Office goodies in the Target $1 bins

Every year, Target stores pack their $1 bins with all sorts of wonderful Office items. Here’s a comprehensive list of what’s been available!

Photos of 2009 items

Tipsters: RIP Sprinkles, James, Meggan, Katelin, Colleen

Oh, and don’t forget these items that were reported in July.

2008 and 2007 items listed on this page.

‘The Office’ items at Target, 2009

The Office

They’re baaaaaack!

For the past two years, we’ve seen Office items in Target’s $1 bins available in September.

Thanks to a tip from Tallyhead Elisabeth, it looks like Target is starting early this year.

Elisabeth saw The Office 3-ring binder (see photo above), not in the $1 section, but in Target’s school supplies section.

I went to my two local Targets (Redwood City and Mountain View) and found these items:

Please check out your local Target and report back (with photos if you can)!

Tipsters: Elisabeth

The Office Valentine cards at Target

The Office ValentineTallyhead Allyson has spotted this year’s version of The Office valentine cards at Target!

Dwight: Want to earn some Schrute bucks? Then you have to be my Valentine.
Michael and Jan: Anything that doesn’t scare us is not worth doing. Will you be mine?
Office gang: We are all participating in mandatory Valentine’s activities. Valentivities! And there is a special secret prize for the winner …
Michael: Would you rather be feared or loved? Both! I want you to be afraid of how much you love me.

As with last year’s cards, eight cards and envelopes for $4.99 at actual stores, or 16 cards and envelopes for $9.99 at

The Office Valentine cards at Target

The Office Valentine CardsNeed more Office stuff to buy? Of course you do. :)

How about an Office Valentine’s Day card?

8 cards, 4 designs, Target.
$4.99 in store.

Yes, I confess I went down to my local Target tonight hoping to get me some. No luck. But the box looks cute, no?

Now available at Jenna and Angela’s favorite store!

Tipster: Tammy

Card Designs

  1. Jim & Pam
    Outside: Secret admirer?
    Inside: What “secret admirer?”
  2. Dwight peeking
    Outside: So this guy I work with asked me to hook him up with one of my hot friends.
    Inside: Kidding! Put down the stapler.
  3. Michael holding red candy heart with all the ladies
    Outside: Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Inside: … or as some say, “the annual review.”
  4. Michael & Dwight fighting
    Outside: On this Valentine’s Day …
    Inside: good luck with “conflict resolution.”

Photos here.