The Weekend Tally

Two weeks’ worth of tidbit goodness!

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  1. My two cents – the quotes game is so much easier now its less judgemental. Or maybe I’m just watching the episodes waaaay too many times.

  2. “Creed” went to “Office Depot” to buy “paper”. I can’t wait for The Office Mad Libs

  3. The Borders website (link to MadLibs) says the item will be in the KIDS section. I don’t think it would be terribly appropriate for children but just a heads-up of you look for them when they come out. I can’t wait!

    Verrrrrrry interesting John/Rashida/Paul pictures. Maybe they were rehearsing, hence the casual dress? Thanks for the great scoops!

  4. the quotes game is a bit less judgmental about spelling, punctuation, whatnot…but man its all third season quotes…and well i haven’t watched them 500 times yet to be able to catch all of them.

  5. The Office theme remix is really good!! I want that to me my new cell phone ring :)

  6. The quote game should be retitled “Finish the Paragraph.” It’s still a bit too much, but I like the added video clips you see when you get it right.

  7. i love jenna’s blogs b/c she is so unsubtle. looks like beach games is finally opening the lid of the jam jar.

  8. argh..i really hope the office doesnt get pushed up to 8:00. Or move to monday? Seriously. Lets just keep everything the way it is, NBC. It was one week.

  9. I think NBC needs to calm down and not change Thursday. It was just one week. Also they kept showing repeats of some shows (five weeks straight), but then put on new episodes of others. Personally, that messed up my whole viewing schedule.

  10. I did not think the quiz was any easier. I got a question wrong by typing “I have” instead of “I’ve”.

  11. The quotes game has an error. Quote 13 is from Ben Franklin, but it’s telling me it’s from Back From Vacation. Ugh.

  12. 13- That’s why I quit. Blatantly wrong.

    It’s a little less nitpicky, but honestly, who knows all the things to make a good luau?

  13. All you need are grass skirts, pineapple, poi, tiki torches, suckling pig, some fire dancers…

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