Angela Kinsey on Conan

In her latest MySpace blog, Angela writes that she’ll be taping ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ today.

I don’t see her officially listed as a guest on Conan’s site, so I’m guessing this is a last-minute appearance.

Can’t hurt to set your DVRs/VCRs for it, just in case …

Update: Here is the video of the appearance. (Thanks Denise)


  1. Yeah, she’s up on Conan’s site now. :]
    i have detention in the morning [who gives them for leaving floppy disks in disk drives? haha] so i can’t watch it.
    hopefully, my veoh gets it or someone youtubes it.
    i was waiting in agony waiting for ed helms’ to come up. :]

  2. Angela is simply the cutest thing on two legs. Especially when they don’t hit the floor when seated.

  3. Wow. She did a great job. I hate those awkward interviews with Conan. He is so funny, that the guest should be just as on as him.

  4. She is SO cute and SO funny. The difference between her “Office” persona and her real one is very striking.

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