Auction: Jenna Fischer’s Holiday Ornament

Jenna Fischer Holiday Ornament Auction

Jenna Fischer is auctioning off a holiday ornament she made herself on The Office set, and will include a personalized autograph!

Link: Bid on Jenna’s handmade holiday ornament (ended)

Here’s what Jenna says:

About the charity: “The funds raised with the sale of this ornament will go to Kitten Rescue — a no-kill animal rescue organization that I’ve worked with for over 8 years. I’ve collected other Office items which will be available for auction at the Kitten Rescue Annual Fundraiser, which I’m hosting on December 5th in Los Angeles. For tickets, go to” (You can also read more about the event here at OfficeTally.)

About the ornament: “Last year, the Office cast and crew were given the task of making homemade ornaments for our Office Christmas Tree. We had to use things found on set. I found some Schrute Bucks and made a little house with glitter, glue, and a paper clip as a hanger. It is very fragile but so cute! And I will add a personalized autograph on the ornament for whoever wins.Thanks for bidding!”

Jenna’s MySpace blog: Jenna blogs about the auction here.

Here’s your chance to bid on a special one-of-a-kind Office souvenir while supporting a great cause! I call that a nifty gifty. :)

Click each thumbnail to view a larger photo. (Photo credit: Jenna and Kim!)


  1. Can people in Canada bid on it?

    [from tanster: i’ve never sold anything on ebay before, but i believe it’s u.s. only. sorry …]

    [from tanster: just checked with jenna — she’s happy to pay shipping charges for the u.s. and canada!]

  2. Thank you, tanster, for posting this! Now I’m off to register w/ Ebay and place my bid.

    It’s cute, it’s for charity, and Jenna will sign it. Win-win-win :D

  3. My wife and I buy each other an ornament every year, I may have to attempt to mine. Although getting her to buy me something with a message from Jenna might not go over so well. :-)

  4. Aw! I love this kind of thing. A bit out of my price range, though. I notice Jenna says that “the cast and crew” were all asked to make ornaments. I wonder if any more will be coming up for auction?

  5. “just checked with Jenna…” Tanster, you are so B.A. [from tanster: lololol]

    Anyway, this would be an awesome gift, but as Chardin said, a bit out of my range. That’d be cool if the other members of the cast put up stuff as well.

  6. I’ll bid ten million Schrute bucks, two Stanley nickels, and Monopoly money taken from Michael’s wallet.

  7. Darn, I wish us poor people could win something like this. One day, my friends, one day…

    Anyway, I love how supportive Jenna is of Kitten Rescue!

  8. We poor people could always band together and take turns putting it on the tree at Christmas!

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