Angela Kinsey visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

tanster: have you heard anything about the next office convention?
AngelaKinsey: I haven’t but we (the cast) are really pulling for an office ep to be shot in scranton
AngelaKinsey: I mean it is season 5 and the city of Scranton is such a big part of the show
AngelaKinsey: it is time!
jennifer: that would be neat
AngelaKinsey: I really hope it happens
xoomaggiee: The first was amazing! I met you at the convention and seriously, that was the best weekend of my life.
carl: That would be legend!
tredacinque: I think that’d be great
AngelaKinsey: thanks maggiee
Ileana: that would be awesome!

AngelaKinsey: we are all doing a lot of press right now for the new season
lauren85: any press/talk shows coming up for you?
AngelaKinsey: I think Jenna and Mindy are going to do leno
AngelaKinsey: I am supposed to do Conan
tanster: is that this coming month, october?
AngelaKinsey: Mindy and I just gave Lester Holt from Nbc a tour of the set
AngelaKinsey: he was delightful btw
AngelaKinsey: and Mindy is sooooo funny
tanster: oh awesome!
Jess: Conan is so funny.I hope your on it soon\
AngelaKinsey: she kept asking about Matt Lauer

Ileana: angela, are you doing any shows at the IO West soon? You know I have to ask :)
AngelaKinsey: lol… not sure Ileana
AngelaKinsey: I like to stay close to home at night
AngelaKinsey: I am trying to get Isabel on a routine

tanster: angela, how are we doing on time? do you have time to answer a few more?
AngelaKinsey: sure tanster
tanster: you’re awesome. thank you!

Annie: Not sure if we’re asking official questions, but here goes: Angela, how do you maintain such a charmed but guarded “Hollywood” life? It seems like you’ve got the best of both worlds (Mommy and the show) but you’re so grounded and real. What’s the secret? :)
AngelaKinsey: Oh wow Annie….so nice of you.
AngelaKinsey: you know my family is Texas and Louisiana are so supportive
AngelaKinsey: and they are not impressed by the Hollywood scene AT ALL
AngelaKinsey: it would be very hard to get a big head with them
AngelaKinsey: my oldest sister would nip that in the butt pretty quickly
AngelaKinsey: lol
Annie: That’s too funny!
AngelaKinsey: in Texas I should say

PLOD: When will we see an Office star on “Dancing With The Stars?” Which Office cast member would do the best?
tanster: hmmm, who would y’all like to see on dwts?
AngelaKinsey: ha! I know Phyllis has wanted to do that
Doug: i guess melora
Annie: It’s good to see such a strong bond with your families…you and the cast.
ChillisBannedMe: creed
AngelaKinsey: she was a dancer years ago
tanster: yes! phyllis!
Post-it Thief: If Oscar dances as well as he ice skates…
AngelaKinsey: OMG can you imagine Creed dancing all fancy!
carl: Steve!!!
Annie: BJ!
PLOD: Thanks for answering my question, Angela!
AngelaKinsey: sure thing PLOD
ChillisBannedMe: haha creed was made for the mambo
Annie: Me, too, Angela!
lauren85: jenna should do it as a triumphant return to form after her injury
AngelaKinsey: De nada Annie

jennifer: Now that there are two engaged women in the office (well kind of since Pam is gone right now) will we see any joint wedding preparation or celebration? Maybe Angela and Pam go dress shopping? :)
tanster: omigosh! who would be more miserable — angela or pam?
carl: OH, the possibilities….
AngelaKinsey: Angela would make Pam miserable for sure!
Ileana: poor pam!
AngelaKinsey: the possibilities are really endless
AngelaKinsey: joint wedding shower at work
AngelaKinsey: har har!
jennifer: I can just hear the comments on any dress Pam likes :)
AngelaKinsey: whorish
AngelaKinsey: :)
tanster: lol
jennifer: haha excatly
Ileana: lol
ChillisBannedMe: “you’re going to wear white?”
AngelaKinsey: there are some funny wedding dress jokes coming up
carl: Poor Angela! Having to go out with that “trollop”
AngelaKinsey: can I say that?
AngelaKinsey: oops

Annie: How weird is it for you and Jenna to be “mean” to each other?
Jim Mosby: you just made my night by saying that :D
AngelaKinsey: Jenna and I LOVE doing scenes together
AngelaKinsey: we just had our first one the other day
AngelaKinsey: and Jenna broke in the first take!
AngelaKinsey: we were discussing a penis……
AngelaKinsey: aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
tanster: really? she always seems to hold it together
AngelaKinsey: tmi!
tanster: lol
Jim Mosby: *twss*
MNFan: oh dear
sar20: the bloopers with you and Jenna were great

AngelaKinsey: I might be too sleep deprived to be chatting right now!
Ileana: lol can’t wait to see that

GMMR (kath): please tell me that a picture will surface of you and Stephen Merchant. He made Krasinski look mini. How was it working with him?
AngelaKinsey: sadly sar20 we had about 15 more takes where we laughed
AngelaKinsey: we could feel the room turn on us!
AngelaKinsey: giggly giggly girls!
sar20: hahaha aw
AngelaKinsey: kath … he is the tallest man I’ve been around!
AngelaKinsey: and he is so funny and charming
AngelaKinsey: we all really enjoyed working with him
Annie: How tall is he?
AngelaKinsey: and Jason Reitman is back directly and he is awesome!
AngelaKinsey: too tall for me to guess
AngelaKinsey: :/


  1. That’s so awesome that she takes time out of her schedule to come chat. And the wedding dress jokes make me excited! Whether it’s for Angela or Pam, it’s still exciting.

    She seems so opposite from her character. It’s hilarious.

  2. AngelaKinsey: I think Jenna and Mindy are going to do leno
    AngelaKinsey: I am supposed to do Conan

    … that’s what she said

    LOL i couldn’t help it

  3. The chat was great! Thank you Tanster for putting it together and thank you Angela for taking the time to chat and answer our questions!

  4. It cannot be said enough how wonderful each and every cast member is. I mean, to take time to chat with fans…. how amazing is Angela.

  5. A new project together… hmmm… I say it’s a Schrute baby ;) That was so great of her to chat tonight! Thank you!

  6. Angela ~ thank you so much for taking time out of your personal schedule to chat with us. What a fun treat to start the week! You’re the best. :)

    Also, as always, thank you for coordinating all of this goodness, Tanster.

  7. Angela said she almost typed a spoiler right after she said she was 8 months and 3 weeks pregnant while shooting the season finale Dwight/Angela make-out scene…I’m thinking the spoiler she almost typed was “Actually, that was when I just got pregnant!” meaning Ms. Angela Martin is with “Shrute Baby”!!

    At least I hope so…

  8. she said she and jenna did a scene together! looks like pam’s coming back to the office…unless it was over webcam. lol

    i seriously think Amy Ryan is going to be a regular cast member this season. i don’t know why, but i have a feeling

  9. I never make it to these chats. :-( But I love reading the transcripts. Thanks tanster for posting them, and thanks Angela for spending what I am sure is precious time with us Tallyheads. Say “gooooooaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggooooo” to Isabel for me!

  10. Angela, thanks so much for taking time out of your very busy schedule for a chat! The fact that you still do this for the fans, even with a baby, shows how dedicated and awesome you are! :)

    And I agree, Angela Martin is definitely preggers. The writers probably got the idea from the real Angela being pregnant!

  11. karlyj I totally agree! I think she’s definitely having Dwight’s baby! Hence why her doctor is telling her to put on weight as mentioned in the premiere. As soon as she said that I was like… hmmmm… Dwight Schrute IV!!!

  12. Maybe Angela should start staggering her sin?

    I think of all the cast members of The Office, I might want to meet Angela Kinsey the most. She’s the best.

  13. NNOOO! I read her blog about stopping by here sometime, and I was checking all day yesterday – I guess I just missed it! Oh well… Thanks for the transcript, Tanster! I can honestly say that without OfficeTally, I wouldn’t be as big of a fan. Not because of the show’s shortcomings, but because OfficeTally just adds so much to the experience. Thanks, Tanster!

  14. I always miss these chats, but thanks for coming Angela!
    Hmm, a Schrute baby? Poor Angela–first she was preggars in real-life, and now she might/will have to wear a fake tummy!

  15. aw how awesome! Angela’s so sweet.
    do we know when the leno/conan appearances are gonna be? and the lester holt tour- was that a filmed thing?

  16. I agree, I think she’s pregnant too! Because of Angela’s almost spoiler. Also, I thought that was part of the reason why the office collectively was not losing as much weight as they could have otherwise.

  17. Angela seems to be all about stealing the spotlight this season. She’s engaged at the same time as Pam, and if she is pregnant, she’ll just be stealing all of Jan’s thunder… Hmmmm… Gotta love speculating!

  18. About Angela Martin possibly being pregnant, didn’t she tell Michael that her doctor wants her to gain weight? Hmmm….

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