‘Armando Show’ features Office cast

A reminder that Angela Kinsey, Kate Flannery, Ed Helms, and Oscar Nuñez appear tonight in ‘The Armando Show’ at iO West in Hollywood.

“On February 4th the month-long STRIKE! The Armando WGA/SAG Solidarity Shows event will culminate in a star-studded strike support show, with 100% of the box office going to the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund.”

I hope Tallyheads will be in attendance and report back on the evening!

Update from Angela 5:40pm PT: Oscar will be there, too!

Link: iO West


  1. Hey guys,
    it’s Angela and I wanted to tell ya’ll that Oscar is going to perform tonight too. He’s a last minute add. Yay! :)


  2. Looks like it’s sold out. I’m going to a coworkers show at the Hotel Cafe at 9, but might try and stop by.

  3. This show sounds like riot! Wish I could go, but I’m kind of on the other side of the continent, lol. Hopefully one of the lucky folks who attend can give us a lovely run-through :D

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