The Office: Back From Vacation, 3.12

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The Office Back From Vacation

Writer: Justin Spitzer, Director: Julian Farino

Summary (NBC): Michael tries to hang on to his relaxed island vibe, but it becomes too much when an email containing a racy vacation photo is forwarded around the office. Jim and Karen argue.

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Jim: You’re not allowed to take off your pants in the middle of the office.

Jim: Dwight, you know what, just back up, okay, that’s making me uncomfortable. This is sexual harassment, by the way. Omigod! He’s got a knife!
Dwight: I do not have a knife!
Jim: No, let the record show that Dwight K. Schrute is now completely nude and is holding a plastic knife to Stanley’s neck?!
Dwight: Let the record show that Jim Halpert is a liar!
Jim: Dwight Schrute is now wearing a baby’s bonnet!

Karen: Dwight, what is that on your stomach? Is that a Muppet Babies tattoo?
Jim: Omigod, Karen, you’re right, that is Animal from the Muppet Babies.

Andy: I am now chopping off Phyllis’ head with a chainsaw!

Michael: Aren’t you going to ask me how Jamaica was? Say it. Ask me.

Michael: At Sandals, Jamaica, when somebody says ‘hey mon,’ everybody says ‘hey mon’ back.

Stanley: I am not doing a lick more work until I get my full bonus check.

Karen: He said it would be like we were living together. In different houses. Two blocks away.

Michael: Feelin’ hot, hot, hot!

Michael: I want us all to start having pina coladas every day at three.

Michael: I specifically went on vacation so I would miss it.

Michael: Inventory is boring.

Michael: Tonight, we are going to have an inventory luau.

Michael: The Jamaicans don’t have a word for ‘impossible.’

Michael: How hard is a luau. All you need are some grass skirts, pineapple, poi, tiki torches, suckling pig, some fire dancers, it’s all you need.

Pam: Omigod. Is that Jan?

Michael: That’s a German woman named Urkel Grue.

Michael: Officially, I did not see her. But I did see Jan there. In our room. At night. And in the morning. That’s all I’m going to say. Sex. We had sex. I had sex with her. I had sex with Jan.

Packer: You took the ice queen? I don’t buy it.

Packer: They wouldn’t give you a subscription to Maxim.

Michael: That was supposed to go to Packer, not “packaging.”

Andy: Call me if she rolls over.

Michael: The file name is “Jamaican Jan Sun Princess.”

Pam: Honestly, I think you should go easy on her.

Pam: That’s what friends do. I help Phyllis all the time. Just yesterday, I untangled a piece of tape from her hair.

Pam: It’s better than listening to Michael play a conch shell.

Jim: What happened there? Kidnapping?

Toby: Michael, nine different people emailed me that photo, including my ex-wife.

Michael: Skeevy little perv.

Michael: Got enough, weirdo?

Phyllis: I called every grocery store in Scranton, and no one sells whole pigs.
Angela: Did you try the petting zoo?

Michael: I hit a deer with my car. Tell her I hit a cat.

Roy: Mike, you are a rock star, man. You are the man!

Roy: That corporate booty, he likes to hit it!

Dwight: I have disconnected the office T1 line.

Karen: The Day’s Inn room 228 was starting to get really depressing.

Dwight: So you’re PMSing pretty bad, huh?

Jan: I was in Scottsdale visiting my sister.

Jan: My psychiatrist thinks that I have some self-destructive tendencies.

Jan: I think I owe it to myself to find some kind of happiness.

Jan: You’re wrong for me. In every way.

Michael: And I, to you, in addition, feel the same feelings that you are as well.

Jan: Wait 15 minutes, find an excuse, and meet me at your condo.

Michael: You complete me.

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  1. i satayed away from spoilers.. i think i might do that from now on.
    this is a good episode so far.. not my favorite- but the beginning was wicked awesome.

  2. Oh my god. Pam is heartbreaking! Where did dwight come from. And the jacket around the waist, Priceless!!!

    And Jan! Oh my god. Freakin hilarious!

  3. Wow… why do I feel like that was an extremely short episode? The whole Dwight and Pam was cute and funny.

  4. Wow, that scene in the hallway was really unexpected, but really cute. Dwight is hilarious.

  5. So sad near the end. But I think the Pam and Dwight moment has been my favourite this season. You won’t see that for a while.

    I cried with Pam too.

  6. My heart just broke into pieces for Pam. And Dwight made me cry.

    I just love this show.

  7. yje deight/pam scene was fantastic. so sweet…until his goofy comment at the end. loved how dwight gave her the handkerchief. we so rarely see an emotional pam. is she starting to crack?

  8. One of the best openings in memory…

    “I’m cutting Phyllis’s head off with a chainsaw!”


  9. What can I say my officetally friends, but that I thought this was a great episode. So entertaining.

    Things are heating up on the office just like Jamaica.

    Some Thoughts:

    Have to feel sorry for Pam. Pam is basically going through what Jim went through the previous season but perharps in a more intense fashion. I got the feeling she is going to give Roy another chance, probably just to fill the void.

    The scene with Pam and Dwight was great. Every once in a while they brilliantly throw in a likeable quality to Dwight so he isn’t one-dimensional, and that is exactly the type of thing I love about this show.

    The way they handled Jan and Michael was great. I am really excited to see how they will continue to develop that.

    Thought it was kind of weird Karen would still be living in a hotel. Hasn’t quite a bit of time passed already since the merger? I like the way things are moving for KAJIM as much as all the JAMMERS will fight it, KAJIM does work and has its own charm.

  10. Very good episode. It seemed like 2 episodes considering how different the first and second halves were. My favorite parts from the funny half were the exchange between Michael and Toby in Michael’s office, the opening with the tape recorder, and when Packer said he got the email from someone else. In the serious half, Pam’s breakdown totally took me by surprise, as did Dwight’s comforting her. I don’t know about the new direction with Jan, though, as it seems kind of forced and like it could go too over the top pretty fast, if it hasn’t already.

  11. It’s been really sad watching Pam break down this season. Nothing has gone right for her for such a long time! The possibility of Ram has me scared though.

  12. I was very confused after tonights episode.
    It was awesome but it went by so fast and im really just very confused.=P

  13. This has to be one of the best Office episodes ever. Fits right in with the best of season 2. And I know I’m not the only one excited about Hannah being gone!
    Lost of Pam/Jim interaction, emotion, and a lot of character depth to this episode. I also liked how there was a lot of focus on business early on. They don’t often talk about actual business in more of the recent episodes. And the muppet baby reference was amazing!

  14. I knew jan wouldnt find out! This episode anyway… she may down the road.

    I didnt like when Pam and Roy laughed together at the end. I want to like Roy’s character, I just wish he’d stop flirting with Pam!

  15. OMG! What a GREAT episode! I loved Michael & Jan. It was great. And I loved the whole Urkel Grue thing. haha. so funny. I felt so bad for Pam when she was crying. Oh my. I feel for her. I can’t wait for Traveling Salesmen next week! Yay!! :]

  16. I dont know how I feel about Jan/Michael. I think I’d have to see next week’s episode and the development of that before I can decide. Although, it seems a little out of character for her, since she is always the “ice queen.”
    I have to agree, that Dwight/Pam moment was possibly one of the best of the season.

  17. It did seem like an extremely short episode, but so do most of the great ones. I think its because the episode was driven more on a faster pace as opposed to the normal awkward pauses we are used to seeing. They got a lot of story line in a short episode.

    I’m also hoping Jan/Michael isn’t getting too out of control too quickly.

  18. Pam crying so caught me offguard. When is she just gonna tell Jim? I am such a Jammer, but the whole love triagle is getting tiring.

  19. sooooooooooo glad that hannah is gone. she was just like the pregnant woman that sat across from tim in the britsh office. so glad we never have to see or hear her again.

  20. I really think that KaJim is adding a whole new element to the show that is really making me feel sorry for Pam. She just hasn’t been herself this season and it is really depressing!

    If she really wants Jim back she will have to be her old self, which she may not know how to be anymore…

  21. Loved the episode, so glad I can buy these on iTunes so I can watch them all I want and don’t have to wait for the dvd’s. Can’t wait to see this one again!!

  22. I wish we still could do episode voting cause I’d give that one a 10. :-(

  23. Okay, Agent Michael Scarn I think when u refer to KAJIM, u should probably say Jaren, cuz it fits the whole pattern of Jam, Ram, Man, Dwangela, Relly, Brangelina(not on the show, but a more solid example :P), etc. Yes I’m weird, no need for the laugh.

  24. dwight k shrute is the winner of the evening ladies and gentleman. could he have been more adorable? “who did this to you?”. seeing pam break down was heartbreaking but encouraging at the same time because it shows she’s not moving past him. which really, she shouldn’t.

    the cold open kiiiilllled me. i can see andy’s dark side coming out. hah. and michael, with the “we had sex…seeex. we had sex. yeah, we had sex.” had me near tears.

    and it is about freaking TIME jan fessed up to her feelings. i don’t care what stupid, immature crap michael’s done to her, treating him like scum when she knows she has feelings for him is ridiculous and very fifth grade. and michael’s done nothing but care about her.

    i need to calm down.

    if this episode is any representation as to what the next few months have in store for us, i am one happy camper. it was honestly one of my favorites. if not the best this season.

  25. I think the Jan/Michael thing is totally believable. Remember Jan was the same person who brought an overnight bag during Casino Night because she planned to be with Michael. This is something that has well been in the works.

    She has a lot of built up emotions from her divorce and other personal issues, plus she works a very stuffy corporate job. I could totally buy her doing what she is doing with Michael. It will be interesting to see if she develops actual feelings for Michael or if it is just a physical thing. If you ask me I think she already has feelings for Michael but she is probably keeps them repressed.

    Michael must be doing something right in the sac… lol.

  26. oh and BTW, did I miss something, or is there a reason there isn’t an episode voting thingy for this episode?

  27. Bring back episode ratings! It’s one of the best parts of the site!

    Join with me if you feel compelled

  28. The way Michael gradually cracked when asked about Jan was classic!

    You knew he was going say something, it was just a matter of how much.

    “We had sex…seeex…”

  29. The Pam/Dwight scene may have been one of the funniest and saddest of the series. Awesome.

  30. you’re welcome.

    quick question. who was driving the forklift when it ran over the steel drum?

  31. i cried with pam.
    dwight was so nice…except for that comment about PMS.
    hahaha. great episode.
    Jan&Michael forever! haha.

  32. Anyone else disappointed by the Pac Man’s first season 3 appearance? He seemed far too subdued.

  33. OH MY GOD. Just watched it because I taped it. Oh holy jesus!!!! I AM SO GLAD JAN GAVE INTO MICHAEL!

    Poor Pam, by the way. They handled that so beautifully and realistically.

    But she better not fall into the Roy trap.

  34. uch i cried with pam too.. it was so sad- i hate things topsy turvy like this. When Pam was crying, i was thinking to myself “wait is this good? who likes who this season? ” and then i remembered that it was pam who liked jim which sort of upset me, because it’s not a really big deal for jam (that pam was crying).. except now we like.. have proof that pam luuuurves jim. i wish jim was the one crying.

  35. I don’t get why Dwight took his jacket off and tied it around his waist. I mean, it was funny, but I just don’t get why he did it.

  36. oh- by the way- JAN AND MICHAELS WAS THE BEST KISS ON THE OFFICE SINCE JIM AND PAM’S! (that means best this season i guess)
    ahh it was so fiesty!

  37. I think Dwight took off his jacket to put around her shoulders, but then got uncomfortable with his chivalry. He played it off by saying it was just hot.

    He wanted to comfort her, but was just very uncomfortable. He couldn’t even hug her, he just kind of touched her shoulder while keeping her at arms length.

    His obvious discomfort made the moment all the more special to me

  38. It’s time for Pam to step up now. When she does that will be a great episode.
    This one was fantastic.

  39. Man, you guys are killing me! It doesn’t even air for another couple of hours here! Where’s the three hour advance satellite viewing, I want to know! I can wait for 3 hours to see The Daily Show live, but I need my Office NOW!!!

  40. Not much I can say that hasn’t already been said. This was a great episode…and the Dwight/Pam moment is easily in my list of best Office moments ever.
    “Who did this to you? Where is he?” I let out a audible hoot while I watched I loved that bit so much.

    I’d also like to see the ratings brought back. Where did they go? Did I miss an announcement on here? (I was out of town a couple weeks with no Internet access)

  41. I LOVED it! Dwight being so sensitive, then bam. Perfect line!

    To the jacket comments…I assumed it was supposed to be like he was going to put it around pam to be sweet and of course being dwight he put it around his waist.

    Too good. I loved michael’s bead also.

  42. well hopefully… SPOLIER WARNING… the thing that karen finds out next week will be something about jim and pam’s past. and hoopefully this will get the ball rolling for them again. maybe it will basically come down to jim having to choose. which seems very realistic to me. but that scares the crap out of me because pam’s rejected him once, he will probably be too scared to pick her. eek.

  43. Loved Jan/Michael…they are an entertaining duo

    Poor Pam, I feel worse then her than I ever did Jim.

    Michael playing on his drum was hilarious.

  44. If it comes down to Jim choosing between Pam and Karen, I would think in order for it to be a choice, Pam would have to make her feelings known

    And if Pam tells Jim she loves him?

    There really IS no choice, IMO

  45. I bet you’re right, next week Karen has to find out something about Pam/Jim. Although, I hope it doesn’t come down to choosing one over the other, because every show does that and it’s so endlessly irritating. I think it’ll just be the beginning of the end of Jim/Karen.

    … and Dwight completes me.

  46. I thought I saw Dwight’s lip quiver in the Pam crying scene.
    Karen is a rather narcissistic character, kind of threatening to take her football & go home if she doesn’t get what she wants.
    But Pam – so self-destructive, engineering Jim & Karen closer together…. but to see her crying so mournfully at last was so very, very touching – and yes, let’s hope she doesn’t regress to Roy, though he’s at least looking a lot better this season.
    I loved seeing Steve Carell die a thousand deaths with Jan’s visit.
    Daryl was amazing. I love that guy, though I don’t know how to spell his name.
    Why did Dwight remove his coat?
    Phyllis – brava.
    Jan – maybe Jan should introduce Pam to Dr. Perry.

  47. PHENOMENAL! I love JAN! The comment about her therapist was awesome… great episode.

  48. WOW! reeeeallyloved this episode. The opening scene was great even though I saw it like 10 times already. and the scene where Pam was crying and then Dwight comforted her was just the right mix of really touching and hilariously awkward-exactly what makes this show the best! and OMG Michael and Jan!!! awesome!!!

  49. It was nice seeing Pam so emotional. I can’t wait for the deleted scenes to fill in some of the gaps. I have to imagine that there are some talking heads that got cut.

  50. i’m kind of wondering why pam was crying so hard. i mean i understand her internal struggle but shouldn’t she at least kind of hint to jim that she wants to be more than just a relationship counselor for him?

    dwight taking off his jacket was a-maz-ing because i was like noo hes not actually going to be sensitive and then it was so cute! i think jim or karen should have seen pam crying though at least from afar or something..that would have been interesting….

  51. is everybody forgetting that jim already cried over pam once. season finale of season 2?? anybody??

  52. What a great episode!It kinda sounds like people are forgetting that Jenna Fischer mentioned that Pam was upset since it was her first Christmas alone. I think it was a mix of emotions since it seems like everyone has a significant other except for her. I don’t think it was Jim soley that made her so upset.

  53. yes we remember jim crying but that was after he professed his love for pam and got rejected. pam hasn’t quite done anything like that yet.

  54. he didn’t cry……oh wait, he did. that tear. the tear that made me faint…..hahaha.
    well, they fustrate me. they just need to stop with this “we’re friends” business.

  55. also if u think about it, (jenna referenced this) but think abut the holiday pam must have had as fiance, no boyfriend, no jim. and she had to deal with karen having jim over the holidays. over all she just wants him to be happy, and that is very obvious!

  56. I thought it was so sweet when Dwight tried to comfort Pam. And hilarious at the same time. Dwight is so adorable, and he has been gettting more adorable since the Christmas episode when he held Angela’s hand.

  57. Alright wait, Jan never found out about the photograph, right? (I LOVE HOW HUGEEEE IT WAS AT THE END WITH KEVIN!)

    Wow Pam breakdown episode. It seemed a little EXTREME cause she was crying, like realllllly hard. It makes sense, just seems weird cause she didn’t HAVE to help Jim with Karen. Yeah she is a little “self-destructive” in some ways.
    I second that Pam should try Jan’s therapist.

    This episode was soo good. I love nice Dwight. Made me think back on ‘The Injury’ –the funniest episode ever.

  58. Loved the episode, great way to start the new year.

    Looks like they are having Pam go through what Jim had to go through last season. I wouldnt be suprised that if Pam does releaze that what she feels is how Jim must have felt might be what push’s her to finally tell Jim how she feels. I also wouldnt surpised if she uses the same speech Jim did at casino night :)

  59. Oh, wow. That was the best episode so far…I mean, hilarious, sad, dramatic, and just amazing. I cried when Pam cried. That depressed me to no end. And the Jan/Michael thing is really cute how she finally admitted how she feels. I cannot wait for next week

  60. Two questions:

    1: what was the “Jim/Karen” argument about?

    2: When is the rerun for this episode?

  61. One of the best series of Michael quotes in the whole series.

    I saw her… at night… and in the morning.
    I had sex with her
    I had sex with Jan.

  62. Just when I think The Office can’t get any better. I freaking love this show. And Pam…she broke my heart.

  63. O-DIZZLE,

    Jim and Karen were arguing because Karen has been living in a motel this whole time and she saw a place for rent about two blocks away from Jim and wanted to rent it out. she asked him what he thought and he said it would be too close and it would be like they were living together

  64. Urkel Gru is just the name Michael thought up for like a random female German tourist. It just shows you how Michael’s mind works. He was probably thinking of a German beer or something.

  65. O-drizzle

    1. Karen wanted to move into an apartment on Jim’s street, Jim thought it was a bad idea. Karen thought Jim was being irrational.

    2. None scheduled yet.. the next 7 or 8 (according to brian baumgartner) will be all new!

  66. a few things, bad first. i thought they handled the pam crying part terribly in that it started off an extremely dramatic scene and i was preparing for it and then all of a sudden they had dwight come in with some incredibly stupid jokes that i didn’t even remotely laugh at.

    also, melora’s acting was unusually off tonight. i regularly think she does a good job but not especially in this episode. and finally, not particular to this episode but the “cold end” as i’ll call it, i am really not in favor of at all.

    the good. every scene in the warehouse was great. steve’s acting just improves with every episode which i don’t understand how that is even possible. this was a good episode for jenna/pam also. the scene with toby in michael’s office was great. i know i’m forgetting stuff cause i’ve only seen it once so far. but 6.8 out of 10 for me

  67. i almost died laughing when Pam said she had helped Phyllis take tape out of her hair! Awesome!

  68. Great episode…but, I just don’t see Michael and Jan together! It is so unrealistic!! No way a woman like her would be with a freak like him. Not believeable.

    The fact that Jim doesn’t want Karen living down the street, shows that he really isn’t into her and still has feelings for Pam! Yes!

  69. great episode tonight. the highlights for me would have to be the cold open, Michael sweating bullets the whole day and especially when his voice cracked when greeting Jan, and Dwight attempting to comfort Pam (aww). I love how the writers brought out the sweet Dwight without throwing him out of character. but i do miss the talking heads…seemed like there were a lot less of that going on in this episode. like someone said, they’re probably part of the deleted scenes.

  70. Bean have you ever thought that maybe Jan isn’t as normal and together as she seems. She has her crazy side as well. Every once in a while they show the edgier side to Jan and they showed it today. They usually only show the repressed corporate side of Jan, that is why you are having such a hard time believing her with Michael. The freak Jan is there. I for one think Jan and Michael totally work.

  71. Maybe I was set up for more, but I just didn’t think it was very funny. There were a few moments, but the Dwight Pam thing was not funny at all. PMS? That’s the payoff? BUT…. HOORAY! Hannah is gone, poof, just like that. She quit. That’s the highlight for me!

  72. It’s 1:00 AM in my country, i really need a torrent, please! I want to put it to download and go to sleep!

  73. Is it me, or do you guys get the idea that Jim might be on to Pam? I have to wonder why he asked her if she was cool with talking about his problems with Karen–you know, as if he didn’t want to hurt her feelings?

    Just a thought.

  74. Agent Michael Scarn, you do have a point. I mean, that is the only thing that could explain Jan’s interest in Michael. But, still, she is putting her entire career at risk by dating him…is it worth it?

    Also, wouldn’t Pam wonder why Jim doesn’t want Karen living so close? Wouldn’t she see that as a reason to hope that he still has feelings for her?

  75. I expect that in a future episode Michael serves Jan breakfast in bed and when she gets up to take a shower she burns her foot.

  76. JinRain: The reason Jim is acting like that is fairly clear; since he and Pam at least had “a thing,” and possibly more that has been implied at a few points this season (“I’m seeing someone else…”), he’s just trying to be sensitive to her feelings.

    I don’t think Jim knows, and if he does, he’s too preoccupied with Karen to think about it.

  77. I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning. I love the twists and turns of the plot. I thought the show was good tonight–but, please, don’t put Pam and that jerk ex-fiance back together. I really don’t like his character. Oh yeah–glad they got that mean Hannah lady off the show. I figured she was doomed.

    Pam continues to blow off Jim, but then gets upset when he walks away. If she has feelings for him, then what is the problem?? I just don’t seem to understand or see how much longer they can stretch this thing out. Thank God Jim is actually doing something about it, even if he doesn’t have that strong of feelings for Karen. Of course, I guess that makes it more like real life!

  78. Lance,
    I couldn’t agree more. Just fish or cut bait Jim and Pam. It’s getting old. I needed more Ryan and Kelly tonight too.

  79. I loved that Michael was clueless when she was talking about how her shrink advised her. Too funny.

    I felt bad for Pam but not that bad. While it’s swell for her to be Jim’s “friend” it’s time to take it up a notch. Sheesh.

    Watching Creed looking at that email…5 on the creed creep-o-meter.

    Ryan said not a word tonight. Too bad.

  80. Okay. I am going insane. I am a huge Michael/Jan fan and my VCR didnt tape the episode tonight! UUGGGG! Can someone give me a detailed recap? I think I’ll go insane waiting for the episode to be posted tomorrow.

  81. That ending was so priceless. I really didn’t see that reaction from Jan coming. Fantastic.

  82. Adam: Yeah, that makes sense. I think “a thing” is the best way to describe what they had.
    If you look at the situation that way, it seems that Jim is really the one acknowledging it–if even in a subtle way here and at the end of “The Merger”.

  83. Tonight’s show was awesome! Michael running around worried was just too funny but intense. I hope Jan never finds out but it’s doubtful. I’m a bit unsure about Pam’s crying scene. It’s sad but it needs to be resolved asap before it takes over the show.

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    If you don’t trust that, wait until tomorrow: someone always uploads the show to DailyMotion.

  85. Pam crying?! I was crying! That was more sad then Caseno Night!!! And the cold open… This show gets better and better every week!

  86. I liked the episode, but, well– it seems like the original point of the show was the daily grind of working in an office. Now, it seems like it’s just about what happens to the characters. They could be neighbors, or some other group of people that know each other. Actually doing inventory could be a good set up for something funny.

  87. Hey can someone upload the episode to rapidshare or megaupload or some other site like that? My university dosent allow me to use torrents.

  88. This episode was ok. (it was soooo short though!). My favorite part was the Pam/Dwight scene. I felt bad for Pam but in a way, if she wants something to happen between her and Jim, she needs to step it up! Dwight was sooo sweet!

  89. This episode had everything – drama, comedy…and Michael playing steel drums.

    Good job NBC!

    Although I do agree with previous comments – this show has changed since last season. Not about The Office as much anymore as it is about the characters.

  90. Ahh, Pam crying really got to me. We finally see Pam’s true feelings since Casino Night.

    I also agree with the wide array of emotion in this episode. I also did not expect the Jan and Michael kiss at the end and Jan saying she has feelings for him. This is crazy!

  91. Jim isn’t onto Pam, he’d be trying harder if he was. He’s not preoccupied with Karen, it seems like he barely even likes the poor woman.

    I always say that it’s easy for people on the outside to say what characters should and shouldn’t do. People can’t always just say what they feel. Otherwise, why don’t we tell our bosses we hate them? The guy next door that we have a crush on him? Why don’t we always just say exactly what we feel?

    Things hold us back. Complications, awkwardness, insecurity or whatever. And it’s even worse because with Jim and Pam…it’s TV, folks. This is what they do. They drag things out for longer that they’d go on in real life. Hasn’t anyone here ever watched a show? ;)

  92. 1st Deleted Scene is already up. Michael coming in to work and Dwight telling on Jim all the things he did to him. Made him come to a meeting at 4a.m. I want to see Jim taking on more duties as asst mgr.

  93. Oh man, talk about a wide range of emotions felt in one half-hour! It varied from complete delight at Andy’s chainsaw comment, utter fan-girl squeeness at the short JAM convo, heartbreak at Pam’s meltdown and susequent Dwight comfort (he endears me more and more), and a bizarre mix of digust and joy at the Michael/Jan kiss. Not my favorite episode, but completely necessary in the whole arc.

  94. Pam’s total breakdown was wonderfully played. It’s totally in character for her to hold everything in and suddenly just collapse when she’s alone. She doesn’t know how to handle her feelings as it is, so it just builds and then the dam breaks. She doesn’t have to have taken any action to feel so deeply wounded. Kudos to Jenna for being so connected to this character and playing her so well.

  95. First off, I hate overtime.
    Secondly, the first deleted scene is up.
    Third, I gotta say Michael’s one strand of his hair beaded cracked me up.

  96. Near the end, in the warehouse, when Darrel comes out holding something (an ipod in a speaker system?) what on earth is he referencing? (sorry, can’t recall what he says). That lost me!

  97. I should probably read comments, especially ones like right below me before posting. oops

  98. I completely agree about Ryan and Kelly. The Christmas deleted scenes were HILARIOUS. BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling have excellent acting chemistry. Do the producers, etc. read these like the ones from Lost? Maybe The Office crew will read this and get some ideas. Love triangles blow. I love the suspense, but JPK is not funny. Make me laugh. Keep it with the absurdly polarized couple. Everything they do makes me laugh out loud.

  99. The little bead in Michael’s hair was driving me crazy with laughter the entire time!! I couldn’t stop looking at it.

  100. That was the best episode of the season !!! I totally agree that it’s more about the characters now than The Office, and I hope it gets back there eventually. I loved all the scenes with Michael and Jan – how weird that she was saying all that stuff to him about how her therapist said she should be with him, weird!

    I didn’t really see why Pam should be crying, but I loved Dwight’s attempt at caring. It was just like when he got in the accident (my favorite episode ever!) and was friendly to her. He was great this episode.

    I even liked Roy’s comment to Pam at the end. Excellent episode.

  101. What was the deal with Daryl being excited about the ipod? I didn’t get that part. Was it a reference to some earlier moment?

  102. Lai, I think the iPod is Apple product placement and the writers just did a bad job of integrating it as they have done with other ads.

  103. Ok, am I the only person who thinks this episode was not very good? Even if I am, I don’t care, because it wasn’t. Ed Helms was not in character, Angela was not in character, I didn’t even believe Michael tonight. The episode had no kind of flow whatsoever. Seemed very disjointed. I am SICK of the Pam/Jim thing. Ok, everyone knows they belong together and I don’t appreciate an alleged comedy trying to tug at my heartstrings with Pam resorting to crying now-and then trying to make me laugh (with Dwight’s PMS comments)while I’m supposed to be still crying. The Office has NEVER established why Jim and Karen are together anyway, so I find the whole line unbelievable. Can we go back to having some fun please?

    I know it’s not fair to compare between shows, but I’ve been watching 30 Rock on Thursday’s with the Office, and I have seen that show get better and better with the Office getting worse and worse. 30 Rock was MUCH funnier and more entertaining tonight-and I never thought I’d say that.

  104. There’s more to the show than Jim and Pam. But, I don’t really care if they get together if they can get back to having fun and doing all their office hijinx. To see one or the other tormented all the time does not make me happy and it is not good comedy.

  105. I thought the beginning of this episode was flawless. The plot developed nicely in the rest of the episode, but most of the scenes were not that funny. I must say, I miss the quick wittiness the characters had in the first two seasons.

  106. the only thing about tonight’s episode that I was a little down on was that it seemed so short. This might have something to do with the whole hour long Christmas episode spoiling me. I really think they fit a lot in to a half hour and I wish they would expand it to a full, they seem to always have enough material.
    I missed Andy, who was almost non existant aside from the opening, and Ryan, and until I went back and watched again I didn’t even remember Angela doing anything in it. But I did think there was a lot of good, hilarious moments, and even when Pam was crying, the way Dwight reacted to the whole situation with such awkward affection made me laugh out loud even though I felt for her. I understand some people’s frustration with the way Pam is sufferring and the whole JAM storyline in general but I think the show is handling it ok, for the time being. I hope SOMETHING happens, whatever that is I don’t really care, before the end of this season though. And I’m sure it will.
    I think this episode helped to advance a lot of storylines and I’m ok with that. For me, it was one of the best episodes I’ve seen, definitely this season at least, and had me cracking up more than most.
    ps…sorry for the novelish comment

  107. I personally loved this episode. It like totally made my day. But I did notice…Kelly wasn’t there. If anyone spotted here please do say where.

  108. Although it wasn’t the first time I saw them, for some reason Dwight’s pit stains really cracked me up every time I saw them tonight. He must have been even more lathered up than normal from chasing Michael around all day.

    I also loved the sound that the steel drum made when it got run over.

    And Jan – whoa! We knew she was a little messed up, but… yikes! Run away, Michael, run away! But of course he won’t.

  109. Kelly walked into the conference room around the time Karen decided she didn’t want to sit by Jim.


    Could the show possibly get any funnier? One thing I really found genius this past episode was the cinematography in the Dwight/Pam bit. All the upcloses, the choppiness: It was like something out of a Kubrick flick.


  111. First of all: nobody makes my Pam cry and gets away with it. How brilliant is this show that it can alternatley break my heart and have my sides splitting with laughter within seconds of each other? Dwight’s reaction to Pam’s crying was both sweet and hysterical. Great stuff.

    This episode is a prime example of why I think the show shouldn’t go on much longer. Now, put away the pitchforks and torches…let me explain.

    I don’t want to see this show drag on and on to the point where it’s no longer funny. (some, not me, would argue that it’s already happening…) The main story arc for me and many others is, of course, Jim and Pam. Like it or not, that’s the emotional heart of the show, just like the original British. I get the feeling that the situation with Karen will soon come to a head, and then what? Will the writers invent more excuses to keep them apart? Someone once said that Karen isn’t even a character–she’s a plot device. She exists for one purpose on this show: to be the wedge in between Jim and Pam.

    I don’t want to see Jim and Pam reduced to a lame version of Ross and Rachael. (I apologize for even mentioning the “F” word…Friends…*shudder*)

    Still, for now, Jim and Pam are “earning” the right to be with each other. After all, how many years did Jim sit by and do nothing? I think it’s clear his feelings haven’t changed for Pam, and she’s only just admitted to herself her feelings for him. Let’s face it, though: neither one of these character are very mature, and this is the first time we’ve seen either one act “adult”–Pam especially. How much courage does it take to be friends with your true love’s current distraction? And yet, what other choice does Pam have? The worst thing she could do is be cold towards Karen. That would only drive Jim and Karen closer.

    Okay… I needed to get that off my chest. I can go on with my day now.

  112. Great episode. Last nights episode was more like the Michael Scott Show than The Office. That stupid bead in his hair kept cracking me up. He is a master at sticking his foot in his mouth.

    I thought the Pam and Dwight seen was kinda wierd. Dwight takes of his jacket and wraps it around his waist. I thought he was going to try to kiss her. I didnt quite get that.

    In Season two, I thought the whole Jim Pam thing was pretty good, but I dont know how much longer the writers can dance around it. They are going to have to hold them off until they pull the plug on the show.
    I hope that doesnt happen for many years. I love this show.

    The Office makes me complete

  113. im seeing a pattern this season–the cold opens are better than the rest of the show. The cold opens are the glory of season 2, while the rest of the episodes are not up to par. just my opinion, but watching the cold opens im not sure how one could disagree.

    What i am seeing is that in season two we had episodes based on the office with the character bits thrown in as a treat–and they were really awesome to get little bits of those characters here and there.

    now however, we have character driven stories which arent bad by the way, but they arent true to the office estaablished in seasons 1 and 2.

  114. I wanted to cry when Pam was crying. But it was HILARIOUS when Dwight tied his suit jacket around his waist like a 1st grade girl. HAHAHA.

  115. I think that Pam likes Karen and doesn’t want to be mean and purposely sabotage Jim and Karen’s relationship but by doing so she realizes that she’s sabotaging her chances with Jim and only pushing Jim and Karen closer together.

    The crying scene broke my heart, I think that’s the first time that we have seen her show that kind of emotion. It was so funny to see Dwight try to comfort her is his own weird way. You could see that he felt bad for her but had no idea how to be there for her. Funny stuff!

    The beads in his hair where awesome, that cracked me up. I loved the fact that it was never talked about during the episode.

    Dwight Schrute is now wearing a baby’s bonnet!Ha!!

  116. Great episode!! And i really dont get how people are saying this didnt flow with the natural progression of the show. The scene with Dwight and Pam was easily the best of the season and should bring an emmy nomination for Fischer who truly deserves it as she is the heart of this show. This scene was heartbreaking and hilarious simultaneously, demonstrating the true talent of the writers and actors on the office. Also I really dont think Jim and Pam are going to get together either as that is what is expected but not the reality which makes it all even more poignant. This season has been on par with season 2 and IMO much more rewatchable.

  117. Wow…

    The moment I saw Pam crying, I seriously went into shock! I almost broke down with her. I just couldn’t stop staring at the screen going “Awww, PAM! Awwwww!”

    My poor heart broke for her.

    I have yet to hear any real complaints about this episode. Usually there are quite a few people who will speak their mind concerning details of each part of an episode, but this one has gotten almost all positive review. Pretty amazing if you ask me! I loved Dwight/Pam interacting, and Jan completely took me by surprise. I have to say, I didn’t expect Pam to be crying either. Way to step it up… and even in front of the cameras! Now if only she can let Jim know.

  118. I think the thing with Jan isn’t wierd. She shows that she likes Michael in both Valentine’s Day and Casino Night. When it comes times for her to admit it, she tries to justify it with the whole psychiatry thing, so she doesn’t look as weak, although she knows she is. And, it takes some of the pressure off Jim/Pam…it allows the audience to be momentarily satisfied.

  119. Plus i think that Jans self desturctive tendencies can be applied to everyone on the show as none of them do whats truly best for themselves i.e. Ryan not breaking it off with Kelly, Jim/Pam denial, Stanley stuck in his dead end position, etc.

    And 30 Rock did kick some arse last night. It really has come into its own. More Chris Parnell please!!!

  120. Oh yeah…. When I watch now I always find myself saying “poor Toby.” That guy can’t win. His droopy, sad face is priceless.

  121. I liked the fact that as bizarre as Dwight is, when it come right down to it, he was willing to take his spud gun to whomever was responsible for Pam’s tears.

    Which tears, according to John the prop guy’s blog, were VERY real.

  122. This episode had so much heart but was also so freaking funny. Michael’s facial expression when he realized that he sent the email to the wrong person, his panic and delight at being cheered on by the warehouse guys, the complete awkwardness of Jan’s confession, and of course Pam’s breakdown and Dwight’s attempts to comfort her… Great episode from beginning to end.

  123. It took me a while to figure out what was in Michael’s hair…I thought he had a pencil stuck behind his ear. When I realized he had gotten a little piece of his hair braided on vacation, I was dying laughing. Great costuming on that one!!!

  124. I think that it’s putting too much dramatic pressure on this show to think that Jim wouldn’t end up with Pam. In the BBC version, Tim and Dawn ended up together despite everything that had happened with them. The point was that people can find happiness in the most mundane and unlikely of places. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is a great romance because it’s not a knight and a queen, or a poet and an heiress…it’s just a paper salesman and a receptionist, but love is love and it’s big and life-changing no matter who is feeling it.

  125. Was anybody else glad the focus was off Andy for awhile, and back to Dwight? I was glad Michael went to Dwight for advice, because I had been feeling bad for his poor, neglected ARM.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Ed Helms, but since The Merger, I’ve felt like we haven’t seen as much of Rainn Wilson and last night’s episode made me feel a lot better.

  126. Darryl- “This is the greatest night of my life!” Hahahahahaha

    *hugs Pam* That was really sad, but I am really glad that they are now showing us Pam’s side and her emotions like we always got to see from Jim.

    “So you’re PMSing pretty bad huh?” OMG!!!! How freakin adorable was it when Dwight was trying to comfort Pam? I am so happy we got that scene. Awwwww.

    When Kevin was saying how Jan looked tanned, and his faceial expressions are always the best! I love Kevin, lol.

    I LOOOOOOVED the opening with the tape recorder, lmao.

    I loved how everyone froze when Jan walked in and Michael’s face as he was slowly going up the stairs, hahahahahaha I love when he looks like a little boy who just got caught by his mommy and is in trouble, LMAO.

  127. How does this show manage to become better and better EVERY EPISODE?
    This was amazing. Dwight’s compassion was really heartwarming and hilarious at the same time ie – i thought he was going to offer her his jacket, and the pmsing.. aw god.
    Was that really Melora in that photo? if so she’s got it goin AWN.
    Best line:
    Darryl: “Got dat corporate booty!”
    Ohhhh this was such a good ep.

    “I liked the fact that as bizarre as Dwight is, when it come right down to it, he was willing to take his spud gun to whomever was responsible for Pam’s tears.”

    100% agreed. i love this show to death

  128. Oh and by the way, they need to stop cutting BJ Novak’s scenes, because it’s getting to the point where Andy, Angela, Kevin, and Toby have more lines than him now, and BJ’s name appears in the opening credit sequence.

  129. Does anyone know what the hell Roy was talking to Pam about at the end there, something about Hawaii and Mexico. I couldn’t quite make out what he said.

  130. no seriously.. i-. how does this show get more and more perfect every week.

  131. The joke Roy was making had to do with the fact that they were having a LUAU at a JAMAICAN themed party.

  132. I think I almost died laughing when Michael said, “Officially, I did not see her. But I did see Jan there. In our room. At night. And in the morning. That’s all I’m going to say. Sex. We had sex. I had sex with her. I had sex with Jan.” That was ha ha
    ha-larious! He just kept saying it, and each time he said it, it got funnier and funnier.

    Also, Dwight showed a side that doesn’t come out too often… compassionate Dwight. Even if he still acted like Dwight, it’s good to know that he would have karate-chopped the person who hurt Pam.

  133. hey tanster, LOVE THE SITE. biggest fan. ne chance the rating sys can go back on soon. it’s cool to see how the new episodes are stacking up. thanks!

  134. This show was great great great.
    Michael thought he was in big big trouble, but he got the girl {great kiss}
    Dwight taking off his jacket {to put around Pam everyone thought}
    Walter Neff your “future episode” is right on, YOU should be a writer for this show!! {or another} LOL this week Love The Office!!! PS I thought that was a pencil in Michael’s hair boy did I miss out on that one

  135. Callan, totally agree with you-there needs to be more BJ. He has the best facial expressions of anyone on the show and he always seems to have the funniest lines.

  136. Agent Michael Scarn (#183): Roy was talking to Pam about how when they were planning their honeymoon, he wanted to go to Mexico and she wanted to go to Hawaii. He told her he was right. It was a reference to how lame the luau was. (I’m glad that Cousin Mose brought up the fact that Michael thought a luau was an appropriate theme for a party that was supposed to celebrate his Jamaican vacation. I cracked up thinking about that last night!).

    Also, to the person who asked about Urkel Grue–Pam recognized Jan in the photo Michael showed in the conference room. Michael denied it was Jan, and said it was a German tourist, named Urkel Grue. (As an aside, was it just me, or did the women not look like Jan at all?)

    I thought the episode was good, but I think the show nneds to be expanded to one hour every week. Also, I think the P/J/K triangle won’t come to a head until the last ep of the season. There will be a good cliff-hanger to bring us back for season 4! Don’t expect any kind of resolution until next fall, and even then there will be some sort of complication.

  137. that was an amazing episode! i agree that this show keeps getting better week after week. i loved that jan told michael that she was into him and i loved when dwight comforted pam. that was such a sweet scene. i wonder what kind of surprising news karen is going to get next week…at first i thought that maybe she was going to get offered a promotion or a job in New york or something, but now i’m thinking that maybe jim will ask her to move in with him? don’t know

  138. I agree that Andy has been too much of a major player lately and I missed Dwight just being Dwight. I loved all of his scenes, and it was refreshing to see Andy not sucking up and actually losing in a situation rather than winning against Dwight.

    All in all, an amazing show! I can’t wait to watch it again! (God bless you, TiVo!!!)

  139. Gotta agree with Keyser and Fleece It Out on this one: mediocre episode at best. Only slightly better than “Diwali” this season, for me. I’d score it a 3 or 4 tops. What killed it for me was Jan’s confession to Michael about her attraction to him — totally unbelievable and out of character for her. By removing the conflict, I fear their relationship is going to be boring — even painful — to watch. Having said that, “The Office” is still the best show on TV.

  140. I am now chopping off Phyllis’ head with a chainsaw!

    Haha, such a good episode. Lots of relationships were going on there (both love ones and just character relationships with each other). I loved this episode because it had another Michael and Toby scene which is always great fun to watch.

  141. Agreed, Becky :-) Although I did feel bad for her when she was crying.

  142. I kind of think that Karen’s surprising news next week will be that Jim used to be in love with Pam. They will probably show Karen watching Jim and Pam talk and she’ll get jealous.

  143. Less drama and more comedy, please! This show could go one of two ways – they could wrap up the Jim/Pam/Karen thing and downplay the character-driven verging-on-soap-opera stuff and get back to some comedy, or they should just focus on the angsty stuff. They’re alienating people by trying to split it down the middle and satisfy the comedy wanters and the romantics!

  144. I don’t think they’ve removed the conflict of Jan and Michael at all.

    There *is* that picture still floating around out there.

    The most unbelievable part of the episode, for me, was how did Jan NOT see that picture? LOL

    And I think “You snooze, you lose” is exactly why Pam WAS crying. She realizes that she made a mistake by letting him go and now he’s moving on. It is too late for her, at this point. I think her breaking down was perfectly realistic and in keeping with her character.

  145. Comedy and drama occupy the different sides of the same coin. It happens in real life all the time–you’re laughing one second, crying the next, laughing again.

    Pam may feel like her chance has slipped away, but it doesn’t mean that Jim and Pam won’t happen. Jim’s clearly not as interested in Karen as he pretends.

    And, I’ll say it again: if you felt nothing when Pam was crying, here’s your oil can, you robot.

  146. That’s so funny that you said that Cousin Mose!

    Last night when Pam cried I had tears in my eyes (I fought them back as much as possible). My husband was laughing at me and I called him a robot! :)

  147. I am really curious to see where they are going to go with Jan’s character from here on out. I mean, wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for her to be dating Michael? Is she going to resign? Plus, she’s 2 hours away, are they going to have a long distance relationship? Is it plausable to anyone else that Jan may totally abandon her corporate self and start a new life in Scranton? After her confession, I could almost see that happening. Almost.

  148. Moment of the night: Andy’s throat-clearing after the chainsaw bit. And that’s saying something given competition like “Who did this to you?” and “Sex. We had sex. I had sex with her. I had sex with Jan.” It’s these organic moments, the breathing room, that makes The Office what it is.

    In fact, I think I would show the Pam and Dwight in the hall to any Office newcomer as a crash course in what the show is all about: realism and hilarity all convalescenceses into one. ;)

    Also, despite my loyalty as a dedicated Jammer, I was sort of hoping for Pam and Roy to interact after her scene in the hall. And lo and behold it occurs. I felt good for her.

    * * * * *

    I was reading above about The Office ending, possibly with Season Four, and I agree. The British version left at its peak and is better for it. There’s no reason for the American incarnation to extened forever and water itself down.

    HOWEVER, and please keep and open mind (and an open heart!) what about The Office: The Early Years? After a summer off rejoicing in Jim and Pam finally getting together, come back with new episodes set during Jim and Pam’s first year “together” at Dunder-Mifflin.

    We know Jim was there before Pam (“I told Michael that I had had a crush on you when you first started.”) so we can see his first impressions of the Woman That Would Be Mrs. Halpert.

    Plus we’d see the start of Jim and Dwight’s “relationship” (the show could hold off Pam’s intro til episode six or whatnot) and maybe get a glimpse of “The Scranton Witch Project.”

    On the technical side, the show obviously couldn’t be filmed exactly the same way, but could adopt Arrested Development’s style of shooting, which is essentially the exactly same docu-style without glances to the camera (or talking heads.)

    Granted, the show would not be The Office we all know and love, but it would be interesting I think. And that’s all I’m doing: thinking out loud. I’m at work, and I’m bored. :D

  149. It took a while, but Daryl finally got back at Michael after the mess the office boys made of the warehouse in ‘Boys and Girls’ “Hey Michael, this ain’t over.

  150. I think it was a good show. The Jan confession was a change in character, yes. But I think it was needed. She has always wanted to do something more with Michael and knew (from her business side) that she couldn’t. Now, she is really trying to go for it. She lost him once last season and I think she is going to try to keep him this time – until he does something stupid (or until she finds out he did something stupid)

    I think the writers have kept the show to form, with it being more realistic. Pam is still not that bold, to tell Jim to dump Karen and date her again. She is still working through the fact that she said no to him.

    I liked it, probably b/c there was less Andy. :)

  151. Kind of a middle of the road episode for me. It seemed so short compared to the Christmas episode.

    Pam crying broke my heart in two. She’s got to tell him or kiss him or apologize or SOMETHING!!!

    “That corporate booty…” Classic.

  152. I missed Creed in this episode. I’m sure that he would have had some great reactions to the photo!

  153. Wow, you sure did miss him: there’s a two-second clip of him staring at the photo in his creepy Creedly manner.

  154. Whoa, I totally missed that! I’ll have to look for that when I watch it again. Thanks!

  155. Stephanie – I just read John’s myspace blog (the prop guy)..
    he said the Jamican picture were digitally enhanced, but the actors really did pose for them. He said that Melora was a good sport (cause she was practically naked)

    also… I guess the hankerchief that Dwight gave Pam was a rented prop.. John said it was soaked with real tears when he got it back…

  156. If you read John the prop guys blog it states that the picture was taken in front of a green screen.

    so the pictures are not actually from jamaica.

    And it does say in the blog that it is Jan.

  157. It’s obvious that Jan doesn’t have her act together at all like she led everyone to believe. She’s vunerable and has issues just like everone else. I think that her attraction to Michael is normal and very sweet.

    The “you complete me” moment was adorable. Michael has no idea how corny he is and Jan eats it right up. Her expression when he said it was really cute.

  158. See, I thought her expression was more like “I can’t believe I’m attracted to THIS guy!”

    Still, equally funny.

  159. You know, I kind of thought that the expression started that way but then it turned into a sweet smile. Like she couldn’t resist or something.

  160. Exactly.

    Especially after his “You complete me” line she’s thinking “What is my problem?”

  161. I like the idea of having a season of “The Office: The Early Years.” I’m a big fan of context and think seeing how things began adds depth to what we already know. Good idea! :-) If anything, I would hate for the such a fantastic show to become stale — not that I think that’s happening for a while, but it’s something to keep in mind. ;-)

  162. Sometimes when I watch the deleted scenes I think that they should save the material for another episode. Sometimes it’s too funny to just let it become a deleted scene.

    Or…make each week 60 minutes!

  163. They seemingly always come up with enough material to have it be an hour long, and the Christmas episode didn’t drag at all. It would be a win for everyone!

  164. If they did a prequel series, it would be pretty difficult to pull off. For one thing, in order to keep any air of suspense about the actions of the main characters, they would have to focus on different main characters. Also, it would be pretty lacking in artistic integrity — you can’t decide, after filming a documentary, that you want to go back and film a prequel to it.

  165. The prequel idea is cute. Even if they did one episode that was just cast members thinking back to how things used to be. It would be funny to go back to the days when Michael was a salesman.

  166. I really loved this episode! So many great things about it but Jenna’s performance was just WOW! I felt bad for Jim a lot last season and my heart broke many times but its just so hard to see Pam cry. Even though Jim had to live w/Pam being with Roy, he still had Pam as his best friend. Right now Pam has no one. She just seems so lonely and it breaks my heart .

  167. Yeah, how much does your life suck when the two people who will give you sympathy are Roy and Dwight? Sheesh… One is just trying to get back into your knickers and the other is bizarre and clueless as to what’s going on.

    That being said, I love Dwight as a character. He’s the new Frank Burns. (For you younger folks, google “M*A*S*H”)

  168. I just try and use the word “knickers” in as many situations as possible. Try it, it’s fun.

    That, and “bodaggit.”

  169. Lately I’ve been so proud of myself when I find the perfect moments to yell, “That’s what she said!” I can see why Michael has so much fun with it!

  170. Da Belle of Da Ball said, “I can see why Michael has so much fun with it!”


  171. Thanks for making me bust out laughing at work, Slim Jim. That was awesome! :)

  172. OK, I just thought of something… Jim has turned up the pranks on Dwight again, while Pam was comforted by Dwight this week (while still being Dwight). I can see an awkward moment coming soon where Jim will want to team up with Pam or clue Pam in on a Dwight prank, Pam will be a little hesitant (Dwight did comfort her, after all), Jim will want to know why, and Pam won’t want to confess to Jim what happened between her and Dwight and more importantly, why it happened because that would mean she would have to confess her love for Jim when Jim is with Karen, PLUS Pam is now friends with Karen.

    And the plot thickens!

  173. Grab a handkerchief and hang on.

    I think this episode ought to be renamed “Pam’s Tears.” That’s the way I’ll always remember it.

    I’m such a softie for stuff like this…

  174. Pam’s crying scene with Dwight is up on You Tube now. I tried to link it, but it wouldn’t let me.

    Grab a handkerchief and go take a look. I think they ought to rename this episode “Pam’s Tears.” That’s the way I’ll always remember it.

    Sheesh… I’m such a old softie.

  175. The quick clip of Creed staring at the computer screen with the photo of Jan…hahaha just classic

    I’ve been trying to figure out why Pam would press Jim to share what was wrong with him…It seemed like she was really intent on helping him with his problem. I think maybe she was hoping he had broken up with Karen. And then she realized later she just brought them closer, thus resulting in the crying.

  176. Cousin Mose, what consistently pungent comments – get right to the emotional heart of things.
    As I think more about this episode, I feel it’s a pivotal one. Pam is realizing what a chump she has been and how painful things are “vis a vis” (as David Brent would say) her and Jim. Jan-Michael is ascendant. And who besides evolutionary biologists say women always go for the highest-achieving, most successful, most highly evolved males? No, they (we) – the best of us – often go for the biggest shlumps on the planet. Why? Because people simply do not behave rationally. It is not possible. Emotion drives behavior, and sometimes emotions are twisted, depending on our cumulative life experiences, which have shaped our poor brains.
    Therefore, makes perfect sense that Jan would flip for Michael and that Pam and Jim would avoid one another.
    That said, and I think Cousin Mose hinted at this too, this show is a satire; and Jan-Michael is a satirical arrangement while Jim-Pam is the realist model with which we identify deeply and around which all the absurdity spins.

  177. At the end of the episode, when Michael says “You complete me” to Jan, why does she respond with “Oh God”?

  178. Because she knows he’s wrong for her. In every way. And that proves it.

    But Jan still likes her some Michael.

  179. Cousin Mose: That’s “pungent” as in “sharp” and sometimes “biting”…but now that you mention it, poignant at times as well….

  180. Wow. Such a great episode! So sad though. Thinking about Pam crying is just so sad. Must have been hard on Jenna Fischer.

  181. Creed is probably the only character that can do less than 30 seconds of screen time and still get as huge of a laugh as Michael. Great deleted scene!!!

  182. i still don’t understand the ipod thing but on the whole i thought it was a pretty wonderful episode…i like that pam broke down. now it will be interesting to see what she does about it.

  183. Wow! That was an emotional roller coaster ride of 21 minutes! I seriously was crying right along with Pam, then 30 seconds later howling with laughter( and I don’t think I have ever used that word in reference to myself and the sound of my laughter, but I think that’s the only applicable word.) DANG!

  184. i think it’s really ridiculous that most of the stamford people have left with only the two main stamford people (karen and andy) we were introduced to. i mean come on these people had to give up everything they had in Connecticut and start all over in Pennslyvania. it’s just very unrealistic that they’d give up so easily and just quit.

    am i the only one who thinks karen should stay? i get the feeling she’s not which sucks because she’s actually a really cool person. i really don’t want this whole thing to just be about jim. i mean i don’t really want her to just leave dunder mifflin because of jim. that’d be unrealistic. why would she come all the way to from connecticut just to be with a guy she barely knows? and then leave because he doesn’t like her? that’s ridiculous. i just hope it doesn’t happen.

    this was a pretty good episode. i thought jan was really out of character though. i mean she’s always been aware of the cameras catching her every move, and then all of a sudden she’s pouring her heart out to him and kissing him like the cameras aren’t even there.

    the highlight of this ep. has to be pam and dwight’s interaction with each other. though awkward, it really brought back memories of “The Injury” for me. good for dwight. angela has taught him well.

  185. -I think the Stamford people leaving shows that only certain people can tolerate the happenings at Scranton.
    -If Karen left ONLY to be with Jim, then why wouldn’t she leave if it doesn’t work?
    -I thought the scene was mostly filmed shot through the blinds, and mostly far back. I don’t think Jan truly understood that she was being filmed. But I also think part of her didn’t care. A lot of internal struggles on her part.

  186. I think the Daryll thing was so great because it was so completely random and the way he says things are so funny. But yeah it was a little confusing cause we had no idea where it came from.

    And this should work for the “Back to Vacation” on DailyMotion

  187. Jan made a decision to indulge her self-destructive tendencies. Makes sense that she would make her confession and kiss Michael while the cameras roll.

  188. ditto jack m. fan

    I think Karen is great, I would like to see her stick around despite of what might happen with Jim. It would be great to see her character developed a bit more. I really do hope they keep her around. Andy too.

  189. I agree that I like Karen and Andy, but they’ve got to go. Karen is a plot device, like her or not. She may be a very complicated and well-rounded plot device…but she is one. End of story.

    Andy is hilarious, but most of his scenes are at the expense of more screen time for Dwight. And Dwight is just too good a character to put on the backburner all the time. I miss the Jim/Dwight interaction at their desks!

  190. Just a crazy off-topic observation that I couldn’t figure out where else to post (other than that the email addresses used on this episode inspired me to try it).

    Has anyone tried going to the site When I do that, it redirects me to a site “5 Minutes with Wichita”, which then takes me to a rather goofy/spoofy blog page by a guy named Wichita Rutherford who claims (probably tongue-in-cheek) to be “THE world-renowned Podcast celebrity.” His primary interest seems to be bluegrass music, and I can’t find anything there that seems to relate to “The Office”, so I’m wondering why he came to have this URL tied to his page. He does look a bit like Ed Helms doing a Mr. Magoo grimace, though.

    Same result if I try or omit the “www” prefix.

  191. finally saw this… must say…


    pam’s too nice.. dang, but i see myself in her.. been there done that..

    but… DEFINITELY loved the pam/dwight scene.. but imagine the drama if angela walked in on that? WHOA!

  192. oh, and did karen say she and jim had been dating a month? hasn’t it been more than a month since the merger? hmm.. sounds like someone was bluffing in the parking lot…

  193. Not sure what kind of roller coaster world you live in Mose, but my life is not laugh-cry-laugh all day long. Most peoples days are generally in between those extremes. And I laugh a lot more than I cry. Yes, hard times happen in everyone’s life, but The Office purports to be a COMEDY. I first watched it because I heard it was one of the funniest shows on televison. It won the Emmy for best COMEDY. If I want to be sad, there are so many options: watch the news, read the paper, etc.,etc. I would like the happiness I have gotten from watching The Office not to have to be punctuated with gut-wrenching sadness and depression. I really care about these characters, and to see Jan and Pam cry in the same episode is just too much. I didn’t cry with Pam because I felt that I was just being manipulated too much-that this has gone on way too long (and I don’t deny a tear being brought to my eye from other episodes due to this saga).

    I started watching this show on DVD in August I think. And for a while, I couldn’t get enough Office. And when the season premiere happened, I couldn’t wait for Thursday-and I HAD to watch it live (even though I have a DVR). I have been rapidly losing interest though. I’ll finish out the season, but if I don’t like where the show is after that, I might not come back for season 4. I really can’t stand the fact that everybody in the Office is dating (or wants to date)someone else from the office. It’s not realistic and it mostly gets in the way of the comedy.
    So, hopefully they can extract themselves from this hole they’ve dug themselves into because it’s dragging down the whole show.

  194. I think the iPod thing was just to addvertice Apple like on Chistmas Party and The Ingery. Since iTunes+iPod kind of saved The Office i think they have to addvertice Apple some many times per season or somthing. Just a thought.

  195. I agree that the whole Jam situation is dragging. The English show was short and sweet and it ended when the Jam couple got together. NBC obviously want to keep the show running as long as possible, so they have to keep Jim and Pam apart for as long as possible which is getting really annoying.
    Pam’s obviously getting sick of nothing happening aswell and it’s not getting better, thats why she cried. I thought it made a lot of sense.
    Also, the office IS a COMEDY, correct. But even though it’s a funny show, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have a storyline. 30 seconds when u don’t feel like laughing doesn’t mean that the shows losing its touch! It just means it has a bit of depth. AND in a real office, not every moment is a joke! That isn’t realistic.
    Karen is great and if all the other Stamford people left, it’s possible that she’ll leave too because Jim’s such a great guy, she’d be pretty upset. OR she might find out what really happened between Pam and Jim and be okay with letting him go… it’s a possibility. And then we’d have 2 Pam’s still!

  196. Well unfortunetly in real life Keyser Michael Scott would have been fired by now, Pam and Jim would have probaly never talked again, a guy like Dwight probaly doesn’t exsist but the only true to life thing on this is how many office romances occur. All the people on the show that are dating our presumed to be in there mid 20’s and trust me i have worked in an office with a bunch of single 20 year old workers…they all hook up and date then they hate each other and then work blows and everyone quits.I guess my point is…this show is a TV show….not real life…honestly not even trying to protray real life…just trying to be a fun witty show for people to like. Sure does it get sad…yeah…but comedies have sadness in them…does it get emotional…yeah comedy has emotion in it….this isn’t 2 and half men, how i met your mother, or even Everybody Loves Raymond….bad things happen….and the writers feel they need to show it.

  197. Are liberties being taken with the “documentary” conceit?
    How long will this hold up? Remember in the UK “Office” when Tim has that private talk with Dawn, they remove their microphones and go in a room & close the door. Would Jan reveal all to Michael if cameras were really rolling? She seemed oblivious in that scene. Maybe there’s a rationale for this scene that the writers had in mind. Michael always seems to acknowledge the camera, with a gloating glance or a sheepish look.
    As for the Pam-Jim story, after the “Merger” episode, I had to force myself to disengage emotionally, at least somewhat, because it was just too painful. “The Office” is after all a satire, not merely a comedy, so that means we will get doses of painful reality & irony along with our chuckles & our slapstick.
    The “Pam crying” scene put that reality in focus but it was tempered by the irony of Dwight’s pathetically absurb attempt to comfort her.

  198. Difference for this is that Jan and Michael weren’t and never have wore lapel mics. We as an audience are meant to believe the sound is captured by a very discrete gaffer and a camoflaged cameraman.. and it works! it works great.

  199. They might not do this in the office scenes, but in the Injury, Michael wore a lapel mic (remember he took it off when he went in to the CAT scan room with Dwight at the hospital, “nothing metal of any kind”).

  200. In response to Roni’s post, I always thought that Jim was just testing the waters when he told Pam that he had started seeing someone in the Merger. He had already said on the phone that he’d meet Karen at the bar, but they could just have been buddy-buddy at that point, and Pam’s reaction pushed Jim to move on with Karen. Thoughts?

  201. Agree. I always read Jim’s reaction to Pam’s reaction as one of shock, that he was expecting her to be more visibly upset at his announcement of a relationship. A relationship that, at that point in time, didn’t exist, or, to be more accurate, was on the cusp of developing. Once he saw she seemingly didn’t care for him in that way (“We’re friends. We’ll always be friends.”) he moved forward in a serious manner with Karen.

  202. phyllis*farm and secondrink,

    yeah, i agree with your explanations, jim wasn’t really seriously considering karen until pam insisted they were “just friends.” i just think that it would be interesting if karen let on to pam that they had been dating a month, pam just might notice the blip in the timeline and figure, “hey, just maybe jim still has feelings for me!” i love this show, but it’s starting to kill me how long they’re keeping these two apart… even though i know it’s much more realistic this way!

  203. Yeah it’s becoming painful to watch. Actually, it always has been…now it’s just dragging on FOREVER.

    And i just have to say how awesome it is that The Office is representin’ on itunes. It’s always up there in the top 10 tv shows and it makes me happy…..Even if we have to be tortured every week by the Jim and Pam thing.

  204. Keyser – this show has been about Pam and Jim since it started. if you don’t like it. Go watch two and a half men, or Home Improvement re-ruins.

  205. Corporate Booty- 1. Pam and Jim has always been ONE part of the show-not the whole show. If you really think otherwise, then they should get rid of all the other characters. See how much of a show you have with Jim and Pam, but no Michael or Dwight 2. If you read my post carefully (which you clearly did not), I didn’t say that I didn’t like Pam and Jim-I want them together-I simply don’t like the agony of their situation week-by-week. They should resolve it one way or another and be done with it. Your attitude of you must love every single aspect of every single show or leave is Nazi-esque, simple-minded and is very hostile. That kind of attitude doesn’t belong here. I am able to think for myself and I don’t come here 5 minutes after the latest episode so I can be the first to blindly declare that it is the “best episode ever” (of course until next week,right?). If you don’t like what I have to say, too bad. At least I’m not telling you to go to another site.

    Acoustic-I disagree with your contention that office romances are as common as portrayed in the show. Sure they happen, but not to that degree. In my twenties office romances happened but were not all that common. Your points are well taken about Michael and Dwight. I guess I am more tolerant of unrealistic plot elements that I find enjoyable as opposed to those I do not. But even so, there are things that even Michael can do that I feel are not part of his outrageous character. I mean the characters are what make things funny. If the characters actions don’t stay somewhat reasonably close to the character most of the time, the show suffers in believability and humor. I mean if anyone can say or do anything at any time, what’s the point of even developing a character?

  206. keyser- i disagree. sure michael has done some out-of-character things, but that’s what the show is TRYING to do. their FLESHING out the characters. no one has just one characteristic. everyone has different qualities. sure, michael is a complete nuissance sometimes, but he’s not JUST a nuissance. he has a good heart. and he cares about people. just like dwight. i mean he’s completely weird, and even he has nice qualities in him.

    i guess what im trying to say is that no one is one sided. michael isn’t JUST wacky all the time…that would get old after a while. people are complicated, we all have different characteristics- the good and the bad.

    and as for the comedy thing, this show focuses most on the realism. i personally think “the office” labeled as a comedy was a mistake from the start. i don’t think funny things happen ALL the time in life. sure, occasionally it would be nice if everything in life was light-hearted, but as of now, the people in the office (ex. pam) are going through some hardships. and i can completely relate to it because im going through some crap myself. and it doesn’t just last a day and then it’s over. it takes a long time to figure things out and fix things before everything is back to normal.

  207. Can someone please post a link to that picture that shows michael and Jan on the beach in Jamaica, that is turned into a poster in the warehouse. THANKS!

  208. Someone posted that the whole show was Jim and Pam, granted a large part of the show is about Jim and Pam’s relationship or rather non-relationship but I think the other characters make the show just as much if not more so. Don’t get me wrong I am hands down a JAM fan I want them to get together but I understand that every show has their reasons for not doing something so I live with it and wait for the episode where they finally get together but I thoroughly enjoy the little nuances that is The Office. I think characters interactions make the show what it is Jim/Dwight’s interactions are always great, Michael and…well just Michael actions and reactions to everything. Little things like that to me make the show for but then again that’s just my feeling. I don’t think we are going to find another show with the same qualities.

  209. Keyser – your point of view that the Office is a comedy, there fore it should be nothing but funny is ridiculous. It would be completely unrealistic for the show to be funny all the time, without any kind of drama. The scene with Pam crying was pivotal to the story line. It was important to explain how Pam is feeling about Jim. It was genius for the writes to take such a serious moment, and make it light hearted with Dwight comforting Pam. You obviously didn’t appreciate that, since all you care about is laughing

  210. Does anyone think they’ll ever get rid of the opening credits to give the episodes just a little more time?

  211. Forgive me, but I do not know where to post this.
    –On there is an article that says that Joss Whedon (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) could possibly direct an episode of The Office. I don’t know if its true or not, but its a geek’s dream come true. You can also go to and click on the link for ultra easy access. I hope someone finds out if this is true or just a rumor.

  212. I am STILL laughing when I think of this line:

    Michael: And I, to you, in addition, feel the same feelings that you are as well.

    Clearly, the funniest moment! Why isn’t it on the site header?

    Dwight, chivalry is NOT dead. After Pam used a thermometer to time you running and pretended she was the CIA, you managed to be there for her!

  213. in response to Gruel Omlettes post, they cant get rid of the credits, thats one of the best parts. i even have it as a cell ringtone!

  214. I am the only one whos a little bit confused when Darryl finds the ipod? Did Michael give him that? thanks to anyone who responds.

  215. Mrs. Michael Scott,

    I believe its from Michael. I think its sorta unspoken that Darryl possibly asked Michael for it and in exchange he wouldn’t forward the picture or possibly say anything to Jan.

  216. Oh, I love that episode. That PMSing line is the best of the season. I laugh so hard every time I hear it.

  217. I love the scene between Dwight and Pam. When he takes off his coat to wrap around his waist, very funny.

    Jan and Michael, romantic and cute in a weird way.


    After an hour of researching, I finally found the answers!

    I too was confused as to how/why Darryl finds an iPod and why they’d even bother showing this. It seemed so random. WELL. Presumably, it was lost during “Casino Night” when Darryl voiced concerns about something getting stolen during the event. I guess this is their way of clearing things up. And his comment about this being the best day ever is in regards to getting his property back on top of seeing the infamous photograph.

    I’m still not sure why they felt the need to show it, but that’s the meaning behind it. At least according to the research I did. I ended up finding the answers at:

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