Apologies in advance…

Hi all,

I wanted to apologize in advance — I won’t be as diligent in post-episode activities this weekend, as I am taking a crazy early flight out of Northern California this morning and heading to Scranton for The Office Wrap Party. Woo hoo!

Of course I’m traveling with my iPad/phone so any time I get a spare moment, you know I’ll be logged on to OfficeTally to see what y’all are chatting about.

Okay, gotta go pack and get my SCRANT ON. :)

Hope to see many of you there!
xo tanster


  1. Tanster,
    Thanks for this great site (wish I found it sooner). Safe trip – see you in Scranton!

  2. i live in Scranton and will be at the parade! Try Poor Richards Pub’s pizza–it’s pretty good.

  3. Thank you for everything, Tanster! Cannot wait to hear about your weekend!

  4. Not a single one of us has a thing to complain about. You have created something that has enhanced our fanship 1000x!!! Have fun!

  5. It’s quite alright! You’ve been working endlessly on here. Go have fun in Scranton, Tanster!

  6. would’ve been in Scranton if only I’m not 6570 Miles away

    have a good trip !

  7. Hope to see some of you in Room 308 for drinks and darts under a strobe light! (Or does that only apply at office supply conventions?)

    [from tanster: lol!]

  8. Should I eat? I should go eat. I haven’t had anything but a yogurt today.

    Delayed in Chicago for the next hour and a half…

  9. Can’t wait to meet you at the breakfast tomorrow !
    (Here in Scranton having lunch at Cooper’s right now )

  10. Definitely eat! You need to keep up your strength so that you can keep us updated. ;o) Have fun! I’m kind of jealous of you right now.

  11. No worries, Tanster! You just enjoy yourself in Scranton. You deserve it.

  12. Hope to see ya sometime in the near future. I will however apologize in advance for how tired I will be, I’m walking the whole time lol. I’ll see ya later.

  13. I’m soooo jealous right now. I’m in Albuquerque making dinner. Not flying cross-country to participate in funtivities. Gotta go stir the potatoes…

  14. Have a great time! Oh oh oh – I hope you appear in the finale (saw that earlier on the spoilery page). Many thanks for all you do for the Office and its fans! You are wonderful and I’m so glad you have this last big, fun event to cap off so many wonderful years of helping us celebrate our favorite show and cast! **hugs!**

    [from tanster: aww, thank you!]

  15. Did you make it? I can give you a recap of the VIP party if necessary!

    [from tanster: would love that, thanks!]

  16. Tanster, so sorry we missed you at the “Scranton Welcomes You” party. Good news (for you) is, only 4 cast members showed up. They were awesome, but they had to deal with a ton of fans and it was just a night of waiting in line. Let me know if you need pics, I can email them.

    [from tanster: sure, that would be awesome. thanks!]

  17. I hope everyone that is at the Wrap Party is having fun! I can’t wait to see all of the pics and recaps of the events on here since I was unable to make it in person!

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