Angela Kinsey’s Baby Mama Giveaway!

Angela Kinsey The Office

UPDATE: Angela has selected the winners! —

Hello OfficeTally folks! Thanks so much for all of your entries. They were awesome! It was hard for me to pick, especially with so many of you having babies pretty soon. I have chosen my four top favorites. Congratulations to Pamela Dean (18), Gary (74), Sarah Bee (80), and Rachel (286)!

Tanster will be forwarding your info to me, and the gift bags will be on their way. Thanks as always for your support of our show. It was fun to do this giveaway with you guys. Alright, I gotta go, I’m in a scene where of course I make Andy’s life miserable. Thanks! Angela

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who submitted entries!

More details about the giveaway after the jump.

The Office’s Angela Kinsey gave birth to daughter Isabel back in May. Angela says: “I received so many amazing gifts for Isabel. More than I could ever use or need. I have made a few gift bags to give away to fans. They are filled with great baby products and I thought I’d throw in some signed ‘Office’ memorabilia.”


Describe what you think will happen with Angela, Dwight, and Andy this season.


  • Submit your entry by adding a comment to this post.
  • 20 words or less.
  • One entry per person. If you post multiple entries, you will be disqualified.
  • Provide a valid email address.
  • U.S. entrants only.
  • Rules and deadlines subject to change without notice.


  • Angela says: “There are four gift bags total (two large canvas totes, a small canvas tote, and a diaper bag). The diaper bag is filled with stuff specifically for a new dad and is pretty gender neutral, but the other three bags are VERY baby girl-centric, and include lots of pink clothes, blankets, bows, etc.! We are also including “Office” related items, signed by the cast, in each bag.”
  • Angela will pick her four favorite entries — these winners will receive the gift bags!
    Angela Kinsey

    Angela holding one of the gift bags outside her trailer.

Deadline to submit your entry

Submit your entry by Sunday, October 26th, 11pm PT.

We’ll announce Angela’s goodie bag recipients on Thursday, October 30th!

Thank you for the adorable banner, Matt Collins!


  1. Wow, this could prove to be very entertaining! I can’t enter due to my location :( , but good luck to everyone who enters!

    And awwwww, once again The Office cast proves to be the best cast EVER!!

  2. Andy will walk in on Dwight and Angela having sex and will faint into the naked arms of Dwight.

  3. Angela and Andy’s wedding is at Schrute Farm. Dwight intervenes and says he wants Angela to produce his thirsty babies.

  4. My wife is pregnant with a girl. She doesn’t know i’m doing this. Would be great surprise. Due in December.

  5. “20 words or less” Here we go:

    “They WILL marry, Dwight and Angela get it on minutes before the ceremony, consummation on honeymoon, and a paternity test.”

  6. An Angela/Andy wedding in the office parking lot interrupted by Dwight, Mose, and balloons filled with mashed beet!

  7. Andy will catch angela and dwight doing what they do best and do something stupid he will regret

  8. Andy and Angela’s cat themed wedding is interrupted by Dwight. Armed with numchucks, Dwight kidnaps Angela. They escape by bus.

  9. When Andy buys Angela the ‘Will and Grace’ boxset, Angela grabs her sleep apnea mask, and heads for Dwight’s.

  10. Angela will realize Dwight is her one true love. Would love to win, expecting our first,a boy next month!

  11. Andy will not find out about Angela’s affair with Dwight, but calls off the wedding because of a cat allergy.

  12. Angela flees wedding, falls in love with Mose. The regected lovers – Dwight, Kevin and Andy – raise Astrid with Jan.

  13. Seconds before Angela says I do, Dwight arrives holding the secret clone of Sprinkles which he created at Schrute Farms.

  14. Angela gives birth to a sycophant baby, Andy thinks it’s a miracle child since they have never had sex.

  15. Dwight introduces babysitter to Andy. Andy’s tempted. Andy contemplates: keep his “petite flower”, or pursue this “woman of the world?”

  16. Jim already gave this plot point away: Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Bear (Anglea) loves Beets (Dwight). BSG (Andy) gets cancelled.

  17. Andy will run over one of Angela’s other cats, forcing her to choose between two cat killers. She chooses Dwight.

  18. Andy wants to know why Dwangela have so many “meetings”. No Angelandy wedding. Dwangela are caught by Michael.

  19. Andy will fing out what Dwangela have been doing, try to beat up Dwight and still try to marry Angela.

  20. Angela hides from Andy that she’s pregnant with Dwight’s baby, eventually calls off the wedding, and raises the baby herself.

  21. Andy will find out about Dwight and Angela and will have to revisit anger management treatment.

  22. Angela and Andy have the wedding but Dwight speaks out before he has to forever hold his peace!

  23. Dwight almost interrupts the wedding, but can’t muster up the courage. Angela announces she’s pregnant and Andy is confused.

  24. Andy wises up, admits defeat, leaves Angela, shakes Dwight’s hand, Dwight proposes to Angela, Andy sings acapella at Dwangela wedding.

  25. Andy’s impatient.
    Almost married.
    She can’t.
    Stop, that is.
    Dwight’s good.
    Dumps Andy.
    Won’t date Dwight.
    Too promiscuous.
    For now.

  26. Andy discovers what Angela and Dwight have been doing moments before the wedding. Angela and Dwight get married Schrute-Style!

  27. Dwight hears Garbage the cat is the wedding ring bearer and counters with another cat, Pringles, winning Angela back forever.

  28. In an ironic twist of events, Dwight and Mose start an a cappella group and Dwight publically proclaims his love.

  29. Andy anxiously awaits Angela’s aisle accession.
    Monkey mulls moral marriage mire.
    Dwight daringly disrupts during Drew’s devotion declaration.
    Wedding waxed.

  30. Angela will accuse Andy of cheating on her with Phyllis in order to get out of the wedding.

  31. Dwight resurrects Sprinkles. “Radioactive Zombie Sprinkles” scratches Andy (making him a zombie). Religious Angela calls Andy a “demon,” leaving him.

  32. Angela will ditch them to date Here Comes Treble, and Dwight and Andy will start their own a capella group.

  33. Andy catches Dwight and Angela canoodling, punches the elaborate wedding cake, and then falls in love with Oscar.

  34. Andy and the office will catch Dwight and Angela doing the deed and get sent back to anger management training.

  35. Due to cryogenics advancements, Sprinkles is brought back from her freezery grave by Dwight. Andy can’t compete with that.

  36. Dwight will slap Andy for a duel. They will joust Medieval Times style at Schrute Farms for Fair Angela’s affection.

  37. Angela is so awesome! I want to be friends with her! ;)

    Good luck to everyone who enters the contest! :)

  38. Andy will plan a getaway wedding to Nantucket and Dwight will kidnap Angela, escaping painfully slowly by fishing boat.

  39. Andy will overhear Dwight and Angela talking about ‘cookie’ and will try to join the conversation, saying he likes snickerdoodle. =)

  40. Stoic Dwight does not stop the wedding but Angela’s frustration does. Angela’s already sperminated, Dwight gives creepy look into camera.

  41. Andy accidentally backs over Garbage the cat, forcing Angela to choose between dating Kevin or Creed.

    *I vote for Creed*

  42. Angela, realizing Andy is just a rebound and Dwight is compromising her high moral standards, dumps them both.

  43. Andy loses his FREAKING mind when Dwight brings a bear and raccoon to crash Andy and Angela’s wedding

  44. We’re having a baby girl in a few weeks. I got the Office Season 4 for my birthday and I was laughing so hard at Angela and Sprinkles that I started having contractions. I wonder if the baby will come during the next show?

  45. Dwight makes Angela mad, Angela and Andy get married, Angela gets pregnant with Dwight’s baby, who looks just like him.

  46. Angela becomes pregnant with Dwight’s baby, but tells Andy that God impregnated her like the Virgin Mary. He believes her.

  47. As Angela says “I do”, Dwight drives his tractor up, sweeping her into his arms. Cue “Up Where We Belong”.

  48. Angela gets pregnant, plans to marry Andy and pretend it’s his, can’t go through with it, elopes with Dwight.

  49. After weeks of hearing Here Comes Treble practice, Angela will go crazy and go back to Dwight for good.

  50. Angela and Andy are about to say “I do”— Dwight intercedes, whisks Angela off; Andy sings about his sadness.

  51. The day before Andy and Angela’s wedding, Dwight and Angela elope. Mater and Fater thrilled; Nard Dog, not so much.

  52. I am so happy for you, Angela!!! My wife & I love watching the show every Thursday & look forward to seeing the Angela-Andy or Angela-Dwight interactions the most. My wife gave birth to a baby boy back on July 24th. We named him Benjamin James & my life is a lot happier with him being a part of it.

  53. Andy buys Angela an American Girl doll as an engagement present; Angela pages Dwight and Michael outs their rendezvous.

  54. Angela marries Dwight; she’s carrying his secret love child. In Schrute family tradition, they marry standing in their own graves.

  55. Andy/Angela wedding interrupted by Michael and Dwight confesses his true love. They elope to Shrute Farms.

  56. “Andy finds out about Dwight on the wedding day and the two fight in the sumo suits for her love.”

  57. Andy and Angela will have a wedding; but Dwight will crash it, Angela will go back. Andy then marries me.

  58. Before my baby is born in April, Angela will be expecting, too. Andy thinks it’s his…but we know better!

  59. Sprinkles’ spirit visits Angela, delivering bad omen concerning Andy. Dwight is victorious, and Angela insists they secretly attend church together.

  60. Phyllis blackmales Angels to “party plan” the wedding, Andy gets jealous and turns to Dwight. Sabatoge insews!!!

  61. Andy catches Angela and Dwight having sex. Angela takes off the ring, hands it to Andy and says nothing.

  62. Andy hits a stray cat on his way to work. Dwight breathes life into the cat. Angela smiles.

  63. Incriminating photos are sent to Andy, Angela chooses Dwight, Dwight paid Phyllis to send them. Angela dumps Dwight.

  64. After Andy finds Dwight and Angela in the supply closet, Dwight challenges Andy to a duel (probably with ballpoint pens).

  65. Angela: Hellfire dreams. Repents. Dumps Andy.

    Andy: Denial. Buys cat shelter.

    Dwight: Adopts all cats.

    Angela: Dates Episcopalian priest.

  66. Garbage is ring bearer. Dwight makes Garbage ruin their vows by antagonizing him. Andy yells at Garbage, Dwangela leave together.

  67. At Andy and Angela’s wedding. Dwight shows up holding a boombox over his head with Little Drummer Boy playing

  68. Andy will catch them in the act in the warehouse and his anger will cause distruction of entire downstairs!

  69. Andy has massive temper tantrum when he finds out Angela’s sleeping with Dwight behind his back. Back to therapy Andy.

  70. Angela and Dwight will get caught in the warehouse when Here Comes Treble shows up to rehearse for the wedding.

  71. Andy’s house gets foreclosed upon. He moves into Schrute farms and finds Angela sneaking into Dwight’s room. Hilarity ensues.

    (I’ve got two new nieces, nephews, or a combination of the two coming in May. And congrats on your daughter, Angela!)

  72. Dwight crashes the wedding with a pregnancy test confirming that Angela is pregnant! Dwight smiles at the camera.

  73. Dwangela is outed. A battle ensues that includes trained monkeys, napalm, and peanut butter. Dwight is triumphant. Andy becomes monk.

  74. Dwight challenges Andy to duel for Angela’s heart. Andy wins, is surprisingly a fencing master. Angela chooses her cats instead.

  75. Andy catches them in the act; Dwight uses his nunchuck skills to fight him off. Angela, impressed, elopes with Dwight.

  76. New girl comes – perfect for Andy, but he’d NEVER cheat on Angela. She feels terrible, huge outburst. Dwight/Andy duel.

  77. Angela suffers from “lady business” problems before the wedding. Andy’s Cornell degree provides no help and Dwight saves the day!

  78. Dwangela has baby – becomes spokesbaby for Schrute Farms Baby Beet food. Andy is burried in old oil drum.

  79. Angela gets pregnant, but Michael knows it’s not Andy’s because the baby is just too thirsty!

  80. Angela will be a runaway bride (complete with bulging-eyes picture) and will be found at Shrute Farms.

  81. Andy catches Dwangela together; anger management training forgotten. Competition ensues for Angela. She chooses neither. First child (girl) due January!

  82. Here Comes Treble grates on Angela’s last nerve. Dwangela hook up right before the wedding and Andy catches them.

  83. Angela gets morning sickness because she’s pregnant. Dwight figures it out, starts trying to hint it to Andy, who’s clueless.

    (I’m due with a little girl Dec. 5th, congrats on your little one.)

  84. Phyllis announces Angela’s indiscretions during the wedding. Angela storms out, Dwight follows. Andy is left at the altar.

  85. Angela is pregnant with Dwight’s baby, explaining why they kept gaining weight in the challenge. Andy-back to anger management.

  86. Andy is unaware that the inn Dwight recommends for their wedding is actually Schrute Farms…(Dwight smiles mischeviously into camera)

  87. Angela is pregnant with Dwights baby. Dwight gives Angela an ultimatum. Andy dates Kelly. Everyone is happy.

  88. Angela is devastated when both Andy and Dwight break up with her and turns to Pam for a crying shoulder.

  89. Jim finds out, leads Andy to the warehouse sex bunker,
    who then shames Dwight into leaving Angela, Jim/Pam redux.

  90. Ironically, Angela and Dwight get back together after Dwight mercy-kills Andy by putting him in Angela’s freezer.

  91. Angels calls off the wedding on account of Andy insisting on green bridesmaid dresses, because green IS whorish. Dwight smiles.

  92. Andy makes thousands by inventing the “Anger Management To-Go” talking keychain after Phyllis mistakenly blurts out Dwangela’s ‘unchristianlike’ behavior.

  93. Andy accidentally walks in on them in the warehouse. Then Andy and Dwight fight– Skills vs. Rage!

  94. Dwight’s attempts to annoy Andy backfire and land DWIGHT in anger management. Angela joins him after attacking Here Comes Treble.

  95. Andy loses Garbage on leashed walk, Dwight searches for days, finds at church in Dunmore, Angela breaks engagement, Dwangela resumes.

  96. Jim tells Andy to get a clue; sets him up with a friend; Andy falls in love and ends engagement.

  97. Before Angela dumps Andy, he leaves her after being conflicted with feelings for Oscar. Dwight tries to win her back.

  98. Andy can’t get over Angela’s ugly baby picture, fearing how their future children will look. He dumps Angela. Enter Dwight.

  99. Dwight gets Angela pregnant. Andy thinks it’s his. Angela gives birth to baby JESUS.
    they have a spin off series.

  100. Dwight and Andy sumo wrestle it out only to both lose out to Roy in winning Angela’s cold heart.

  101. Sprinkles returns after fixing his health issues while frozen, Andy jealous of sprinkles, kicks him prompting Angela’s return to Dwight.

  102. Dwight: She’s mine. You will convince her to date me. Five, four, three, two, now. Do it. Give. Me. Angela.

  103. Angela and Dwight caught “making whoopie”. Andy dumps her. The office finds out that Andy has been sleeping with PHYLIS.

  104. Angela has an ‘epiphery’ and dumps both Dwight and Andy. She then joins a religious cult, and dies. Dwight wins.

  105. Dwight will shout it all out at the wedding so everyone finds out at once & Andy leaves the show.

  106. Angela gets pregnant. Convinces Andy it was immaculate conception. Marries Andy. Baby is born with big glasses and bad hair.

  107. Angela’s desire for Dwight is revealed. Andy purchases a rival beat farm which then is mysteriously burnt to the ground.

  108. Andy finds out something small that he doesn’t like about Angela and dumps her for it.

  109. Creed makes brownies for bridal shower. Angela eats one and accidently has sex with Andy. Dwight won’t shower in protest.

  110. Andy discovers the truth about Dwight and Angela but is OK with it – he hooks up with Mose.

  111. Andy discovers the truth about Dwight and Angela. But he’s OK with it and hooks up with Andy.

  112. Dwight appears outside Angela’s bedroom window the night before wedding, jambox raised above head, blaring Peter Gabriel tunes. Andy Cries.

  113. Dwight storms wedding (The Graduate), Angela rejects him, talks with Pam (mirroring Jim/Dwight in Money), leaves Andy at altar.

  114. Angela outs herself so she can regain control of the Party Planning Committee and Phyllis. She dumps Andy and Dwight.

  115. Dwight and Andy join together to prank Jim, become friends, forget Angela. She ask’s Phyllis’s advice to get them back.

  116. 1. M essage
    2. R eceived:

    3. A ngela
    4. N eeds
    5. D wight!

    6. M essage
    7. R eturned:
    8. S hun.

    9. D wight
    10. W eds
    11. I ntern
    12. G ertrude,
    13. H is
    14. “T urtle”.

    15. S he
    16. H ad
    17. R ecited
    18. “U nbreakable”.
    19. T he
    20. E nd.

  117. During the wedding, Phyllis announces that Dwight is doing Angela. Andy is consoled by Here Comes Treble class of ’96.

  118. Angela & Andy’s wedding day will be foiled by Dwight. Never fear because PB&J will tie the knot instead.

    Thanks for doing this contest and congrats on your new little one!

    PS – My sister is a huge fan of the show and is going to be first time mom (and I’ll be a first time Aunt). I’d love to surprise her with one of your gift bags. She’s been a fan of the show since the beginning and got me hooked after watching her Season 1 DVD.

  119. Andy and Oscar become a couple! Both obviously like dudes. Angela is heart broken (not really) returns to “OHHH D”

  120. Dwight teams up with Creed and they go into marketing beets, Andy hooks up with Oscar, and Angela marries Toby.

  121. The Babies playing Saxophone poster returns! Angela slowly realizes her undying love for Oscar, who switches teams for Mrs. Martin

  122. Dwight buys Sprinkle-like cat as shower gift.
    Andy is allergic.
    Angela still can’t forgive Dwight.
    Neither can have her.

  123. Broken-hearted Andy will catch them in the act. Mad Angela dumps Dwight who will be left with only beets.

  124. Andy is the father of Jan’s baby, and Dwight consoles Angela with his beet-farm-turned-lost-cat-shelter.

  125. Angela and Dwight marry and have 6 strapping boys (beet farmers). Andy manages to snag Pam with his ukulele skills.

  126. Angela pisses Phyllis off. She retaliates by telling Andy. He breaks it off in the office. Dwight smiles devilishly.

  127. Angela is knocked up. Convinces Andy it was an immaculate conception. She must raise the baby on a beet farm.

  128. Dwight freaks out before the wedding, convinces Andy to compete against him in some sorta weird thing. Andy agrees!

  129. Angela will marry Andy and he will be her “show” husband. She’ll keep Dwight on the side as her lover.

  130. Preacher:…speak now or forever hold your peace.

    Dwight: I object! Monkey, I love you!

    Angela: Oh “D”!

    Andy: “D”???

  131. Andy has the wedding of his dreams~until Dwight shows up with a cloned kitten of Sprinkles! Dwight triumphs!

  132. Andy will soon come out with his true love for Oscar breaking up with a pregnant with Dwight’s baby Angela.

  133. Its a good thing they call him the boner champ because the nard dog will have many lonely nights ahead.

  134. Andy witnesses Dwight and Angela fornicating. Andy hires Elizabeth (stripper)for a date to entice Angela’s jealousy. Backfires. Wedding off.

  135. Angela and Dwight will get caught, right before the wedding, dress and all… Andy will rebound by sleeping with Meredith.

  136. Angela’s expecting Dwight’s child,
    Andy gets angrily riled,
    He also discovers
    Jan’s the mother
    Of a baby his sperm sired!

  137. Angela will call off the wedding at the last minute. She’ll marry Dwight instead. Andy will hook up with Jan.

  138. Andy goes on-tour.
    Angela “Oh, D!”s again.
    Baby gifts abound.

    (…a ‘Here Comes Treble’ tour, of course!)

  139. Angela simply doesn’t show up at the wedding because she has flown to Mordor with Dwight. Andy is sad.

  140. Angela’s pregnant with Dwight’s love child, dumps Andy, becomes Mistress of Schrute Farms, Dwight refers to her as “Frau Schrute”

  141. Dwight reconnects with the hot basketball player from Night Out, Angela wigs out, punches the girl in the collar bone.

  142. Phyllis catches Angela and Drew, says “sorry Dwight”, which causes Drew to call off the wedding.

  143. Dwight and Angela will secretly marry before her wedding to Andy. They will trick Andy into cheating on Angela.

  144. No wedding dresses at American Girl store, so Angela nixes nuptials with Andy. Internet-ordained Mose officiates at Dwangela’s elopement.

  145. Angela repulsed by birthing techniques.
    Cancels wedding.
    Gets herself spayed.
    Devastates Dwight.
    No thirsty babies.
    Angela & Meredith commiserate uteruslessness.

  146. Phyllis hesitantly threatens Angela during Christmas Party planning that she will tell Andy. Andy walks in while she says it.

  147. Dwight is sad, moves. Angela follows. Andy has been stifling homosexual tendencies for too long and steals Gil from Oscar.

  148. Angela gets cold feet,
    Dwight woos her with a beet,
    Andy returns to Cornell,
    Still trying hard not to yell.

  149. Dwight impregnants Angela
    Andy thinks it’s his
    Phyllis uncovers the truth
    Dwangela is no longer a secret


  150. The warehouse romping leads to producing some Schrute fruit. I hope Angela is hydrated. The Schrutes produce very thirsty babies.

    (and not to sway the vote any– but my sister IS expecting a baby girl in nov…) :D

  151. Part of Angela really does love Andy.She will let him down gentley. Having a girl in 2 weeks! :):):)

  152. Angela’s unrelenting need to be head of the party planning committee again pushes her to confess to Andy.

  153. Andy’s mom hate Angela and breaks up the Wedding.

    Dwight has secretly moved on with Carol.

    Angela seeks out Roy.

    (PS – My wife is due on December 9 with a boy!)

  154. Andy will find out about Angela’s secret lover when Angela gives Andy’s honeymoon ticket to Dwight. Marriage over. Dwight wins!

  155. Can I ask why we Canadian fans are always left out of this stuff???? We love the office too!!!

    [from tanster: so sorry! we don’t have the resources to ship outside the u.s.]

  156. Michael gives Dwight the ‘engaged ain’t married’ speech but he blows it and Angela ends up in Roy’s arms

  157. MICHAEL: Unknowingly sets drunken, singing Andy up at bachelor party.
    DWIGHT: Incriminating photos.
    ANGELA: Aghast!
    WEDDING: Cancelled.

  158. Angela doesn’t go through with the wedding because she knows she loves Dwight and doesn’t want to break Andy’s heart.

  159. Dwight – in a Gandalf costume – brewing a love potion and then serving it at Angela and Andy’s wedding.

  160. Phyllis reluctantly throws Angela/Andy bachelor/ette party. Andy meets soulmate (Angela’s freaky, trust- funded cousin) during party. End engagement.

  161. Dwight has Mose scream, “I object!” for him but Mose messes up and claims that he pooped as well.

  162. It won’t end! It’ll go on and on like the storylines from Passions until all our heads want to pop and our hair turns gray! *kidding*

    I’m pretty sure Michael will find out and let the cat out of the bag. That’s what Michael’s good for. Just ask Jim and Pam. :-p

  163. Here Comes Treble arrives
    To the curb Andy goes
    Angela’s One True Love
    Is the Cousin of Mose

  164. An insignificant, but legitimate “excuse” lets Angela off the hook. Dwight digs up Sprinkles for Angela as a peace offering.

  165. Angela breaks up with Andy after some bachelor party shenanigans & continues in a private relationship with Dwight… for now.

  166. Dwight will interrupt the wedding ceremony right as Here Comes Treble is singing their version of Canon in D.

  167. Angela buys sleeping drug from Creed. Andy killed by Dwight. Dwight kills himself because thinks Angela’s dead. Angela kills herself.

  168. Dwight interupts wedding holding fake Sprinkles,she leaves wanting alone time with cat ditching the wedding, leaving with Dwight/cat.

  169. Dwight secretly seduces Andy in the hopes that Andy falls in love with him and calls off the wedding.

  170. Dwight confesses love for Angela at the wedding during Little Drummer Boy. Andy puts the ring back in his wallet.

  171. Jim feels bad for Dwight, introduces Andy to his acapella loving cousin Robin. Dwight serenades Angela w/ Little Drummer Boy.

  172. Angela’s sister crashes the wedding.
    She steals Andy, renewing Angela’s grudge.
    Angela marries Dwight.
    Born nine months later: Sprinkles Schrute

  173. Angela’s pregnant by “Superfecundation”. Andy’s daddy of one twin, Dwight’s daddy of the other. They all move in together.

    : )

  174. Andy will find out about Angela and Dwight, and he will try to join, so he wont be left out.

  175. Dwight uncovers Andy is Astrid’s father; outs him at office engagement shower; surprise Dwangela kiss; disgusted co-workers; Andy’s a daddy!

  176. tanster- didn’t see the one entry per person dealio. I’m disqualified #182. Just thought I could finally use that Southeast Asian theater knowledge to use. Dang!

  177. Phyllis will object at the wedding, telling Angela she has to marry Dwight, however only right before Angela says, “Ok.”

  178. *HOLLY* discovers Dwangela.
    MICHAEL blurts secret during meeting.
    ANDY cancels… vows revenge!
    CREED proposes!
    DWIGHT Proposes… LOUDER!
    Dwangela engaged!

  179. Phyllis tells Andy what she saw, which means broke engagement and broken Andy. Dwangela finally outed.

  180. Dwight wins Angela back from Andy, because Dwight knows women are like wolves, and his animal deserves a lotta loving.

  181. Dwangela baby.
    Andy & Angela almost get married…
    Except Andy marries Oscar instead, and Dwight & Angela are together forever.

  182. Angela remembers her religion prohibits sex before marriage-becomes nun/accountant. Desperate Andy marries warehouse Madge; Dwight moans every night.

  183. #107 “Andy can’t get over Angela’s ugly baby picture, fearing how their future children will look. He dumps Angela. Enter Dwight.”

    Hahahahaha, that’s my favorite one so far!

  184. Angela: pregnant. Michael finds out, spills. Andy dis-engages. Dwight proposes with ring inside new cat. Baby: Drummer-Boy Abraham Jesus Schrute.

  185. Angela chooses Dwight after he beats Andy in a slapface contest because Dwights more agile and Andy wouldn’t stop singing.

  186. Angela gently breaks up with Andy but secretly elopes with Dwight. Dwangela is happy; Andy has no rage.

  187. Dwight’s heart silently breaks
    Gestates a Shrute baby. An engagement
    Andy heartbroken while Dwight smiles.

  188. Andy discovers Angela cheating with Dwight. For revenge, Andy cheats on Angela with Dwight. Angela converts Oscar. The Aristocrats!

  189. Dwight sends Angela a notarized letter, notarized by himself, demanding she leave Andy or she will be shunned.

  190. Angela notices Phyllis and Dwight sneaking around, believing they are having an affair she gets jealous and announces her feelings.

  191. An anonymous phone call will get Andy in trouble at the Canadian border. Better change the wedding date!

  192. Andy catches Angela with Dwight. Angela decides she WANTS to marry Andy. Dwight moves on, reconnects with clubhopping Amazon coed?

  193. Andy&Angela get their wedding on. “Beer me that ring for my bride’s tiny hand.” Interruption! Dwight. Mose. Schruted it!

  194. Angela tells Andy she’s not ready for marriage.
    She’ll get back with Dwight secretly.
    Andy never finds out their past.

  195. Dwight wins Angela back by serenading her with “Little Drummer Boy” on the recorder. Andy bonds with Meredith over shots.

  196. Mose kidnaps “Here Comes Treble” so Dwight can serenade Angela with “little drummer boy” at the wedding.

  197. Dwight discovers that Sprinkles can come back from the dead because of cryonics. Angela dumps Andy to be called “monkey.”

  198. Dwight dates horse jockey (Jen Celotta!),
    Angela cries!
    Phyllis flubs party.
    Phillis demoted…tells Andy.
    Angela’s alone.
    Andy becomes “player”.

  199. Angela is pregnant with Dwight’s love-child, calls off wedding and moves to a convent until baby is born.

  200. Angela preggo with Dwangela baby. paternity test proves dwight. Andy transfers and finds love with a cornell alumnus. perfect.

  201. Dwight and Angela’s secret is out. Andy punches the wall and goes back to anger management. Dwangela: happily ever after.

  202. Angela indulges last rendezvouz with Dwight…on Andy’s desk. Schrutes’ territorial ritual. Andy discovers …residue next morning thinks it’s icing.

  203. Dwight escapes to Germany to find his (beet)roots, then destroys wedding during Treble’s rendition of ‘Hooked on a Feline’.

  204. Angela makes it to wedding day, Dwight shows up, announces love for Angela, she accepts, leaves Andy at altar!

  205. Dwigth will do nothing. He was trained to attract women by ninja warriors only with his natural sex-appeal.

  206. Angela gets pregnant. Dwight schemes to get rid of Andy by coordinating a US tour of Here Comes Treble.

  207. Karma; you cheat, get cheated. How? don’t know, but I’m pregnant. Having a girl. We’re thinking about the name Angela :)

  208. Dwight challenges Andy to a feats of strength contest. Michael officiates. Mose keeps score. Angela can’t resist the winner – Dwight.

  209. Andy catches D and Monkey in the act, cancels wedding. Andy tries to woo Karen, Dwangela resumes secret affair.

  210. On wedding day Dwight kidnaps Angela. . .two days later. . .Andy still waiting at alter. . .Dwight and Angela are on honeymoon!

  211. During Geddes-style wedding photo shoot with bevy of babies, Andy confronts Angela about another absence. She confesses–he forgives.

  212. After Andy kisses the bride, he peels back his face (A Mask!), revealing that it was Dwight the whole time!

  213. Katy(hot girl) comes back, and then goes out with Dwight. Angela becomes jealous and tries to win him over.

  214. Pam comes back and jam work to get dwangela back together. Romantic reunion…the rest is history

  215. Andy: “Whatever Angela wants. That’s her quote exactly, so…”
    Angela: “None of your business.”
    Dwight: “Shotgun wedding. Emphasis on shotgun.”

  216. Angela will find out she’s pregnant– break Andy’s heart and Dwight will be thrilled.

  217. Dwight re-enacts “The Graduate” wedding scene,arrives by beetcart, on Dwight’s arrival, Angela faints, lovechild is revealed, wedding cancelled.

  218. Angela tells Andy her seeing Dwight will make her marry him. Andy sings “Love is a Battlefield” Angela is happier.

  219. Wedding day. Dwight and Mose kidnap Angela. Andy cries but keeps on singing a cappella through the pain.

  220. Literal copycat of Sprinkles walks down aisle during ceremony, Angela turns to see Dwight holding Sprinkles2 and proclaiming his love.

  221. Dwight moves on with Angela look-alike. Andy finds out he is highly allergic to cats. Dealbreaker?

  222. andy/angela will marry. angela won’t sleep with andy. pages dwight on honeymoon. dwight is already there. Andy catches them.

  223. Dwight leaves Scranton heartbroken. Receives email from Phyllis, Angela called off wedding. Andy knows everything, Here Comes Trouble hunts Dwight.

  224. Andy takes Angela to karoake with his buddies and sings bump&grind ballad. Angela dumps Andy for vulgarity.

  225. Andy meets new girl. Vet tells Angela sprinkles was suffering and ,although euthanized, went to heaven. Angela forgives dwight.

  226. Dwight “moves on” by inviting Angela and Andy to Schrute Farms for their honeymoon, Mose scares Andy to actual death.

  227. Angela finally gets the guts to tell andy it’s over, and elopes with Dwight at his beet farm.

  228. One day Angela gets Phyllis so mad that Phillis loses control and tells Andy about the secret affair.

  229. They decided to become polygamist and live together on the beet farm. Angela becomes the head of the family.

  230. Dwight bursts in the ceremony, Angela says “I don’t.” Dwight and Angela get married at that moment and Andy leaves.

  231. Andy takes thee, Rachael. Angela Finds F.R.I.E.N.D.S inappropriate. Trades Here Comes Treble’s Little Drummer Boy Remix for Dwight’s recorder. Dealbreaker.

  232. Dwight does something outrageous to win Angela back before it’s to late. Andy has an anger explosion.

  233. Angela hides pregnancy from Andy, but it’s revealed, Andy/Angela haven’t slept together. Andy suspects divine intervention until Phylis spills.

  234. Angela at the altar.
    Dwight=Say Anything.
    Angela dashes into his arms
    Dwight drops boombox on Andy’s head.

  235. Dwight plays hard to get, acts like angela means nothing. Angela can’t take it and dumps andy immediatley

  236. Andy starts driving her nuts. Hooks up with Dwight shortly before the wedding. Andy sees, big messy scene, Andy crying.

  237. Dwight and Mose plan to sabotage Angela’s wedding is thwarted when Angela never shows, leaving Andy at the alter, singing.

  238. Andy is secretly allergic to cats. Violent allergic reaction. Angela appalled. Dwight gets Angela. Andy just gets hives.

  239. Ultimatum denied.
    But Angela can’t say no to “that.”
    More Monkey-Possum love to come.
    ‘NardDog will sing the blues.

  240. Angela marries Andy at vegetarian restaurant. Dwight sends kitten down aisle with message tied to neck, wins her back!

  241. Dwight falls in love with another woman, Angela discovers them “at a lunch meeting”, pines after Dwight for a season.

  242. Jim and Phyllis help Dwight fake engagement to Vance Refrigeration receptionist. Angela confesses love for Dwight. Andy gets with receptionist.

  243. Wedding day + Andy’s college acapella group + “Oh Promise Me” in high falsetto = Angela escaping with Dwight’s, kitty print veil flying.

  244. Due to vandalism, MS installs security cameras. After a Dwangela in-office rendezvous, the cat is out of the bag.

  245. I think something is going to happen to Andy to cause him to break up with Angela and eventually Dwight will end up with her again. I think Andy’s past will come back to him or something like that, I sure hope so because Dwight and Angela should be together!!

  246. Monkey Olympics:
    1. Beet Mashing
    2. Acapella hip-hop
    3. Sumo triathlon
    4. Cat costume design
    Winner=Cookie from Angela

    p.s. I’m due in March!

  247. Andy is practicing singing his vows, he hears noises and investigates. BUSTED! Andy’s heart breaks, Angela repents and Dwight WINS!

  248. Dwight fakes an affair with Phyllis; inadvertently falls for her. Angela so jealous she marries Andy and has his baby.

  249. Dwight infiltrates Cornell’s databases to obtain cloning instructions for Sprinkles 2.0, his shower gift. Andy’s allergic and Dwight wins!

  250. Andy catches Dwight with Angela. Andy forgives Angela, but she says she can’t be with someone who loves a whore.

  251. in miscommunication dwight thinks angela is pregnant
    when jan brings the baby around dwight overextends
    to help impress angela

  252. Andy tours with the Scrantones. Dwight takes a sick day. Angela finally learns the Soulja Boy.

  253. At wedding Dwight busts into the chuch playing little drummer boy on recorder.They Ride into the sunset in transAM

  254. Sprinkles speaks to Angela in dream…
    Angela orders a Dwight/Angela bobble-head = Proposes to Dwight. Andy sings at their wedding

  255. Passionate “meeting” right before ceremony.
    Putting dress on, 300 buttons!
    Wedding starts.
    Where IS she?
    Busted by Andrew Bernard.

  256. Dwight dates ex of Andy’s. Brings to Christmas party. Andy/girl rekindle flame. Andy dumps Angela. Dwight doesn’t forgive Angela.

  257. Angela realizes she’s hussy. Dumps Andy, shuns Dwight. Returns to old love…cats side business, photographs cats Anne Geddes style.

  258. Andy’s so safe, steady
    But Angela chooses Dwight.
    Her cats get ready.
    They remember Sprinkles, and this time they’ll fight.

  259. Dwight throws Andy’s bachelor party making Andy “beet farm prisoner”, leaves Mose watchman to retrieve his spud gun. Opponent obliterated.

  260. Angela pages Dwight while at the wedding chapel. Jim finds out and proceeds to convince Dwight to do hilarious things.

  261. Dwight and Andy sumo fight for Angela. Dwight wins; appears at altar in Andy’s place, pleasing Angela. Michael performs ceremony.

  262. phyllis objects at cermoney because dwights running away with former babysitter also.. phisians resk refrence hollowed out proteinbars and beetseeds

  263. Dwight proposes before the wedding saying, “do it, say yes, do it just say it.”
    Michael- “Thats what she said”

  264. Toby returns, thinking it JAM’s wedding. Objects. Angela, angry storms out. Andy,Dwight follow. Church empty, Michael and Holly wed.

  265. Dwight- Question: Will you marry me?
    Fact: I am the dominant male.
    Question: Can Mose be my best man?
    Angela- ???

  266. Angela, pregnant with Dwight’s baby, marries Andy and claims it is miraculously Andy’s. He buys it.

  267. Angela’s icy with Andy; Dwight remains awkward. They’re exposed! Andy’s off to Costa Rica (anger management); Toby’s back in return!

  268. Angela’s pregnant and Andy doesn’t understand how because all they do is neck; Dwight demands testing; Dwight and Angela marry

  269. Last mintue, Creed marries Andy and Angela. Angela files taxes as Married, marriage not legal, Angela in jail = conjugal visits.

  270. Minister: If anyone knows any reason why Andy and Angela should not be joined, speak now…
    Dwight: “Oh, D!”

  271. Jan, on antidepressants, kisses Andy.
    Angela breaks up with him, then smiles as Dwight shuns Astrid for crying.
    “Cookie” follows.

  272. Dwight brings Andy to schrute farms where moze will torture him/bring back memories of angela
    andy calls off wedding

  273. -Andy finds out about Angela’s warehouse rendezvous with Dwight.
    -Andy “fights” Dwight
    -Angela leaves both and runs away with Roy.

  274. Angela=baby mama; Dwight=baby daddy; Andy= resumes punching walls, moves in with HIS mama and daddy.

  275. Phyllis slips about Dwangela to Andy, he’s in denial, Andy catches Dwangela in warehouse, Viva la Dwangela!. :)

  276. dwight starts shelter for stray cats. names it “angela sprinkles”. hands out flyer for shelter at work. bye andy.

  277. Andy catches D-Money and Angela doin’ the nasty, quickly forgives Angela and continues with wedding preparations and shuns Dwight.

  278. Dwight moves on when Mose lines him up with an owner of the “Stalk Inn”; Angela’s jealous and wants Dwight.

  279. Andy and Angela – at the altar
    Dwight rushes in with Sprinkles, miraculously.
    Angela grabs cat, and makes out with Dwight.

  280. Andy sent to another branch, to help improve moral. Long distance relationship doesn’t work. Angela makes Dwight win her back.

  281. Dwight forces Andy to compete in a mini-Olympics at Schrute Farms to prove he is qualified to marry Angela.

  282. Dwight gets Ryan’s old job at corporate; Angela leaves Andy for him, drawn by his new-found success, and therefore security.

  283. I think Andy is the one who is going call off the wedding. He’ll realize that he deserves better. He deserves a hug sometimes, and someone who is really in love with T-bone.

    After that Dwight and Angela will restart their love affair. It will be hidden again. Not to hurt Andy and because it’s more fun that way.

    That’s not really funny, but that is what i really think would happen.

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