picked The Job. It made me cry. I watched it three times in one night. I think that’s a good sign.

  44. The Dinner Party shows the relationships between characters so well, and brings together what has happened in the episodes thus far, with Jan and Michael, Andy/Dwight and Angela, and Pam and Jim, and the relationships between all these characters. The lines and situations are so awkwardly hilarious, the writing and acting is just fantastic. It just keeps getting funnier every time I watch it.

  45. So many good episodes, but, I too went with The Injury. The back and forth between Michael, Dwight, and Jim in the van is absolutely hilarious. Then, at the hospital it only gets better.

    Damnit Dwight, thats my joke.

  46. Dinner Party

    This episode is crazy and fun. An invitation to Michael and his lover Jan’s house? What could be better?!

    Charades, Dwight shows up, “Babe, I thought you were gonna clean up, babe.” Pam has baths with Michael?

    “You took me by the haaaand, maaaade me your man, that one night!”

    “Oh, my house is on fire, I better go an check on it.”

    And so many more lines I cant remember.

  47. Gotta go with The Return. I LOVE the cell phone prank, and Andy’s response when Michael tells him off: “Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship.” I use it in my daily conversation now.

  48. I gotta go with the Dinner Party! I love everything Serenity by Jan, Hunter’s Cd “that one night” and Michael’s plasma tv! That episode is so funny! I have watched it a hundred times!

  49. I chose “Casino Night” because it has always been my favorite episode. I liked watching The Office from the beginning because of the Jim and Pam storyline, but I’ve never related to this show more than in the Casino Night episode because I’ve been in Jim’s shoes in the exact situation.

  50. It was so hard to choose between The Injury and Healthcare Plan, but I chose Healthcare Plan.

    “Count Choculitis…Jim did you pick that because you knew I liked Count Chocula?”

    “Uh, leprosy?”

    “I thought you had that removed when you had your hysterectomy?”

    There are so many more…

  51. Dinner Party

    Even though “The Injury” has always been my official favorite, “Dinner Party” is my secret favorite, because my friends and I are always quoting Michael’s lines about buying his plasma TV, curling up in his little bed, and being in hell where Jan is the devil. I’m laughing just thinking about it…

  52. My favorite episode is ‘The Fire’ because that’s when I fell in love with The Office. Who doesn’t love Desert Island and the whole office revealing their true selves? Plus some great Jim and Pam talking heads, the start of Ryan and business school, Michael’s ringtone, and of course ‘Ryan Started the Fire’.

  53. I Chose Casino Night For Obvious Reasons. 1 Being The Storyline Of A Casino Night, Its Just A Good Idea. 2 Being The Comedy In The Episode Like Both Of The Girls Michael Has A Crush On Comes, Its Just Hilarious. And Finally The Jim And Pam Momment At The End, It Made Me Cry. Casino Night FTW :)

  54. Goodbye, Toby- Oh plot, how can I twist thee? Let me count the ways:

    Michael’s shoe money. Angela quits PPC. Phyllis head of PPC. Pam is accepted to art school. Pam will be gone for 3 months. Holly introduced. Michael hates her. Michael likes her. Michael loves her. Jim decides to propose. Dwight lies that Kevin is slow. Holly treats him that way. Kevin convinced Holly wants him. Ryan arrested and fired. Jan’s back. Jan’s pregnant. Not Michael’s. Andy proposes. Jim doesn’t. Michael decides to help Jan. Dwight and Angela get it on…

    …Hilarity ensues…

  55. Love The Injury, love Casino Night, love Money, love Broke. But in the end, had to go with Booze Cruise. So many fantastic moments, but my favorite: “Never, ever give up.”

    I love this show!

  56. Tough decision, but I chose “Health Care” because the list of ridiculous diseases and alarming of Dwight is priceless, and it really set a great tone for the rest of the series.

  57. This was SUCH a hard decision, but I had to go with The Fire in the end. Not only did I love watching the entire office bond, but the Michael/Ryan/Dwight love triangle is hysterical! There are also tons of good JAM moments :) Also, who doesn’t love to sing RYAN STARTED THE FIRE!

  58. It was a tough choice between The Injury and Healthcare, but I went with The Injury because it is the ultimate, classic, Office episode. No plot advancements – just laugh-out-loud funny. I always recommend this episode to non-Office fans. Jim’s use of the spray bottle on Dwight and Michael in the van kills me every time. It’s how my roommate used to discipline her cat.

  59. The Dundies.

    It has it all, people: funny jokes inside the office, outside the office, JAM, singing, Pam in pink, Jim in blue and Dwight in yellow, all the cast together and a hundred other reasons… I love it.

    (I’m not from US, tanster, but I’d like to participate anyway! Thanks!)

  60. It’s so hard! (TWSS) But I always end up choosing Beach Games. There are just way too many great moments and quotes, from poor Toby’s dejected appearance when he learns he has to stay, to Andy’s, “Look at what I’m doing and go tell somebody it!” It kills me every time. And I’m always so, so, so proud of Pam!

  61. I chose The Injury because everything about that episode was spot on. I consider myself somewhat of an Office desciple and whenever I am trying to convert someone, this is the episode I use.

  62. (Since I don’t live in the US, i can’t participate in the competition, but i wanted to share my opinion anyways).

    My absolute favourite is Dinner Party, it’s really the ultimate episode – funny from beginning to end without trying to be funny all the time. The awkwardness of the dinner party is just hilarious, and Michael being in ‘hell’, dinner never being served and a ton of other jokes just makes this episode THE best!

    “That is sort of an oaky afterbirth”

  63. I went with The Client, because the scene with Michael and the client in Chili’s is just amazing….i got my baby back, baby back…. Plus, when Dwight realizes he was the idiot sidekick in the script is just priceless! When he spells out his

  64. I chose “Christmas Party” because it is a great ensemble episode where everyone gets some funny lines. And it has the single most hilarious Office scene – Dwight taking Pam’s teapot, holding it up to his nose, and explaining how he would use it to clear out his sinuses (all while wearing an elf hat!) and Jim looking at him in complete disgust and despair.

  65. This would take way too much thinking on my part and would end up being an agonizing decision, so I’ll just wait and see which episode wins. I hope they all win actually! Haha, amazing show, but it’s too difficult to pick just one.

  66. Since I first watched The Injury it has been my favorite episode. It had me laughing the entire episode from beginning to end. It still does even though I can quote the whole thing. It’s a classic Office episode and the best on my opinion.

  67. I chose season two’s “The Fire.” It was this episode that made me fall in love with The Office. Each character had a moment, and it still makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it. Even though Ryan has been to corporate, jail, Florida and back, I still know him lovingly as “Fire Guy.”

  68. The Injury has always been my favorite.

    Tanster, I’m not sure if you’re planning to or not, but when you post the results can you list the actual votes and/or percentages of the results and not just the winner? I’m curious to see the distribution.

    [from tanster: yup, will post the details!]

  69. MY favortie episode, “Goodbye Toby” mainly because Michael hates Toby so much, and we see alot of relif in this one. Plus we introduce Holly, the female Michael Scott, and the only preson who is as nerdy as he is. Love the bit where Michael’s watch goes off at the end of the day!


  70. Email surveillance has it all!! Jim’s impression of Stanley! Karaoke! Kindness to Michael! A tour of Jim’s humble home. Hilarity and sighs ensue!!

  71. A Benihana Christmas. Partially because of this Michael talking head:

    “Bros before hoes. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They got your back after your ho rips your heart out for no good reason. And you were nothing but great to your ho, and you told her that she was the only ho for you. And that she was better than all the other hoes in the world. And then suddenly…she’s not yo’ ho no mo’.”

  72. My favorite is Beach Games, simply because seeing Pam’s utter transformation to her new self makes me giddily happy every time. The girl has confidence radiating from her pores at the end of that episode. Some of the funniest quotes ever are from that episode. Also, sumo suits will never not be funny.

  73. I chose Casino Night because it is the episode that I watch over and over on my iphone, well technically 2 scenes, when Jim tells Pam that he loves her and then when Pam is on the phone with her mom and he comes in and they kiss. I started watching with season 4’s first episode and during the strike finished getting caught up with seasons 1-3 and those scenes were so moving. Jim’s tearing up and Pam’s reaction just perfect.

    Thanks Tanster for this idea, reading the replies is getting me so ready for the new season!

  74. Really tough, but I chose “The Injury” because of all those classic moments when Jim sprays Dwight, and when Michael falls off the toilet.

  75. I picked “The Injury” because, to put it simply, I have so much in common with so many things in this episode:
    1) I, too, often times want to clamp Michael’s face in a George Foreman grill.
    2) I love Stevie Wonder.
    3) It is the biggest disappointment when the gas station in Carbondale is out of fresh yams.
    4) My middle name is Danger.

  76. My favorite episode of The Office has to be The Carpet. Not a very famous episode, but so many hilarious moments occur in it. Also, it’s one of those episodes that is classic The Office. I think if a person were to watch the show for the first time, this would be a great episode to watch, since it has Michael’s usual antics, Dwight’s peculiar oddness, & Jim and Pam’s ongoing angst. It truly captures what I love about this amazing show.

  77. I chose Diversity Day. This is the episode that made me fall in love with what I believe is the best show ever written. Diversity Day was quite simply the start of it all for me.

  78. My favorite has always been Health Care. It was the first episode i saw and it made me laugh out loud from start to finish with its relatable humor, without being over-the-top. This episode to me has become the standard in comedy to me, with deadpan delivery and cringeworthy situations. When Dwight reads off the fake illnesses, no matter how many times I watch it, I still laugh.

  79. Diversity Day, I think it will always be the best episode. It is the first episode where we see what the US cast has to bring to this British show. We see Michael being that absolutely clueless guy that we all know and love. “You can call me Mr. Brown.” “I am not going to call you that.”
    We see Dwight being Dwight… I don’t know of a better way to put that…”oh, am I a woman?”
    The conference room being used for Michael to be awkward and inappropriate as only Michael can.
    Jim and Pam are terrific. Pam falling asleep on Jim’s shoulder is still my favorite JAM moment. “It was a good day”(Even after he looses his big commission to Dwight)
    Kelly slapping Michael…”now she knows what it feels like to be a minority.)

    I just really think it set the tone for the office, and that it just got better from there

  80. I’m not sure why there is even a poll for the best episode ever, because it’s obviously The Injury. :)

    I unfairly hold every other episode to the gold standard that is The Injury, and none has topped it in overall brilliance. Sure, there are many other excellent episodes, but nothing as perfect as Dwight vomiting on his car, Michael explaining how he accidentally grilled his foot, or the fantastic van scene. Ihis episode is an excellent way to introduce new viewers to the show, because of its universal humor.

    Thank you Mindy Kaling for giving us The Injury!

  81. It was a hard choice between several episodes (The Dundies, The Injury, Casino Night, Dinner Party, Company Picnic), but I had to go with Business School for three reasons: the bat in the office, Jim’s vampire prank on Dwight, and it was directed by Joss Whedon.

  82. I chose The Surplus. I know, it’s surely not a popular one and I wish I could explain why it’s my favorite, but I don’t even know why. I think I’ve seen it about 15 times and it just still makes me smile wider than all the other episodes….just one of those things.

  83. My favorite episode is Casino Night. It just has the perfect mix of drama and comedy, and really made me perk up and realize that the Office was an amazing show.

  84. casino night was hilarious, heartbreaking, and an exceptional cliffhanger. and even though it was the big jim and pam episode we’d all been waiting for, the rest of the cast was used wonderfully, delivering some all-time classic lines (“i hate so much…about the things that you choose to be.”, “we must decieve them so as not to hurt them, and in that way, we honor them.”, and of course “dinknflicka”).

  85. @82. Lindsey —

    OMG. I had totally forgotten about that TH of Michael’s! You’re right — that alone is worth the whole show. Thanks for reminding me and giving me a true laugh-out-loud moment!

  86. My favorite episode of The Office is The Dundies. The Dundies are about the best in all of us. This is my favorite episode because of the line “the ice melts and it’s like second drink”.

  87. Ok, how can I possibly choose between all of these episodes!! I just “discovered” the office about a year ago and haven’t seen season 5 yet (come ON, September 8th!). I must go with The Fire, every time I HEAR that song now, I crack up laughing.

  88. Though this exercise is a matter of picking the best of the best, I stand by Broke as the best Office episode to date. Nearly every character had a moment from Kelly and Angela’s eavesdropping, to Dwight’s revenge fantasies, to Charles’ brownnosing. Most importantly it showed the inherent dichotomy in Michael’s character. Despite his buffoonery he’s a shrewd negotiator and has the interests of his team at heart. You underestimate him at your own peril.

  89. Eep! I think I’ll pick “Night Out” It’s both sad and funny at the same time. Plus, I’m a Might shipper and a Michael/Ryan shipper, so my heart was warmed twice over~! lol

  90. I chose “Dwight’s Speech.” That episode cracks me up. I love it so much that two years ago I re-enacted it as an audition for campus TV:


  91. Goodbye Toby gets my vote. We get to see the pinnacle of Michael’s hatred for Toby, the hazing of Holly, and the ultimate Jam moment ruined by Andy. There were so many twists and funny moments, it is the one hour of tv i could watch forever.

  92. There never has been another episode that has made me laugh quite like The Injury. That one gets my vote hands down. It is beautifully written, brilliantly executed, and the most genuine episode to date. Michael grilling his foot, Billy Merchant and the conference room scene about people with “disabilities”, Toby claiming Ryan had died when Michael needed help in the bathroom – pure gold! And let’s not forget about Dwight, who skyrocketed that episode into the hall of fame. Interacting with Pam over the MP3 player, openly flirting with Angela in the break room, and his sounds from Nam were worthy of pee-your-pants laughter. Yes, it is definitely The Injury.

  93. I picked Dinner Party! I love when Jan says “your hardly my first!” and it is followed by a screaming “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” Oh, and that 200 dollar plasma screen TV is just awesome. I mean how could you go wrong, it folds right into the wall.

  94. I usually try to assess episodes as if I wasn’t a huge Jim/Pam fan (which I am), because great JAM moments often overshadow the actual quality of the episode.
    …That said, there’s one episode of The Office that I’ve only let myself watch twice even though I’ve owned the season 2 DVD since it came out, because it totally blows me away and I don’t want to lose that feeling. It’s honest, it’s unexpected, it’s unique, it’s absolutely heartbreaking, and, of course, it’s hilarious. My vote HAS to go to Casino Night.

  95. The Injury.

    It has the most ridiculous injury ever by a George Foreman grill, Dwight being nice and Jim with the spray bottle in the van. This was the first episode I saw and it got me hooked on the show.

  96. It’s difficult to choose an “all-time favorite,” as there are way too many episodes to choose from that deserve that title. However, after careful consideration, “The Injury” got my vote. Not only do we learn of Michael’s appreciation for fried bacon in the morning, we were witness to Dwight with a concussion, Michael with a “protruberance,” and Jim’s jealousy of Dwight and Pam’s newfound friendship. If you don’t think “The Injury” is worthy of “all-time favorite,” then I will clamp your face in a George Foreman grill!

  97. I chose “The Dundies” because only on a show like The Office could a character win an award for the whitest sneakers.

  98. I have to go with Diversity Day! Such an amazing episode! It sums up the entirety of all the tings to love about The Office, and being from the first season, it shows that this show was brilliant from the beginning! This is the first intro I had to The Office, and I was hooked! So many great moments, but a great episode on the whole.

  99. Hands down, the best episode of The Office has to be Casino Night. Every character had their moment. The obvious Jim and Pam storyline was heartbreakingly bittersweet, but the amount of hope that comes with the end of that episode is just amazing. Michael “dropping a duce on everybody” with Carol and Jan. From Creed stealing to Kevin and Phyllis playing poker to Toby chasing the feeling of taking Michael’s money. The episode had everything you could ask for.

  100. What an impossible decisions! At the end, the JAM fangirl in me won over. Such a fantastic episode… It doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, it always gets to me…
    This is actually the episode that I used to get a friend hooked on the Office.
    That said, I’d call The Injury an exceptionally close second!

  101. Casino Night is the epitome of The Office episodes. it had everything: the best PB&J storyline in a single ep.; pure, unadulterated Michael; Dwight being Dwight; Creed being insane and stealing; But overall it had that hard-to-describe quality that made all of love The Office in the first place. I like to call it Dunderitis. Once I saw this episode, I knew that forever it would remain one of my favorite episodes in all TV shows in all of TV history.

  102. After much deliberation, I chose Beach Games. When Pam walked over those hot coals just for herself – I know that feeling well. And Andy floating way behind Michael? Brilliant. The bus singing, Toby not being allowed to go, the twist ending… this episode has it all.

  103. The Return is my all around favorite. It strikes the perfect balance between humor and drama.

    We get to see Dwight working at Staples, Paris: “I don’t like him, his giant head, or his beady little eyes.”, Michael apologizing to Dwight and the super subtle homage to An Officer and a Gentleman.

    Andy driving Michael up a wall: “Big weirdo creep.” and “I don’t understand how someone could have so little self-awareness.”

    The cell phone prank on Andy, JAM working together as a team again and Karen confronting Jim on his feelings for Pam.

    Flawless episode IMHO.

  104. “How has your Herfindahl index declined since the merger?”

    “Nice try. How’s your Polak-says-what index?”


    “Thanks Kowalski.”

    That exchange and so much more make Business School the best Office episode ever. Michael’s entire awkward speech to Ryan’s class, the loose bat in the office, Jim duping Dwight into thinking he has “turned” into a vampire, plus the heartfelt moment at the end where Michael absofruitly loves Pam’s drawing of the office when no one else supported her.

    As Pam hugs Michael, she gets that horrified expression on her face:

    “Is there something in your pocket?”

    Michael: “Chunky.”

    You know it’s the best – just say yeeeesh.

  105. The episode I chose was “Sexual Harassment,” a write-in choice, for the simple reason that it was the funniest episode of the series. While the show has many layers, the main reason we all watch is to laugh, and I haven’t laughed harder than when I watched this episode. It is terribly inappropriate and pushed the normal boundaries of network television. Dwight’s conversation with Toby, Michael’s remark to Phyliss, everything Todd Packer (especially the license plate haha) put this episode over the top for me.

  106. Similar to some other posts, I’m from the UK so I can’t enter officially, but I had to give a shout-out to “women’s appreciation.” Michael’s few seconds of genuine concern for Phyllis quickly turn into him just thinking of jokes. And I love it when he refers to Jim as “James”.
    One of my top Steve Carell moments of the season are his final talking head when he’s almost interviewing himself about understanding women. Great episode.

  107. my vote is for The Injury

    this episode still makes me laugh so hard and i have seen it hundreds of times

  108. It was so hard to pick just one, but I voted for The Dundies. It was the one that really set the show apart from the UK version, as you see more of the rest of the ensemble cast. It was the first episode I saw, and Pam falling off that stool still makes me laugh. Loved the ending with Jim’s longing glances too.

    Tough choice between Casino Night, The Injury, Beach Games, The Job, Dinner Party, Money and Goodbye Toby. I could have picked any of those too.

  109. I have a lot of favourites, but The Convict is the first episode I watched, and it got me hooked on the show. Prison Mike!

  110. I had to go with Dinner Party. Doesn’t get much better then Jan dancing in front of everyone to Hunter’s “That One Night.” Also the fact that the song is clearly about her.

    “That is a 200 dollar plasma TV you’ve just killed. Good luck paying me back on your zero dollars a month plus benefits salary, babe!”

  111. This was a terribly tough decision. Ultimately I went with ‘The Injury’ because anytime someone talks about butter, I hear “Pam, I have Country Crock!” in my head.

  112. The Dundies was a perfect introduction to most of the cast. It also had a beautiful Jim and Pam moment. There was great music. It was the first episode of Season 2, which is the best season ever (period)!!

  113. I’m voting for “The Client.” It is my favorite episode because of Tim Meadows’ lines about Jan slitting her wrists and being brave and the resulting look that Jan gives him. So funny!!

  114. I had to pick Drug Testing. Dwight in his volunteer uniform & conducting the interrogations, but not having a clue what he was doing.

    Creed: That is Northern Lights Cannibis
    Dwight: No, it’s marijuana.

    Phyllis: It’s marijuana
    Dwight: And how do you know that?
    Phyllis: It’s labeled.

    Jim: “Now exactly how much pot did you smoke?”

    Jim and Pam’s jinx, the “Hi/Hey.” The conference room scene w/Michael’s list, so good! I could watch this episode forever.

  115. “The Job” All the main characters something important happening in their lives. Michael thinks he’s getting promoted/girlfriend getting a ‘boob enhancement’, Dwight becoming Regional Manager, Jim and Pam become JAM! Ryan does get the job. And its just freaking hilarious! If this was the series finale that would be ok.

  116. I voted for Casino Night. It combined great office humor with storylines, without being over the top. Aside from the obvious JAM scene at the end, Casino night brought us:
    “I hate so much about the things you chose to be.”
    “Dinkin’ Flicka.”
    “I said… not that.”
    “We must deceive them so as not to hurt them and in doing so we honor them.”
    “I’m gonna drop a deuce on everybody.”
    “Old, friends, new lovers and the disabled.”
    The mind control prank.

  117. I don’t see many people voting for this one, but my vote goes with “Money”. I loved Jim and Pam messing with Dwight and going to Schrute Farms, Mose running alongside the car, Pam catching Mose pooping, Jim catching Dwight in such heartbreak, Michael declaring bankruptcy, Oscar helping Michael with his money problems on Powerpoint, Michael running away on the train which ends up going nowhere and finally Jim talking to Dwight in the stairwell. That is one of my all-time favorite Jim/Dwight moments. The Jim/Pam kiss at the end was great too. It’s a classic, important episode.

  118. Casino Night. we all know deep in our hearts that it is going to be Casino Night.
    Yes, people have their favorite episodes. And some might even be better than this one. But I know Casino Night will win. It was actually the first episode I saw (yes…yes I know that’s weird :D) and it made me fall in the love with the show. I was like thirteen, so the Pam and Jim LOVEFEST made it even more appealing. I couldn’t help it.
    “I am no longer your boss…LADY FORTUNE IS YOUR BOSS!”
    I feel like I quote that daily. and creed and his stealing makes me break into a delirious state.

  119. My vote is 100% with The Client, The Office at its very best. We see the first sparks of the epic Jan/Michael relationship, Jim and Pam have a heartbreaking dinner on the roof (and learn that swaying isn’t dancing), not to mention the ridiculous Chili’s lunch meeting between Christian, Jan, and Michael. And who can forget Agent Michael Scarn and Catherine Zeta-Jones? The Client has the elements of romance, humor, and profiling of the smaller-but-beloved characters, so it is the ultimate episode of The Office, in my opinion.

  120. Since my best friend and fellow Office fan and I are total dorks, our conversations often veer towards Office talk. We’re also into listing things for some reason. Ergo, we have listed our favorite Office episodes. For my favorite I always go back to Beach Games. There’s just so much awesomeness going on in that episode!

    So, in hopes of it becoming the All Time Fan Favorite,I say to Beach Games: “May god guide you in your quest…”

  121. Yeah, sorry.. it feels too obvious, but there’s nothing that comes close to Casino Night. I uncritically love every single episode but they all get 9s and CN gets the 10.

  122. “I hate so much about the things you choose to be” gave Casino Night the edge against The Dundies in my book. Perfect bookends to a perfect season.

  123. Seen as how each Office Episode does not disappoint, this was a very difficult question to answer. Finally, decided to go with THE FIRE!! This was hilarious! Loved that Dwight ran up into the fire to get Michael’s cell phone not knowing it was still in his pocket. Dwight then came down and told that it was Ryan who started the fire. Nick-naming him “The Fire Guy” and singing “Ryan Started The Fire” OMG. I am laughing now – I LOVE THE OFFICE!

  124. I voted for “The Injury.” It was the first episode I ever watched and it will always be the best! Michael wrapping his foot in bubble-wrap and Jim popping it, Jim squirting Dwight with the spray bottle, Michael asking Pam to rub Country Crock on his foot, Michael begging for Ryan to help him in the men’s room and that combined look of terror and pleading! Genius!!!

  125. I voted for “The Dundies”. I love seeing Michael’s way of chosing awards for everyone. Pam drunk is priceless, especially when she falls out of the chair!

  126. It was very difficult to pick because I love them all (and watch an episode or two on dvd every night before bed). I went with Beach Games. I absolutely LOVE watching Pam come into her own and still hold my breath when she gives her speech. Go Pam!!

  127. I chose Health Care. The inverted penis/vagina dialogue alone makes this one worth it! And I put “spontaneous dental hydroplosion” on my Facebook profile. lol

  128. “Casino Night” will always be my sentimental favorite. I was a little late discovering “The Office,” and this episode not only made me a diehard fan, it inspired me to go back and catch up on every episode from seasons 1 and 2. “Casino Night” had it all: the funny, the cringeworthy, the heartfelt, and the unexpected.

  129. The Client is by far the best episode in the whole series. It is so complex, it has several plot twists, and some of the best quotes. We get a hilarious look into Michael’s mind through the screenplay, and at the same time, see him do a fantastic job closing the huge sale. Plus, the ending was so unusual, with Michael and Jim just looking at each other and sighing. And the funny moments are too many to list, such as Michael under the desk while on the phone or “power trip”, or “awesome blossom, extra awesome”. Great episode!

  130. “Diversity Day.” I had seen the pilot a year before seeing “Diversity Day” and quite liked it, but I’m not a guy who watches TV, other than sports. So, my (now ex) girlfriend sat me down last year and basically forced me to watch her DVDs with her. Glad she did. If “The Office” were a song, the scene where Stanley takes the index card off his forehead to reveal he’s “black” is the catchy hook. To me, that single moment ensured this show would be a viable contender this decade and, going on the sixth season, into the next.

  131. Picking one episode is a difficult task as everyone knows, but I went with The Merger. Why I chose that one is because it’s got a little bit of everything that makes The Office great. It’s an episode full of introductions/re-introductions, which allows for a lot of great moments between the characters as they meet each other for the first time.

  132. I voted for Diversity Day. The reason is mostly sentimental; it’s the very first episode of The Office I ever saw, so it means a lot to me. This show has helped me pull through some really difficult times over the last few years, and ultimately I owe it all to DD. Of course, it’s just an amazingly brilliant episode as well. Thank you, B.J. Novak!

  133. There is a world out there that we all believe in. It is a place to which we will always be able to return because it is, in fact, the place where our heart lies. For us Tallyheads, 1725 Slough Avenue is truly our home away from home. Casino Night encompasses every wonderful notion that has contributed to our love for these characters, stories, and this world. Whether you are laughing, cringing, falling in love, or crying, once the credits begin rolling, enlightenment washes over you. You have just watched the greatest single episode of any television show in history.

  134. I voted for “Goodbye Toby,” because it introduced one of my favorite characters, Holly. The dynamic between her and Kevin is brilliantly displayed, a tribute to both their acting and the writing.

    Plus, how many times do you get to see Michael in his self-proclaimed famous song parody writer persona?

  135. I have to go with The Injury. I only discovered the Office in Season 5 & after getting hooked, I wanted to see past episodes. I went to rent the other Seasons…. The only one they had in stock that night was Season 2 – and The Injury was the first one I picked to watch & it was the funniest show I’d ever seen. Even though I am a huge Jim/Pam fan- I always love the Dwight/Jim dynamic and that episode is full of it!

  136. I voted from ‘Fun Run’ Because we learn that Jim and Pam are together, and I like that Michael is so stupid that he didn’t know that there are cures from rabies.

  137. I picked ‘Casino Night’ because it encompassed everything wonderful about ‘The Office’. The heartfelt, funny and often awkward vibe the show has is what makes it so wonderful, because it reminds us of our own lives. Nothing is more ‘real life’ than romance, and this episode proves that no other show can portray characters in love as genuinely and still make it hysterical in it’s own way.

  138. The Injury will always be my favorite episode. It’s absolutely hilarious, we get a glimpse of what Dwight would be like if he were normal (yikes), we have Michael and his George Forman grill, and we have Dwight stealing Michael’s “That’s what she said”. This is the episode I watch when I only have time to watch one episode.

  139. I chose ‘The Dundies’ because this is the episode that made me fall in love with The Office. This episode is so authentic and spot on. Michael’s unbelievable ignorance towards the Pam/Roy engagement scenario as well as his antics in the restaurant are hilarious and cause major second hand embarrassment. Also, I maintain that the Jim/Pam scenes are by far the most real and enduring of the series.

  140. “The Job” is an episode I can watch time and again and still laugh as though it’s brand new. Emotionally magnificent, in a nutshell.

  141. The Dundies was a truly great ensemble episode and so pivotal to the series. There are so many fantastic moments: Michael equating himself to Bob Hope entertaining the troops, oblivious to the staff’s disdain of his tasteless routine; Dwight’s harassment of the ladies in his attempt to see the graffiti in their restroom; everyone, led by Pam, rallying around a humiliated Michael; Pam’s acceptance speech — really the gem of the episode seconded by Jim’s tender look as he watches her drive away; and the first glimpse of Michael’s crush on Ryan. (It also added ‘second drink’ to my lexicon!)

  142. Picking ONE favorite makes me feel like my head’s going to explode! I really did like season 4, but for sentimental memories, picked “E-Mail Surveillance,” which is both funny and heartwarming. I love seeing Jim hosting a party (remember when he was good at that?), and it’s really sweet when he stands up with Michael at the end. Plus all of the cute stuff with Pam and his dorky yearbook photo…

  143. Dinner Party is great because it shows why the office is a great show: uncomfortable situations which are made hilariously funny by knowing the characters. “Michael, I thought you put this away” (as Jan is putting the video camera under the bed). Classic!!!

  144. This was really hard (that’s what she said) but in the end I went with The Client. Classic Michael moments, plus at the end we find out that he actually IS good at sales! Plus plenty of office antics while the Boss is out, and some cute Jim/Pam moments.

  145. I chose Diversity Day because that is the episode that started it all for me. After I saw this episode I knew that this was going to be one of my new favorite TV shows.

  146. I voted for safety training, because as it says in the dvd commentary, it shows that they are like a family at Dunder Mifflin, and it holds some of the best Michael/Dwight interaction. It’s really truly a brilliantly designed episode.

  147. I voted for The Injury because it is always laugh out loud funny every time I watch it. Whether it’s Dwight throwing up all over his car, saying that his middle name is Danger, or thinking that Creed is his dad! Amazing episode and my favorite!

  148. The Injury. Makes me LOL every time I watch it. Also, I love Broke and the Dinner Party. =)

  149. I chose Diversity Day because it was so wrong yet so right! I lol everytime I picture them in the conference room with the cards on their forehead.

  150. Stress Relief, hands down! I’ve heard people say that the humor in that episode is reused, but the scene with the CPR lady teaching them is classic. Also, Angela yelling, “Save Bandit!”, and you see the cat fall through the roof on the other side. I laughed for about 10 minutes!

  151. Drug Testing has everything that I love about The Office and the 2 main relationships were showcased to perfection. It was set in the office and every character was involved in the story.

    “Have you ever pooped a balloon?”

    Thought provoking:
    “What is he getting out of that relationship?”

    “Hey” “Hi”

  152. Casino Night is television perfection. With the many Michaelisms, the general hatred of Toby, Jim and Pam’s prank, and Scrantonicity (which is really the gift that keeps on giving), Mr. Carell crafted a hilarious script. And then there’s that ending, the best cliffhanger I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I didn’t think Jim would profess his love and the kiss came so late, I kept expecting the credits to roll. I jumped up and down in my living room and wished for September after that episode, it was that good.

  153. Without a doubt, Benihana Christmas!! The episode had every classic aspect of The Office: outrageous stereotypes, a heart-broken Michael, “Jam” drama, drinking, Jim-Dwight practical jokes, and a unified fun-loving office. Plus, Creed did karaoke of an original Creed (the Grassroots) song!!!

  154. The Injury gets my vote. A whole episode based on a grilled foot, and hilarity ensues. “Dead” Ryan, loopy Dwight, and “where are you shipping your foot?” are definitely my favorite parts! Also it seems to be the episode that appeals to a lot of people new to The Office.

  155. I had to pick “The Return.” It has one of my all time favorite pranks – the cell phone in the ceiling. It’s also the first episode I watched in its entirety and the one that got me hooked on The Office.

    “I think we broke his brain.” Classic. :)

  156. The Injury is number one for sure.
    Michael: “Please don’t send Dwight” as Dwight hits the gate. Soo funny.
    Plus the string cheese scene between Toby and Ryan….
    But the best is Dwight. Him helping out Pam is just awesome. I crack up every time I watch Dwight, Michael, and Jim in the van. The SPRAY BOTTLE! So funny. Dwight finding Meredith’s liquor… Just awesome

  157. I think the dundies episode was the best for many reasons. First of all I love when Michael asks the people in the office what they have done with there dundies. It’s so funny! Dwight with his “there over my bed” and Jim with I “I hide them so I don’t get cocky” lol. Another great part is when Michael is handing out the awards. Michael and his skits and songs are great! Pam gets drunk and kisses Jim is a great part, to show how they kind of like each other. Also at the end when Pam has a question and then doesn’t have one is cute.

    I love the Office!

  158. Casino Night, hands down. Creed never owning a fridge? Ryan ordering Kelly’s drinks? Old friends, new lovers, and the disabled? Oh, and Jim finally expressing himself (with that single tear?)? No contest.

  159. Business School is probably the most referenced episode for my friends and I – everytime we see a 100 Grand/PayDay/Snickers we can’t help but break out into Michael’s speech (still have yet to find a Watchamacallit).

  160. “Branch Closing” by far!


    At 9am someone poisons the coffee, do not drink the coffee, more details to follow.

    future Dwight

  161. Casino Night & Dinner Party are great cause we get to see the characters we learned to love in action and in a different light, but i still find myself shuffling back to season 1 with Diversity Day. Developing such likeable characters within the first few episodes of a series is simply beyond words.. It’s incalculacable. To fall in love with Dwights dork-like character and jim’s witty one liners so soon takes some serious directing. Signed, Daffy Duck.. He’s gonna lose it when he reads that.

  162. My vote: The Dundies……..because………

    C’mon everyone, IT’S THE DUNDIES!!!! Michael’s obnoxiousness as a boss mixed in with that perfect touch of sweetness and how they all rally behind him, even though they hate having to, is what The Office is all about! And if that doesn’t convince you, it’s Jim and Pam’s first kiss!! Dundies for the win!

  163. The Return ftw!

    Jim: “Maybe it’s in the ceiling.”
    Andy: “Maybe you’re in the ceiling.”

    Best. Comeback. Ever.

    Mexican Lemonade, Andy punching the hole in the wall and that hilarious woman at Staples make this my favorite episode of all time.

  164. I voted for Casino Night – it was the perfect episode with lots of hilarity, top-notch acting and everything building up to JAM at the end. To top it all off, it was written by my favorite, the ridiculously talented Steve Carell.

  165. just wanted to clarify that im from the UK and cant enter officially but i had to say that ‘The Injury’ is my favourite.

    the fact michael burned his foot on george foreman grill is sheer genius,
    seeing dwight being nice is hysterical,
    jim with the plant spray makes me cry with laughter,
    and the line “you can’t fire me i don’t work in this van!” made me spray juice everywhere. epic.

  166. While I love The Injury, I chose Money, specifically for two moments. Classic moments for the characters.

    Michael: “I Declare BANKRUPTCY!!!”
    Oscar: “Hey Michael, I just wanted to let you know, you can’t just say bankruptcy and expect anything to happen.”
    Michael: “I didn’t just say it, I declared it.”

    And also….

    Jim: “I’m very passionate about Italian food, in fact, I’m in love with Italian food.”

    Plus, Dwight’s Inn, Dwight being comforted by Jim, everything else involving Dwight in that episode!!!!!

  167. beach games… poor toby not seeing pam in a swimsuit, poor andy floating off in his sumo outfit, poor dwight with the lame harry potter team name, and pammy 2.0’s monologue in the circle. great stuff. the look on jim and karen’s face when pam is expounded those feelings. classic.

  168. The Job

    I don’t think that I’ve ever had a bigger smile on my face in my entire life, I may have been more happy than Pam in that situation. Although I don’t think that is possible. ;)

  169. The Injury, is hands down my favorite episode. Michael clamping is foot in a George Forman Grill and Dwight having a concussion is the perfect combination for a great episode. The episode also has some of my favorite lines of all time.
    “You can’t fire me, I don’t work in this van!”

  170. The Secret, Season 2

    Revelations. Tension. Sweetness. Angst. Love.

    With Jim’s secret out in the open, I felt we moved to the next level of the unofficial courtship and pressure and anticipation grew.

  171. I chose “Office Olympics”, because it was one of the first really great ensemble episodes, had some adorable Jim+Pam moments, and introduced the world to Flonkerton. And there were so many things that were called back to in later episodes – Michael’s condo, Dwight’s farm, the yogurt lid medals, and more. Lots of good stuff – plus there were doves at the end!

  172. The Job had the best of high and low comedy. “Your argument was good, but Jan’s was bigger.” AND it had the best final minute in the show’s history. Michael playing Natalie Merchant’s “Thank You” as he left for his interview still makes me laugh hysterically. My only quibble is no Toby, but the deleted scenes on the DVD gave me that. It was, therefore, enough to know Paul Liebersten co-wrote this episode. Goodbye Toby and Cafe Disco are my#’s 2 and 3. Trying to whiddle down picks from Season 2 is like Sophie’s Choice, so I didn’t even try.

  173. I’m very surprised Conflict Resolution, Boys and Girls, Sexual Harassment and Dwight’s Speech are not even on the list. They’re my all time favorites.

  174. I actually was hoping Michael’s Birthday would be on the list but its not. So in light of that, I went with Office Olympics. It had some of the best humor, it involved almost all the cast and was just so well done. If I had to go with a #2 then it would be the Injury.

  175. I, too, voted for the job. The suspense of wondering who would get it, and the surprise at who did, Jan getting fired, and of course, Karen/Jim/Pam… it was awesome! But, if I could pick a #2, it would be Conflict Resolution. The 2 minutes hearing back-to-back-to-back pranks were the funniest of the series! “today I hit myself in the head with the phone… I suspect Jim Halpert.”

  176. While I love almost all the episodes of the Office. I had to vote for The Injury. It’s what got me hooked on the office from Michael’s request for someone to come get him (not Dwight) to the last scene where he’s trying to fit his foot into the CT machine, it’s pure genius!

  177. I chose Money because it is an episode that I hold dear to my heart. When I was a kid my dad had to get two jobs just to make ends meet. Carell perfectly captured the feelings of dissapointment and the look of tiredness that my dad experienced. I’m sure there were moments when dad felt like getting on a train just to get away from the stress.

  178. I voted for Drug Testing mostly because of the hilarity of Dwight’s volunteer duties as a sheriff’s deputy and the hilarious line “It has to be official and it has to be urine.” There are so many awesome moments in this episode from Jim’s “interview” of Dwight, “How could you remember, if it just erased your memory?” And Michael’s, “I am ridiculously anti-drug. I am so anti-drug that I am above suspicion in any way, or testing of any kind.” And then of course Jim’s hypothetical about Dwight, “What is he getting out of that relationship?”

    What indeed, Jim?!?

  179. When asked what my favorite episode of The Office is, the episode that immediately come to mind is the Season 4 premiere, Fun Run. In the literally hundreds of times I have watched this episode, I can’t think of one time where I didn’t fall on the ground giggling like a little girl! Every part of that episode is funny! From the very first scene where Michael hits Meridith, to the end, where Michael pukes after the run, the episode is stuffed full of things that make you want to sit there and laugh for the rest of the week. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I just pop in Season 4, and go straight to the first episode and I’m usually cured by the time the theme even hits the screen. That is why I chose Fun Run for the best episode of The Office EVER!

  180. I chose The Client Season 2 because it’s an episode I can watch over and over and over again.
    The start of the Jan/Michael relationship was a turning point and also hilarious.
    We saw that Michael isn’t a complete idiot at his job, which keeps the show in a world of reality.
    It has the ensemble together with the funniest plot in the series “Agent Michael Scarn”.
    And finally the heart wrenching scene with JAM’s argument of their ‘date’, swaying is dancing in my book!

  181. My favorite episode of all time? Drug Testing. Put Dwight in a funny hat and give him a mystery to solve, and I’m ready to laugh! And Phyllis is great too– her deadpan delivery gets me every time.

  182. Stress Relief is my favorite episode because it is so hilarious when Angela throws the cat into the ceiling and when Kevin smashes the vending machine open with a chair and raids it.

  183. Casino Night is the best episode of The Office, because it was the first “bonus-sized” episode, which led the way to hour-long episodes in later seasons. Those extra ten minutes really gave the writers and actors time to add those awkward pauses and pointless conversations (Afghanistananis!)that make the show so special. And how could anyone forget the moment that made us gasp (I just needed you to know… once)? And that kiss! That’s all anyone could talk about the whole summer! Some other classic moments from Casino Night: Jim’s telekinesis, “I hate so much about the things you choose to be”, our first glimpse of Scrantonicity, “The 05-05-05 party!”, Carol-Michael-Jan awkwardness, and much more!!!!

  184. It’s so hard to choose, but I’ve always considered The Job to be my favorite… how could it not be? Everything about it was so great.

  185. The Injury. Everything about the episode is hilarious- from “You can’t fire me! I don’t work in this van!” to Dwight declaring his middle name is “Danger”. Absolute perfection.

  186. It’s so hard to pick! I have to go with The Return. It has one of the best pranks ever, Dwight is amazing in it, i love it when Dwight and Jim are friends, Jim and Pam are back together as a pranking team!, Michael gets annlyed by Andy, Andy sings, Oscar is hilarious, Angela is awesome, the deleted scenes with Kevin and Ryan (weird pairing???? lol) are hysterical…. is that enough? Do I need… to keep going. lol

  187. I chose Stress Relief. Not only was it amazing because it was an hour long, but it also held the best cold opening ever! There wasn’t a second of this episode that I didn’t love. Plus, Michael’s privates are an ipod shuffle. Brilliant.

  188. I chose Dinner Party as my favorite episode. I think this one is great because it gave us a look at another setting, and it was a great change of pace. Seeing the extreme awkwardness of how Michael and Jan’s relationship effects the others is always hilarious. When Jim sabotages the game for Michael by guessing Tom Cruise, it cracks me up every time.

  189. My all-time favorte episode is The Injury. Dwight has some of the most hilarious lines EVER in this one and the interactions between he and Michael are great. Best line: “I hit my elbow and now I have a protuberance!”

  190. I choose “Broke”! This episode had the exactly amount of drama and jokes to make this a memorable episode. And Steve Carell was great!

  191. I know many people dislike it, but The Merger got my vote. It’s the one episode I watch over and over again. Jim’s face when he walks in the door, and Pam’s leap from her desk into Jim’s arms, get me every time. Plus, how can I not be thankful for the phrase, “nifty-gifties”? The acting and writing are astoundingly good. I really like it.

  192. “The Injury” is the best episode of the series. I need not provide a 100 word explanation, rather, for the contest, I will submit the best “100 words” spoken ever from the show (which occurs in this episode)…enjoy.

    “I like waking up to the smell of bacon. Sue me. And since I don’t have a butler I have to do it myself… most nights before I go to bed I will lay out 6 strips of bacon out on my foreman grill. Then I go to sleep. When I wake up I plug in the grill. I go back to sleep again, then I wake up to the smell of crackling bacon. It is delicious, it’s good for me, it’s a perfect way to start the day. Today I got up, I stepped on to the grill”

  193. This was a fun poll and it’s so interesting to see what makes a great episode for different people. ‘The Injury’ definitely a worthy winner!

  194. I’m surprised The Injury won! It’s my absolute favorite episode of The Office, but I didn’t realize so many others loved it too! I mean, not much is advanced in the way of character development or big plotlines, but it’s just one of those episodes where so many great jokes happen inside the office.

  195. ahhhh, I spent so much time deciding that I missed voting. Oh well, it’s a great top 10.

  196. Cool to see 11 others picking Email Surveillance. Cheers to you all.

    tanster – And your favorite is…?

    [from tanster: while i did not vote in this poll, my favorite episode is ‘the fire.’ that episode motivated me to start officetally. :) ]

  197. Hopefully Mindy Kaling gets a chance to view this poll, two of her episodes ranked in the top 3!

  198. Some of the newer episodes would climb up higher with time. I was quite shocked that Broke one of the best epiodes ever landed on the nineteenth spot. I’m guessing that it would be better appreciated with time like so many episodes.

  199. I’m just going to come out and say it: “The Injury” may well be my least favorite episode ever. It’s way too over the top. The Office is always better when it’s subtle.

  200. Absolutely! The Injury has always been one of my favorites as well as Casino Night. YAY! :)

  201. Well “The Injury” is certainly one of the best episodes…But I am a bit surprised that it won by as much as it did.

  202. Season 2! Woooooooooooooooooo! I think The Client and Back from Vacation should be higher, but love the S2 pwnage. Best evah! But hey, where’s Cocktails?

  203. Is it ironic that “Heavy Competition” is last? Haha.

    “The Injury” kind of surprises me, especially by such a big margin, although it’s probably in my top 5. My top pick got #4 so I’m happy with that. To be honest though, “Casino Night” wouldn’t even be close to the top if it weren’t for the last 30 seconds (it is a great episode though) and I’ve always thought “The Dundies” was a bit overrated.

    I’d like to have seen season 1 do better (did the pilot not get any votes?), and even most of season 2 I think got lower placements than those episodes should have.

    [from tanster: correct; the pilot episode didn’t receive any votes.]

  204. I’m glad Conflict Resolution got some votes. It will always be my favorite episode ever! I love all of their ID photographs.

  205. Glad that Dinner Party was in the top ten as it was probably my fave episode.
    Kinda surprised about the Injury though…and Casino Night was only good in the last 2 minutes…

  206. It’s funny how Stress Relief ranked higher than Weight Loss AND Broke. I knew it was better!

  207. i’m really glad the injury won! it is a classic episode with all the great things that ultimately got us hooked on the show. now all we have to do is wait for gossip. september 17th FTW!!

  208. I knew The Injury would win(my personal favorite of the Mindy Kaling-penned episodes is the vastly underrated Take Your Daughter to Work Day). I will not be reactionary and say it’s overrated, because it is very funny and highly quotable. I am, however, so glad my pick, The Job, ranked at #5…with less than 4% of the vote. Still Paul Lieberstein (and Jen Celotta) is THE BEST!

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