1. haha that last one did confuse me a little…and then i marveled at its brilliance.

  2. Hehe, the Dwight icon…It was a description that was so messed up that it just screamed illustration.

    I have to give I big thanks to OF for these. This is my go to place for rechecking all the quotes for the icons.

  3. Honestly, I can’t remember where “This is about doing, not thinking” is from.

  4. I must be an idiot…when I go to taco rebellions site, all I see are numbers (1.2.3, etc) but no pictures or animations. Help!

  5. These icons are fantabulous. This whole dang website is fantabulous! This is a random thought but OfficeTally should be making some mulah from NBC because it’s a site like this that keeps fans interested and intrigued in between episodes.

    “Goodbye… and good luck.”

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