B.J. Novak extends The Office stay through season 8

According to Variety, actor/writer/producer B.J. Novak has extended his work on ‘The Office’ through season 8:

B.J. Novak has cut a deal with Universal Media Studios that covers his services as an actor and writer-producer on “The Office” through its seventh and eighth seasons. He’ll be upped to exec producer status (from co-exec producer) about halfway through the show’s upcoming seventh season. Pact also includes a development component for Novak to field new projects for the studio.

Congratulations, B.J.!

Link: Novak keeps his ‘Office’ job

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  1. OMG, does this mean Ryan will actually be in the show again?

    Seriously though, best news ever. I was hoping for a S8, and with B.J. sticking around, there’s no way it won’t be amazing.

  2. I knew The Office would probably go at least 8 seasons. This is great news for BJ too.

  3. Good to hear, but I hope he comes up with some creative, new material. This show needs a major jump start…and some caffeine!

  4. bj being exec. producer means bigger roles for ryan and the other minor characters! could this mean i will finally get my long-awaited love quadrangle between ryan, kelly, andy, and erin??:)

  5. So this pretty much ensures 8 seasons. I think this could work. With season 7 wrap up Michael’s character, and hopefully bring him back for guest slots in Season 8. They really need to end this show in season 8.

  6. That’s great news! Hopefully that means Ryan Howard will have more on-screen time.

  7. Cool for BJ. I hope this means Ryan will get some good parts he was one of my favorites.

  8. Good for BJ! He deserves it. Here is my question. Does this really guarantee that there will be an 8th season? I thought those decisions aren’t made until upfronts. Like, Steve was contracted for 7 seasons a long time ago, but at that point, there was no guarantee that the show would last the length of the contract.

  9. If anything, it means BJ will have less screen time because he’ll have more responsibility.

  10. This is wonderful news – not just that BJ is staying on as an actor, but also as a writer. Congratulations to you, BJ – well-deserved recognition!

  11. @Sticious I believe you are correct. NBC can probably terminate the contracts any time they would like. This is just my educated guess.

  12. Congrats, BJ! SC says he is out. Is there any word on JK or JF? They may decide it is time to leave as well since they seem to have the more prolific movie careers, along with EH. There may be a S8, but…

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