1. Angela on Craig’s show! That is sweet! I loved her last interview with Craig and expect this one to be a hoot as well! Thanks for the update :)

  2. Hey guys,
    it’s Angela and I am going to be on The Late Late Show on Monday now. Craig has a very bad case of the flu and didn’t want to get me sick. So we decided to push my visit until next week when hopefully he’ll feel better. What a sweet guy—looking out for preggers!


  3. Good thing she wasn’t on last night because it recorded REALLY crappy for me so I wouldn’t have been able to post it on YouTube.

  4. *sigh* what other TV show stars jump on their fansite and comment along with their fans.
    boy am i glad the office is back :-)

  5. Wow, Angela posted here! I’m going to stay up late to watch. I have my fingers crossed that she’ll speak … (was it Jakartan?) I love it!!!

  6. as a girl who is the same height as Angela, I fully appreciated that Craig gave her a stool to put her feet on. I can’t tell you how many times I have not “fit” in a chair.

  7. Way to go Angela! I love the sarcastic pregnant woman comments…. so fun. And good for her to be wearing such hot stiletto boots! :)

  8. I missed her last night! I’m so sad :[ I fell asleep while Alice Cooper was on and woke up after she had already left. I’m really sad I missed her; she’s always adorable.

  9. Holy God! I think I like watching Angela’s interviews even more than Steve’s, and I didn’t think anyone could be more fun to watch than Steve.

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