1. Congratulations to the Schur and Philbin families! I didn’t realize they were connected! Looking at Regis…picturing him with a “Mose” beard…maybe he could play Mose’s father on a future episode of The Office. What do you think?! It could be hysterical!

  2. Oh my gosh 30 hours of labor!

    Congrats to the new mom and dad! May your little one be blessed and bring you many years of happiness.

    (Also Tanster I love the “mini mose” title. hehe)

  3. Congrats to the Schur-Philbin Family!

    (I too love the “Mini Mose” title – thanks for the giggle, Tanster)

  4. Congratulations Mike and family! I was watching Regis and Kelly this morning and heard that and was waiting for you to post the news. I hope the new mommy is getting lots of rest because that sounds like a long labor. Congrats!

  5. Wow, congratulations!
    Good to know that everything went well.
    And by the way, the title made my day. “Mini Mose”, haha.

  6. Congratulations to Michael and J.J. and the whole Schur/Philbin family on the new baby boy!

    Love the Mini-Mose title, too! Great thinking tanster!

  7. I hope they put him in a little one-sie with FEAR written across it. :)

    [from tanster: omigod, that would be fantastic!]

  8. Congrats! Maybe Mini Mose and Mini Angela could have play dates! Just a thought. And nice title!

  9. Yay! And I agree with Joanna (post #4)– JJ is a champ! 30 hours of labor, wow!

    So glad they named the baby a normal, non-celebrity baby name. Not like Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor or something ;)

  10. Just taking from Fanatic’s idea, maybe there should be a one-sie design contest, and the winning design can be made into one and sent to Mike, J.J. and William!

    Just a thought!

    Congrats to the proud parents!!

  11. So many congrats to them both! It’s great when awesome people reproduce.

    “Xavier,” what an interesting choice, haha.

  12. Aww, yay! congrats Mike & JJ on a healthy baby boy!
    William is a great name!!!!

  13. Many congrats to Mike and his wife, J.J.!

    I also would love to see mini Mose and mini Angela taking over The Office set! ;)

  14. Aww yay! Congratulations Mike/JJ/Office writers/everyone else on the show! (And thanks for Mini Mose tanster – hilarious title!) :D

  15. If not ‘Mose, Jr.’ than William is a great name! I have a little guy named William, too. Use it well young Mose!

  16. Ooooh poor love! I feel for her! I was in labour for a day and a half too lol.
    I like the name :)


  17. Congratulations! We all know Mike Schur makes up strange names, but I have to say, I think he has done very well this time. Very nice name.

  18. Aw congratulations Mike and J.J.! It’s nice to see Mike pick a nice name after hearing some of the names that he’d come up with at the convention, haha.

  19. Congratulations to JJ, Mike, and the proud grandparents!! God bless your son and your family.

    And wow, 30 hours of labor. Thankfully I didn’t have long labors with my 2 kids and even then it was difficult.

  20. Congrats Schur family! Strike’s over, new Office episodes, and babies galore…what a wonderful time :)

  21. Regis showed a couple of pics of baby William this morning on his show. The baby is adorable! Good work Mike!

  22. Aw William is on the show right now! He is SO adorable!!! And such a sweet baby, not even crying!

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