Angela Kinsey visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

Ryans’ Hobbit: At the Emmys John had me convinced that there would be no JAM proposal “… Jim needs to decide if that’s what he really wants.” Do the actors come up with stuff like that, or do the writers advise you on how to trick the fans? Cheeky devils!
AngelaKinsey: directing
tanster: yes, that *was* very sneaky
AngelaKinsey: wow John is good
carl: We were dying over here!
Ryans’ Hobbit: yeah, naughty boy
AngelaKinsey: he probably came up with that…he’s a smartie
Matt Collins: basically, is everything you’re telling us a blatant lie? :)
AngelaKinsey: I on the other hand….not a so a good
false.blackbear: haha yes I was not expecting a proposal just because of that interview!
AngelaKinsey: I loved that he proposed at a gas station
AngelaKinsey: aaaaaaahhhhhhh
Annie: It was so real … “I can’t wait” ugh…heart. strings. pulled.
Ryans’ Hobbit: You probably heard me SQEEING as soon as it started to rain, all the way from Australia :O)
AngelaKinsey: yeah … the rain made it for me
xoomaggiee: i was with saraadx3 and we cried. alot. then ran through the streets screaming. no lie.
AngelaKinsey: so romantic
AngelaKinsey: lol!!!!
lauren85: “what are you doing”… like casino night, only JAM awesomeness following instead of sadness

Post-it Thief: Do you guys still get together for cast viewing parties as much as you used to?
AngelaKinsey: well now our series orders are over 20 episodes each year
AngelaKinsey: that is tough with families etc…
AngelaKinsey: but we usually get together for a few
AngelaKinsey: everyone got together for the premiere
AngelaKinsey: I stayed home with my lil’ one but I’ll try to make the next one

MNFan: Did you guys know about the Ricky/Steve moment at the Emmys ahead of time, or were you laughing as hard as we were watching it unfold?
AngelaKinsey: I had no idea!
AngelaKinsey: and yes I thought it was a highlight of the evening
Ryans’ Hobbit: good question MNFan!
AngelaKinsey: here’s a little behind the scene emmy moment
MNFan: thanks :)
AngelaKinsey: I was talking to John and I had this big ring on my finger and I some how snagged my dress with it
AngelaKinsey: :/
jennifer: oh no
AngelaKinsey: so I am checking out the snag which just happened to be on my boob
xoomaggiee: classic wardrobe malfunction
Matt Collins: *boobs* ?
AngelaKinsey: and I look and there is a camera in the aisle right by us
MNFan: lol
jennifer: hahaha
Ileana: oh no!!
Brian: Act natural.
AngelaKinsey: right boob area of the dress … matt collins
andilynn: lol
AngelaKinsey: so I see the camera
carl: “This is just how my dress is! Honest!”
AngelaKinsey: do I act natural?
AngelaKinsey: nooooooooo
Ryans’ Hobbit: omg
AngelaKinsey: I make a crazy muppet face like, “Oh no!”
Denise (ddker): lol
AngelaKinsey: and John and I start laughing
GMMR (kath): ha ha ha
sar20: lol aw
Ryans’ Hobbit: yeah, attract more attention – good idea!
false.blackbear: haha! and they didnt show it?!
MNFan: between your muppet face and John’s muppet arms . . .
jennifer: lol
AngelaKinsey: nice MNFan!
Ileana: haha!

AngelaKinsey: Isabel just came to sit by me
AngelaKinsey: my asst. Erin brought her to me
AngelaKinsey: ADORABLE
MNFan: awwwww
[Action] Jim Mosby: waves to Isabel
Ileana: hi isabel :)
Ryans’ Hobbit: helooo baby

lauren85: angela, will you be our person on the inside and convince amy ryan to join the cast full time? we love holly! how can michael ever go back to jan now?!
AngelaKinsey: she says gooooooooooaaaarggggggggooooooo
AngelaKinsey: I know Lauren!
carl: Wow, such eloquence at such a young age :)
AngelaKinsey: Holly and Michael have the sweetest courtshipo
AngelaKinsey: courtship

AngelaKinsey: well ms. tanster….I think I need to take care of my lil’ one
AngelaKinsey: she is ready to wind down
tanster: ok, just one more question …
AngelaKinsey: ok

TheOfficeGuy: Complete this sentence: 8 episodes from now Dwight and Angela will be _____________… Gotta give us somethin’, heh.
Ryans’ Hobbit: committed?
Teheheman: That’s a dang good question
PLOD: “on the same show”
[Action] TheOfficeGuy: passes out
AngelaKinsey: working on a new *project* together
tanster: oooooooh
AngelaKinsey: lol

tanster: and with that, i’d like to thank Miz Angela Kinsey for stopping by tonight!
AngelaKinsey: thanks guys!
AngelaKinsey: have a great night!
ChillisBannedMe: thanks for the great chat angela! good night isabel :)
caitrizz: thank you
Ryans’ Hobbit: woo hoo we luv u angela
Jess: thanks angela!
lostinthewired: thank you angela
andilynn: thanks Angela :)
Ileana: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat. Bye, Angela!
jecksia: thank you!!
Danny: goodnight angela and isabel. and erin for that matter
Teheheman: Thanks Angela, ella ella


  1. That’s so awesome that she takes time out of her schedule to come chat. And the wedding dress jokes make me excited! Whether it’s for Angela or Pam, it’s still exciting.

    She seems so opposite from her character. It’s hilarious.

  2. AngelaKinsey: I think Jenna and Mindy are going to do leno
    AngelaKinsey: I am supposed to do Conan

    … that’s what she said

    LOL i couldn’t help it

  3. The chat was great! Thank you Tanster for putting it together and thank you Angela for taking the time to chat and answer our questions!

  4. It cannot be said enough how wonderful each and every cast member is. I mean, to take time to chat with fans…. how amazing is Angela.

  5. A new project together… hmmm… I say it’s a Schrute baby ;) That was so great of her to chat tonight! Thank you!

  6. Angela ~ thank you so much for taking time out of your personal schedule to chat with us. What a fun treat to start the week! You’re the best. :)

    Also, as always, thank you for coordinating all of this goodness, Tanster.

  7. Angela said she almost typed a spoiler right after she said she was 8 months and 3 weeks pregnant while shooting the season finale Dwight/Angela make-out scene…I’m thinking the spoiler she almost typed was “Actually, that was when I just got pregnant!” meaning Ms. Angela Martin is with “Shrute Baby”!!

    At least I hope so…

  8. she said she and jenna did a scene together! looks like pam’s coming back to the office…unless it was over webcam. lol

    i seriously think Amy Ryan is going to be a regular cast member this season. i don’t know why, but i have a feeling

  9. I never make it to these chats. :-( But I love reading the transcripts. Thanks tanster for posting them, and thanks Angela for spending what I am sure is precious time with us Tallyheads. Say “gooooooaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggooooo” to Isabel for me!

  10. Angela, thanks so much for taking time out of your very busy schedule for a chat! The fact that you still do this for the fans, even with a baby, shows how dedicated and awesome you are! :)

    And I agree, Angela Martin is definitely preggers. The writers probably got the idea from the real Angela being pregnant!

  11. karlyj I totally agree! I think she’s definitely having Dwight’s baby! Hence why her doctor is telling her to put on weight as mentioned in the premiere. As soon as she said that I was like… hmmmm… Dwight Schrute IV!!!

  12. Maybe Angela should start staggering her sin?

    I think of all the cast members of The Office, I might want to meet Angela Kinsey the most. She’s the best.

  13. NNOOO! I read her blog about stopping by here sometime, and I was checking all day yesterday – I guess I just missed it! Oh well… Thanks for the transcript, Tanster! I can honestly say that without OfficeTally, I wouldn’t be as big of a fan. Not because of the show’s shortcomings, but because OfficeTally just adds so much to the experience. Thanks, Tanster!

  14. I always miss these chats, but thanks for coming Angela!
    Hmm, a Schrute baby? Poor Angela–first she was preggars in real-life, and now she might/will have to wear a fake tummy!

  15. aw how awesome! Angela’s so sweet.
    do we know when the leno/conan appearances are gonna be? and the lester holt tour- was that a filmed thing?

  16. I agree, I think she’s pregnant too! Because of Angela’s almost spoiler. Also, I thought that was part of the reason why the office collectively was not losing as much weight as they could have otherwise.

  17. Angela seems to be all about stealing the spotlight this season. She’s engaged at the same time as Pam, and if she is pregnant, she’ll just be stealing all of Jan’s thunder… Hmmmm… Gotta love speculating!

  18. About Angela Martin possibly being pregnant, didn’t she tell Michael that her doctor wants her to gain weight? Hmmm….

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