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The September issue of Cat Fancy magazine (the one with “The Mystery of the Manx” on the cover) features Angela Kinsey and her two adorable kitties, Lucy and Otter. (Lucy’s pictured here.)

An excerpt:

Almost everyone on the set at “The Office” has a pet. Fischer has a dog and a cat. Brian Baumgartner (who plays Kevin) has a dog and has brought him to the set. Oscar Nunez (who plays Oscar) has a dog. Wilson has a dog. Smith has a cat. Krasinski had a cat when he lived in New York. “We’re a pet-friendly set,” Kinsey says.

Aside from the print article, check out seven video clips made during the interview:

  1. Angela’s Pre-Office Days
  2. Fun with HR
  3. Angela Goes to The Office
  4. Bring Your Pet to Work Day
  5. CAT FANCY in The Office
  6. Angela’s Comments on CAT FANCY
  7. A Feline Photo Shoot

The CF interviewers aren’t especially lively, but Angela is vivacious as ever. :)

P.S. I had trouble viewing these videos on my Mac, but if you follow these steps, you should be good to go.


  1. The more I hear Angela talk about her character the more I realize I’m so much like her. Now where’s my Dwight?

  2. I love Bring Your Pet to Work Day. I wonder if Dwight would bring his terrarium… Maybe one of Angela’s cats would eat one of his lizards!

  3. I think a lizard might eat a cat, but I guess it depends on which one’s bigger.

    Angela’s so down to earth, and she tells a story well. But come on. No slight to cats, but where’s the Dog Fancy interview?

  4. Cats rule.

    It’s finally obvious to me how Jenna & Angela can be close. Pam & Angela made it tough to see, but the clips reveal Angela Kinsey as a very cool chick.

  5. Angela Kinsey is very attractive. She also has a beautiful disposition. Angela seems to have not a hint of meanness in her soul. She is a joy to watch and hear.

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