1. omg!! you scared the crap out of me! I thought it said “Jenna on her way OUT of the office” whew! that was a close one!

  2. on a sort of related note, has any noticed that on the show some of the characters got new cars? i mean the obvious was oscar’s lexus rx, and Pam’s toyota yaris, and jim now dries a Saab 92-X, not the toyota corolla that got him into the #2 spot at Scranton… sorry, i’m a car person so i noticed it… and Jenna’s C55 nice, but it’s no white chrysler sebring convertible, equipment with blue ice powerade….

  3. yea, i noticed the car thing too. But it makes sense:
    Oscar: new company car from Jan
    Jim: makes sense he would upgrade since he got his promotion
    Pam: needed new car after break-up with Roy

  4. Jenna’s a girl after my own heart; no wimpy Toyota Prius Hollywood hybrid for her, the girl’s all about horsepower, and with a 2006 MB C55 AMG she’ll have 362HP to play with. Bet she likes red meat, too! And if a C55 was her dream car she got one just in time, as the MB USA website shows that it’s not available for 2007, in the US anyway. As for the character’s cars, in “Travelling Salesmen” it looked like Phyllis was driving Jim’s red Corolla, and Jim had Toby’s Saab 9-2X (at the end of “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” you can see Toby putting his little girl into the back of a silver/grey 9-2X).

  5. good eye! haha, i liked how in the deleted scenes in the alliance, they said phyllis was scared of rainn kicking the tires of her car too hard… poor phyllis…

  6. I thought Jim was driving a WRX? I wasn’t really paying attention, but that’s what I have in the back of my mind for some reason.

  7. The article says she was 22 in 1986. That would put her in her 40’s. Maybe it meant 1996.

  8. ohkrasinski –

    it says she came to L.A. in a 1986 Mazda. Year of the car, not the year of her move….

  9. thats such an awesome article…i love that she kept the car, until the second season of the office picked up…sounds like that car went with her during a lot of periods in her life.

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