‘The Office’ by The Simpsons writers

What if ‘The Office’ was written by The Simpsons writers? What if ‘Friday Night Lights’ was written by The Office writers?

The mind bobbles. Er, boggles.

(And careful, the illustrations may give you nightmares.)

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  1. Those pictures were just disturbing… :\
    But all the ‘episodes’ were hilarious! especially episode 12! lol
    Dwight was pretty much in character i can imagine Dwight being paranoid about infection and setting Michael’s head alight….

  2. I have no idea what the point of that was, but I was ridiculously amused by it!
    “A terrifying battalion of CDC troops in hazmat suits quarantines the office to prevent the spread of Bhutan swine flu variant-661, or “the Boot.” Meanwhile, Jim and Pam inadvertently wear matching sweaters. They ponder—are they becoming “that couple”?”
    This made me snort a little bit…
    Oh and the pics are kind of awesome.

  3. Those were AWESOME! “Jim and Pam wonder, “Are we THAT couple?” That’s hilarious.

    The Friday Night Lights episode was also thoroughly entertaining. Riggin’s twelve pack against the American flag….priceless.

    You see, Corporate TV Guys, THIS is what we’re missing out on until you guys give the writers what they deserve.

  4. Actually, the first episode ‘Flu Season’ sounded pretty cool, and very in-tune with the show. After that it got a little weird.

  5. those were hilarious! I think that the Simpson’s writers take on the Office wins…but by a small margin! I don’t know though…those abs? Ha!

  6. I love that the Office writers took on FNL – my two favorite shows on TV! Did anyone see the FNL ep a few weeks ago where they mentioned The Office? I screamed out loud when I heard The Office theme song on FNL! :)

  7. I thought the take on Friday Night Lights was hilarious. And I don’t even watch that show.

    P.S. Meladara’s right – go to the end (Page 5, I think). Paul Thomas Anderson directing Cavemen – perfect!

  8. Whoa, those pictures are a little creepy, but the idea were funny. I love that it ends with a Jim face. I really, really liked the Daily Show writers’ take on a bunch of different shows. I think the Lost one was my favorite. :)

  9. A little left field but still pretty funny. I still think the South Park version of The Office is the best! I’d love to see a 2 minute short of The Office in South Park animation.

  10. “I love you, Jules,” he says, “but you just don’t rob Applebee’s.”

    Hah, Kaling and Koh’s version of FNL was a winner. By a small margin.

  11. lol!! this is awesome! hahaha THANK YOU for showing me this!! :P just another thing to consume my time with!! ;)

  12. The Simpsons’ writers need to stick to their normal job- Writing terrible episodes of The Simpsons.

  13. mg714, I know! I love how my two fave shows appear to have a mutual admiration society going on.

  14. Yay! That made me laugh SO hard! I loved the one about lost being on a peninsula, also, the one about wild winning! writers come back soon!

  15. This is amazing. This made me miss having new regular episodes so much… some of the plot twists were wicked cool!

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