Get ‘The Office’ preview free at the iTunes Store

The Office Season 6 Pass is now available at the iTunes Store, along with a free download of the Season 6 preview.

The free download is exactly the same as this video. But hey, it’s free! I. Love. Free. Anything.

Link: The Office Season 6

P.S. I’ve recently reorganized OfficeTally’s iTunes page to include stuff other than episodes.
Go check it out! (It’s also in the center column under “get stuff.”) —–>


  1. Yeah, I got this a couple of days ago. What is really cool about it is that it gives me hope that maybe there will be other extra goodies in the season pass this year. Maybe some webisodes, or deleted scenes etc.? Regardless, I’m glad I got it.

  2. Yeah! Just downloaded the free preview. I’m new to iTunes (I know, I’m a dinosaur…always a late-comer to technology). I’m getting the new iPod Touch next week so I’ll have to sign up for the season pass. This is fun! Can’t wait for all that the new season chooses to be!

  3. Free is awesome and all, but this time last year iTunes was offering free Fun Run as promo for season 5 :/

  4. I know there aren’t many Zune users, but the preview is free there as well. (And you don’t have to purchase a season pass :-) )

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