1. That is amaaaaazing (/kelly)! I can only imagine how much fun it was for whoever keeps that website updated to search for such horrible, yet characteristic, junk for their registry.

    I, personally, love it.

  2. “The Singing Machine ISM370 Karaoke with iPod Dock” vs.”Noise Canceling Headphones”.

    Looks like Andy won that battle…

  3. LOL. Oh I had to stop looking through the registry, because I can’t stop laughing. The “his and hers” kitty cat pj’s with the kids-small, Mens-Large detail did it for me. I am still tearing up. I hope the class next door can’t hear me. I am so getting the salt and pepper shakers. LOL

  4. I just realized that the date Angela and Andy set is November 26th 2009, which just so happens to be on a Thursday. :)

  5. Marie Osmond Inspirational Bench!!! Decorative Wall Hat (didn’t Angela Kinsey show us something like this in her trailer?)!!! I’m dying laughing–Where did they find this stuff? So great. Whoever put this registry together gets my most heartfelt thanks for providing a much needed laugh on this dreary and distracted rainy Seattle Monday morning!

  6. What was that cat litter box thing? There’s a TV on top of it!!! You can watch TV or watch your cat go. That thing really scares me.

  7. The cat stuff is funny, but the bathroom deadbolt, the non-see-through shower curtain, and the modesty changing screen were the ones that made me LOL.

  8. I love “karaoke machine” immediately followed by “sound canceling headphones”. And the matching PJs! One male large, one kids’ medium.

  9. The Modesty dressing screen, the Twilight Thick non-see through shower curtain and the noise reduction earphones have Angela written all over it. That’s going to be some marriage.

  10. 3 Cornell Big Red Ultimate Outdoor Rugs ($199.95). haha! One for each entrance of the house I guess. haha! Find it hard to believe that Andy already doesn’t own one of these.

  11. I love that right after the “Kareoke/iPod dock” was the “noise cancelling earphones.” Too funny.

  12. I actually have those coasters. They’re great! Just to clarify, I have nothing else on this registry.

    [from tanster: LOL!]

  13. oh that stuff is golden! my personal fave is the dead-bolt bathroom lock :) I have to agree with everyone in saying kudos (or zippity doo dah!) to the person who researched all that…it’s just amazing! thanks tanster for keeping us updated! :)

  14. The deadbolt bathroom door lock and the modesty shower curtain are hysterical hahaha… Who ever is doing this site is amazing – major props to them!!

  15. Whoever put this together deserves major kudos. Every detail is so perfect and so funny.

  16. Okay. I find it hard to believe that Angela doesn’t already have every single one of those cat products already! And the Anne Geddes calendar.

  17. Thick, Non-See-Through Shower Curtain. Yup, that pretty much sums up their relationship. This list is so clever!!

  18. Hilarious! Whoever put this together really hit the mark. Good work, ‘Nard Dog.

  19. #17 – Beth
    Those coasters do look nice. At first I was looking for the joke on that item, but then I just figured they had to throw at least one normal thing onto the list.

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