1. That is, quite possibly, the most exquisite piece of work I have ever seen.

  2. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time……..oh, my goodness! Whoever is responsible for that diorama is a genius! Hope Dave gets to keep it in his office.

  3. How has fife-playing not made it onto The Office, seriously! I see a fife-banjo duet in the future…

  4. Obviously Dwight and Michael need to have some kind of flute/fife duel, right?!?!

  5. Dear Office writers,

    Please find a way to incorporate Steve’s fife-playing skills into the show. Thanks.

  6. Dave thought the mouse’s diorama was a tugboat? It was just a smaller diorama of the same diorama Steve was holding. The mouse version of Steve was also holding a diorama of mice on the Late Show set.

    [from tanster: i love recursion. :) ]

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