1. Yeah, for most of the episode, Angela was noticeably missing. I really would have liked her to see the stuff going on between Dwight and Andy.

  2. Heh,NOW my Angela quota is almost filled. That’s what was missing.

    Did anyone else feel like this was from a different episode than the one we saw? Tone was…funnier? Normaler? Hm.

  3. i am so sad about holly. i knew she would have to get written off because she was always written as “special guest star” and she had other things to do, but i loved them and it was nice to see michael happy. who will be the new HR rep?? hmmm…

  4. Amy Ryan seriously needs to come back at least for a guest spot. She added a new energy to the show that will be missed.

    Also not to nitpick on Oscar, but the Manchester, NH airport is only about 20 minutes from Nashua so the commute to Scranton won’t be quite as bad.

  5. I honestly don’t want to beat the episode up too much, but… isn’t it REALLY obvious that this should’ve been left in? I don’t think we needed to see every minute of Dwight vs. Andy.

  6. #8 Laura, you beat me to the punch about the Manchester airport, which I hope that “Holly” would use if she did decide to come visit. :)

    I loved Angela’s comment about emailing Holly first, but doesn’t Holly already have everyone’s Dunder Mifflin email addresses? Oh, wait! That would be “stealing” from the company by using company resources to send personal messages. ;0

  7. Oh Oscar, always breaking it down and telling it how it is no matter if it is appropriate or not. Too funny.

    Angela was definitely missed in this episode, esspecially with one of the main storylines revolving around the two men vying for her attention.

  8. I love the look she gives the camera as she hugs Oscar. She is a really great actress.

  9. If it takes someone an hour and half to drive to Boston from Nashua (with no traffic), then people in Massachusetts would run her off the road!

  10. This second scene, was absolutely necessary for the episode. It really shows what Michael and Holly’s relationship was about; I really felt like, during the trip they were not as in love with each other as they were in “Crime Aid”, and this shows that until the end of their relation. Love this couple, it’s obvious that the producers should bring Amy Ryan back to the show, in future episodes. Although i think i’m going to need more of Holly soon, they should make her come back to the end of the season, after some Jan and Michael’s encounters

  11. Wow, I’m really surprised and upset that they took out that second one. Totally agree with 15-17. Sigh!! They are so incredibly natural! And such great chemistry between Amy Ryan and Steve… I’m really going to miss her. :(


    Now that that’s out of my system… Michael and Holly are too perfect for each other, this sucks :(

  13. The first deleted scene was total “Office” and would have been a great addition to the episode. The second one was kind of annoying. I liked Darryl’s TH explaining why he was driving them. Loved Darryl in this ep, but the Michael/Holly stuff, in the second deleted scene, would have been way too overwhelming.

  14. First one was great, second one kind of annoying. But I do appreciate the explanation as to why Darryl agreed to do that.

    Although, I’m still not sure about the situation of Holly’s car. If she has one, wouldn’t she and Michael be taking that along with the moving truck? (Convoy!) If she doesn’t, how would she make her trip on the weekends?

  15. “who will be the new HR rep??”

    Well, since the November 20th episode is called “Frame Toby,” I would assume Toby is returning.

  16. So will Holly be the star of the “spin-off” then? The writers have always said that they were going to introduce the character into a few episodes of the office, take the character off, and then that character would star in the spin-off.

  17. #25- the spin off is not officially a “spin-off” any more! It is just another sitcom is the same vein of The Office and produced by the same producers (ie Greg Daniels). Holly nor any other character will be crossing over to the new series. (It is totally ok with me!– I don’t want to lose any characters from my beloved show!)

  18. #11, ditto!! I was so upset when they decided to move Holly. Now we have to deal with Toby AGAIN!!!! ARGHH!! :sobs:

  19. oh my gosh! how in the world did these two split up. they are destined to be together forever. please bring them back together… STAT (stat means now!)

  20. Darryl just got thirteen times more awesome.
    “…because I wanted you to like me.”

  21. “Because I wanted you to like me…”

    that made me laugh out loud. and I’m not a frequent laugh out louder.

  22. haha that was great. i know the person below me said this but “because i wanted you to like me.” that made me laugh too. :)

  23. Are these clips really quiet for anyone else, or is it just me? I have to strain to hear them, and that’s with my computer at full volume AND with the headphones on/in. The commercials after the deleted scenes seem ridiculously loud by comparison. Is this just something with the NBC stuff? I don’t think it’s something OT can fix. Anyway, just wondering if this is a problem for anyone else or if anyone has any tips…

  24. That’s it. I’m in love with Darryl.

    “I wanted you to like me.”


  25. Am I the only one who hated this deleted scene? Cow surfing? Give me a break.. I’m glad they deleted this one.

  26. It’s really tempting to change every screen name I have to “GovtCow”, but I must RESIST!

  27. DARRYL!!! His line “I wanted you to like me” was the best line!!! The way he said, and the way he looked at “Mike” was perfect. Michael’s face….Wow what a great scene. Should have kept that one.

  28. Is it just me, or are these clips REALLY quiet? I can hardly hear them, even when I turn my computer volume all the way up.

  29. Just wanted to say that these clips are really quiet for me, too – I have to turn my speakers up to what is normally “blaring” range to hear clearly. Are you listening, NBC?! ;)

    Also, Darryl = dawesome. That is all.

  30. I do!

    I love this scene! And I love that even though Holly and Michael have the same humor and social awkwardness, she is much smarter than him.

  31. #44 and #45:
    The NBC widgets are always really quiet, but if you watch the original clip on nbc.com, you can turn up the volume up 50% and it makes a world of difference.

  32. Ack! Lately these NBC widgets are causing Firefox to crash every time I come to officetally! :( They load fine on the NBC website though. Does this happen to anyone else?

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