Auction: The Office set visit

The Office set visit auction

Bid on a set visit to The Office!

Presented by The Office’s Brian Baumgartner. Proceeds benefit Hollywood Arts.

Currently at 4 bids with only one day left to go! A steal at $305.
(Normally these set visit auctions close at over $10,000!)

Check out Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, which includes more details on what a set visit is like. Doesn’t it sound fun? :)

Link: Bid on The Office set visit (ended)


  1. 380 isn’t bad at all. But with one day to decide and no idea of when this takes place, I have no idea if I should take a chance.

    Oh boy, what to do.

  2. Well, the last Office visit auction just closed today for $2750, but weirdly only had 2 bids. This one is already over $500.

  3. This would be so exciting! Probably won’t be able to afford it by tomorrow, but here’s hoping.

  4. I looked at this like ten minutes ago and it was at $670!
    I wish I had the money to win this auction…good luck to all of you bidders!

  5. I got to go to the set in August. So, to anyone who is on the fence and can afford it, it was like, the coolest day of my life and totally worth splurging a little bit for!!

  6. I agree with Emily – I got to go to the set in October, and it was quite possibly the best experience of my life. And this one is still comparatively cheap, so go ahead and splurge!

  7. I wrote about my trip at my branch at DMI and i could send it here if anyone was interested :)

  8. What months does filming usually happen in? Before I could even contemplate making a bid, it would be good to know I could get there!!

  9. I was SO close to winning! So if whoever won doesn’t want to pay and let me have it, that would be very nice…

    I hope they do another set visit auction! Soon!

  10. I’m the one who won the visit on the Charity Folks website. It closed yesterday and as soon as it closed for $2750 I came on here and saw another one for $670. Needless to say I freaked out. But this one closed at $6000 so I’m happy :)

    I am RIDICULOUSLY excited, and I’ll be sure to tell you guys all about it whenever it happens!

    [from tanster: that’s awesome, congratulations! yes, please do come back and report on your visit!]

  11. I was one of the final bidders and didn’t win either. Maybe next time. But tanster – you are responsible for raising so much for that charity – from $300 to $6,000 in one day. In the words of Kevin, nice. And in the words of Michael, you are a great philanderer.

    [from tanster: thank you, but you overestimate my impact; jenna mentioned the auction in her blog as well. perhaps someday, you will estimate me.]

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