The Office Wrap Party: Behind the Scenes Panel

My report of The Office Wrap Party Behind the Scenes Panel, May 4, 2013.

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For hardcore fans of The Office who love show trivia and behind-the-scenes details, this event was for you!

The panel included:

  • Greg Daniels, Executive Producer
  • Paul Lieberstein, co-executive producer, writer, “Toby”
  • Steve Burgess, producer
  • Phil Shea, Prop Master
  • Matt Sohn, Director of Photography
  • Allison Silverman, co-executive producer and writer
  • Claire Scanlon, editor and director
  • Carrie Kemper, writer

We got to ask many questions, including questions submitted by you!

There was video, too:

  • Matt brought the lip dub cold open from the Season 7 premiere, Nepotism, as one of his favorite shots to film.
  • Claire brought two different versions of a scene from Season 5’s Dream Team. The first clip showed the longer editor’s assembly and the second version showed how they get more bang for the buck story-wise and comedy-wise when they truncate original footage and insert a talking head for emphasis.
  • Steve brought behind-the-scenes photos of Dwight’s bicycle ride across the high wire from the Season 9 premiere, New Guys.

As a total geek of the show, I found all the details super interesting!

But I think the most poignant clip was of Prop Master Phil Shea walking around his massive props vault (envision the final scene from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’) and popping open containers full of classic props from the past, including the forehead signs from Diversity Day and the paper doves and yogurt lids medals from Office Olympics. They kept everything. I think a lump formed in my throat at that moment.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could ship everything to Scranton for The Office Museum?

A few photos on the next page.

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  1. My husband and I both loved this panel. We loved the prop guy. That seems like the coolest job ever. I wonder if that was the original teapot note from season 2 used last night since it really did seem like they kept everything.

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