A.V. Club interviews Mindy Kaling

A.V. Club talks to Mindy Kaling about Ben Affleck, SNL, and writing for The Office:

AVC: As a writer, who are you most enthusiastic about writing for?

MK: I love writing for Pam, because she doesn’t get a lot of huge jokes or anything, but she’s very passive-aggressive, and I think writing that is very fun. She’s also very likeable. I think that’s very fun to write. I think everyone will pick their own favorite character to love. Everyone loves writing for Creed and Toby, because Creed can be just non sequiturs, and in a way, it’s pretty easy. But I think writing for Michael Scott is pretty amazing … He’s fun to group-write.

Warning: a little bit of profanity.

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  1. The last part about a whole new cast was very interesting. I love Amy Poehler, but I’d rather have no Office than The Office: The New Class.

    Although I can see Dwight sticking around as a Screech type character. No wait, I can’t.

    And maybe happy couple Jim and Pam stop by during sweeps!

  2. I dunno. It seems like one of those things that could work to the shows favor. I mean, with the turnover rate Dunder-Mifflin apparantly has, it would make sense that new people would be added year after year and that would introduce a new dynamic into the series.

    Then again, part of the charm of the show is the specific characters that are in the show already. And you know the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Part of the reason that the cast on ER constantly changes is because of characters not being used or become marginalized.

    But I have faith that THE OFFICE could pull off a slow, gradual shift in cast. Maybe Ryan is the John Carter of this show and that in a few years, he’ll go from salesman to office manager. If he can actually make a sale, that is.

    Do you think one of the things that’ll happen before the season is over is that Ryan will actually make a sale?

  3. What a great article – I liked the stuff about who they enjoy writing for…I haven’t seen any info on that type of writer stuff.

    I guess they have to think about cast members leaving, but don’t forget Jenna is always saying that they all have long term contracts. How long is long term though??!

  4. That was a great interview…Mindy has had some good articles. I love that she said John K. will be in Ocean’s 15 in the future; I was just thinking that the other day :)

    Ditto to just ending the show when everyone leaves…what’s point if the four headliners are gone?! 5 years is plenty of Office goodness and none of the bad aftertaste (see The X-Files)

  5. I completely agree, secondrink. I never saw The Office as a revolving-door kind of show. Five years sounds like a good run.

  6. Yeah, I absolutely hate the idea of any of the current cast members leaving or being replaced. I can see totally see Steve (or even John) leaving though, say after maybe the 5th season. If that happens, I’d rather the entire show come to an end. I can’t even fathom being interested in a whole new Office.

  7. Why does she think she’s fat? She made a couple references to being chubby. She may not be a stick, but at least she looks like a real person.

  8. she says she has a boyfriend now. I heard a rumor that she’s dating BJ in real life. can anyone confirm this rumor?

  9. i dont have trouble with new people coming as long as the major characters and all the ones we love (so that makes everybody) stay.

  10. I was kind of shocked when listening to “The Office” DVD commentaries that Mindy had never heard of Johnny Carson! Does anyone else remember hearing this?

    Maybe they were joking, because how could you possibly be in comedy writing and NOT know who Carson is?

    Nice article, though.

  11. I am fully aware that Mindy was just speculating, but all I have to say is that if Steve leaves, I’m going with him. It won’t even be the same show without him. It’s ridiculous even to think that they could still pull it off with a new boss. The only thing that I could see working (MAYBE) is if Dwight takes over as the new boss because he has the same comedical aura as Michael. But even that would be short-lived because he would fire everyone.

  12. Ok this is a good article, but I dont agree with Mindy about continuing the show once John or Steve or whoever leaves. I mean the office as a whole cant be the same once even one person leaves, I mean when Jim goes to Stanford the office just seemed different and thats just Jim. Imagine, Steve leaving which would destroy the show. I dont think Amy P. could do what Steve Carell does. I really hope The office goes out on the top rather than become famous for a show that was good once and not the whole time.

    I know these people are smart and will make the right decisions, but sometimes money gets in the way of smartness. Personally, I dont think I could love the office the same if Steve Carell left.

  13. Five years tops. But they should bring Amy Poehler on fo’ sho. Mindy, if you’re reading this, I love you and your blog with all my heart.

  14. Oh my god, Mindy’s blog is hilarious! I’m so glad I read this article and found it.

    It is disturbing to think about a new staff of Dunder Mifflin, but I would still watch and give them a fair chance. I mean, Michael Scott is so different from David Brent, yet both shows are amazing.
    I’d give it a shot.

  15. I like Mindy a lot, but I wish she and other Office people would be more careful about blanketly putting down “multi-cam” shows. Bad writing is bad writing; good writing is good writing. I adore The Office, but there’s no magic in having a single camera.

    And I was surprised too that she so casually talked about the whole revolving cast idea. Ick.

    Also, I totally agree with Callan (10): Mindy’s not fat or chubby; she’s a thin real person size. I can imagine though, if you’re in LA surrounded by women who are often underweight, your perspective can probably get distorted pretty quickly, especially if she really was heavier growing up as she alluded to.

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