1. Nice article. As to her wondering what Angela Martin would listen to, I picture Neil Diamond.

  2. Angela is adorable. I love that dress she has on :)

    I am so embarrassingly in the dark about country music, old and new. But, I did just watch Walk the Line so I know who she is talking about when she says Johnny Cash and Waylan Jennings!

  3. Yay! I subscribe to CW!! Who would have thought there would ever be something Office related in there?

    I hope this issue is coming by the end of the week to me……………

  4. Yea for Country music fans in L.A.!!! We finally got it back on FM radio!

    You can never go wrong with Dolly, and “Mud on the Tires” is a great song/album.

  5. Man, she’s right, when it comes to Keith Whitley, that just about says it all. RIP Keith. What a great song to pick. Don’t Close Your Eyes.


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