B.J. Novak talks about Will Ferrell on The Office

The Office’s B.J. Novak chats with MTV’s The Seven show about Will Ferrell’s upcoming appearance and shares some season-ending hints.


  1. I like Will Ferrell, but I may stop watching the show if he is Steve’s replacement. Hopefully it’s just the 4 episode arc.

  2. haha “it’s The Office office.” What a nice interview! I am so excited for Will’s guest arc!

  3. Two questions: B.J. kinda made it sound like it WASN’T going to be a promotion, didn’t he? And, B.J. is super cute, isn’t he?

  4. hey, i can’t watch the video up here in Canada.

    would someone mind paraphrasing what he said?

  5. I’m glad that B.J. did something to kinda reach the young Office audience on MTV. Nice interview!

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