At the convention with Hammermill

Hammermill is indeed a real paper company, and several lucky Hammermill employees got to be part of the action as extras during last week’s episode, The Convention.

One of them, coffeekly at Xanga, even blogged about the experience. An excerpt:

We got to chat with the actors during the shoot between the takes! Steve Carell was a bit quiet … didn’t really talk to anyone (but he was HILARIOUS during the taping and it was hard to not break down laughing). Jim and Josh were really fun … dancing around the aisles and talking to everyone.

Read the rest of her post here. Photos of Steve, Rainn, and John too!


  1. Yep. I work for Swingline and we actually had a booth at the fake convention as well (all those companies were real and they sent in their real trade show signs, exhibits, product, etc)…I didn’t get to go to the shoot, and I was pretty sad I didn’t get to go meet Jim/John. Nothing from our booth got shown, but Michael DID wear a pretty sweet Swingline hat. pretty exciting stuff, eh? I know, you’re jealous of the cool stuff that goes down here. I have the red stapler from Office Space on my desk too. fascinating. haha.

  2. Cool story. Thanks for linking.

    Anyone know what interview was being shot in the blogger’s pics?

  3. Went up to refill the copy machine at work on Friday, and of course it was with HammerMill paper…who knew!

  4. Interesting that she said it was Episode 6. They must have really shot this one out of sequence — I’m assuming it would be because they needed to go on location and have said location available to shoot.

  5. Steve Carell doesn’t seem to be funny off camera. And I say this from various interviews where people back this up.

  6. I’ve never heard anyone say he’s not funny off camera. I’ve heard them say he’s very nice and down to earth in real life. I’ve read or seen probably 25 interviews mentioning what it’s like to work with him.

  7. How could Steve Carrell not be funny off camera and be so hilarious in front of the camera? I guess you can’t be “on” all the time right?

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