Auction: The Office set visit

Charitybuzz is auctioning off a visit to The Office set and lunch with Paul Lieberstein!

Listing description: Lunch for you and 4 friends with Paul Lieberstein (Toby Flenderson), Green Room access on the set of The Office, and the chance to watch filming. The winner will likely meet the other cast members.

Proceeds benefit Paul’s alma mater, Hamilton College.

The auction ends tomorrow, June 9th.

Link: Bid on auction to meet Paul Lieberstein on The Office set


  1. A few weeks ago I had a dream where Ellie Kemper gave me a tour of the set(BEST DREAM EVER!). I guess that is the closest I will ever get to visiting the set. I wish I had enough money to purchase a set visit. It would really be a dream come true!

  2. Well it would cost me even more cash since I live in the UK. Maybe I should have a look at a tour of the British set. It wouldn’t be as good though :(

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