Office goodies in the Target $1 bins

Every year, Target stores pack their $1 bins with all sorts of wonderful Office items. Here’s a comprehensive list of what’s been available!

Photos of 2009 items

Tipsters: RIP Sprinkles, James, Meggan, Katelin, Colleen

Oh, and don’t forget these items that were reported in July.

2008 and 2007 items listed on this page.


  1. I checked the bins this weekend (I’m in Northern CA) and two different Targets and nothing. It was sad. Nice haul though lemoñadé.

  2. I went right out to Target after reading this, but there was nothing there. :( I’ll have to keep checking though. I want it all!

  3. Eeek! I need one of each! Lots of magnets! And the Jim mug will be mine. The closest Target is an hour away but I will be making a special trip this coming weekend to stock up on Office goodies! Whooo hooo!! Thanks for letting us know about the nifty gifties!

  4. Has anyone in the Boston area had a successful shopping trip? I don’t have a car, so if I were to go it would take a bit of planning and I would be crushed if I got there and they didn’t have anything. But I figured before I call the store I would ask…

  5. I was at Target this morning and they had all of the bins pretty much empty so I’m hoping next time I go they will be full of Office stuff!

  6. Looks like it’s a road trip to Target today..oh darn. I really hope they are in stock, I’d hate to go to one of my favorite stores for no reason.!!!

  7. Tyler-at the store I go to they are right when you come in. There’s an area with a bunch of bins full of little stuff. A while back I got some Dora The Explorer socks there for my niece’s birthday present.

  8. I just went to Target over my lunch break and found nothing. I even wandered around the store hoping the goods were hiding someplace else other than the $1 bins. What a bummer.

  9. Has anyone gone to the Target in Brooklyn yet? If not, I will try to check it out tonight and report back tomorrow… :)

  10. The bins at my main Target (they’re all over the Detroit area) was empty over the weekend, so here’s hoping they’re stocked full at lunch!

  11. Wow! Anywhere else to find these other than Target, especially somewhere up here in Canada? Or do I have to wait and get it on ebay.

  12. At my Target, they also had a long I heart Jim memo pad and an erasable magnetic memo board. My dorm room is Office-fied now.

  13. I called around to the Targets in the Detroit area (specifically Macomb County) this weekend, but none of them had anything. I checked at one on my lunch break, but nothing. Has anyone found any in the Macomb county area of Michigan? I’m in serious need of buying everything in bulk!!!


  14. dangit, and i just quit target a week ago! now i have no discount! poo.

    well i just called the target that’s 30 minutes away, and i guess they’ll be putting that stuff out. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! i’m buying all of it. forget savings.

  15. At the Columbus-Easton Target the bins were empty but the labels on the bins did have The Office products listed. I am hoping that the bins get stocked tonight.

  16. Anyone from the great state of Minnesota have any luck? I went yesterday and everything was on clearance. So I’m hoping it will be restocked again today. I guess I’ll just have to go back today.

  17. Hey guys, I got that stuff at the Target in Phoenix. I had to get double of everything so I could share with Mexicanity. I mean everything was only $1!

    There was more stuff that I didn’t get: “I heart Jim” notepad, more stress balls with quotes on them, “Employee of the Year” mug, “I’m my boss’ go to guy” mug.

    I hope you guys find this stuff at your Target!

  18. I need that Jim Halpert mug. Like, NEED it.

    Anyone know of a good Target in the Boston area that doesn’t take like… 2 trains, a bus and a cab to get to? I’m going home this weekend anyway, so they better have plenty of Office goodies when I get there.

  19. How do you make an incredibly slow work day go by even slower? Tempt a fan with nifty gifties just out of reach.

    It’ll be six soon, it’ll be six soon, it’ll be six soon…

  20. If you guys find ’em in your Target, please post exact location of the store. Thanks!

    Target on Showers Dr, Mountain View, CA: NO

    Target on El Camino, Redwood City, CA: As of yesterday, they only had the mini legal pads. Will check again later this week.

  21. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I’m screaming like a woman on Oprah who just won a new car!! I have to get to Target asap!!!!!!! 3 hours till I’m off work! Screw groceries this week, it’s Office goodies!

  22. Anyone have any luck in the Long Island/ New York City area? I will check out the one in College Point and try some others if I can. Of course if I get lucky I’ll let you know.
    Good Luck everyone!

  23. Lemonade — Which Phoenix Target?? I’m a fellow Phoenix resident and would love the info!

  24. HEY 253-ers!
    Called the South Hill (Puyallap) store and talked to my friend the manager. He said that he had the $1 bins cleared this weekend and within the week they will be stocked.
    I’m going to the Union Target (by hwy 16) later today.

  25. Oh how I love that you live in Phoenix!! I am SO getting my nifty gifties today during my lunch break!!

  26. i found them at the target in st. joe, missouri. i’m going to look later at the target on barry road in Kansas city.

  27. Graceland Target, Columbus, OH: I didn’t see the mousepads or mugs, but I got everything else: pens, pencils, notepads, magnets, stress balls, magnetic memo boards.

    I got two of everything; why not? My cashier thought I was crazy.

  28. I’ll be checking a Target in NJ. I hope they have something! My eleven year old will freak out. She loves to watch The Office with me. Got to start them on the good shows early in life!

  29. Hey guys the Phoenix Target that I found that stuff at was the one by South Mountain on 22nd St and Baseline. They still had a ton of everything and the stuff is located near the entrance to the store.

  30. Elston Target in Chicago… Where is that one. I live in the burbs Irving Park and Harlem….

    Any other target in or around chicago?

  31. The Clinton Township, MI Target (15 Mile and Gratiot for locals) said they will have their bins stocked with nifty gifties by 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. Guess I’m making a second trip!

  32. I’ve been meaning to return a shirt to Target….what better time to do so! I really hope they have this stuff at my local store

  33. I visited 2 stores in NJ and was told that they are clearing out the bins now (everything 50% off) through 9/12 – after that the new stuff will be out so those folks in NJ/NY/PA or wherever may have to wait until the end of the week :) Patience my friends – patience…….

  34. Wow these quote pens are my favorite, i think. I just bought two of everything! And hey- we shop at the same Target in Phoenix!!

  35. NorCal: Novato, off of 101 (Rowland exit): everything except stress balls, magnets, memo boards, and mugs.
    Albany, off of 580: nothing as of 10:30am.

  36. Wow, *the*hot*girl! What a coincidence because there are so many Targets here. Its a small world!

  37. I have to give a shout out to all the Phoenix Dunderheads. I’m in Show Low…and my proximity to a Target is tantalizingly out of reach.

    Hanging on for next weekend…it won’t ALL be gone, right??? :)

  38. So after reading this, i naturally rushed to the store where they, of course, had none of these things whatsoever and didn’t know what I was talking about. :(

  39. Salem, Oregon Target has all of the note pads, magnetic memo boards, and magnets. Not many left though. I’m going to the other Target in town later to see what it has.

  40. I called FIVE Targets in San Jose, CA before I found two that had the merchandise!

    Target on Hillsdale Ave. – YES!

    Target on Morrill Ave. – YES! But only mechanical pencils and stress balls.

  41. It’s a no go in Savage or Eden Prairie Targets. Luckily I have the day off and time to go on a tour ‘o Targets, in the Twin Cities area. Thanks for the info #26-Laura.

  42. Sacramento area…

    Citrus Heights: No

    Madison Ave: No

    Arden: Just has the pens. They’re in the process of clearancing out the old stuff and they should be getting more Office stuff in soon.

    Folsom: No

    Elk Grove: Lots of confusion. The lady asked me, “Is it a cartoon?” Apparently they don’t have anything.

    Rancho Cordova: Couldn’t get an answer. I was there two days ago and they didn’t have anything. I’ll call again later.

    Roseville: YES! Not sure if they have it all. I’m going over there right now.

  43. Ohhh i’m sooooo mad…after calling the Target at Bridgewater Falls in Fairfield Twp, OHIO and asking if they had any of The Office items in their dollar bins and was told they had a few and I left immediately drove the 15 minutes there to find NOTHING….I need that Dwight Stress ball right about now!! Soooo Bridgewater Falls NO :(((

  44. Target in Bristol, VA does not have them yet, but are clearancing their bins. So…good deals now, new products soon! Check there this weekend or next.

  45. no office stuff in the west hills knoxville, tn target…although it looks like they are clearing the shelves for something new :) We will see!

  46. 58/Emily: I got some stuff at the Irmo Target on Harbison Boulevard.

    Speaking of: Columbia, SC Irmo/Harbison location.

  47. Oh man…after having a bad day at work, this really cheered me up. Any luck finding out about the Target on College Point, Vampire-Bat Jim?

  48. Sacramento Target at Alta Arden and Fulton has everything: pens, pencils, magnets, note pads, and mugs! Thank you, OfficeTally!!!

  49. They were just putting out the stuff in the $1 bins when I went to my local Target (Culver City.) But I managed to snag some magnets.

  50. I’m all set to go to Target, but I know I’m going to get all the way over there and they won’t have them…I have that kind of luck :(

  51. Mads,
    I just read your post. I promise you the Alta Arden store has everything in the $1 bins at the front of the store. I just spent $20.

  52. Neshaminy, PA Target has memo boards, and magnets. I bought duplicate and triplicate. I really want the stress balls and pens!!!

    Going to check the Target Greatland in Philly later tonight. Hopefully I can find the mugs, pens and stress balls or hopefully I can trade with someone!!!

  53. And of course there isnt a Target in the town I go to school in. :( Maybe it’ll be at the Target near my parents house.

    Will let yall know if there is an Office bin at The Woodlands, Texas Target.

  54. Thanks for the heads up about Bridgewater, Wendy (57)! I am heading to Tylersville and Kemper stores after work and will post back to let you know if I have any luck!

  55. American Fork, UT Target doesn’t have any and they show absolutely no sign of getting any. I did get some super hero magnet note pads though! HA. I’m checking the Orem, UT Target after work.

  56. I went to four different Targets this morning. Like JMB I found nothing at the Greatland in Burbank, CA. I went to Pasadena, where they had a very few stress balls – not the bobblehead ones. These were either white or black, and had, i believe, inaccurate quotes. I didn’t buy them. Then I went to Eagle Rock, where i found some of the mini legal pads hidden under some other stuff. I asked the man stocking things there, and he said he hadn’t noticed them, but they were cycling in a new set of products in that section between now and the 16th, which might include these items. As a last ditch effort, I tried the new Target at Glendale Galleria, but alas, no luck there, either.

  57. I was told by my Target Guest Services desk that they have to have the new dollar spot displays up by September 16, so most stores are in the process of changing them over this week. He said the new merchandise should definitely be out by Sunday.
    I presume this should apply to most Target stores that offer the dollar stuff…but I do live in Mesa AZ, so I will keep checking and post when I get my nifty gifties :D

  58. I went on Sunday and they didn’t have anything then I went back the next day and they had the notepads and magnets. I didn’t see the coffee mugs or pens/pencils. I would really like some of those for school! I love Target! :)

  59. I’ll be shocked if any of y’all live near me, but I’ll check the Target in Hickory, NC this week and the one in Gastonia, NC on Monday. I have a friend who lives in Charlotte and I’ll get her to check the store in Pineville for Office goodies.

  60. Target on Rt. 44 in Smithfield, RI at The Crossings has EVERYTHING. I only had a few bucks on me, but I was able to get the Dwight stress ball, the mechanical pencils, an I Heart Jim notepad and an I Heart Jim mug. Yay!

  61. …and I think they should have put another photo of Jim on that note pad, like when he says “Hi” to Pam in Drug Testing (the famous Hey/Hi scene).

  62. re: 52/krizit.. I just called the Target in Valdosta, GA and she checked and double checked and said she didn’t have anything. Yikes! I hope it’s not all gone already.

  63. I went to THREE St. Louis Targets, none of them had the products out yet, just a lot of empty bins: Brentwood, Kirkwood, and the city location at Chippewa and Hampton. I’m going to try again Wednesday

  64. Regular Target in Hoffman Estates (Chicago area) on Higgins Road – nothing =[.
    I’ll probably check the Super Target in Schaumburg on Friday.

  65. Haha, oh my gosh, no way!! This stuff is amazing…I usually don’t shop at Target, but for The Office, I’ll shop anywhere and do anything!!

  66. Thanks for the updates on the Arden store.

    I just got back from Roseville. They have everything, but the mugs and stress balls are almost gone. Rancho Cordova and Sunrise have pens, pencils and notepads, but none of the other stuff.

  67. The College Point Target in Whitestone, NY has the notepads and pens. Maybe later in the week they’ll stock the cooler stuff…

  68. I got the goods at the Target in Erie, Pennsylvania. Lots of stuff, but not as much as before I went shopping!!

  69. AUSTIN TX: I-35 Near UT Campus

    My roommate bought me little magnets with popular office phrases (“that’s what she said”, “pretzel day”, etc.) I’m going to go back later myself and see what else they have!!

  70. If you live in the central Ohio area the Graceland store has stuff. Easton, Sawmill, and Lennox do not. Have not checked Polaris yet.

  71. Nothing but lots of empty bins at the Target in KC at Shawnee Mission and Metcalf… so hopefully something tomorrow or Wednesday!

  72. nothing at the target in sorrento valley in san diego. anyone else in the sd area?! boo i just bought the season 3 dvd at the target in mission valley yesterday, i didnt check the bins though!

  73. Nothing but a bunch of almost empty bins at the Target on Kensington Dr in Appleton, Wisconsin.

    But hopefully that just means they’re going to put new stuff in later this week!!

  74. Thanks to mixedberries for the post about the Culver City Target! They had a bunch of stuff, but not the mugs and pencils so I may have to go back tomorrow.

  75. The Target in Rochester Hills, Michigan had the magnets, mugs, and magnetic memo boards today. There are empty bins for the rest of the stuff, so I think it should be in soon.

  76. Target in Santa Clarita, CA has magnets of pictures and words (like Scranton Party), dry erase boards, pens, pencils, notepads, 4 different mugs, lots of great stuff. I stocked up and spent $50!

  77. This just gives me more reasons to love Target. I hope the one down the street from me has the magnets.

  78. For those of you in Phoenix — I hit the mother lode. I got everything pictured and more at the Target Greatland at Desert Ridge, 101 & Tatum.

    They just got done stocking the shelves when I arrived at around 3 p.m., so I had easy pickings of everything! Woo-Hoo!

  79. Spokane Valley Target…no Office stuff yet. Still quite full of clearance items. Talked with manager who told me they will most likely not be stocking until later this month.

    North Spokane Target…nothing in the bins at all. Must be getting close!

  80. For those of you in Western Tennessee (mainly the Jackson area): They have tons of stuff! I got an “I Love Jim” ceramic mug, an “I Love Jim” magnetic memo board, fridge magnets with the Office cast, and fridge magnets with sayings such as “that’s what she said,” “hug it out,” “Diversity Day,” etc. They’re great! They also have pens, pencils, notepads, and other magnets and ceramic mugs.

  81. Austin TX–

    Nothing at the one at 290 and I-35 and I called the Brodie store and they didn’t have anything but I hit the Motherload at the store on the east side of 35 between STassney and Wiliam Canon.

    They had everything pictured, plus round black and white stress balls. The black one said “I am the boss of this family” and I can’t remember what the white one said. Must not have been that exciting because I didn’t buy it.

  82. Redondo Beach, CA (Kingsdale Ave)

    – mechanical pencils
    – stress ball (dwight head)
    – stress ball (i’m the boss of this family)
    – ceramic mugs (world’s best boss, employee of the year, i love jim, and i’m the boss’s go-to man)
    – magnets (all the ones pictured above)
    – magnetic list pad (pictured above)
    – magnetic memo boards (all pictured above)

    But it already looked pretty ransacked when I went there last night (9/9) so I would hurry.

  83. Didn’t find anything in Fort Wayne IN except empty shelves, luckily I can keep checking because Target is only about 3 minutes down the road.

  84. In an earlier post someone said that the Target on Elston in Chicago had everything. I just got back from the Elston and Addison store and they only had mugs out. I guess there’s 2 Elston stores. I braved the rain and Cubs fans on the Irving Park bus to get there, since I had just recovered from a migraine and wanted to cheer myself up. Oh well…I’m now the proud owner of and “I heart Jim” mug!

  85. i went to the Target in Covina and City of Industry, CA and there was nothing, i was quite disappointed

  86. Portland, Oregon.

    The Clackamas Target had most everything. They only had 1 Dwight stress ball and 2 mugs left. Lots of the other things. I bought the last I Heart Jim mug. I really wish they would have just had a plain Dunder Mifflin mug though.

  87. Southwest Ohio… I checked three stores:
    Tylersville Road in West Chester
    Kemper Road in Tri-County/Springdale
    Colerain Ave. in Colerain
    nothing in any of the stores yet, but the clearance bins are emptying, so hopefully we will see Office swag soon!

  88. None at the Orange Show Target in San Bernardino, CA, but I’m hoping to check Redlands later.
    80-Alamos–if they have them in Santa Ana, they should be here too, sometime soon, right?? :)
    82-CFO–thanks for that info about the 16th–we’ll keep our eyes open.

  89. For you Boston kids out there, the Target on Arsenal Street in Watertown, MA has all of the above items in stock with the exception of the mugs (which sadly were the items I was more looking for). There were also a few other stress balls besides the Dwight one.

    I spent WAY too much money on this stuff today.

  90. Huber Heights, Ohio– Nothing
    Beavercreek, Ohio– Nothing

    Both stores had empty shelves in the Dollar Spot, so here’s hoping that they’ll get some in soon. I’m going to check back tomorrow (and perhaps hit up the third Target in the area)…

  91. nothing at the two Targets in Mobile, AL. The one on Airport road looks like it may have the stuff out tomorrow though.

  92. “Can someone who has already bought something look on the packaging and see who makes it?”

    It says: “Innovative Designs, LLC” New York, New York

  93. Hey everyone–it’s kind of neat to see where you all are from. We really are spread all over the country!

  94. The Northgate Target in Seattle did not have any this afternoon, but the stuff in the $1 bins were gone so maybe it’s coming soon

  95. Nothing in Westland, Woodhaven, and Dearborn Heights Michigan.

    The one in Westland looked pretty stocked full of other things, but the other two appear to be filled soon. Will check tomorrow.

  96. 113-Adelaide: It’s not acutally a mousepad, it’s 20 sheets of notepaper in a mousepad shape with a magnet on the back. It’s still great, though. ;D

  97. For anyone in Omaha-I just got back from the Target on 132nd and Center. They had the pretty much all the stuff in the pics except the pencils. I got a mug that says Employee of the Year (which I plan on taking to work of course) as well as a bunch of the other stuff.

    I also saw a bin there that was empty that was labeled ‘office sticky notes’. So I’m hoping to see something in there soon!

  98. 1 Target out of 3 has the stuff in Chula Vista, California. Mostly notepads, pencils and stresspads. I want a mug!!! And I want pens!!!

  99. Good news NYC Tallyheads! The Target in Brooklyn at the Atlantic Center has The Office Stuff (most everything except the mugs). Take any subway that stops at Atlantic Ave or Pacific St.

    PS I might’ve seen another Tallyhead there this evening — I noticed that someone was headed straight for The Office bins just like me. ;)

  100. Heath, OH = Nothing

    *Question for Columbus, OH residents:
    I know there were a few people looking into the Target at Easton… can you guys keep me posted please? I’m not all that close to the store and when I called they didn’t know what I was talking about. If my Newark Target doesn’t get the stuff, I will totally drive to Easton… I would just like to be sure the stuff is there! I will continue to call both Heath and Easton (maybe I’ll talk to someone who knows what I’m talking about!) and report back here with what I find.

    Thanks for all the info so far!!

  101. Target in Bloomington, IN had a picked-over selection. Mostly pens and paper left. I did manage to score the last IheartJim mug and mousepad!

  102. Just wanted to give office fans a quick update from Northern Virginia…I just checked the Burke VA Target, and they didn’t have any merch yet. Good news is, the $1 bargain bins were nearly empty, so im guessing/praying to all things holy they stock the bins soon! Ill report from the (Crystal City) Arlington VA Target tomorrow, when I stop there on my lunch break.

  103. These pictures don’t show:
    -another set of different barrel pens with Dwight pictures.
    -a white stress ball with the office logo.

  104. Can someone who has already bought something look on the packaging and see who makes it? Maybe we can contact the company to find out where they distribute it and if it’s in any stores besides Target.

  105. Allen Park, MI Target only had the Pens, Pencils, Magnetic and Regular notepads. Dearborn, MI Target didn’t have anything. I’m checking Woodhaven and Taylor tomorrow for the rest- I really want those magnets, a few of the coffee cups, and the stress ball!

  106. I got everything but the Mugs! So Chicago people, as previously stated, most everything can be found at Chicago’s Elston/Leavitt Target.

    Darnit, I really wanted a Mug though. I think the woman stocking that area thought I was crazy rummaging through all that stuff forever. lol

  107. Wait.. Big Haircut… There’s 2 Elston Target’s in Chicago.. What?! I SO want a mug. DARN!

  108. Denver, Colorado area residents–

    Target on Arapahoe & I-25 – All items in stock except Dwight stress heads. The coffee mugs were VERY limited.

    Target on Lincoln & E-470 – Nothing put out (yet?).

    Target on Lincoln & Yosemite – Nothing put out yet (still on ‘clearance sale’).

  109. Target in Indianapolis at Southport & Emerson doesn’t have anything out yet, but the shelves are empty and labeled for the Office products.

  110. none at Merle Hay Mall Target in Des Moines, but the racks were pretty empty, so maybe some Office stuff will come soon.

  111. 85, melissa in NC. Believe it or not fanatic #2 in Hickory. I’m checking Target later this week.

  112. #138 – Lauren, I am going to check the Columbus – Easton store every day until they are stocked with Office stuff. I will report back here once I have the goods.

  113. Target in Dublin, CA has mugs, magnets, notepads, mousepads, stress balls/dwight heads, mechanical pencils, and small dry erase boards. My mom and her friends (and the check out lady) all think I’m insane, but it was soooo worth it! There should be something left after I got done with it ;)

    They were all out of quote pens though :( that was a little upsetting

  114. Checked the Greatland in Sterling, VA. Nada. Zilch. The dollar section was pretty empty though; I’m hoping there’s a restocking soon.

  115. officeisms1978: I went to the Elston and Addison store and they just had mugs…(the Jim one is the only good one in my opinion, the “worlds best boss” isn’t even the same as Michael’s).
    Apparently there’s another Elston store that has everything but I don’t know where that is, maybe far west?
    (This is for all you Chicagoans)
    I’m checking the Harlem and Irving store tomorrow.

  116. Harrisonburg, VA Target had nothing as of 8:30 a.m. this morning…will check again tomorrow probably.

  117. I ran to the Woodhaven/Brownstown store tonight… not a thing. They still seem to be trying to 50% everything old in the bins. Chris, keep us updated on the Allen Park store, please.

  118. Target Greatland Philly – nothing
    Oxford Valley, PA – nothing
    Warrington, PA Target – nothing

    They all have the old stuff still at 50% off.

  119. Just checked the Santa Rosa, CA Target. Picked up some of the pens, pencils and notepads. Didn’t see anything else out. Will try and check the Rohnert Park Target, if I can. I’d love some magnets, stress balls and mugs myself.

  120. Checked both Targets in Daly City, CA (SF Bay Area). The one at Serramonte mall had nothing in as of 3pm today. But–the Target on Junipero Serra at Serra Center had all the pens and pencils, and the 3 notepads. I’m all stocked up on those few items! :) Sounds like they should have the rest of the merch by 9/12…

    Hope that helps someone!

  121. Absolutely NOTHING at the Tigard (Portland, OR) area Target. NOTHING. Sad.

    I still bought a mop, some bagels, and ointment. But I wanted a stress ball!

  122. The Target in Citrus Heights, CA, on Sunrise (Birdcage area) has many of The Office goodies, too.
    The things they didn’t have were the mugs, the Dwight stress ball and the magnets.

  123. Ashley (post 137)- Thanks for the heads up.

    Sophia (posts#66, 94)– Was the stuff right when you walk in? I asked the guy stacking the shelves there and he he just looked at me like he was stoned (maybe one of Creed’s grandkids?).

    I should have done a better job looking myself. I just took his word for it. Can you help me out Sophia?
    I really Shruted it.

  124. The Target on Eastlake Parkway and Telegraph Canyon Road, in Chula Vista, California has nothing. The Target on Broadway in Chula Vista, California, has nothing. The Target on 4th Avenue and C Street has memo pads, legal pads, magnetic mousepad notepads, pencils, stress balls (3 types) and magnetic notepads.

  125. DeKalb, IL — nothing (they still have all their old clearance stuff out)

    Rosemont, IL — only the coffee mugs

    I will try to check a few more surrounding suburbs of Chicago throughout the week! Hope this helps! :)

  126. No goods at the Target in Mission Valley, San diego. Its a bummer but i found a dollar there so maybe someone else will have similar luck

  127. Brooklyn: this evening, 2 mugs left, some notepads (both sizes), stress balls including the Dwight one, lots of barrel pens and mechanical pencils, and all 4 magnet sets. hurry! not many left!

  128. Long Island people- I went to the Valley Stream Target & they had mugs, some of the thin, magnetic notepads, & mousepad notepads….but no pens, pencils or stress balls. I got about $14 worth but I just can’t get enough haha

  129. Yeah! I just bought a ton of stuf at Hillsdale Ave location in San Jose, CA. I felt a tad embarassed when I was being checked out, but it was soo worth it!

    I bought stress balls (Dwight, black/white), magnetic boards (ones in the picture and I Love Jim), mouse pad notepad (DWIGHT in acronyms), magnets (all, but the one with quotes), magnetic notepads (ones in the pic), barrel and quote pens (love them!)

  130. 253 update:

    lakewood towne center: nothing
    union target (NE tacoma): nothing
    south hill: nothing

    and then i went back up to uw

    northgate: nothing

  131. Checked the Target in Normal, IL no good! Will check back at a later date for all you B-N Office Fans!!

  132. #152 – Sailor, thank you so much!! Like I said, I’ll keep calling and let you know if I find anything out. It’s obviously not nearly the same as physically going there and actually seeing the stuff, but Easton is a little bit of a trek from Granville. :D I really appreciate your help!! I’ll check back here tomorrow! Thank you again!!

  133. Redmond, WA store has a decent supply of stuff. I got the last Dwight stress ball, but lots of I heart Jim mousepads, mugs and pens & pencils.

    Hint: Look carefully in the bins! I also missed the Office stuff amidst all the halloween stuff. I also went at 8pm so the bins look a bit like a war zone, plus it was the ‘Take your tired cranky 4-year-old to Target’ hour.

  134. The Target in Boulder, Colorado has a ton of Office stuff. Of course I bought half of it but they had a lot of cool stuff.

  135. Mui: Thanks for the tip on the Hillsdale target in San Jose! (I was going to go to westgate until i saw your post and realized that not all targets were stocked…) The check-out guy gave me a weird look, but as you said, it was worth it!
    (FYI: they were out of mugs when I got there, though)

  136. The Target in Grossmont Center in La Mesa, CA had nothing; the Target in College Grove had nothing. Looked like they were doing some restocking, so I will check back often!

  137. What a nice way to find out where people are from. :)

    For central Ohio folks:

    East Broad at the Town and Country shopping center- couldn’t find anything. They looked like they were ready to restock though.

    East Broad and Waggoner (Reynoldsburg)- Almost completely empty shelves and they were talking about making room for stuff coming in tomorrow (Tuesday). I’m crossing my fingers for this one. :)

  138. I went to the Target in Fort Worth,TX on 377. They had everything but I love Jim mug and Dwight Shrute stress balls. :T I wanted those the most.

  139. The Target on Jefferson in Culver City had stressballs (I snagged the last two Dwight stressballs), magnet boards, mousepad notepads, and magnets. There were only two small bins with these in the $1 area at the front of the store.

  140. Thank you a million times over to Sammie #154. Dublin was one of the 6 stores I called in the East Bay today who said they didn’t have anything like that!

    If you called stores and they said they didn’t have them, I would still check. And look CLOSELY! They can be kind of hard to spot in the bins.

  141. Target @ Tanforan didn’t have anything =( My sister just called and said the one down in Santa Clarita did so she got me everything I wanted!!

  142. Woops..both of those Targets in California. Tanforan in San Bruno and Santa Clarita in Southern California =)

  143. For Chicago people:

    The Target at Golf Mill in Niles has everything except the mugs and the stress balls. TONS of the pens! There was even a third mouse pad with Dwight on it…plus a few more varieties of the pads of paper and white boards.

    I actually bought extras! haha.. so if you can’t find something lemme know.

  144. The Target in Murrieta, CA doesn’t have any as of sunday. Sadly this is the only one in the city.. sad face.

  145. Vikinggal20 are you from Chula Vista too? I went to all those targets but I only found stuff at the target you mentioned (national City) tomorrow I’m going to the one in mission in hopes of finding some stuff.

  146. Nothing yet at the Westfield Target in Olympia, WA. But the bins were at 50% off and almost empty, so I’ll keep checking.

  147. San Diego Update:

    Sports Arena – nope
    Balboa – nope
    Mission Valley – nope
    Kearny Mesa – nope
    Mira Mesa – nope

    El Cajon – Win. Win. Win. They have magnets, mugs, pencils, pads of paper, and the round stress balls.

  148. Oregonians,

    The Target at Gateway Mall in Springfield(rightful city of The Simpsons) has some of the Office merchandise. It does not have the stress ball, coffee mugs or pens/pencils but it has like 5 different types of each notepad or mousepad.

  149. I went to the Target at Rosemead, CA on Sunday. I didn’t see any of these!!! OMG I’m so sad, I’m going to try other ones.

  150. Although I’m sure none of you live around the area I checked the Target in Tulsa, OK and found nothing. But like some people, I saw everything was 50 % off. I didn’t bother to check the tags (To see if it should Office products…) so I’m not sure if it’s going to be stocked soon or not… How long do you think I should wait before going back?

  151. Tucson, AZ

    Target @ Broadway/Rosemont area:
    everything but the Dwight stress ball and the I love Jim mug.

  152. I found the barrel pens, the quote pens and the ceramic mugs at the Baldwin Hills/S. La Cienega Target in L.A.

  153. Target at 86th Street, Indianapolis: NO

    Then I tried to check the Target at Michigan Road and the power was out on the whole block, so we couldn’t get in because they closed the store. Will be checking Lafayette, IN Target tomorrow! This is so much fun ;)

  154. ThatsWhatISaid…thanks so much for checking the other SW Ohio Stores!!!! The Bridgewater Target’s $1 bins were very empty soooo I’m hoping that means they are getting ready to stock up on all our OFFICE needs!!! I’ll keep ya posted when I go back!!!

  155. 109|GMMR – thank you thank you thank you! Road trip to Watertown! (how often do you hear that?)

    Nothing in Everett, MA as of yesterday – they were clearing out the bins, but said they will be restocked on Thursday (although the guy said it was Halloween stuff).

  156. I did some sleuthing around and found the phone number of the company– Innovative Designs– that makes these products. The secretary told me that I could buy the products directly from them without having to go through Target. Their number is 212-695-0892. Good new for all of us who can’t find the stuff at our local Targets!!

  157. Brooklyn target this morning 8:00am: (both kinds)quote Pens, mechanical pencils, both kinds barrell pens,all magnets except ‘word’ ones,memo boards: I

  158. I checked Target at Bridgewater Falls in Fairfield OH this morning before work. They were putting up new tags and emptying out the last of the clearance items. I asked the rep if they were going to be refilling the bins today, and she told me that they probably won’t be refilled until the end of this week.

  159. Vampire-Bat Jim (post 167), um, you know how there are two huge entrances for the Whitestone, NY Target, there’s one entrance near the dvd place and there’s another one near the Starbucks. The $1 bin is near the Starbucks, which is all near the self care stuff with all the lotion and stuff.

  160. Chapel Hill/Durham, NC; checked yesterday evening

    Southpoint – Nope
    Durham (15/501) – Nope

    The one on 15/501 had tons of empty bins though, so I’m hoping like others that they restock with Office stuff. Maybe the West Coasties are just getting them first?

  161. Checked 5 different Targets, had a busy morning in Metro Detroit Michigan!

    Woodhaven- Nothing
    Taylor- Nothing
    Dearborn Heights- Pens/Pencils, Notepads
    Westland- called, said they had nothing
    Dearborn- Nothing
    Allen Park- Pens/Pencils, Notepads, Mousepads

    I’m checking Woodhaven again this afternoon, all the racks were almost empty and looked like they could be restocked sometime today. After today I’m just checking my Allen Park Target every morning this week till I find everything. The thing I like is that all this stuff is up front, you don’t have to go hunt deep in the store for it.

  162. Fishers, Indiana Target:

    Well stocked with everything pictured as of Tuesday morning (9/11). Only exception – 2 different versions of the mugs. This Target also still has the Nifty Gifty version of Season 3.

  163. Just checked the bins at The Crystal City Arlington Target in Virginia…nothing.

    Are these things starting on the West Coast and making their way to the East Coast?

  164. I haven’t read all post, so I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but in Missouri, I went to my local Target; they said they don’t have any in stock yet, but it is on the way and they were aware of it.

    It is supposed to come in some time this week. I am going to buy bulk.

  165. thanks chicago fans — i went to the one on elston and am now a proud owner of too much (is that possible?) office stuff. i think my roommate [and the cashier] think i’m crazyyy.

  166. It would all the Targets in Aurora, CO have gotten the stuff in, spent well over 30 bucks this morning.

  167. Just visited the Target in downtown Minneapolis, MN and they have a great stock of all things listed above.

  168. Target in Lawrence, KS has everything listed above if anyone else lives in the area.

    Although I did a fairly good job of cleaning them out. :-P

  169. Dunderhead (218)- thank you! It’s a little cumbersome getting to the downtown store, but I’ll do it if I need to! :)

  170. Fort Worth (Overton Ridge) TX–They had been almost cleaned OUT! No pens, no pencils, but they had five different styles of the narrow magnetic pads, and five different styles of the mousepad notepads and they had two different style mugs. I spent twenty bucks……good lord.

  171. Update: Colma, CA Target had the barrel pens, mechanical pencils & the mini legal pads with Michael (World’s Best Boss) & the cast one.

    Serramonte (Daly City, CA) didn’t have anything

  172. Heather in Tulsa~ I’m in Stillwater (Wal-Mart Land), but I was in Tulsa last night. Unfortunately, I didn’t visit Office Tally before I left Stw or I would have checked the Super Target on 71st. (Not sure why I didn’t go in there anyway. I usually can’t help myself.)

  173. Juliet – great! Yeah, when I got there they did not have any mugs, quote magnets, or mini legal pads.

  174. Nothing at the West Hollywood, CA store as of this morning. That whole section was full to the brim with other stuff, so maybe they haven’t put them out yet.

  175. Hello Tallyheads! Longtime lurker, firsttime poster.

    For all those residing in the far western Chicago suburbs –

    The Naperville, IL Jefferson Ave. Target – nothing. But the $1 bins are on clearance, so based on what I’ve read, Office goodness is on its way

    The Oswego, IL Target along Route 34 – same as above.

  176. Nothing in the Elyria, OH Target as of 6pm last night. I really hope they get some items in!

  177. Allentown, PA’s Target has it all: mouse pads, tablets, pens, mugs, magnets and stress balls. They have a ton of it!

  178. Not surprising, nothing at the Target in Norcross GA (Holcomb Bridge/Peachtree Ind.
    I had my mother check my hometown Target (Carrollton, GA) and she hit the motherload! 4 different mugs, pens, pencils, big erasers, loads of magnets, dry erase board, 2 different stress balls, notepads, sticky notes, several different mousepads.
    My mom does not watch the show and hearing her read off the different sayings and phrases on the various items was quite amusing!

  179. Target in Christiansburg, VA had 4 different mouse pad notepads out. I asked about other items and they have them but are waiting for some of the other bins (containing non-Office merchandise) to sell out. If you go to your local Target and can’t find some of the items this may be the case.

  180. Nothing yet in Bellingham, WA.

    Guest Services girl said a reset will be happening sometime during the next week.
    I’m going to check back on Friday!

  181. Update: Woodhaven MI was putting out all items @ noon, Taylor was in the process @ 1pm. According to the layout there is also a memo cube and sticky notes. I have almost everything!

  182. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned the Truxel Rd. Target near Sacramento. As of today they have the magnets and note pads . . this is a good option for any Davis-ites who don’t want to drive all the way out to Roseville or Arden :)

  183. Target in Clinton Township, MI, Gratiot and 15, had a TON of stuff, lots of variety and a good amount of stock at 12:30 p.m. They had spots for the smaller sticky notes, both pads and cubes, but nothing in the bins. They have the quote pens, mechanical pencils, magnets in three varieties, include one package of various Office sayings, such as “That what She Said” and “Party Planning Committee,” three different mugs (except the “I Heart Jim” one, darn it), stress balls in THREE varieties and other goodies.

  184. I think Illinois got stiffed…at least the Western suburbs did. Nothing at the Targets in Wheaton, Warrenville (Super Target) and Lombard. All the bins were full of junk. Bummer! Will try again later in the week.

  185. After hearing about this I stopped by my local Target in Canton Ohio. I was able to find almost everything pictured except for the mugs and the mechanical pencils, though they did have the pens. They had the stress balls, mousepad notepads, magnets, and dry erase boards. While going through the checkout I asked my cashier if everything was out that they had and she said they’re still working on getting stuff on the shelves so I should stop by tomorrow. I have classes nearby tonight so I’m going to make another trip to see if I need anything else, or if they put the new stuff out yet.

  186. I went to one of the 2 Targets here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the one on Maplecrest Rd. had next to nothing in their dollar bins, with no sign of any Office-related stuff at all. Most of the generic dollar items were gone and they had a 50% off sign up, so I’m assuming they’re doing a massive sale so that they can bring in new stuff. *fingers crossed* The only highlight of that Target run was the Harry Potter post-it notes that I got for 50 cents. :D

    I’m checking the other Target here in town tonight. That Jim mousepad has my name all over it (well, not really, I mean obviously it has Jim’s but you know what I mean).

  187. I’ve updated the photos to include two more legal mini-pads, two more magnetic memo boards, and bigger photos of the four different types of magnet sets. Yowsah!

  188. I tried to see if these stores were mentioned already…

    For those in the San Fernando Valley, The Northridge store (Corbin and Nordhoff) they had the pens, pencils, notepads, dry erase boards, notepad mousepads, magnets, and 3 different stress balls. The bin marked for the mugs was empty. But everthing else was overflowing.

    I also checked the Granada Hills store (Balboa and Nordhoff) they had nothing out. Half of the bins were halloween the other half empty.

    This was all as of last night 9/10.

  189. Update: Medina, OH has their display! It was on an endcap. Looks like it was just set up recently as there was still quite a bit there!

    I was so excited when I went into the store and found it all!!

  190. Target in Georgetown, TX has quite a bit! 3 different sets of magnets, several dry erase boards, the pens and pencils and mugs, and several different writing pads. Oh…it made me so happy!

  191. SoCal LA Area

    I’m running out of Targets there was nothing at these:
    Pico Rivera
    Baldwin Park

  192. LA / OC — there is still a ton of stuff at the Target in Santa Ana on 17th off the 5FWY! Depending on where you coming from it may be worth the drive.

  193. Target on Roosevelt Blvd. Jacksonville, Florida.
    Had it all except mouse pads, Today I got a cart full.

  194. The Target in Uniontown, PA (south of Pittsburgh) has notepads, mousepads, magnets and message boards. No mugs or stress balls, but there were lots of empty bins, so I’m hopeful.

  195. Bloomington, IN’s Target has restocked with magnets, pens, stress balls, mugs, pencils, and notepads.

  196. #229 – Sailor, thanks so much for the update! I made a little trip today and I bought a bunch of stuff!! There still weren’t any mugs out as of 3:30PM today, but maybe they’ll put some out later this week. They also had bins for post-it notes and cubes, but the bins were empty.

    Also, I called the Target in Heath and they still don’t have anything out. They have to wait until some of the clearance stuff goes. They thought by Thursday or Friday new stuff would be put out. Just FYI for the Central Ohio people.

    Thanks again, Sailor!!

  197. My friend, who lives in Killeen, TX, called me up and told me that there was Office stuff there at that Target. I don’t have anything here in Orlando so she bought me all of the stuff and it is going to be an early birthday present. What a good friend. :)

  198. The Target in Highland, Ca had all the stuff just got home from picking up all the goodies.

  199. Lafayette, IN Target had the 50% off stickers with not much stuff, like they’re trying to sell it all. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some stuff in a day or two.

  200. target in franklin, tn…i saw al lthe magnets, the pens and pencil sets, not all but several notepads, magnetic notepads, and dry erase boards. they also had a black stress ball that said “i’m the boss of this family” and the dwight head stress ball.

    no mugs here.

  201. I spent a good amount of money buying two of each.

    Everything was there, or so I thought…

    I didn’t get the pencils. :/

  202. I was just at College Park, MD Target (PG Plaza one) and I couldn’t find a single piece of The Office Merchandise in the entire store… other than the DVDs

  203. Redmond, Washington Target had almost everything. No Dwight stress balls, but lots of the magnets, pens, pencils, notepads and some of each of the mugs.

  204. 241 – Laurie from Fort Wayne – Maplecrest Rd. has magnetic note pads, Dwight heads, Jim mousepads and mugs. Just no magnets, pens, or pencils.

  205. I went to several Targets in San Diego and the only ones that had anything were, El Cajon and Santee. They had some of the same things and some different. Santee had mugs and Dwight stress ball.

  206. The North Hollywood, CA location has everything. I cleaned up. Good thing too cause I was getting tired of driving around!

  207. Little Rock, AR: None in West Little Rock today or in Bryant last night. Bryant looks like they had some space for some, but when I called today to check they said they had just put out some Halloween stuff there. Hm.

  208. SW Ohio… Tylersville Road and Bridgewater Falls don’t have anything, but Tri-County Target has a ton of stuff. Pencils, barrel pens, quote pens, white boards, mousepads, mini legal pads, magnetic pads, magnets, stress balls… pretty much everything except the post its, memo cubes, and mugs.

  209. I checked the Target in Sugarcreek Township, Ohio, and they had everything. I just love the quote pens. I kind of wish that they had more variety (other than just Michael and Dwight), but oh well.

  210. Finally, a reason to go all the way to Branson. The Target there had everything but the mugs. Hopefully the store in Springfield, MO will get in gear soon!

  211. Was just @ Woodhaven, Mi again, they have a mug that I didn’t see before that says “I’m the boss’ go-to guy” so I had to have that. The only two things I need are the sticky notes and the memo cube, two items that I haven’t seen yet.

  212. Port Charlotte, FL Target – they have the magnets, pens, notepads, magnetic notepads, and stress balls.

    No mugs or pencils. Wah.

  213. Found the stress balls, magnets and some of the pens at the Target on Madison Ave. in Sacramento. So happy to finally get my Dwight stress ball!

  214. Target in Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, MA only has pencils, pens, magnets, and notepads. I wish they had the mugs.

  215. 260- Yeah, I was at the Muskegon Target at noon today, and I was pretty disappointed, but it was encouraging that they looked like they’d be filled soon.

  216. Yet another Phoenix Dunderhead here. Thanks to Lemoñadé for directing me to the lode at 22nd and Baseline. At only $1 each, it was easy to stock up for all my office buddies at work… Thanks!

  217. The Rohnert Park (California) Target seems to be all stocked up on all the items. They had one whole end aisle in the ‘junk’ area devoted to The Office goodies. I wasn’t impressed by the non-Dwight-head stress balls.

  218. to the person who checked out the one in Lafayette, IN, was it the one on SR 26, i went to that one yesterday and it was the same thing you said. i did pick up the season 2 dvd though so the trip was overall a success! :)

  219. As of 9/11 evening, the Northridge, CA (on Balboa) does NOT have anything.

    The Northridge, CA (on Corbin & Nordhoff) has everything except the stress balls.

  220. Nothing at the Union Target in Tacoma, WA, but the Lacey store seemed to have everything! I was very weirded out when the cashier DIDN’T look at me like I was crazy . . .

  221. The Target on Harbor in Costa Mesa, CA had mugs, notepads, magnets and Dwight stress balls this morning. It wasn’t easy to find, as it was all spread out throughout the dollar section, but it was there!

  222. Target in Whittier, CA had several of the items fully stocked except the sticky notes and the retractable pens. They said they would be restocking soon!

  223. Phoenix AZ – thanks so much guys, I just joined Office Tally like two days ago, and already it’s paid off big time! I stopped by the 7th Ave/Camelback Target after work today and got 4 mugs, 4 skinny notepads, 4 mousepads, the dwigt stressball, and all 4 magnet sheets (I bought 2 of the words one cause I loved it so much!). That’s all they had there – no legal pads or pens – so I’m now going to check out the Desert Ridge one.

    A friend checked out the 101/Frank Lloyd Wright Target, and all they had were the stressballs, so beware that one…

    I figured they’d be good party favors for my Office Premier party!

  224. Minnesota — as of 7pm tues. night, Roseville and Shoreview Super Targets had nothing but the Fridley Target had everything. The Mugs were running out though.

  225. Eric (#296), thanks! I wouldn’t have guessed Fridley would be well-stocked? An update on the downtown Mpls. store, as of 6:30 p.m. there were quite a few dry erase boards, pens, pencils, but they were running low on most other items.

  226. Oaks, Royersford, and North Wales Pennsylvania all have nothing.

    I found everything but the mugs and stress balls at the Plymouth Meeting Target though.

  227. St Louis

    Checked Kirkwood target again today and they had rearranged the $1 bins so that one whole wall was empty…so I’ll be going back again tomorrow after work. :)

  228. 2nd attempt: Sherwood (Portland, OR) area Target had NOTHING. Again, I found NOTHING in the bins. My search for cheap Office items has been FRUITLESS.

  229. Target in Fair Lakes, VA (Fairfax) did not have anything as of 6pm on 9/11. They had the clearance signs up and the end date on the signs was 9/12, so perhaps after that the section will get stocked with different items?

    I might check Reston or Springfield later this week unless someone else does.

  230. Nothing at the Redlands, CA Target and only Pens at the Cathedral City, CA Target. This sucks… I want the mug and notepad!


    Yes- Graceland shopping center (high and morse)
    this store had pens, pencils, and stationary

    No- Easton, Polaris, Brice Road, East Broad Street (Reynoldsburg)

  232. I knew they’d be on ebay sooner or later. Check it out. Sorry if anyone posted this info before me.

  233. 261 – StairCar HopeOn, thanks for that update! I was just there on Monday evening and they didn’t have anything, so they must’ve restocked after I left. I’ll be hitting that Target tomorrow without a doubt!

    As for the Glenbrook Target here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there was nothing yet but again, it looks like they’re going to be restocking soon, so here’s hoping they’ll have whatever Maplecrest didn’t!

  234. The Target in Chula Vista, (San Diego, CA) north 4th has the mechanical pencils, mini legal pads and magnetic list pads, and mouse pad notepads.

  235. Checked two Targets in Riverside, California.
    The Target on Arlington off the 91 freeway only had magnets.
    The Target on Tyler across from the Galleria Mall had everything except coffee mugs.

  236. Target in Medford, Oregon had 6 bins full of stuff. Even Dwight stress balls!
    Needless to say I cleaned house.

  237. I work at a Target and as far as I know they will all eventually receive the same assortment. If your store still has clearance check back the first part of next week. The new stuff is set based on how fast the clearance sells. But I think all are supposed to be set by Tuesday the 18th. Also, if your store is out of stock it should be replenished soon.

  238. as of 2pm today,

    Culver City, CA Target (on Jefferson) – everything except stress balls (darn!) and I didn’t see any I

  239. Thanks 310, I was starting to think that my Target might just not get any of the stuff.

  240. #305 – Steve
    The Columbus Easton store does have some stuff…just not the mugs or the post it notes.

  241. The Target at the Waterfront in Pittsburgh has the pens and pencils. There was one Jim pad left last night. It looks like there may have been more, there were a lot of empty bins.

  242. I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, but, the Target on schillinger Rd. in Mobile, AL had some of the goodies. Everything was together and it was super easy to find. They had the pens (sadly no just Jim ones) and pencils, tons of pads, some magnets, a mini-dry erase board, three types of stress ball including the Dwight head, and three different mugs. No “World’s Best Boss,” though, so I got an I

  243. I heard that the Target in Lee’s Summit, MO had some stuff, but they were taking it down to put in Halloween stuff, luckily my mom loves me a lot and got me a “I love Jim” mug. I’m so glad that she can continue to support my addiction!!! wish she would have grabbed some pens too……

  244. 293-Andrea
    Nice to see another Spokane-ite on here! And thanks for the info on the Target up north. I was going to head up there this morning, but I think now I might wait until later.

  245. Target in the Milestone Shopping Center in Germantown, Maryland (Montgomery County) has the pens, pads, dry erase boards, stressballs, and 4 different magnet sets. I put a dent in their supply last night and things seemed to be goign pretty fast. So go soon if you want stuff.

  246. Carly f. (post#172): Thanks for the info!

    As of Tuesday afternoon the Target in College Point had plenty of pens but I did not see the notepads. Don’t go by me though, I have trouble locating water in the ocean.

  247. The Target on University in Winter Park, FL has a lot of stuff. It’s all right in front of the main entrance. They didn’t have every item that’s been listed here, but they had a lot of stress balls, pencils, mugs, stickies, dry erase boards, magnets and pads.
    Woo hoo!

  248. Nothing yet at the Target in Union, NJ. The dollar spot was a mess though, so hopefully they’ll be restocking soon. I asked customer service if they knew when, and they said “No.”

    Question for Dwight’s son – how often do the Dollar Spot selections turnover? (I.e., how many days/weeks typically pass before there’s an entire inventory refresh?)

  249. Checked Arlington, VA Target (Crystal City) at 1pm. It was new stuff from when I was there yesterday at lunch, but still no OFFICE stuff.

    Went to the Target in Alexandria (Skyline) last night and saw a guy restocking the $1 bin’s. I thought I hit the jackpot until he told me he had no OFFICE stuff. He said to check back on tht 16th when they restock again.

  250. In Germantown, MD at the Milestone shopping center, there are still a good portion of the items in the $1 bins.

  251. A coworker said she visited the Lafayette, IN Target and saw nothing. I will let you all know if the situation changes. I have yet to hear about the Bloomingdale, IL location. Over and out.

  252. Arlington/Fort Worth, TX

    Nothing at Cooper store in Arlington or at Eastchase.
    Target at Precinct Line has pens/pencils left. I bought them out of the 5 mini legal-pads they had left.

  253. Columbus, OH

    The Hilliard and Columbus Central Targets have NO Office $1 items.

    When I inquired when they might be putting them out, an associate told me, “I don’t know; that’s really low priority.” I wanted to punch her.

  254. Cleveland, OH Area

    Target in Strongsville near Southpark Center Mall has quite a bit: pens, pencils, legal pads, stress balls, magnets, dry erase boards.

    They also had mugs, but were almost out – I got lucky and got the LAST I Love Jim Mug (fate, I tell ya – heehee) – they also had ONE Worlds Best Boss mug.

    The only thing I didn’t see there were the note pads shaped like a mousepad.

  255. the Target on airport road in asheville, NC has everything, when i got there it looked like about half of it was gone!

  256. Schaumburg, IL update…they DID have everything, obviously word is out. The Jim stuff and Dwight stress balls are running low. Scored a whole bunch of cool stuff, didn’t see the memo cubes but everything else is there!

  257. I found pretty much all the stuff at the Rohnert Park, CA Target and there was still a lot of stuff last night! I love the Jim mug and the fridge word magnets!!

  258. Greensboro/Burlington, NC

    We found all of the Mugs @ the Bridford Parkway Target, sticky notes @ the Lawndale Target, Memo Cubes @ New Garden Target, and stress balls, paper, pen and pencil sets at Burlingyon/Elon Target! We’re still on the look out for memo boards and all the magnets! :)

  259. Post #322 Lisa – what Target store exactly in Bala Cynwyd? I live in the Philly area and can’t find anything here!

    I looked at the Target stores for PA and none has the city of Bala Cynwyd. I’m not familiar with that area…

  260. Chicago Area:

    The Target in Schaumburg, IL (Higgins Road) has everything except for the mouse pad notepads.

  261. The Target in Bladwin Park CA now has the mouse pad notepads, legal pads, and dry erase boards.

  262. The Nampa, ID target had some good stuff there, not everything, but quite a lot of it.
    There was still stuff on clearance, but there were still a few bins full of Office goodies, Dwight stress balls included! Needless to say, my dorm room is now stocked with all the necessities :)

  263. 341-Stef–thanks for the update, and darn it, I drove right past the Redlands Target earlier!! I was just there last night and there wasn’t anything, and I was running out of time on my lunch break, so I decided to wait until tomorrow to check… grrrr! (You didn’t buy ALL of it, did you??) :) Do I dare wait until tomorrow to go back over there?

  264. The Target in North Buffalo, NY has almost everything. I didn’t see any mugs. I got some memo pads, pens, pencil, stress balls, magnets, and a dry erase board. It made my day! I brought my Dwight stress ball into work today and got some odd looks…

  265. The Target in Tustin, California is packed with stuff! They are all out of World’s Best Boss mugs though :( I could have spent $50, but grabbed a couple must haves and ran away before my cart was stuffed!

  266. Hey, Chicago area flans! First of all, I’m glad to see there are some..I thought I was the only one! Second, I found items at the Lincoln Park Target today on Elston just north of Fullerton.

  267. Long Island Update:

    I have been flying around Long Island (pun intended) and here is a listing of stores and what I found:

    (As of 9/12)

    Valley Steam: Mouse Pad Notepad.

    Westbury: Found Nothing.

    Hicksville: MOTHERLOAD: Mugs(4 different
    types), Stress balls, magnets, notepads, pens, pencils, magnetic memo board with marker, 38 magnet set of words.

    Levittown: everything Hicksville had except for the 38 magnet set of words.

    Happy Hunting

  268. In Charlotte, NC, the Target on Walker Branch Dr. has pens, pencils, mugs (but no Jim), stressballs, notepads, magnets, mousepads, and magnetic memo boards with markers.

  269. EM-yes, it was the Lafayette Target on SR 26. Yay for you buying the DVDs! Glad it wasn’t a wasted trip…mine almost was, and then I bought some lunch containers, so not a waste, either ;)

  270. I was just at the Janesville, WI Target and picked up the Employee and Boss mugs, the Dwight head stress ball, the group picture magnetic board, the word magnets, a pad, and some pens and pencils!

    I never knew that I could be so excited buying office supplies!

  271. I called Target in Medina, Ohio, yesterday and they told me they had nothing. However, I went this morning and hit the jackpot. They had it all except the memo cubes. Since I left, though, they are low on Jim items (hee, hee).

  272. The Brandywine, DE Target has only the mugs right now. They have 4 different kinds, and there are about 25+ left.

    Exton, PA Target has nothing out yet…

  273. Target in Culver City, CA has stuff! They were out of the stress balls (though I do know of people who bought them there earlier in the week).

  274. The Target in The Fair Lakes shopping center in No. VA has oodles and oodles of stuff! I just got back from raiding the bins–it was awesome! :D

  275. Amherst, NY Target has mostly everything. I didn’t see a photo of it on here but I got a black mug that says “I’m the boss’s go-to man.”

  276. Laurie and StairCar HopOn – I went to Fort Wayne – Maplecrest today and they had pretty much everything pictured (no Dwight stress balls) but bins were pretty empty. They said someone came through today and bought a cart load….one of you??? Haha. Anyone have any success at Glenbrook?

  277. Springfield, IL- Nothing

    Decatur, IL- Nothing (Associate said she didnt know anything about it and that as far as she knows they will not get any of it in.) =(

  278. Ithaca, NY: Has notepads, dry erase boards, magnets, mousepads, stress balls, mugs…no pens or pencils though!

  279. Newark, CA — New Park Mall, Target: YES! they have the mugs, magnets, notepad, stress balls, etc.

  280. The store in Norfolk, NE has everything and two empty bins marked sticky pads and memo cube.

  281. The SeaTac Mall Target cleared out their bins yesterday so I would assume any TO stuff coming in will be in the bins soon. The Mega Target in Seattle has everything but mugs and Dwight heads

  282. Nothing at Heath, OH Target. I just checked it tonight and asked- it’s all clearance items right now but maybe new stuff will come in soon. None of the employees had any idea about it :(

  283. This afternoon, I visited the Target in Queens, NY (Queens Blvd) which had all four mugs, the barrel pens, the mechanical pencils, the quote pens, and the notepads. Nothing else. The Target in Brooklyn that I visited yesterday had mostly everything else, except the memo cubes and stickys.

  284. Everything was available at the Target in Woodhaven, MI.

    Pencils and Pens were available at the one in Dearborn Heights, MI.

    Nothing in Taylor, MI.

  285. 362 Diana – OMG, yeah, that was probably me. LOL But I left plenty for everyone else, I swear! I was in there about 6pm yesterday and the kid that was my cashier looks at all of the stuff I grabbed and goes, “Are you an Office fan?” And I replied, “Is it that obvious?” I bought $35 worth. :D

    They had quite a few different mugs, which was a nice surprise. I got 2 of the “I heart Jim” mugs, as well as the “Employee of the Month,” “I’m the boss’s go-to man,” and “World’s Best Boss.” Also, they had a nice variety of the magnetic memo boards and the mousepad notepads. They had 2 stress balls with a different quote on each, but no sign of any Dwight stress balls. :(

    Everyone in Fort Wayne – keep an eye on the Glenbrook Target. Hopefully they’ll get their supplies in soon!

  286. Scarlet Jem – I think the Bala Cynwyd Target is the one across from Saks on Rt. 1. Near the Chili’s. If you search on I think it’s the SE Philadelphia store.

    Swatara, PA (just outside of Harrisburg off of Rt. 283) had nothing on Monday. East York, PA had nothing Monday or Tuesday. Don’t know yet about West York or Lancaster, PA but I’m planning on hitting all this weekend!

  287. Pittsburgh, PA – North Hills Target on McKnight Road (the one closest to the city) was just putting out the merchandise on 9/12. Had pens, pencils, mugs, mousepads.

  288. Boise Target (near the mall), nothing but empty bins. No one seemed to know when they would be restocking them.

    Haven’t checked the Eagle location.

  289. Chicago’s Western Suburbs Update

    Downers Grove/Woodridge not set up yet
    Lombard…has lots of magnets, notepads, pencils, pens and mugs but only ONE Dwight Schrute stress ball left!!

  290. I checked 2 Targets in the Marietta, GA area:

    The one on Abernathy near Perimeter Mall, and the one off of Roswell Road and Johnson Ferry near Abernathy.

    Neither of them had anything as of noon on Thursday, Sept. 13 :(

  291. Just checked the Target at Potomac Yards in Arlington VA on my lunch break — no Office stuff. :(

    Tons of clearance, scrapbooking, and children things though . . . it was pretty full. I did notice a couple of copies of the Nifty Gifty DVD version still for sale there though, for what it’s worth.

  292. Jenny-
    i was just at the lombard target last night- all the bins were empty. did you go this morning? ’cause if you did, i’m going right after work!

  293. Chicago area update:

    The Target on Route 72 in West Dundee has everything except for the mugs.

  294. #371 – Julie, I called the Heath Target today and they still didn’t have anything out. The guy I spoke with seemed to think they would have stuff and that it would all be out by Monday at the latest. He suggested calling Saturday because they could have the stuff out by then at the earliest. I hope this helps!

    Sailor, have you been back to Easton? If so, do they have any mugs or memo cubes?? Thanks in advance.

  295. Jenna…

    Yes, just there this morning after I took the kids to school…at around 8:45 or so. Like I said, only one Dwight stress ball left at that time, but other plain Dunder Mifflin ones, tons of everything else. Good luck!!!


  296. Valdosta, GA Target has everything!!! I was there on Tuesday and got a bunch of stuff, went back by today and they had added a bunch more, including memo cubes, post-its, and mugs. I think I’ve practiced great restraint by only spending a total of $15…

    I don’t know if this helps anyone, since Valdosta isn’t close to anywhere good. lol

  297. #385 – My friend was at the Easton store and picked up 2 mugs for me. She said that there were no memo cubes. I plan on going there after work to verify for myself. I will let you know.

  298. #388 – Sailor, thanks for the info. When you check tonight, can you also see how many mugs are left? Specifically “I Heart Jim” and “World’s Best Boss” mugs. Thank you again for all your help!!

  299. I found all of this stuff as well as the office mini memo cubes of dwight and michael. I didn’t see any mugs though!

  300. Vampire-Bat Jim (353) already mentioned the Long Island locations, but for anyone who is going to the Target in Hicksville – I went there today and there were only 3 or 4 Dwight stress balls left, and only about 10 mugs left. Lots of pencils, pens, magnets, and notepads though!

  301. Tampa Bay Area:

    I went to the Target on Fletcher & Bruce B. Downs and they had everything except the stress balls.

    I also went to the Target in South Tampa on Dale Mabry today and found nothing.

    I went to the one in Brandon yesterday and there was nothing.

  302. 88 laura – I tried Brentwood & St. Charles Rock Road today with no luck. I think St. Louis might be getting ripped off!

  303. #389 – They don’t have many mugs left. A few Jim and Boss ones. More of Employee of the Year and My Boss’s go to guy.

  304. I work for Target and when I saw this post I went and checked out the store for the Office merchandise. It is all in the See Spot Save section and is scheduled to be put out on 9/16. So most stores should have it out early next week. I found most of it in the backroom and it is pretty cool. It is all only $1 too!

  305. Jacksonville, FL …as of 9/13/07:

    – St. Johns Town Center = YES!!!!
    – Roosevelt Blvd. = Yes according to earlier post
    – Southside = NO

    This has officially been THE BEST DAY EVER.

  306. I went to 6 different Targets in San Diego. The Genesee store has a lot of stuff, and few of the other targets have a few memo pads and stress balls. Luckily I spoke to a few of the managers. Most of the office or as they put it blue dot merchandise has not been put out. They’re trying to sell all the red dot merchandise this weekend and by Monday all the Office merchandise should be out. I was able to get everything at the Genesee store except the word magnets, employee of the month mug, mini memo cube and post its. The Eastlake Target has inventory tonight, so some Office stuff could be out by Saturday.

  307. INDIANA:
    Southport Rd/Emerson Ave in Indianapolis (southside).
    No mouse or paper pads, pens/pencils, but magnets, sticky notes, Dwight squeeze balls and mugs galore! :-)

  308. New Orleans, LA: Nothing at the Manhattan (Harvey) store. Going to check Clearview tomorrow after work.

  309. The Denton, TX, Target on Loop 288 has the stuff…my friend knew how much I wanted some of the items, and she surprised me with a “World’s Best Boss” and “I(heart) Jim” mug for helping her move last weekend. We’re planning on going there again this weekend to get more. :-)

  310. The Target at Power & Ray roads in Mesa, AZ has the stuff. Just put it out today. But there were no sticky notes yet, just an empty bin.

  311. Tallahassee, FL
    The one in the Bradfordville area, farthest north.

    They’re getting pretty wiped out, I got a ton! But it was all there.

  312. Went to the target in Watchung, NJ tonight and all of the bins were empty (as in nothing had been put out yet). There is no love for the office to be found in NJ.

    And i keep hearing they have cute halloween stuff for kids in the dollar spot, so i’m doubly excited to see the new stuff!

  313. update on Plymouth Meeting, PA Target: as of 9/13 7:30 pm, the only items left are: pens & pencils (but no quote/retractable pens left), i love jim & the yellow notepad style notepads and dry erase boards, black & white stress balls, about 8 magnets left (none with the words), and maybe 3 mousepads.

  314. Central Coast in CA: Santa Maria, CA – no Office merchandise on 9/12/07. :-(

    They told me that it had already sold out. But, they seemed a bit clueless, so I am hoping that as post 397 says it will be out on 9/16.

  315. 318 – Annie
    It certainly IS nice to see another Spokane-ite on here! North Spokane Target bins still empty today :(

  316. I went to 3 Targets on the way home today:

    The first one had nothing except mostly empty racks. Store 2 had most everything shown in the pics, except 2 empty bins that were labeled Stress Ball and Mini-cube. I bought out almost all the mugs. 3rd store had EVERYTHING! I stocked up on the Dwight stress balls and found 2 Dwight mousepad/notepad that aren’t pictured…oh, and 2 other stress balls. One black, one white. And I have 4 different mugs too. YES!!

    BTW, I’m in the Colorado Springs area.

  317. I checked last week at my local Target & their bins were completely empty. Luckily, one of my friends work there & she called me up to tell me they had just restocked. So I drove down there & bought about 20 items: 5 mugs (2 i love jim), 2 pencils, 1 pen, magnets, 2 i love jim pads, etc.

    I bought 1 i love jim cup to use & 1 to cherish forever.

    Las Vegas
    Silverado Ranch/Eastern

    another day, another target.

    Northgate: had everything except mugs and stress balls
    Alderwood: absolutely nothing. everything else in the dollar spot was stocked
    Tukwila/Southcenter: EVERYTHING! there were plenty of the circular stress balls and maybe ten dwight stress balls. a fair amount of mugs, maybe 25 left after i bought one of each. all the pens, pencils, memothings and magnets. i think i accidentally grabbed two of one magnet and forgot the dwight themed one. they did have one empty bin and that was marked “memo cubes” i spent about $26 and don’t regret it one bit.

  319. Another Jacksonville, FL update – Yesterday I checked the San Jose location, and all the bins were empty. I’m willing to bet that when they open today they’ll be Jam packed with goodies for the weekend rush.

    Hey, shouldn’t Jacksonville get special Creed merchendise since Creed once accidentally drove a bus here? Seriously.

  320. TINA – 381 – Marietta, GA

    I checked the Johnson Ferry one too on Monday, and nothing. So you didn’t get there too late, apparently. I also checked the Target on Shallowford in Marietta and all they had was the mousepad/notepads, which is better than nothing, but still disappointing. I also checked the SuperTarget on 92 in Roswell and nothing. Why is Marietta lacking?! I am going to check more this weekend, and I’m going to check the Johnson Ferry one on Monday (close to my work). Update me if you find anything!

  321. The Target on U.S. 1 in Alexandria had memo pads and stress balls last night. No mugs, magnets or pens/pencils though. And what they did have was mainly buried under Hello Kitty items . . . it was a little odd, but I pulled most of it out. :)

  322. Atlanta, GA area:

    I checked the store on Cobb Parkway in Smyrna and they had nothing.

    The SuperTarget in Stone Mountain (West Park Place Blvd.) They had lots of stuff:

    2 sets of the barrel pens (the ones with caps) (2-pack).

    2 sets of the click pens (2-pack).

    1 set of the mechanical pencils (4-pack).

    3 mousepad notepads (Michael, Dwight and Jim)

    3 sets of the magnets. They didn’t have the one set that is all Dwight.

    3 magnetic note pads.

    4 different mugs.

    3 types of stress balls.

    3 dry erase boards.

    3 different memo cubes.

    They were totally sold out of (or hadn’t put them out on display yet) of the mini legal pads and the sticky notes.

  323. 409-Andrea
    That’s my sister-in-law’s name!

    Anyway, I’m heading out to the Valley store today. Will give an update when I get home.

    Also, I’ll be up North tonight and will check again up there.

  324. North Hollywood store still had a bunch of stuff but it was really picked over — no stress balls, but a lot of pens, mousepads, a few mugs, a few magnets (but you had to dig), and a lot of notepads!

    Someone please post if they see the stress balls anywhere in LA!!!

  325. Saint Louis –

    As of yesterday still nothing at the Brentwood Target. I’ll be checking the one on Manchester Rd. in Ballwin this evening.

  326. The Super Target in San Bruno, CA (near San Francisco) had pretty much everything, as of this morning! (It was the third place I tried. Thanks, San Bruno!)

  327. MA update…

    The Target in Kingston did not have the merchandise out this afternoon (around 1) but they did have the bins all labeled for the different items, so hopefully it will be out soon. It looked like they were going to have almost all of the items.

  328. WOW. mo pie I was just at that Target last weekend and there was nothing. I’ll now have to go there!

  329. I checked in Lakeland, Florida and found nothing. Though they did say that in a few days they would put more in the dollar bins. So im going to try again in a few days.

  330. The High Pointe Commons story in Harrisburg, PA (I believe it’s listed as the Harrisburg West on the Target website) had everything yesterday except the memo cubes and the cap pens with Dwight. I think I bought the last 2 magnetic poetry and possibly the last Dwight stress ball. They had I love Jim and World’s Best Boss mugs. I will check all York/Lancaster, PA stores this weekend.
    Happy shopping!

  331. St Louis

    Kirkwood shelves are almost fully stocked, but no Office stuff. Store on Lindbergh (with Culver’s, etc.) has empty racks.

  332. Finally! I hit my third Target in NJ, this time in Clark. They had the pens, pencils, 3 types of stressballs (i got the one and only dwight head), 1 pack of magnetic poetry (now they have 0), magnets, post-it notes, little cubes of paper, whiteboards, and memo pads. Oh, and 3-4 different mugs.

    The saddest part was, only the magnetic poetry said That’s What She Said. If they’d have had more things that said that, my husband’s christmas stocking would be STUFFED!

  333. still nothing in Traverse City, MI. the dollar bins have had sale items for the last week or so, hopefully some new things will go in this weekend!

  334. WOW!

    a million thanks to the person who works at target and said it would be on shelves on 9/16. i’ve been going crazy wondering when the best time to go to the stores would be! I thought I had missed it! or maybe that San Diego Targets were not participating.

    and I love sharing this obsession with everyone!! It makes me feel less psycho!

    :-D :-D

    13 days!

  335. I found a few of the nifty Target gifties at my Target and posted about it on my own blog, with a picture. I think the selection wasn’t as good as a lot of people described, but I love my squishee Dwight head.

    Just click my name above this post.

  336. Went back to White Plains NY target! They have EVERYTHING!

    Also, I thinks its amazing that you can buy most of our happiness out of the one dollar bins at target :D

  337. The Target in Northridge (The Valley, So. Cal.) had almost everything as of yesterday. They did not have the mugs, but they had 3 different types of the stress balls, including the Diwght one. There were TONS of pens, pencils, the mousepad notebooks, and the magnetic boards and magnets. The other stuff was limited.

  338. Fmunkey, Im from Lakeland too. I was gonna look at target, too. Did you go to the north or south one?

  339. I just went to the Target on Hillsdale Ave in San Jose, CA, and they still had almost everything! They didn’t have the memo cubes, the I Love Jim mugs, or the mechanical pencils, but they did have everything else that I can remember. (The pens work great, by the way.) I grabbed the magnets, magnetic memo boards, the magnetic list pads, a stress ball, and a mouse pad (which doubles as a notepad, although I don’t know what part you’d write on). There’s still a -lot- of merchandise there. I wish I had bought more, but I was on a budget. =(

  340. Target at Southport and Emerson on the southside of Indianapolis, IN has magnets, stress balls, sticky notes, square notes, and mugs.

  341. Bend, Oregon

    I went yesterday and there was one small-ish display of stuff from The Office. Probably like 5 mugs left, but plenty of the other things. I got 3 notepads, all 4 magnet sets, the 3 mugs displayed here, and a Dwight head stress ball.

    I’m so psyched! Drinking tea out of my I Heart Jim mug right now! :)

  342. Target at Corona Crossings in Corona, California has EVERYTHING (though if you want a mug I’d hurry up because there’s only a few left).

  343. The target in Valencia CA had some stuff but are already sold out of stress balls and memo cubes. I had lots of fun shopping!

  344. Darn this wedding of mine in 2 weeks! It’s interfering with all the Office opportunities. I wondering if I can convince the fiance to drive me to the states for a few Target items??

  345. Just got home from the Target on Blue Diamond in Las Vegas and they had most of the items on the list. Sorry ladies….looks like the Dwight note pad was killing the I heart Jim one in sales. Looks like Dwight is #1 salesman once again.

  346. If anyone lives in the east bay area by pittsburg, the target in brentwood has everything but mugs. I spent almost 30 schrute bucks…very worth it! :)

  347. Target in Council Bluffs, IA has some things…mugs, quote pens, barrel pens, stress balls, notepads, and magnetic boards. I don’t want to open my things, as if they’re going to be worth money someday!

  348. Went to Target in Farmingdale Long Island today. I had been there a few days ago and the bins had not been filled yet. Office merchandise was there today but it had been picked over pretty well before I got there. Yet, there were still lots of pens, some mugs, magnets and 3 or 4 stress balls (but not the Dwight stress balls..which I really wanted)

  349. Barboursville, WV

    -4 to a pkg. magnets
    -Post Its
    -Mini Post Its
    -Build a quote magnets

    I think that’s all I got. I was bummed they had no mugs.

  350. OMG! That stuff is dawsome! I hope my Target isn’t out by the time I can get there this weekend.

    Is everything $1, or is some of the stuff $3 or so? (I know not all of those bins at the front of the store are $1.)

  351. The Target in Louisville, KY didn’t have any Office goodies the last time I checked, but I found a bunch in Lexington tonight.

    The only thing they seemed to be missing were the mugs, but I think that’s only because a bunch of Office fans had already grabbed them.

    I’m so happy with my new magnets and pens! :)

  352. The Target in Bedford, NH had barrel pens, pencils, legal pads, magnets, and a few mugs left, but the bins looked pretty picked over.

  353. Sacramento, CA-
    The Target on Alta Arden has a few things..Scored big at the Super one on Sunrise Blvd in Citrus Heights..They had stock..and it was awesome…

  354. I think I finally got everything.

    I’m not going to put the town though, because I highly doubt anyone reading this is from there anyways.

    I don’t think I have the Michael Quote Pens.. but, I’ve spent a good amount on the stuff anyways.

  355. Just went to the Northgate location in North Seattle. They had almost nothing left. I got a mini legal pad and 2 magnetic memo boards in the bins they were supposed to be in, and a pair of barrel pens hiding in another bin (i was proud of myself for finding that). That was the last of what was there. The attendant said there should be more stuff in a week.

  356. more updates:

    Brandywine DE store has only the World Best Boss mugs- about 5 of them left.

    Exton PA store still has nothing, but half of the bins were empty, so maybe they’re coming tomorrow.

  357. St. Louis — Went to Chesterfield Valley Target tonight and found a bunch of stuff. It was mostly cleaned out though. I was at the Brentwood Target just yesterday, and although they had new Halloween $1 stuff, they hadn’t put Office goodies out yet.

  358. Still nothing at the North Spokane store. Going to call the Valley store and see what’s up. Maybe when I go on Sunday they might have something since that will be the 16th?

  359. Did anyone else see the giant eraser that said “faux pas..for giant mistakes” or something like that? It was thrown in with the Office stuff, but no logo on it so I did not buy it.

  360. ah i guess i typed way too much in my last comment…

    i got two of the memo cubes and the Dwight mouse pad.

  361. Has anyone gotten the Memo Cube? It’s one of the only things left I need to get, and the Post-It’s

  362. 464: Chris, my friend in Destin, FL bought me 3 different types of mini-cubes and 4 different sticky-pads. So, they are out there.

  363. Aaahhhhh!!!! I went to the 2 Targets near me, and neither one of them had ANY Office stuff. In fact, all they both had was the old dollar bin stuff for 75% off. Most of the bins were completely empty!

    I’m hoping they’ll be putting it out this weekend.

  364. #457 – Thanks, Tammy! I can’t believe the mugs are only $1! Those would make great gifts for co-workers and friends who love The Office, so I’m hoping my Targets will have them soon.

  365. Denver area residents!–

    Though i don’t know the full extent of what’s stocked, the Target at 1-25 and Lincoln DOES now have Office merchandise! I’m so excited! I bought some stuff already, but I’m also going back to buy more. Enjoy!

  366. Cincinnati, Ohio
    Western Hills Target.

    They had the magnets, dry erase boards, mouse pads, notepads last week. I’m going tomorrow to check for everything else.

  367. Okay, so I bought about $40 worth of The Office merchandise at Target tonight. I was like a kid in a candy store! How perfect for stocking stuffers, cute gift ideas, etc. I was just disappointed b/c one thing was missing – the Dwight bobblehead stress ball. Oh well, there are about 10 more Target stores here in Jacksonville. Guess I’ll just have to hunt it down! :o)

  368. I’ve been to 4 Targets so far and have yet to find the mugs or mouse pads. :-( Here’s my findings:

    Cerritos, CA, (Target Greatland) – Had nothing as of Monday.

    Long Beach, CA (on Stearns Street) – Had nothing as of Wednesday.

    Lakewood, CA (in the Lakewood mall) – Had a good supply of the memo boards, magnets and a limited supply of the quote stress balls (they only had one Dwight ball and I bought it – sorry guys!) Everything was pretty much arbitrarily thrown in various bins, mixed with unrelated products. This was on Wednesday also.

    Westminster, CA (on Beach Blvd) – I went there last night (Friday) and they had a very good supply of all the legal pads except for the cast photo one, all the pens, pencils, and magnetic lists. There were a few quote stress balls (no Dwight) and I don’t recall seeing the memo boards, but they could have been there and I might have not noticed them since I already bought mine.

  369. *!*!NORTHERN VIRGINIA!*!*!

    Was @ the target in Fairfax/Burke and they are finally getting some merch in. Stress balls (dwight,office logo), mini memo cubes, and mechanical pencils were all they had so far…better be getting more soon..since a section was 75% off hopefully theyll kick the quarter stuff out!

  370. York, PA update – the East York store has some things – all types of memo cubes, stickies, mini legal pads, and mousepads, two sets of the 4-pack magnets (I think it was Michael and the full cast ones), and both sets of cap/barrel pens. No click pens, stress balls, pencils or other items yet. They were stocking that section when I got there this morning so they should have more later.

  371. #31 I live in Chicago and when I went to Target the other day they were sold out. But they were going to get more when the shipment comes in. Whenever that would be.

  372. i bought the michael magnets and theyre great. i also bought the michael mouse pad notepad. that doesn’t really work that well as a mouse pad but it’s still great

  373. south florida- the target on sample road in coral springs had nothing as of last night. but the one on oakland park and federal in fort lauderdale had everything this morning.

  374. Hey thanks for posting all the pictures. My store had everything but the mugs…I’m going to try to find those!
    I did see the giant eraser, but didn’t think they were legit.

  375. I got the memo pad and some of the fridge magnets. I can’t believe they were so cheap. Maybe they have more stuff coming out for season 4 soon!

  376. I’m sorry if this has already been asked/answered, but what are the memo cubes? Can someone post a picture? Thanks.

  377. Woah, so many Northern Virginia Office fans, :P

    The Chantilly Target (still relatively new, Chantilly Crossing Ln off of Rte 50) had bins that were completely empty too… [as of 8PM Friday, 9/14]

    I wanted to CRY when I couldn’t find any of the office things, lol.

  378. Another Northern Virginia store…

    The Dulles Target (the one by Wegman’s) only had Magnets. The older dollar items were 75% off, though.

  379. St. Louis folks – Target at Hampton and Chippewa they have some office stuff. They have magnets, note pads, pencils and pens. No Dwight or Jim stress balls, memo cubes or mugs yet.

  380. The Target in Meriden, CT had everything except the sticky note pads. I checked at the New Britain and Waterbury ones earlier in the week and they had nothing, but they might now, seeing as it’s about 5 days later. :)

  381. If you need brown paper gift bags for your nifty-gifties, they’re 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree. (Don’t forget the coupons and pencils!)

  382. Northern Va Targets – Burke and Fair Lakes

    The Fairfax/Burke Target has a whole bunch of the magnets, magnetic letters, pads, and cubes – today they were piled in with Halloween stuff on an end cap. I didn’t see the stress balls posted in #470. I also went to the Target in Fair Lakes and they had the mugs (just a few) and a ton of the pens, pencils, pads and magnets. No stress balls there. The Fair Lakes Target has the Office stuff in its own bins. The only thing I haven’t seen yet is the little post-it type pads and stress balls.

  383. Peachtree City, GA – I went and all they had was the memo pads, the quote pens and the mechanical pencils. I’m going to keep checking back though!

  384. Well I blew the CSET this morning, but the “Employee of the Year” mug and word magnets made up for it. Now if only I could find those cubes and post its.

  385. St. Paul, MN area – They are putting out everything tonight, they were supposed to go out today but the lady told me they were too busy to do it. I’m going tommorow, I want my office mug!

  386. Somerville, MA –

    a bunch of memo cubes, some notepads, mousepads, and two “my boss’s right hand man” mugs. No magnets, unfortunately :(

  387. Hit 3 New Jersey Targets in the past few days, and only hit pay dirt at one (Clifton, for you Jersyans).

    Had: Mugs, memo pads, mousepads, and sticky notes. (I got the last Jim mug!)

    Still hoping that my local Target will stock soon so I can get the rest of the swag!

    (I posted a quick videoblog of all my stuff, for those who haven’t seen it.)

  388. Target in Columbia, SC had everything except the message cubes. I have already spent $20 worth on pens, mechanical pencils, magnets, mouse pads, stress balls, list pads and sticky notes..I will go back next week to get the mugs.

    I am so happy that Target is selling these : )

  389. Ok so the Target in The Woodlands, TX (I believe the address is Lake Woodlands Drive) does have Office stuff. It’s running out fast though! And you gotta hunt for it. So anyone in the North Houston area, head on up here and get yourself some stuff quickly!! I got an “I *heart* Jim mug and the Schrute babies post it notes. They mostly had pens and pencils left…

  390. Columbus – Polaris Target has some stuff on the end cap of the $1 section.

    Columbus – Easton has some of the post it notes.

  391. Target on Rand Rd in Arlington Heights IL has some products-magnets, mousepad notepads, magnetic listpads, magnetic memo pads, a few mugs, quote pens, pencils. They are on the end cap between Halloween stuff, as of 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, 9/15.

  392. I finally found ’em in my hometown yesterday…I didn’t have as much cash as I would have liked…but I still managed to get a memo pad, stress ball, memo cube, 2 sets of magnets, and a World’s Best Boss mug…

  393. Evansville, IN — Target on the Lloyd Expressway had everything except the stress balls, sticky notes and memo cubes!!! I was so excited…I felt horrible all day long and then looked around the dollar spot and didn’t see anything and was sad…then I turned the corner and there it all was and I immediately felt a little better! yay!!! I bought like $17 worth of stuff!

  394. Westbury Long Island Target has loads of pens, magnets and memo pads. No stress balls left, although it appeared from the bin label that they did have them at one point. I also got the last sticky notes that say “The Schrutes Have Very Thirsty Babies.”

  395. The Livermore, CA one in the Bay Area has plenty of mugs and a few stress balls in addition to everything else

  396. Lafayette, IN came through! No people stress balls, only quote stress balls. No memo cubes. I did get all writing utensils, some tablets, the Boss mug (with which I will deliver coffee to my boss on Monday), and a wipe off board with the cast pic. Fellow tallyer beetfarm and I even called each other once we found the goods in Lafayette and St. Louis. By the way, it’s been a lot of fun reading all of your comments and hearing where we’re all located!

  397. Branson, MO Target has pens, pencils, notepads, mousepads, wipeoff boards, magnets, and stress balls. The Springfield Target did not know what I was talking about when I asked if they carried $1 merchandise from “The Office”. I had to explain it to them. (They don’t have any, btw)

  398. Thanks for the great info. My neartest Target didn’t have the merchandise earlier in the week, but I hit the jackpot tonight! :) Cincinnati OH location: Norwood. The store had everything but the memo cubes.

  399. White Plains, NY- Had most of the stuff i saw above. the only things i didn’t see were the sticky notes and cubes. There was plenty of the other stuff though! Totally made my day.

  400. St Louis – Grabbed the last two Dwight head stressballs at Chesterfield Valley this morning. I was there about 10 minutes after the store opened. It looked like the memo cubes were gone and they only had 2 mugs left.

  401. Picked some of The Office $1 stuff today at my local Target here in Parma, OH. Plenty of stuff but I wish they had the stress balls. I can’t wait until September 27th!

  402. In Huber Heights, OH we only had pens and note pads, and mechanical pencils. There were labels for mugs though. I am dying for a World’s Best Boss mug.

  403. For those who live in Chicago, the Target in Harlem & Irving Plaza has pens, pencils, note pads, mugs, dry erase memo boards, stress balls and magnets. I didn’t see the mouse pads but I just could of missed it. I know this info will help at least one other person. :):):)

  404. Two Targets today, lots to report:

    Lakewood, CA (in the Lakewood mall)- This was the first time I’d been back there since Wednesday, and this time they had several “Employee of the Month,” “Go-to guy” and “World’s Best Boss” mugs, the magnets, the memo boards and I was able to find a cast legal pad. The stuff was still randomly thrown in various bins, so they may have had other legal pads, but I was just happy to find the cast one. No stress balls that I could see, this time around.

    Norwalk, CA (on Imperial Hwy) – I think they had the best selection out of all the Targets I’ve been to so far: Magnets, mouse pads, magnetic list pads, memo boards, stress balls (even Dwight!), pens, pencils and 1 “I heart Jim” mug (that yes, I bought ;-) )and 1 “go-to guy” mug. I spent 20 dollars. The cashier thought I was crazy. It was dawesome.

    All I need now are the memo cubes and the sticky notes. I must have the sticky notes. Luckily, I live in a Target-rich area.

  405. Wichita Falls, TX had some of the stuff. Mouse pads, mugs, dry erase boards, and magnetic note pads. I’m hoping to check back next week and find the stress balls and pens or pencils. Stepdaughter is a huge Office fan like me and these will make excellent stocking stuffers!!!

  406. SW Ohio – Target at Bridgewater Falls in Hamilton/Fairfield has mini legal pads, quote pens, barrel pens, pencils, magnets, mugs (currently they have all styles), white boards. They have an empty space for sticky notes, but none there yet.

  407. Cordova, TN Target near the Wolfchase Galleria had a lot of stuff on Saturday. They had just about everything but the pens and pencils.

  408. My brother, his girlfriend, and I went on a Target spree this weekend. We live in the Atlanta area, and the Morrow, GA store definitely had the best selection—everything but the stress ball and sticky notes. Between the three of us we spent around $50. Best of all, my brother is a totally recent converted fan! I have created another obsessed fan!

  409. The Avon, IN/West Indianapolis Target has almost everything except the sticky notes. I think I got the last Dwight quote pen. Things are dwindling though, so better get over there ASAP.

  410. Exton PA Target has nothing yet. A lot of empty bins so hopefully it’s coming. If anyone sees it in any Target in this area let me know!

  411. Shout out to post #333 by CorporateBS: I went to the Strongsville, OH Target this afternoon and got mugs, stress balls, pens, notepads, and the D.W.I.G.H.T. note/mousepad. I’ve got Oct. 26th off from work and my hotel room for the convention is set. Life is good.

  412. Target in Palatine IL on Dundee Rd has magnets (pictures and words), magnetic list pads, two mugs (!), quote pens and mechanical pencils. On the end cap. Many empty spaces where merchandise used to be.

  413. Northern California: as of this morning, Mountain View and Sunnyvale Targets have many items (no sticky notes or memo cubes, though), and Redwood City has nothing.

  414. I stopped at the one in Appleton, WI today & they had almost everything except a couple of the mugs, the magnets (although they did have the word ones), the stress balls, & the post-its. I bought $18.90 worth of stuff & you could just tell the cashier was thinking “…what the heck is this girl doing??” But I don’t care!!! :D I’m THRILLED!

  415. Last time I checked (On Friday) The Targets in Davie, Pembroke Pines, and Miramar did not have any of The Office stuff. I plan on checking tomorrow and looking at the Target in Sawgrass Mills on Tuesday. Of course, the one in Fort Lauderdale is too far (damn).

  416. Target in Gurnee, IL has everything. I guess there aren’t too many Office fans in northern IL. But that was good for me. :)

  417. Spokane, WA
    Valley store has some (only a few black and white stress balls, lots of pens, pencils, a couple mugs left, lots of notepads, mousepads and dry erase boards). I did see tags for memo cubes, though.

  418. As of today, the Targets in Chula Vista, California have almost nothing. Eastlake and Broadway have NADA, and 4th Avenue has pens, pencil, magnetic list pads, and legal pads. That’s it. I got both sets of barrel pens, and quote pens though. I just wish they’d restock already! I don’t think the 2 that had nothing, have put ANYTHING out yet at this point. So that’s encouraging, but it’s like, get on with it, Target!

  419. NorCal: Albany- Very limited selection, mostly note pads and pens/pencils, plus all the magnets and a few mugs, but only Employee of the Year. I’m a little discouraged because most of the bins are full of Halloween stuff, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. I’m checking the El Cerrito store tomorrow, because I must have the I love Jim mug!!!

  420. St. Louis — I recruited relatives in Illinois, and my aunt said she hit the motherlode at the Shiloh, IL Target earlier today! It’s a bit of a trek, so you might want to check it out on Target’s website so you know what you’re in for.

  421. Thanks, Lauren. I checked the Heath, OH store this weekend and stuff is in- I went on Friday afternoon and they were already out of all the post-its and the memo cubes but still (as of today) have everything else.


  422. NOTHING in South Jersey.
    A Target employee told me they will not be carrying THE OFFICE merchandise.

  423. 2 target trips this evening, only one ‘world’s best boss’ mug bought. They only had mugs at both, and when i went back to get the jim one someone had bought it from under me lol.

    i’ll try again friday perhaps. I really need more pens for work too :(

  424. Grrrr! My Target sucks! I went to one of them that’s close to me again today, and still nothing. They had all the tags for the shelves out ready to be put on the shelves, so I saw that they are going to have the stuff, I just don’t know when. :(

  425. went to both targets on colorado blvd. in pasadena, ca. they had notepads, dry erase boards, pens, pencils, but i got the last of the mugs! MUAHAHAHAH

  426. Dearborn Heights Michigan

    I was there at noon today and they were just putting out some mugs. Went back at 5 pm hoping to find stress balls, no luck. They had a few mugs left, memo cubes, pens, mousepad/notepads and some stationary.

  427. I just went to the new Target in Quakertown, PA and they have tons of everything except the mouse pads. They even have a set of 38 conversation magnets with cool Office buzz words such as…Scranton Party, I

  428. The Clackamas, OR Target had some fabulous stuff today — some of everything except for sticky notes, memo cubes, and Office poetry magnets. I got the last Dwight stress ball, but there were tons of magnets, mugs, magnetic memo pads, the number 2 guy Dwight mousepad notepad, pens, pencils, ET CETERA! I was in heaven XD

  429. Spokane, WA (North) Target
    Had almost everything! They were lacking “World’s Best Boss” Mug, sticky notes and memo cubes :(

  430. I gave the World’s Best Boss mug to my boss, an Office fan of course. It was met with raucous laughter. I told him I like him $1 worth.

  431. 551-Andrea
    Finally! But I’m wondering if it’s much different that what the Valley store has…. Do they have Dwight stress balls? My son is totally jonesing for one!

  432. WE HAVE THEM IN NJ!! I just went to the Target on 38 in Mt. Laurel and he was unloading them into the bins! I STOCKED UP! If anyone needs anything – let me know!

    BTW: the guy unloading the stuff said that someone called wanting to know if they were in yet – WHICH ONE OF YOU WAS IT??? LOL

    I LOVE IT!!

  433. The Target in Hamburg Pavilion in Lexington, KY has everything! Post it-notes, pads, magnets, pens/pencils, stress balls… you name it. I bought a Dwight stress ball, post it notes of Michael holding up his mug, and a stationary pad w/ the main cast.

  434. 553-Annie
    Yes the North store DID have the Dwight stress balls! I took two but I think there was plenty left.

    I went to the Valley store as well and there wasn’t much difference other than that and the mug selection.

  435. socal: i just hit the target in mission valley (san diego), and they must have *just* put everything out, because they’ve got toooons of stuff. they had absolutely everything! i got one of each (except for the mousepad notepads, because i couldn’t think of a single thing to do with them). if anybody wants something, i’d be happy to head back this afternoon, so just let me know!

  436. Sacramento
    The Fulton-Alta Arden store is restocking. They’ve put out a few mugs and more note pads, pens, and pencils. They haven’t added any more magnets, but there are places for memo cubes and sticky notes.

  437. I was finally able to get up to the SuperTarget in Tulsa, OK again, and they had everything but the stress balls… They only had one design of the small legal pads, and were missing the I heart Jim paper mousepad. I did find a Dwight memo cube that I noticed wasn’t posted with the pictures….

  438. Drove to 4 different Targets today:

    Brandywine DE: only had the World’s Best Boss mug & the mechanical pencils

    Oaks PA: nothing :(

    Springfield PA: only had the I’m the boss’s go to guy mugs

    Exton PA: only had the quote & regular pens- I was there while they were stocking up that section and the guy said the pens were the only things they had…

    >:O i wish i could find these word magnets & dry erase boards somewhere!!

  439. Not that anyone else is from around here (except Kimberly), but the Target in Gastonia, NC had the mugs, lots of stress balls (different kinds), barrel pens, mech. pencils, note pads, post its, and magnetic boards. No magnets or mousepads which is what I was hoping to get. There was a bunch of stuff in boxes to be put out though.

  440. Sawgrass Mills Mall Target has everything except the memo cubes! The cashier and I had a nice conversation while she was ringing up my stuff, so that was nice :D

  441. Columbus OH folks:
    *Sawmill Target = notepads, sticky notes, pens/pencils
    *Easton Target = basically the same as Sawmill, but lots of empty bins that are labelled “Office”, so hopefully they are just waiting for a shipment.
    *Lennox Target = lots of mousepads, dry erase boards, pens/pencils, stress balls, note pads.

    Haven’t found mugs or magnets.

  442. The Target in Brier Creek (Raleigh, NC) did not have the Office stuff in their bins. But the Target on Glenwood Ave (Raleigh, NC) by Raleigh Grand Movie Theater had everything but the memo cubes mentioned above.

    I got one of each of the mousepads and one of each of the mugs.

  443. i just came back from the South Bay Target in Boston. they only have the mugs, all the designs and the stres balls, but no dwight. no labels of office stuff on the bins though. will have to head to arsenal, hopefully they have word magnets!

  444. I loaded UP on The Office stuff at Target. …I think I may go back tomorrow… :)

    Thanks for the tip!!!!!!!!!

  445. Well, the Target employee who told me they will not be carrying THE OFFICE merchandise was wrong.
    They had it today in Mt. Laurel on one end-cap.

  446. The Target in Latham, NY had a bin full of each item this evening..mugs, pens, mouse pads, writing tablets, pens, pencils, posties, etc. The Target in Albany had next to nothing. I dropped about $60.00 getting this for all my friends.

  447. Jackpot! The Chula Vista, CA Target on 4th and C Street had EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! And I ran into a fellow Office Tally-er who I joined forces with to make them open up the boxes with the sticky notes and mugs. If you’re out there Jennifer, hi! It’s Lindsey! :) Anyways, I spent like $50 in the dollar spot, JUST TODAY. But it was worth it. :)

  448. Hey #559: Small world! I made my dad go check the Mission Valley one last week and they had nothing. I think all the San Diego Targets got their stuff in, or at least just put it out, today. Woo hoo!

    I was also able to find the memo cube about Dwight and the snakes.

  449. Long Island -Westbury Target

    I just went today and they had a TON of office stuff. They literally had everything except for the mini memo cubes and stress balls. I may check back in a few days to see if they get more in. Everything was nearly fully stocked but the mugs were pretty much cleaned out. I got the last I

  450. Long Island, NY – Commack (the one by Costco)

    They had everything except for the mechanical pencils and a few of the mugs. I bought a bunch of stuff and the lady who rung me up was laughing at me.

  451. Cupertino, CA newly stocked today! They have everything except the sticky notes. The Dwight Schrute stress balls are going quickly. I bought 6. There are only like 5 left

  452. Champaign, Illinois

    YES-stickies, mini legal pads, magnetic memo pads, pencils, magnets

    NO-mugs, stress balls, clicky pens

    At the end display near the cash registers–it’s easy to miss. They might have more soon since there were empty bins all around

  453. #542 – Julie, thanks for the info! I forgot to call over the weekend, so I’m glad you went ahead and checked out what they had. I stopped in today and they had post-it notes! All of them, but not many “I Heart Jim” ones. I didn’t see any memo cubes though. Maybe by Wednesday… however, I do NOT need any more stuff! :)

    Sailor, thanks for the info regarding the mugs last week! You didn’t see many “I Heart Jim” ones because I bought a bunch of them… and my friend bought one too!! But thanks for checking it out for me and reporting back!!

  454. Wichita, KS

    Target on Maple and Ridge has EVERYTHING. I bought $30 worth of stuff to give away at my Office Premiere Party. I’m going to give people a few Schrute Bucks at the door, and they can earn Schrute Bucks by answering Office trivia! The swag I bought will then be for “sale” for different amounts of Schrute Bucks. Cool, huh?

  455. coral springs florida target just started adding stuff today. as of this morning they had the mugs, magnets, and marker boards but they had bins for everything else and said they should be out tomorrow.

  456. The Target in west Little Rock now has everything except the mini memo cubes, to my recollection. Glad I finally found them!

  457. Voorhees, NJ

    Fully stocked with everything, except maybe the mechanical pencils and some of the sticky notes. I bought 1 of each item and will probably buy more!

  458. Don’t know if this is old news or not, but Cincinnati Dunderheads will be happy to know that there is stuff at Targets in Oakley and Tri County…happy hunting :)

  459. Went to two Targets this morning between 8-9 AM.

    Reston, VA – has mugs, dry erase boards, magnets. Not much stuff, mostly halloween stuff there.

    Sterling, VA – has mugs, dry erase boards, magnets, sticky notes (only thirsty Dwight and office cast), legal pads, magnetic list pads, mouse pad/notepad, stress balls (Dwight, black, white), quote pens (not Dwight), regular pens, mechanical pencils

  460. For all the Fort Wayne, Indiana, folks:

    I just went to the Maplecrest Target again yesterday (after meeting OT reader Diane there on Sunday! It was nice to meet you!) and found the Dwight stress balls that we were all dying to find! They were just restocking the shelves as I walked in, so I’m sure they have plenty for everyone!

    Still haven’t found much at the Glenbrook Target. I found two post-it notes and grabbed those… but beyond that, it’s pretty scarce there.

  461. Exton PA finally has most of the items. They are missing: memo cubes, sticky notes, mechanical pencils, stress balls.

    I’d hurry if you want a Jim mug- there were only like 2-3 left

  462. Srah (#588),

    Bummer that Fairfield still doesn’t have sticky notes or memo cubes. If you’re looking for the mousepads and stress balls and you’re willing to drive a little bit, the Tri-County Target had them when I was there. I managed to get one of the Jim mugs from Bridgewater before they sold out! :D

  463. The Fairfield, OH Target had almost all of this, except the squeeze balls, mousepads, sticky notes, memo cubes and the Jim mugs. But the shelves were in need of restocking when I was there on Saturday night. I don’t know if that means they’ll clear out the Office stuff or add more.

  464. Sacramento

    Fulton/Alta Arden has restocked everything, but they still don’t have memo cubes or sticky notes.

  465. Not sure if this was an “Office” product

    But my Target had this jumbo erasers with “BIG MISTAKE” on it with all the other Office stuff.

    I bought it for my office b/c I work in accounting :-p

  466. Targets in Albuquerque have Office stuff. Yeah!!
    The one on Montgomery and Wyoming is the best.

  467. Target in Morgantown, WV has almost everything except the memo cubes and also seemed to be out of the Michael quote pens. I could only find the Dwight ones. Also, very few “World’s Best Boss” mugs left. But I think they have everything else, and lots of it, too!

  468. ThatsWhatISaid (#589)

    Hello, fellow Southwestern Ohioan! I have already spent WAY too much on Office stuff at the Fairfield Target (those $1s add up!). I dare not venture into Cincinnati!

  469. The Target in Cartersville, Ga has pretty much everything.

    My boyfriend went for me today before he went to work, so I won’t get to see all of my cool swag for another 7 hours. But he said he spent $30, so that has to be most of the stuff. He said the stress balls were the ones that looked picked over the most.

  470. The Target in Van Nuys, CA (on Sepulveda Blvd., just north of Burbank Blvd.) has most of the stuff, but I didn’t see the mugs, stress balls, cubes or post-its (maybe I missed them because I was so excited about the other stuff).

    An even cooler tidbit is that the cashier who checked me out said that Steve Carell was in that very same Target, same check-out line, w/ his wife and kids last Friday buying some Halloween stuff. How awesome would it have been if he’d been there when I was buying my stuff?!?!

  471. For Orange County… the Target in Mission Viejo on Alicia Pkwy. has everything. Looks like it just got put out today.

  472. My Target (Tolleson, Arizona) FINALLY was putting the stuff out today. I stopped on my way home and got a bunch of Dwight stress balls, both kinds of pens, the mechanical pencils, legal pads, mugs, and all of the sets of magnets. They didn’t even have all of it out. A lot of it was in boxes in a cart right next to where it was going, so I started rifling through the boxes and taking what I wanted. :) I’m sure I’ll end up going back and buying more either at this same store or other stores.

  473. The Henrietta Target in Rochester, NY has a butt load!

    it looks like someone threw up the office all over my apartment!!! 9 more days!!!

  474. EL Cajon, CA still has a ton! But there were no Dwight Stress Balls!! If anyone in the San Diego CA area sees them I would love to find one. Oh and there are 2 Heathers on here so I’ll sign off Heather from SoCal

  475. WooHoo!!! I finally got most of the stuff. I was getting really bummed out b/c over the weekend, I went to two Targets and they were out of everything accept the memo pads, which were okay, but not dazzling.

    Then yesterday…after work…I decided I’d go to a part of town that no one ventures into (where Target remains untouched) and they had EVERYTHING…well, except for the memo cubes and a couple of the mousepads, but I got everything else for under $20!!!

    My refrigerator has been officially massacred by office magnets.

  476. Forgot to mention…for anyone in Austin, Texas…the Target at I35 and William Cannon has most everything!

  477. Heather from Socal, try the College grove site. Another good bet would probably be the one on Palomar in south Chula Vista.

  478. Just when I thought I had everything I just realized I’m missing the World’s Best boss note pad. I can’t believe how many times I’ve been to Target within a week, and now I gotta go again.

  479. Update on Fort Worth, Tx (Overton Ridge) Target: They have everything except the mechanical pencils and memo cubes. My I love Jim coffee mug is a huge hit at my office!

  480. I went to the Target in Springfield, MO today around 1:30 pm just as they were stocking the shelves! The only things that they didn’t have were the pens and some of the magnets. However, I was so excited that I didn’t get a chance to get a good look at all of the tags to see what else they would be stocking later.

  481. If you’re in San Diego and are still looking for mugs or Dwight stress heads, go to the Target on 4th st. on the border of National City and Chula Vista. It’s right off the 54.

  482. Not only did Target in Mission Valley, CA make fifty dollars off of me but they also got me to buy a white board to hold all the magnets.

  483. I got everything except the post-its!!! Yay!!! Oh My Gosh! I am sooo happy! I’m having a season 4 premier party next week, and I’m making Nifty Giftys for all the guests…this stuff will work perfect!!

    It’s a good day!

  484. Heather from San Diego, they have the Dwight’s stress balls at the Target in Chula Vista, at the corner of C Street and 4th Avenue, by the Best Buy and Office Depot. They have everything, and they literally just started stocking it on Monday.

    If you don’t find it, feel free to email me at [email protected], and I can pick you up one. :)

  485. Central New Jersey –

    The Bridgewater Promenade Target has a WHOLE bunch of stuff – I went yesterday. Memo cubes, sticky Notes, Mugs, Note pads, dry erase boards, stress balls, magnets…no writing utensils, though. LOTS of stock. I bought about $25 worth of stuff!:-)

  486. Columbus – Easton has the mini cubes…plus they restocked the pens, magnets, and other paper products. No stress balls and only a few mugs.

  487. In the St. Louis/St. Charles MO area, the Target off N and Hwy 40 has a lot of The Office stuff. The only thing they were low on were the stress balls. I might have to go back today to get more!

  488. I don’t know what the odds are that anyone here is in an area where this matters, but the Target in Newnan, GA, has a ton of the stuff. My mom actually surprised me with some of it (Mostly “I [heart] Jim” things), but she said they had even more. I’ve got to get there to get the rest for myself!

  489. Bridgewater Falls Target in Fairfield / Hamilton OH has everything right now… they finally got the sticky notes and memo cubes. They also have those big erasers, but they are NOT Office stuff.

  490. Yay! Finally found the goods at the new SuperTarget in St. Paul, MN on Hamline and University. I got the mug, pens, pencils, two of the cubes, a notepad, and a magnetic “I love Jim” notepad. :) Love me some Jim!! Already regretting I didn’t get more!! There was a lot gone from the bins, which made me happy because I want lots of people to watch the show!!

  491. Target on Story Road in San Jose, CA has memo pads, dry erase boards, magnets (I think they may have a few word ones left–I bought a bunch!), one mug, a couple stress balls, a few mouse pads, legal pads, mechanical pencils, and pens.

    I saw the price listing for the mini memo cubes and sticky notes, but the bin was empty. :(

  492. I don’t think so Gwennie.

    Anyway, even in my own little podunk Peabody, or actually Danvers, MA Target they had them!! YAYAYAYA! Snagged about 30 bucks worth of schwag! Woot! And aren’t the mousepads actually just notepads? Now, that’s dissapointing. Oh, well.
    And I even got a stress ball! Let’s hear it for 1 dollar goodness on a weekend.

  493. Illinois fans, the Target in Arlington Heights has all the stuff as of today, and as of yesterday the Target by Allstate Arena had everything as well.

  494. northeast Philadelphia target has the pens, magnets, pencils, post-its, mugs and notepads but no stress balls or memo cubes! im going to try the Neshaminy one today.

  495. Long Island: East Setauket Target (next to Best Buy)

    was pretty picked over but they still had loads of pens, magnets, notepads, magnetic boards and some post its i think. no memo cubes, mugs or stress balls from what i could see.

  496. These are all just a dollar? Wow! Great deal! I hope there are still some here in my area. I’ll take whatever they have left. This is awesome!!! Thanks for all the pics and such so I know JUST want to look for.

    Now where in Target are these items? Are they with the school/office supplies section or in the Electronics department? I get paid in three days. I’m broke right now. I’ll be shooting right over to target the day i get paid BEFORE I head into work! My desk will be office filled!! Yay!

  497. I went to Target last Friday and bought two of everything. I especially like the big erasers and my coffee mugs. I now have a “I love Jim” mousepad.

  498. I went to two different stores in Colorado Springs and found lots of great stuff. Every time I go to Target I throw more Office goodies in the basket. LOVE it. :)

  499. I just bought $15 worth of this stuff for the premiere party I’m throwing with my friends on Thursday night. They’ll be the prizes for the evening. I love Target.

  500. I bought a ton of the stuff and am doing the same with mine. I got the worlds best boss mug and drink out of it every thursday night

  501. i was at the target in shorewood, il (near joliet) on saturday and they had everything except the dwight stress ball

  502. Ohhhh I wish we had Target here in Canada!! Or better yet I wish I was going shopping in the US so I could pick up all the Jim stuff!! Ugh!!!

  503. Target in Alhambra, CA has Office stuff…and they change it up like every week! I went two weekends in a row and they had changed merchandise…awesome blossom. :P I hope I can get the pens and pencils next…

  504. Please can everyone keep their fingers crossed for me that the Bangor and Portland Targets will have some of the stuff left when I go there on Nov. 1, lol!!

  505. The Meyerland Target in Houston has tons of notepads and pens, but no Dwight Shrute stess ball and very few mugs.

  506. Rina– I still have some stuff at my Target (northern IL). It’s really picked over though.

  507. uh. Thanks. I just visited Target, and only found the Barrel Pens and Mechanical Pencils…everything else was sold out. :( I left a message on the Target site, to ask them to stock dollar items online, but I’ll just have to see how that goes…does anyone have any extra Office things for sale on EBay, or what not?

  508. What, no Pam merch? Lame! Where are the I heart Pam stickies I want, no, need?!

  509. Just checked out the new Target in Waynesboro, VA, and they have almost everything! Yay!

  510. It’s October 19th and they are STILL there!! so cool!! I love it! Thanks for posting about it. I find out SOOOOOOOOOOOO much stuff on this site that I would never know otherwise. Thanks you all!

  511. wow! you guys have no idea how lucky you are…i live in singapore, and they don’t even show the office here. and you have all these $1 goodies! anyone….who can buy a bunch of these and ship it to singapore for me would earn my greatest appreciation! (seriously. email me at [email protected] ;) )

  512. you know whats weird? i went to target and there were a pile of about 15 mechanical pencils so i grabbed 4 and then i went back later on because i wanted to get more and the rest of them were ALL GONE. im SO GRATEFUL i got them all right before they ran out!

  513. I am so gratefull for this site! I would’ve never known about the target goodies if it wasn’t for officetally! I got almost everything that was shown on the site! Thank you!

  514. I just recently read the news about the Office goodies at the Target $1 bins. So, when I went today I decided I would just take a look to see if anything was left. There was! I got a ton of stuff…and better yet…it was all 25cents/item! Awesome is all I can say.

  515. at the blogger’s breakfast, brian baumgartner said that target is selling the actual scripts the actors get. does anyone know if that’s true?

  516. The Target in South Portland, ME didn’t have any Office stuff left and unfortunately I didn’t get to the one in Bangor, ME (if they had stuff I will be so mad)!!

  517. The goodies are now $.25 at least were I live (Martinez, CA). The price tag said $1, but I only paid $.81 for 3 packs!!! Yay Me!!!

  518. I went to Target (La Mesa and Chula Vista, CA) over the weekend and all they have are the Holiday stuff in the $1 bins…booo

  519. I overbought and have a bunch of stuff left. Anyone who wants some stuff (I don’t know off the top of my head exactly what I have, but I can inventory it tonight – I do know I have several of the magnets and notepads), email me at [email protected]

  520. If anyone needs some of the Target Office stuff, google “the office” collectibles (that 3 word phrase, w/the quotes) and you’ll find a non-auction site on that has a bunch of the magnets, pens, and some notepad/memo board stuff, for $1-$3, and the 1st year 2007 calendar, and charges exact shipping. No mugs or stress balls tho.

  521. does anyone know if target may do this again?
    i’m trying to put together a gift basket for my roommate for the holidays but the prices on ebay are crazy.

    if anyone knows of anyone with extras and somewhat lesser expensive (preferrably no more than 3$ since there’s shipping costs let me know! [email protected]).

    i hit up the tripod store and am about a third of the way there.
    i even made dunder mifflin confetti by shredding pages with it typed over and over and over here at work.
    it’s coming along great!

  522. I see that Collectibles Shop site on (see my post #665) has restocked on some quote pens, pencils, magnet sets (has all 4 sets for $11 again), couple memo boards, and has the Talking Pen for $7, which the NBC store and many others are out of stock of now. So more to choose from at the moment.

  523. I heard that K-mart now has something similar to Target’s $1 bins.

    Anyone know if their K-mart has something like this?

  524. YES, K-Mart is selling the same items for $.99. I stocked up on the sticky-notes, magnets, pens and pencils. The items are in the school supplies section. Get them while you can!!!

  525. Yeah, I just bought some of the office stuff at K-mart today! They still had a good selection where I was.

  526. Since things are slow in this section, and the show is back on next week (yahoo!), and since there’s less and less of the old $1 Target stuff elsewhere, I’d thought I go ahead and post the URL for that Collectibles Shop site that still has a few things, to save people search engine time, if that’s ok? They’ve only got 3 of the 4 magnet sets now, and still have the quote pens, pencils, 2007 calendar, and 2 Parade mags with John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer.
    Here is the page. There’s no ads or pop-ups.

    Last time I’ll post about it :).

  527. Me and my roommate were just talking about this! She envied me cause of all my office swag. I realized its been almost exactly a year since I received all the goodies for my birthday. This is so awesome.

  528. I bought 2 of each last year and spent about 70 bucks. The lady at the checkout must have thought I was insane! LOL!

  529. Found some stuff at the one in Colma, CA. They have pens, post-its and dry erase boards. Some is the same as last year, but there is some new stuff with Pam, Shrute Bucks and “That’s what she said.” I was glad to see Pam stuff since it was just Jim, Michael and Dwight last year.

  530. I was at the Target in St. Paul, Minnesota and they had tons of Office goodies! A lot of the things were the same as last year, but there was a new mini legal pad that said “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam” and has a pic of Pam from the season 3 X-Mas episode on it. Totally bought it.

  531. I checked two Targets here in Harrisburg, PA, and only one had anything! The one off of I-283 had mousepads and pencils, but nothing else…hoping they just haven’t stocked anything yet!

  532. Just got back from Target! Ended up having to go to 2 to find the goodies!

    Lots of same from last year but some cute new stuff (i.e – Dunder Mifflin this is Pam notepad, a Note from Ryan Howard’s Desk magnetic notepad, new mousepads and new notebooks)

    Will be hitting up my regular Target tomorrow as the one I found stuff at was very unorganized and all over the place to see if they have anything else.

  533. All I saw today were mousepads. I freaked and raced over there when I got done working. I think they were getting the rest of the stuff out. I really want some Pam swag!

  534. San Diego pseudo update :]
    I went to the Eastlake target today and there was nothing. They did have lots of halloween socks though. :\

    I’m going to go to the Chula Vista one and hopefully try and get over to El Cajon too. Yaaay!

  535. I just got back. Some old stock from last year, but I did find some mouse pads and a couple of new sticky pads (twss and “This is Pam”). I think more stuff will be out by the end of the week. I’ll check everyday. I found this lot at Plaza Bonita in south San Diego.

    [from tanster: thanks leonora! :) ]

  536. Hey Tanster, just so you know pages 4-10 on this post are broken links…aka I didn’t find my Catherine Zeta-Jones. Tear*

    [from tanster: that’s because I was updating the post. should be okay now. :) ]

  537. The Target in my area had some Office stuff. It had some Dwight stress balls, mugs(World’s best boss and employee of the year) magnets and some dry erase boards. They didn’t have any pens or pencils or anything else..I am going to go to the other Target in my area next week. Wish me luck on finding some more awesome Office stuff!

  538. There were some goodies at one of the Targets my friend and I went to, we only found some at one of them, they had pens, pencils, mugs, and magnetic list pads, paper and dry erase. I found these in Olathe KS. None found in Overland Park KS, going to check Kansas City MO soon, but those dollar sections seem to always be depleated. No pictures yet, tanster: would you like me to take pictures of mine? I got 17 (all of them) items. Let me know and I will.

    [from tanster: fb, if you can take photos of any of the new items, that would be awesome. thanks!]

  539. If I wasn’t such a hardcore gamer then I would get the Dwight mouse pad. But unfortunately, my gaming habits demand that I have gaming mouse pads… Specifically those from

  540. They have Pam pens this year? I want them! I am flat broke but you’d better believe I am going to scrounge up a few bucks for some of the new Office swag. I want the TWSS mousepad to put in my office at work and definitely the Pam pens!

  541. If I was American I’d so get that one. Unfortunately, stupid England doesn’t really know that much about the Office US.


  542. Target here I come! (They won’t know what hit them!) It was so much fun last year to hunt down all this stuff. I’m so excited to do it again!

  543. Just a small word of advice to those of you interested in the magnetic wipey boards. I got the Jim one last year and while I love the heck out of it, the marker that came with it is terrible. Doesn’t write well, doesn’t erase well (though, what do I expect for $1). So if you get one of those, be prepared to use a different dry erase marker. I love my wipey board, though. I keep in the fridge and every week I write my favorite quotes from that week’s episode (sorta taking a page from Tanster’s book with the quote randomizer).

    I’m having my mom check out the Target near her in Indianapolis. If anyone gets to Target at Hamburg in Lexington, please post what they’ve got.

  544. yay this is so exciting. the office pens from last year are my fav. to write with, and i can’t wait to get the new pam ones. i geeked out last year and i am sure the same will happen this time as well. if anyone sees them at the target in lafayette IN. let me know. I’ll probably make a trip tues to check.

  545. Another new item, that I don’t think has been mentioned, is the Dundie Stress Ball. It looks nothing like a Dundie Award; it’s shaped like a generic trophy. Still, it was a dollar and it had the words “The Office” on it, so I bought it, lol.

    I can take a photo of it when I get home.

    [from tanster: awesome, thank you!]

  546. I just got back from my Target. I have two magnetic wipe boards that are not in the pictures.

    One is a green schrute buck one the other a TWSS.

    The also have signs and of course I got the TWSS one! I can’t wait to hang it up. Lots of fun stuff :)

  547. For those in the metro St. Louis area, the Target of 64 and N (in St. Charles County) has nothing out. I’ll be checking more area Targets after work.

  548. I went to the Target in Mechanicsburg, PA, today at lunch, and they only had the pencils, but my cashier is a huge fan of the show! It was like a mini-geekfest. They had unpacked boxes by the $1 bins but I don’t know if they are full of Office goodies. I’m all about the TWSS stuff!

  549. Checking the Centerville, UT Target after work today!!! Will let you all know if they have anything! I also having my cousin in Las Vegas, NV checking her Target so if mine doesn’t have anything, she might be able to get me the stuff!

  550. Just checked my Target (in Minneapolis, MN). No Office gear. Will check back later this week. I’m excited to grab the new gear.

  551. The Target in Champaign Il has the pencils, stress balls, wipe boards, signs, and magnets out. It looked like they were putting out more stuff as I left.

  552. The Target in Gig Harbor, WA doesn’t have anything, but I’ll try more Targets on my way home tonight.

  553. Disregard my last comment. What I thought was a Dundie Award stress toy is an imposter! It’s a generic brand item that was mixed in with the Dwight stress balls. I don’t know if this is how they’re stocked in all Targets, but I’d keep an eye out.

  554. The Target off Brice Road in Columbus OH has a lot of The Office goodies in its dollar section. I went today since I had the day off of work due to the wind storm last night.

  555. There is also a notepad “From the desk of Ryan Howard”, that is the same as the Michael Scott pad.

    I went on my lunch break and bought way too many things. But you gotta have Pam stuff! And I haven’t even found the mousepads, wipeoff board, signs, or the Dundie stress ball yet!

    Happy hunting everyone!

  556. Just went to the Target at the Spectrum in Irvine, CA…they have a few goodies: post-it pads, magnetic dry erase boards, mechanical pencils, mouse pads, and I grabbed the LAST Dwight stress ball that I was never able to get last year!!! So excited! :-) The stuff is in random places though, it’s not all in the same area of the dollar section. I’m going to check the Target in Fullerton tonight on my way home.

    I never saw the mouse pads last year, but the ones this year are definitely only worth $1. Very flimsy and rather small. Just an FYI.

    Also, I saw the “trophy” that someone else mentioned, but I didn’t see that it said The Office anywhere on it or on the packaging. I’d love to see a picture for the person who got one of those.

    I’d love to see a picture of the signs too.

  557. I can not seem to locate any Office goodies in my area. The closest Targets to me are Macon and Fayetteville. Anyone have any locations near me that have them? I feel so deprived.

  558. I’ll be hitting up one or two on the way home. Hoping to get a World’s Best Boss mug for a jell-o centerpiece for our premier party!

  559. I just went to my Target and this is the same Target I got my Office Valentine’s at…there were no Office dollar goodies. I searched the entire store and the bins like 3 times.

    I was sad to leave empty handed. Especially since I wanted the Pam pen so bad.

  560. Sorry if this has been asked: I just checked the Target in Cape Girardeau, MO and they had nothing. Is there any other way to get these goodies? I really want the “That’s What She Said” mouse pad..

  561. Does anyone one know if any Targets in the Houston/Harris County, TX area have these goodies? I chekced one, but they didn’t have any… probably b/c of the hurricane.

  562. Yay more stuff! My mom is surprising me with stuff for my birthday, so I’ll have to wait a few weeks.

  563. If there is anyone out there willing to pick up some extra stuff for a lowly ol’ Canadian who can’t get any of it, I would love to talk to you! I’ll pay for the merch and the shipping. Thanks!

  564. Two Targets in the Birmingham area have a lot of empty bins in the One Spot section. I’m hoping this means they’ll be stocked with Office goodies in the next few days.

  565. My mom checked out Target at Nora Plaza in Indianapolis and got me a bunch of stuff. She said they had pens (including Pam ones), pencils, and pads. She got me both the long pads and the spiral bound, though I don’t know which designs they are. I live in Kentucky, so I’m going to have to wait for mail or the next parental visit to get my loot. Can’t wait!

    My sister-in-law said she’d check out Target in Simi Valley, CA. I just love that I have my little network of enablers helping along my Office obsession!

  566. The post-it-notes with the pencil drawing of Michael Scott and his World’s Best Boss – sort of looks like Dangerskew’s drawings (from the site). I know he was contacted once to do a drawing for The Office… anyone know if this is his drawing or just something else? I’ve been curious about this.

  567. I went to the Target in American Fork, UT and they only have the mousepads. Then I went to the SuperTarget at Orem and they had NOTHING! I was really surprised. They did have a lot of empty bins so I’ll keep checking in the next couple of days. I really want the Pam goodies.
    Whoever is going to the Centerville one, please post if you find anything. I’ll even drive up there.

  568. #722- I live in the same area, and around a week before the hurricane struck, I recall seeing some “The Office Pens” in the $1 section of the Target store in Sugarland.

    But I’m guessing they are low on everything because of Hurricane Ike.

  569. I went to two Target stores today and got dwight stress balls, pencils, mouse pads, sticky notes, signs, magnets and notebooks. They were out of wipe-off boards, mugs and magnetic notepads. :( I really wanted the mugs. Does anyone know if this is a one time fill? Cause I would love for them to restock it!!!

  570. Checked out the Target in Huntington Beach, CA last night and there were no Office goodies to be found :(

    I will be checking out the Target in Mission Valley (San Diego) in the next couple of days. Hopefully I’ll have better luck.

  571. Just came back from Target in San Mateo, CA (Bridgepointe Shopping Center) and they only had magnetic dry erase boards, World’s Best Boss and Employee of the Year mugs and Dwight stress balls. The cashier told me they restock the dollar bins on Thursdays. I will be back!

  572. How terrible is it that I want to go RIGHT NOW and check my Target?

    I kind of need to go to the store…

  573. Target in Fullerton, CA only had the magnetic list pads, pens, and a couple of spiral notebooks. I wonder if all the stores restock on Thursdays? I’ll be heading back to find out…

    Can anyone describe the signs that they’re finding?

  574. The one here in Elk Grove, CA has full stock almost all the goodies, I went crazy, nobody else seems to be buying them..

  575. I went to the Target at High Pointe Commons in Harrisburg, PA this evening and they only had mechanical pencils and mousepads (I got the TWSS and the Dwight one). I think by the weekend most stores will be fully stocked. They don’t seem to realize that there are a bunch of crazy peop–er, I mean Tallyheads looking for these items and that it is a priority to stock all of the items immediately upon arrival! Maybe if we all contact our local stores they’ll get the hint :)

    #737, Reagan – I think all Targets get at least some of the items. But last year I went to 4 different stores and there were a few items that they had either sold out of or didn’t have. Good luck!

  576. Went to my Target in Antioch, CA and they had A TON of stuff in the $1 bins. I stocked up and got about 50 items! I know that sounds crazy but my WHOLE family LOVES “The Office”, so these will make great little Christmas goodies. They had, mugs, magnetic notepads, post-it’s, mousepads, magnets, Dwight stress balls, small spiral notebooks, mini-legal pads, mechanical pencils, quote pens. I was in heaven!!! Thanks for the heads up Tanster!

  577. MB,
    I’m from Huntington Beach, CA. Which Target did you look at? The one on Beach? I was going to go on Thursday.

  578. Checked out the Targets in Riverdale and Layton UT. Nothing at either one. Lots of empty bins though.

  579. Stopped by the Target on Fletcher in Tampa, nothing. But I saw a whole cart with sealed boxes next the the dollar bins; I’m convinced they were in there.

  580. Question: which bear is best?: I went to the one on Brookhurst and Adams. I don’t know if/when they’ll be getting anything in, I didn’t ask. Let me know if you find anything, I’m coming back that way on Thursday.

    If anybody in San Diego finds stuff in La Mesa or Mission Valley, please post :)

    I’m scaring myself with how much I want to buy this stuff.

  581. the Rosedale Hwy. Target in Bakersfield, CA has a few things right now but I expect more things to come still. There were two new notepad designs (Pam and Dwight) as well as an additional magnetic notepad “from the desk of Ryan Howard- I am corporate”

  582. i stopped by the target in Seal Beach, CA, and at first the office items were nowhere to be found!! so i circled the dollar bins about 10 times, and I caught a glimpse of the word “THAT” underneath a pile of cupcake notepads. once I moved the cupcakes out of the way, i struck gold! and found the “That’s What She Said” mouse pad, as well as the others. Some mechanical pencils were buried beneath the other $1 bin items! i did get a few strange looks from people who saw me filling up my basket with about 10 mouse pads (for me and my friends), but i didn’t care the least bit! I’m still searching for the magnetic list pads, and ESPECIALLY the spiral notebook.

  583. Stopped by the Target on Colorado Avenue in Pasadena today. They had mousepads, sticky notes, magnetic memo pads, spiral notebooks, stressballs, legal pads, quote pens and barrel pens, all in pretty much every variety already mentioned. Happy to see lots of Pam items in the mix!

    Going to stop by the Reseda Target on Corbin later this week and see if they have the mechanical pencils or dry erase boards.

  584. Heath, Ohio Target has the stuff- there was a full stock of everything when I went last night. It was hard to choose!

  585. The Target at Springfield Mall in Springfield, Virginia has a variety of Office sticky notes, magnet memo pads, memo boards, and magnets. Didn’t see any mechanical pencils, pens, mouse pads or mugs.

  586. Went crazy at work yesterday. Got:

    Dwight Stressball
    Pam dry eraseboard
    TWSS Mousepad
    Cast Mousepad
    World’s Best Boss Mug
    Pam Sticky notes
    Magnetic notepad
    Pam pens

    Oh these items are love.

  587. I went to the Target in Fort Wayne (by Glenbrook) and they had a pretty good selection. I pretty much wiped them out of their mousepads though. haha I didn’t see any mugs or stress balls and their spiral notepads were very limited, but it looks like everything else was there. I’ll be checking the Maplecrest Target tomorrow.

    #724/Sherry – I’d be happy to help a Canadian! :) Here’s my e-mail: howiedayfan[at]gmail[dot]com

  588. Stopped by the Target in Chicago near Peterson and Western and picked up the Dwight mouse pad and some magnets.

  589. Stopped by the Target in Chicago near Peterson and Western and picked up the Dwight mouse pad and some magnets.


  590. Well unfortunately the Centerville, UT Target has nothing, at least as of yet! I still haven’t heard back from my cousin in Las Vegas, so I’m crossing my fingers!

  591. Went to Fort Worth, TX (Cityview) Target last night and they had everything except for the Pam stuff. They had everything in That’s What She Said, and I got the Mousepad and the Legal Pad. Good times.

  592. The Target stores in El Paso, TX have NOTHING… as of yesterday (Monday) but they were clearing up some space so I am crossing my fingers… When you buy stuff at K-Mart, where would I find it? I never go there, so I don’t know the store. Please help! Thanks.

  593. The South County Target in St Louis was fully stocked. Grabbed the pens and pencils, the cast board and notepad, and last year’s Dwight stress ball that I didn’t see then.

    The Pam pens make me wanna cry with every click. “Jim’s just really passionate about Italian food.” Win.

  594. Any idea if you can get this stuff off the Target Website? I tried looking, but don’t have the patience. Or if anyone knows if any Upstate NY Targets are carrying the products. Thanks!

  595. I went to a couple Targets around me and not one had anything. I was getting mad and jealous of everyone on here who was saying they found stuff…until i remembered I live like 30 min from The Office set and can sneak over there anytime I want….I’ll just sit here, be quiet, and wait patiently….

    : )

  596. Went back out today and still haven’t found the signs, mousepads, Pam legal pad, stickey notes, or Dundie stress ball.

    Has anyone found any of these in any Michigan Target stores? Preferrably in the Detroit/Macomb county area? I’ve tried 3 stores so far…


  597. I found stuff at the Livonia Target… I found the That’s What She Said signs,and the Dundie stress ball Shannon

  598. Sunnyvale Target has a mixture of 2008 and 2007 items, but they’re scattered ALL OVER the $1 section.

    Picked up 2008 sticky notes, mousepads, pens, and magnetic dry erase boards. Saw 2007 sticky notes, pens, and magnets.

    As someone commented earlier, the mousepads are nothing more than super thin sheets of cardboard. Would make good signs!

    Went to the Mountain View and Redwood City stores on Sunday, and at that point, they had no items …

  599. shannon – i found the mousepads, stickynotes & legal pads at the target on oakwood boulevard – (it’s in allen park) – i asked if they had more stuff and they said they probably did – since they were just setting up. good luck hunting!

  600. Thanks Tanster! I may have to head down to Sunnyvale to “visit my aunt,” and while I’m at it, I might as well hit Mountain View and Redwood City :)

  601. I found Michael Scott and the group mousepads at the Target in Brentwood, MO. The Target in Chestefield Valley doesn’t have anything out yet. I plan on hitting up 2-3 Targets on my way home. I want a Pam pen! :)

  602. #767 – Shannon, have you looked over on the west side? Which Targets have you tried? I’m scoping out the Ann Arbor/Livonia/Novi Targets later today. I’ll let you know if I find anything good\

  603. Went to target today. Picked up two mouse pads (one for my boyfriend), magnets, three legal pads, a pam dry erase board and a notebook!

    God bless target :)

  604. The Golf Mill Target in the northwest suburbs of Chicago has lots of pens and notepads left FYI.

    I haven’t seen the sign at any Target! Does anyone know of a Target in Chicago that has those??

  605. Went today and got:

    I got the last World’s Best Boss Mug, so it looks like they made a few. They’ve also got Employee of the year mugs.
    The Office stuff is kind of mixed in with knock-offs, so be careful.

  606. Went to the Rancho San Diego Target and found some new stuff mixed with old, but as others said, it was spread out all over the $1 section. I got the new Pam pens, mouse pad, and some legal pads. Wish they had the I Heart Jim mugs though, my last one broke :(

  607. Yessssssssss! I am so happy! I just started a new desk job and want to decorate my desk with all things ‘The Office.’ Oh thank you Target! Hooray!

  608. I was pretty bummed because I went to Target on Sunday and then read this when I got home. But I’m going in a couple hours!

  609. Just got back from Central Columbus/Lennox Target. They had everything but the sign and mugs, although there was a big empty hole with the mug sticker on it. It was all in an end cap, but there was some knockoff stuff in there. Word of warning though-OSU is moving in this week and Target is a mess. There are people everywhere. I’m hoping when I go back later in the week, they have the mugs!

  610. Just called 3 Targets in Columbus, OH (Hilliard, Olentangy, and Whitehall), and so far none of the employees know what I’m talking about or don’t have the goodies in stock yet. One store said to check back later in the week or next week. I’m assuming more stores will have stuff next week for the season premiere.

  611. hyph and joyus-

    Thanks so much! I’ve been checking the Target stores in the Troy and Sterling Heights areas. So far, only one Sterling Heights store has a few things, the others looked like they were getting ready to put all new things out, so hopefully in a few days I can get the rest of what’s out there. joyus–let me know if you find anything at those stores; I’ll definitely make the drive for anything to do with “The Office”!

  612. Target in Jersey City, NJ had all of the pens/pencils, 4 types of dry erase boards, Dwight quote magnets, and there were also sheets of magnets that say about 50 things, like Pretzel Day, Hug it out, Christmas is Cancelled, which can be combined to make a sentence (sort of, but not really).

  613. anyone check the target in fayetteville ny? I really want some of this stuff, I passed down last year’s and regret it…

  614. I just went to the Target in Plymouth Meeting and was disappointed to find no Office stuff! It seems like they were reorganizing the $1 section, so perhaps sometime this week it will be available! Anyone have luck in the Philadelphia-area Targets?

  615. Hmm…wonder if they have several different types of mousepads out. The ones at the Pasadena target are foam. Not super high quality, but actually better than the ones we currently have at my work.

    Huey, if you want I can make a list of what all they have at my Target and pick up what you need off of it.

  616. any targets in st. louis have them? please let me know! I’ve looked at two so far and want to know where i can go to find these.

  617. Madison, WI has the stuff! I’m so excited to get a new mousepad because I’ve been using one from a vendor at work of a product I have no clue what it is. How lame am I that my new mousepad is the highlight of my day?

  618. Had to go to two Targets to find them, but it all worked out in the end. They had EVERYTHING!

    I love the sign!

  619. My Target doesn’t have power right now, thanks to the hurricane :( I am dying to get the new stuff though!

  620. Bridget (#786),

    I went to my Target yesterday and they were reorganizing their dollar section too. I went back today and they still had a lot of empty spots but they had put out the new notebooks, the Pam and Dwight quote pens, the Dwight barrel pens and the Dwight stress ball.
    I got one of each notebook, about 3 packs of Pam pens and the stress ball. I really want that sign! Hopefully they’ll get it in soon.

  621. I found some things in Sacramento, CA targets. They were putting stuff out and I think annoyed by me trying to look in the boxes. :)

  622. Just FYI: I’ve seen a few comments about finding Dundie stress balls…if these are the little gold trophies, they are not actually an Office product, but a knockoff mixed in with everything else. They don’t have “The Office” anywhere on the product.

  623. Found most of the items listed above at the Target in Irvine (CA) at Culver and Barranca-about 4:30pm today (Tues.)-Good luck!

  624. The target near me (Valparaiso, IN) was out of everything except for some mugs. I snagged two “World’s Best Boss” ones. I really wanted a sign! I’m going to check back in a couple of days, though.

  625. The Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, had notepads with a magnet on back, mini-sized legal pads, two types of pens, dry-erase boards, little spiral bound journals, mouse pads and two types of mugs. The selection was really picked over, so HURRY!!

  626. What a week to have my car breakdown. I did finally get my car back. Even though I was without a car for a couple of days, it feels like I’m way behind on my Office hunt. Pretty much slim pickings out there. I did manage to get a TWSS sign and memo pads including the Ryan memo pad. What would’ve been cool is a “from the desk of future dwight” memo pad or fax cover sheet. Any new mugs out there?

  627. Success! The Mission Valley Target in San Diego had an endcap full of stuff. Everything from the 2008 collection is there except for the Pam sticky notes. They also had a bunch of stuff from last year, including the Dwight stress ball (which isn’t nice at all in person). They had mugs, but had sold them all by the time I got there.

    The Target at Grossmont Center does not have any Office stuff.

  628. For those of you who were lucky enough to score 2008 items, please take a look at my photos, and send me photos of stuff that OT doesn’t have yet! Let’s put together a complete collection!

  629. Just returned from my third trip to Target; alas, still empty-handed. However, I did glean an encouraging piece of information. A manager-type person told me that the One Spot (or Dollar Spot) has to reach a certain “sell-down” before they can “reset” the stock. Almost all the bins were empty in my store, and those that had items, were marked 50% off. So maybe soon for those of you who (like me) have had no luck. Don’t give up!

  630. Hey Guys,
    I’m from Australia and i am the biggest fan! Unfortunately our Target stores don’t stock Office merchandise and i would love to get a hold of some, if anyone is willing…. i would gladly pay..

  631. Went to the Target in Sandy, Utah and they had a great selection of “goodies.” I got some good stuff and there is still plenty left!

    Thanks for letting me know about the new Office stuff!

  632. For those in the Seattle area, the Alderwood branch has everything except the sticky notes. And as for those trophy stress balls, i’m pretty sure they’re not affiliated with the office. Some of the bins had random non-office stuff stuck in there to look like they were together

  633. I went to the Target in New Orleans and they only had the mechanical pencils (which are very squeaky, I might add). I’m going to check back later this week to see if there’s anything new.

  634. The actual planogram set date for this is next week, so depending on how the stores function the merch could be put out as soon as they receive it or they could wait until the POG sets sometime next week.

  635. my Target had 3, count ’em, 3 mini legal pads. That’s it! I hope there’s more in the coming weeks, I’ll be checking.

  636. I got that pam notepad, pack of mechanical pencils, pack of pens, and the four magnets. I already have the word magnets from my mom (she got them at the Urban Outfitters in Vegas…a little random). Not bad for four dollars…can’t wait till my Target gets even more stuff!

  637. Went to the Target in both Richmond, CA and Albany. Richmond had nothing, but Albany (near Berkeley) had practically everything. Lots in stock. I didn’t see the sign, though. I bought TONS!

  638. No “the office” stuff at the New Park Mall (Newark, CA), they have a bunch of stupid halloween dollar stuff. :( I’ll try to look at some other targets.

  639. my roomate and i went to the mission valley store (san diego)
    they had some stuff but it seems to be going fast!

  640. I would love it if I could contact someone who’d be willing to get some Michael Scott stuff for me. I live in Canada – no Targets! sniff…will pay for anything you’ve got plus shipping of course!

  641. The mousepads I got weren’t cardboard. They were like real mousepads: foam on the bottom with a thin layer of harder plastic on top. I like them better than last year’s paper ones, but they don’t have the “I (heart) Jim” like last time. I’m actually having a hard time deciding to switch it out…. : (

  642. shannon & DETROIT OFFICE FANS!

    Oh, Michiganders… Lovers of Target… why do they forget about us? Here’s what my research so far has found me:
    Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor-Saline Rd): nothing
    Ann Arbor/Ypsi (Carpenter Rd): a few notebooks, literally… like 5. Total.
    Clarkston (by Great Lakes Crossing): post-it notes and notebooks (there were magnets, but I bought them)
    Livonia/Farmington Hills (Haggerty Rd.): Nothing

    There was a little bird in a red shirt that told me Target restocked their dollar bins on Thursdays… but many many employees (who I’m sure are sick of seeing my face) told me they have no idea what they’re going to get/what Target will get what.

    So, I can’t confirm anything, but I have a network of people around the metro-detroit area (novi, livonia, southfield, clarkston, royal oak, ferndale, maccomb, wayne…) who are keeping their eyes peeled.

    Detroiters, let us know if you find any goodies!! :)

  643. I went to THREE different Targets in my area, they all had different stuff! Most were cleaned out as the checkout lady said everything was released Monday. I got at least 50-60 dollars worth, hahaha. One of each pen set, 2 of each magnet set, 2 of each note pad set, 1 of each mousepad…I’m willing to share!

  644. Target update (for those in the St. Charles/St. Louis, MO area): The Target off of 64 and N (in Dardenne Prairie) has all kinds of goodies. The 2008 stuff is mixed in with the 2007 items. The only thing they didn’t have was the mugs and mousepads. I got my Pam pens, TWSS sign and all kinds of other items.

  645. I’ve gone to 3 targets in the Denver area and nothing!!! it’s seriously frustrating me :-(. Any of you in the area had any luck?

  646. All of these items except for the sign are still at the Lennox Target near campus in Columbus, OH. There is a label on one shelf for mugs, but I didn’t see any. Be careful; there are knock off items mixed in with The Office stuff!

    I am more impressed with the dry erase boards this year; they work better than last year’s!

  647. Is there a place we can set up, kind of like a swap meet, for people looking for items and people who can supply them? I’m willing to pick up items and send them out, and I know others who’ve posted on here have also offered, so if we have one central posting spot it would make it easier for those who are looking for help.

  648. Anyone in the Atlanta area finding anything? I’ve been to 3 different Targets, and there’s nothing :(

  649. Thanks for letting me know about the office stuff! I was able to get 2 mugs and the dwight pencils!
    there were also a couple of other mugs mixed in with the office ones so be careful!

  650. Michigan people,
    The mouse pads are at the West River Target in Farmington, Farmington Hills. On Grand River.

  651. I want them all! My mom is supposed to get me everything for my birthday in a few weeks.

  652. Does anyone know if any in Southeastern PA have the products? I was in Quakertown, PA yesterday and they only have the pencils in so far. I missed out on the mugs last year and do not want to miss again! Thanks!

  653. Metro Detroit Fans…this morning, Target in Sterling Heights on Big Beaver Rd had lots of pencils and pens, magnets, some notebooks and some magnetic list pads. Target in Sterling Heights on Van Dyke had some magnetic memo boards and mousepads.

  654. The mechanical pencils and dry erase boards are available at the Target in Vista, CA (off of Sycamore). The notebooks, signs, legal pads, notebooks, pens, magnetic pads, and mousepads are available at the Target in Oceanside, CA (oon El Camino Real). If you go to the Oceanside one, make sure you look all over the $1 bins. The stuff is spread out all over.

  655. I went to both Targets in Lexington, KY today, and neither of them had anything. They both had a mixture of fall stuff and old summer stuff in the $1 section, but the one next to Fayette Mall had plenty of empty and half-empty bins, so maybe they’ll have some soon. The one at Hamburg Pavilion seemed pretty full, so who knows? I’ll be checking again next week with my fingers crossed!

  656. Thanks #800. The Mission Valley Target had all the other items I needed to complete my 2 setz. FYI: 2008 stock has the corkboard background/wrap or square office sticker and the 2007 stock has the yellow background/wrap or round office sticker. I was able to snag a white “World’s Best Boss” mug, because another shopper mistook it for last year’s stock. Lucky me! To top off my shopping trip I bought a tiara too. I felt like “da belle of da ball”.

  657. heads up: the target in orange, ca (on 17th) has a little bit of everything, stressing the little part. i did snag a sweet “world’s best boss” mug tho that i shall temporary replace my “i heart jim” one from last year. thank you target.

  658. If anyone in Phoenix has been able to find Target goodies please post where! I’ve been to two Targets already with no luck. :-(

  659. Flagstaff, AZ has a bunch of stuff! I just happened to go to Target today and my best friend (who doesn’t even watch the show) was like, “Hey, look, it’s stuff from The Office!”
    Needless to say, I bought a lot more than I had planned :)

  660. There was barely anything at the Lacey, WA Target! Maybe a couple of pens, a couple of sticky pads and a few cups. What I really want is the Pam dry erase board! Oh well. I’m going to try the Lakewood Target next.

  661. The TARGET in MOHAWK COMMONS in Niskayuna, NY has a nice selection…I went a little over board, but I got a lot of stuff as gifts for my Office buddies. Only things I didn’t see were the Mugs, Signs and Mouse Pads…But I’m going to check the other one today in Albany.

  662. I visited the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Target on Maplecrest last night and they had a very small amount of items that the other Target didn’t. I bought them out of the signs (there were only 2 of them) and two variations of the spiral notebooks (Leadership and Dwight). They had a crapload of the magnetic list pads and hardly any pens besides the barrel ones.

    I’ll be checking both Targets every few days. I want more of those amazing signs!

    I’m still willing to help anybody who is unable to obtain the goodies on their own! My e-mail: howiedayfan[at]gmail[dot]com

  663. Hey folks! Especially in the Atlanta area, I found bundles of goodies at the Buford Target. I loaded up on everything except the mug, which they were totally out of.

  664. I found some goodies at the Roseville Target (on Snelling Ave) in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota. It was pretty picked over, but you might have some luck!

  665. Anyone in or around Stevens Point, WI…the SP Target does have some stuff(the Schofield one, not so much), but not a whole lot right now. It looks like they’re clearing out some space in the dollar section so we can only hope this means more Office SWAG!

  666. Target Norco CA, nothing, Target Eastvale Miraloma Target, had mugs, magnets, and dry erase board magnets. I bought 10 mugs, but there were more left.

  667. Both Targets in Appleton, WI do NOT have any Office stuff.

    Anybody know about the Green Bay, WI Target?

  668. Lots of stuff at the San Jose store on Saratoga. Thanks for leaving me some items in Sunnyvale, Tanster :)

  669. OK. Ann Arbor, MI!

    My roommate just texted me–they’ve restocked COMPLETELY at both Targets in Ann Arbor! (I’m hoping that means more around the area have gotten them, too)

    They’ve got Everything! (Goodbye paycheck… looks like I’ll be walking to work this week)


  670. I went to Target on Long Island in NY, and there were a few scattered Office items in the bins. Needless to say, I snatched them all up. :-)

  671. there is absolutely nothing at the Target Northland or Target on Southfield Rd. in Southfield, and the Target in Livonia near Middlebelt and the Walmart right there is running out of stuff… It had a few mousepads and some of the magnetic erase boards and magnetic list pads, and a few employee of the year mugs… Didn’t see any more dundie balls or dwight squishies either…

  672. I went back to the plymouth meeting,pa store today. Where the Office stuff should be, there is actually Snoopy and Star Wars merch. I’m so disappointed!

  673. They just had the mini legal pads and the spiral notebooks at the Warwick Mall Target in Warwick, RI.

    Didn’t check out the Rt. 2 store, though.

  674. Cool, they have the mug! But isn’t it actually different than last year’s? Because the one I have from last year is actually black with white writing… this one actually looks like the one Michael has on the show, ie white with black writing.

    yay, Office goodies. =)

  675. Just wondering, what kinds of mugs have you guys found? I only found the “world’s best boss” and “employee of the month” mugs. Does anyone know if there are more styles this year? Thanks!

  676. Target in Ann Arbor, MI on Carpenter Rd. has
    legal pads
    note books
    barrel pens
    quote pens
    mechanical pencils
    mouse pads
    conversation magnets (like, the words/phrases)
    dry-erase boards
    dwight stress ball

    it also has some “rip-off”/not offical “Office/NBC” stuff, like some mugs, road signs, more magnets, and notebooks

    It just came in today, so they’ve got tons.

  677. I went back to the Mechanicsburg, PA store today and they had mousepads, pens, pencils, and the magnetic notepads and the post-its. Some are the same as last year, but they were all in different bins all around the $1 area, not together like they were last year, so you really have to look. I haven’t been back to the Harrisburg East/Swatara store (which had mousepads and pencils on Monday) or the East York, PA store (which was a bust on Tuesday night), but I will be there this weekend. Good luck everyone!

  678. thanks to the person who said they were in dardenne prairie, mo because i just stocked up! i missed it last year so thanks a lot for the great tip!

  679. Target at 14 Mile and John R has nothing, NOTHING in their $1 bins. Apparently the restock on Thursday means 11:59 p.m. on Thursday. I went there once at 5 p.m. and again right before close at 8:59 p.m.

    There are 4 double sided rows of Halloween crap, however.

    I could really use a mouse pad right now, NOT a costume.

  680. I went to my Target today in Texas after being sad at the beginning of the week, and when I got there they had all the stuff. Unfortunately there was no I heart Jim stuff, but I did get my Pam pens and that’s what I really wanted.

    BTW, the magnetic message boards aren’t very magnetic at all. I tried to put mine on my fridge and it didn’t hold in the least, I had to tape it.

  681. Ohmygod, the quote pens are awesome. I squeed, cause when you press it, it shows a different quote, and the Pam ones are all Jam quotes.

  682. More informational comment: the Target in Marina, CA doesn’t have much, I found the Employee of the Month and World’s Best Boss mugs, pens, and sticky notes. They were all spread out, and there weren’t very many.

  683. The Target on Campbell Lane in Bowling Green, KY is stocked with all of the items noted above.

  684. I love how it’s such a small world – I live about 3 miles from the Target Sara (#849) was talking about in Roseville, MN! Crazy!

    When I’m at Target tomorrow, I’m totally going to whisper “OfficeTally” under my breath while I’m in the $1 section to see if there are any more Tallyheads out here!

  685. The Reseda CA Target on Corbin only had a handful (literally) of mousepads, nothing else. This was at 11am-ish, so maybe they restock later in the day?

    If anyone spots the mugs or dry erase boards (Pam especially) in So Cal (Pasadena/LA/Burkank areas) let me know! I think those are the only things I’m missing that I really want.

  686. Only a few items out in the Manchester, CT store yesterday — lots of pens and pencils, some mouse pads and a couple dry erase boards. Lots of empty bins, though, so there may be more to come (or everything is already gone!)…

  687. scrantonbranch, I found a bunch of stuff on Wednesday night at the Mesa store on Power and McKellips. I called first, because it was a bit of a drive to get there. Good luck!

  688. I finally found success at the South Hill Mall Target in Puyallup, WA. As of last night, they had a little bit of everything. They had tons of pens and pencils, sticky notes, dry erase boards and the Dwight squishy head things. They still had some mugs, notebooks and legal pads as well.

  689. For anyone in the metro Atlanta area, the Snellville Target finally has most of these items. I’ve been happily clicking my Pam and Dwight quote pens all day!

    And can I just say that I think it’s awesome that we all help each other out like this? Tallyheads are the best fans in the world!

    [from tanster: i agree. you guys are awesome. :) ]

  690. Hey, if anyone one has finds the Pam quote pens in the Twin Cities area, let me know. Or if anyone has some extra, I would be willing to pay for the pens and shipping.

    Just email me if you have any info: [email protected]

  691. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Target has FINALLY gotten the mug, signs, notepads, notebooks, post-its, magnets, magnetic poetry, pencil, pens, Dwight stress balls, and dry erase boards. No mouse pads though :(. I will check on Monday on my way home from work! So anyone near the border on the east side go check out Lake Geneva!

  692. The Target in the Illinois Centre Mall in Marion, IL has loads of Office stuff, signs, pens/pencils, magnets, coffee cups, mousepads, sticky notes, notebooks, stress heads and more. I’m glad I saw this site because I wouldn’t have went otherwise. Just in time for my sister’s birthday!

  693. Update: All the Targets I’ve been to/called switched their entire $1 section to Halloween stuff! Some areas must be luckier than others. :(

  694. UGGGG. they are building a new target in findlay ohio so i guess i’ll have to wait until next year:(

  695. I went to the Targets in Burbank, North Hollywood and Pasadena CA. Pasadena only had a few pencils and magnets and the others had nothing. :(

  696. Spokanites I have good news!

    The North Spokane, WA Target has most of the new items. They have a spot for the mugs and signs but they were empty. I’m assuming they haven’t received them yet. Seems like that happened w/ the mugs last year.

  697. The Target in Westwood Village in West Seattle, WA has some stuff…pens, legal pads, a few mousepads, sticky notes, spiral notebooks, pencils, dry erase boards. No Dwight heads, mugs, or signs.

  698. Target on Airport Highway in Toledo, OH had a great selection on Thurs., Sept. 18. The Target in Perrysburg had a lesser selection, but was still reasonably stocked on Weds., Sept. 17.

  699. The target in Butler, PA was running very low on items – no mugs, no signs – but I still managed to spend about $40 on items for me and for stocking stuffers.

    Anyone from the Pittsburgh area been to the one in Cranberry? How are they stocked?

  700. Macedonia, OH Target had the mugs, stress balls, and pens on Friday.

    Parma, OH target had everything above plus the signs, post it notes, and dry erase boards.

  701. Target in Monroeville, PA was chock full of Office goodies this morning. Loaded up on almost $20 worth :). Got my office stocked with paper, pens, pencils and a “That’s what she said” sign. Got hubby a “World’s Best Boss” mug for work.

  702. The Ann Arbor, MI Target (off of Ann Arbor-Saline Rd) has everything except the World’s Best Boss mug!

  703. The Targets I went to are starting to stock their $1 bins with Halloween stuff. WAAAHHHH. =(
    I hope I can still find some Office stuff at the other Targets.

  704. Phoenix, AZ – After checking out the Paradise Valley mall Target (disappointment in one tiny bin with just a few pads or something I got last year) last night, I checked out the Desert Ridge Target this morning with more disappointment (nothing! what’s up with this city!).

    Then on the way home tonight I remembered another Target closest to my house (7th St and Bell). YES!!! They had all the new stuff – I got everything last year, so I just got this time:
    * Pam pens
    * Pam/Jim pencils
    * Pam magnetic dry erase board
    * Pam mini legal pad
    * Pam sticky notes
    * Ryan magnetic list pad (hilarious “I am corporate”)
    * 3 of the different spiral notebooks (I will actually use these, so happy with the addition!) – Michael, Dwigt, and the whole group ones

    They also had the mug (3 left) and signs there. I’ve never been a TWSS fan so those are all there as well as the FAKE office stuff – signs (I did get “Brain loading…please wait” lol) and fake squishy trophy.

    Hope that helps the folks here in Phoenix!

  705. I’m Target-challenged and wandered aimlessly around the store in Medford, OR and didn’t find anything. Dang.

  706. The Alabaster, Alabama Target had a good selection yesterday. As did the Taylor Road Target in Montgomery. ‘Course, after I shopped, the selection was a little bit worse. :-)

  707. Yo 902 —

    Check the “One Spot” or sometimes called “Dollar Spot.” It’s a small section, usually near one of the entrances. Baskets/bins are stacked three high, and filled with jun–uh, stuff — almost all of which is $1. Any “Team Member” should be able to direct you to the One Spot. But warning, you may have to search through every bin — it’s not particularly organized.

  708. Memphis, TN Target (on Colonial) had most everything shown here when I went yesterday afternoon. I didn’t see the TWSS sign, but I could have overlooked that.

    Question: Is the TWSS sign magnetic?

  709. I hit the Motherload at the East York, PA store on Friday evening. They had everything. I’m not sure if this is happening in the OTCR but is there a way to find out if people are looking for a particular item? I’m happy to try to pick up things for other people (up to 5 people, depending on the item), and send them out, but I’m not sure what the best way is to go about doing that. People can email me at [email protected] if they’re looking for something. Happy hunting!

  710. I found a bunch of stuff at the target in Union Landing (Union city, ca)
    they have pens, barrels pens, lead pencils, dry eraser marker boards, mousepads, post-its, and notepads. no mugs or signs.

  711. The Target in South Philly has most of the stuff. The only thing I know for sure it doesn’t have this time around would be the mugs.

  712. Has anyone checked the Denver area Targets? I’m going to go to the one on Lincoln Ave today to see if they have anything.

  713. Went to the Target on Tustin in Orange, CA yesterday and they had nothing. Several empty spots though, so maybe they’ll stock up this week? Checking the Target at the Spectrum in Irvine at lunch today, again, to see if they have the signs yet.

    Also…attention WALMART shoppers…my hubby got me the 2009 “The Office” 16-Month Wall Calendar for $7.97 for our anniversary this past Saturday!!! It’s already up on my cubicle wall and it is awesome.

  714. Just got back from the Supertarget in Lone Tree, CO on Lincoln Ave. They had a few picked-over bins of stuff, so I could only get various notepads and pencils. It was pretty disappointing.

  715. So I’ve hit up a few more Targets in the last few days:

    Manchester, CT has pens/pencils, mousepads, dry erase boards, limited spiral notebooks and a few magnetic list pads

    Hackensack, NJ has pens/pencils, post its, mousepads, dry erase boards, magnetic list pads, magnets, spiral notebooks and limited small legal pads

    Fairfield, NJ has the same stock as Hackensack but higher quanities.

    Will be going back to Clifton, NJ one this week and then possibly South Nyack, NY over the weekend to check their stock as I’m on the hunt for a mug and stress balls.

    I’ll take pictures as soon as I can on the new stuff that hasn’t been posted up yet!

  716. Target at Irvine Spectrum – they stocked up on a lot of stuff…pencils, magnetic dry erase boards, mini legal pads, mouse pads, sticky notes, magnets, magnetic list pads, spiral notebooks. Still no signs or mugs though, and no pens this time.

  717. In Muskegon, MI, they had lots of stuff, but the best stuff was pretty picked over.

    I was able to get a “That’s what she said” sticky note pad, a “That’s what she said” notepad, and a “That’s what she said” dry erase board.

    They had Pam, Michael, and Dwight quote pens, some new Mechanical pencils (one with a Schrute Buck on it), and only like 1 more mug left. I took their last stress ball of Dwight’s Head.

  718. First of all, the Target in Washington, PA seems to have a good selection of everything listed here. Yay!

    One question though… My adorable quote pens don’t seem to function as actual pens. The tips get pushed back inside when I try to write with them. :( Do they all have this problem, or are mine defective?

  719. The Arapahoe Target in Engelwood, CO still had a really good selection, probably because there’s not much traffic at that store. I was able to get dry erase boards, mousepads, pens, pencils, notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, but no mugs, no “I heart Jim” stuff, no stress balls.

    I felt like a kid in a candy store :D and now my desk at work is all decked out with “Office” supplies!

  720. Lexington, KY update: both Targets had a pretty good selection today, although the one at Hamburg had a little more. Pens, pencils, dry erase boards, notebooks, legal pads, mousepads, magnetic list pads, and sticky notes were at both, if I recall correctly, but only Hamburg had mugs and Dwight stress balls. I didn’t see the “that’s what she said” sign at either.

    I swear I didn’t plan this, but I just happen to be wearing a Dunder Mifflin Tshirt today. So I totally looked the part of the Office geek that I am as I loaded up on Office items, in my Office attire. ;)

  721. Sara- I have the same problem. The part with the clicky-top gets pushed out when you write.

    Oh well, still love ’em. (:

  722. #920 and other Lexingtonians:
    I was just at Target at Hamburg and they do have a plethora of Office goodies, including the TWSS sign! I almost missed it because it was on the bottom shelf buried under a heap of non-Office signs. I just happened to catch a glimpse of the Office logo and started digging around. So, they are there for anyone who’s looking. They seemed to have plenty of them, you just really have to dig for ’em. I don’t recall seeing any of the pencils, but they had a ton of pens. Also, lots of pads and wipey boards.

  723. #923, Kenna–
    Yeah, I live in Richmond, so it’s kind of a drive for me too, but when I saw your earlier post that they had the goods in, I had to check it out. I hope you’re able to get a TWSS sign. I’d say I saw at least 5 of them buried under the pile. Could’ve been more. Good luck!

  724. #922, Jamnicity:

    Dude! Now I have to go back to Hamburg. LOL I actually live in Versailles, so that’s a bit of a drive for me, but I want that TWSS sign! I can’t believe I overlooked it! I’d be willing to bet that, if I do go back, they will be sold out. But I think I’m willing to take the chance. ;)

    Thanks for the scoop!

  725. Hey, Spokane peeps!
    I was just out at the Valley Target and they has some note pads, a handful of mousepads and lots of pens and pencils. They also had sticky notes … but no mugs, signs or any of the other cool stuff listed here.

  726. Just went to Target in Erie, PA with my family and spent around $40 on $1 Office items and they are all great!! They had post it notes, quote magnets, mouse pads, pens, pencils, signs, notebook, dry erase boards, etc. They had a big rack of stuff….”that’s what she said!”

  727. Hi everyone. I have extra office stuff from both last year and this year. I’m willing to part with these items. All you have to do is come by and say hello to me at Paley next month at the writers panel. 1-2 items person. It all depends on how tired my arm gets holding the bag. I will have one “I <3 Jim” mug for the one person who happens to say the secret “phrase”. There are more details at my blog.


  728. Any luck with Targets in MA? North Shore area to be specific. I’m going to be going out shopping tomorrow and don’t know whether I should head out to Target or not. I looked a few weeks ago and all they had were kiddy stuff. Dora the explorer note pads and things… We always get stuff either really late or not at all over here. :(

  729. The Target in Cerritos, CA has quite a few things left… magnets, pens, pencils, signs, post-it pads, and magnetic notepads.

  730. The Target in Riverdale, NJ on Rt. 23 has all different pens, pencils, dry erase boards, notepads, post-its. squishy Dwight heads and mousepads. I totally stocked up. As of this past Friday, they had a ton of stuff still!

  731. 14 Mile Rd. and John R. in metro detroit–they have lots of stuff now from the 2008 list. No “that’s what she said” anything, and no mugs. But notepads, mousepads, stickynotes, pens, pencils, Dwight stress ball.

  732. I found some “That’s What She Said” sticky notes and other office goodies.
    At the Target on H.W 6 near Lexignton Blvd. in Sugarland, Texas.

  733. The Target on SR 200 in Ocala, FL had a TON f stuff a week ago. They had a ton of mugs, note pads, sticky notes, pens, pencils, squishy Dwight heads, squishy Dundees, dry erase boards, mouse pads, etc…
    I went up to the check out with $28 worth of items and the clerk looked at me like I was crazy.
    What can I say?